What to bring from Norway – ideas for the best gifts and souvenirs

Holidays in Norway are undoubtedly the most wonderful and unusual adventure in your life. What to bring from Norway is an urgent question, because from such a trip it is necessary to bring a piece of the Scandinavian country to please relatives, friends and relatives. The list of presents must be prepared in advance, because this Scandinavian country is replete with interesting, original items, it is very difficult not to give in to temptation. We offer a list of things that you must bring from your trip.

Souvenirs from Norway


Cheese Brunost
  1. Brunost cheese is a traditional brown cheese, which will be a wonderful gift, because it is impossible to find analogues. Cheese is made from milk (cow or goat). The goat milk product has a rather specific smell; Brunost milk cheese is more traditional. The taste is similar to boiled condensed milk, but less sweet. He is eaten with jam. The cost of a package weighing 40-500 g costs about 40 crowns or 130 rubles.
  2. Advice! You should not buy low-fat cheese, as its taste and aroma are not so bright. The taste of cheese varies by region in Norway. It can be islandy, sweeter, with a caramel flavor.

    Special cheese cutter

    A special complement to cheese will be a special cheese cutter – an original invention of the Norwegians. You can buy a gift in any store, the cost is about 1000 rubles. In assortment devices for different types of cutting are presented. Please note that the size of the cheese slicer is not suitable for the size of the cheese bars that are sold in our stores.

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  3. Seafood – natural, tasty souvenirs from Norway. You can choose fish grown on special farms, or caught in the ocean. It is believed that ocean fish are much better in quality. However, the cost of a natural product is several times more, it is called “wild salmon”.
  4. Interesting fact! The original dish that can be brought from Norway is Gravet Laks – raw salmon marinated in salt, sugar and herbs.

Dried cod

It is better to buy dried cod in the northern regions, where it is dried under the roof in the cold. In this case, the product is surprisingly tasty. The tradition of cooking cod in this way first appeared among the Vikings.

Advice! You can also bring cod caviar packed in tubes from Norway. There is a gift of about 3 euros, the storage period is up to 2-3 weeks. Another original souvenir is crab, it is sold in the form of a semi-finished product.

  • Delicatessen meat – original gifts from Norway. Such a Norwegian souvenir is presented in different regions of the country where you can buy venison, pressed pork with a bouquet of spices.
  • Chocolate is the pride of the Norwegians; pay attention to the sweets of the Freia trademark, which cannot be found in other countries. A popular treat is chocolate and sweets with a variety of fillings. Brand boutique opened in Oslo.
  • clothing

    Norwegian sweaters

    If you are resting in Norway, be sure to visit a specialized store where you can purchase knitwear that are of excellent quality. The cost of a sweater varies from 800 to 2500 crowns. Sweaters with a traditional Norwegian ornament never go out of fashion, do not lose their attractiveness.

    Advice! In addition to sweaters, mittens and a scarf are also suitable for our harsh winter, their price is about 300-350 crowns.

    In Norway, a huge selection of socks, this is not just an element of the wardrobe, but a real work of art. They can be bought at prices ranging from 15 to 25 kroons. Each item is exclusive and natural. A large selection of quality, exclusive clothing at the Dale store.

    Sport shoes

    Sports shoes Helly Hansen

    Norway has become a trendsetter in sports fashion. Products of Norwegian brands are of impeccable quality, restrained, concise design. Shoes from Norway are an elite, luxurious gift.

    Pay attention to the best brands:

    • Helly Hansen;
    • Bergans;
    • Woden.


    Norwegian yarn

    What can a needlewoman bring from Norway? Excellent quality yarn. Norwegians were the first to master the technique of making yarn, for this they used sheep’s wool. Products from such a thread are soft and warm. A skein of wool weighing 50 grams costs about 12-14 crowns or 50 rubles. Buy a souvenir better in a specialty store Nille.

    Advice! In addition to yarn, needlewomen can bring from Norway original carts for balls, decorated with traditional patterns.


    Viking Figures

    Norway is associated with trolls and Vikings. These characters are present in national folklore. If you do not know what you can bring from Norway as a gift to a friend or colleague, pay attention to the funny figures of fairy-tale men.

    Trolls – creatures that are small and real giants, live in the forest, in the mountains. Figures of these fairy-tale characters are the most common souvenir that tourists bring from travel.

    Troll Figures

    Each troll is individual, as a rule, they resemble a small gnome. Choosing a fabulous souvenir is a real ritual:

    • you need to take a closer look and choose a figure that winks;
    • come up with a troll name;
    • choose the right place for him.
    Viking souvenir boat

    You can’t throw away the troll – this will cause trouble for you, because this character in Norway is associated with a brownie, protecting the house and the people who live in it. The average cost of a souvenir is 50 crowns.

    Norway is distinguished by its rich and original cultural heritage, which is why many figurines related to the Vikings are presented as souvenirs – bowls, dishes, goblets, ships. Viking rooks traditional for Vikings are very popular among tourists. It was on them that the Vikings made expeditions. Presents from metal and bronze.

    Scandinavian jewelry

    Scandinavian jewelry

    What can I buy in Norway for my beloved girl or mother? Do not forget to bring jewelry with a national pattern or Scandinavian-specific symbols. Many jewelry features heroic Viking battles. Many souvenirs are created on the basis of sketches of ancient Viking jewelry, adorned with precious stones.

    In addition to jewelry, you can bring details of the national Scandinavian costume of Bunad. In each region of the country, clothes have distinctive features, decorated with silver brooches and embroidered bags that are attached to the belt.

    Alcoholic drinks

    What to buy in Norway for a friend or boss? A wonderful Scandinavian gift – Linier-Aquavit. This is a traditional alcoholic drink in the Scandinavian countries. However, the Norwegian Aquavit is the most popular, since the Swedish and Danish drinks are almost identical. Norwegian alcohol is made according to a unique recipe.

    Linje-Aquavit - a traditional alcoholic drink in the Scandinavian countries

    The name contains the word “linier”, which means equator. Norwegians use such a double name for a reason. More than two centuries ago, merchants from Norway transported barrels of Aquavit across the ocean. Under the influence of pitching, sea air and changing temperature conditions, alcohol changed its taste characteristics. Since then, the drink has been prepared using exclusive technology – it is boiled from potatoes with the addition of caraway seeds, poured into barrels and sent by sea to the shores of Australia and back, the ship must cross the equator twice. At the same time, each barrel is marked – indicate the name of the ship, the route and the date of arrival in Norway.

    Advice! Buy Linier-Aquavit better in duty-free. A bottle will cost 80-100 crowns.

    Another popular, national product is cloudberry. Many delicious dishes and drinks are prepared from it; liquor is considered the most original treat. It is preferable to purchase a souvenir in the northern regions, where the most berries grow.

    Skins and deer horns

    Skins and deer horns

    Deer is another symbol of Norway, which is why animal figures are found on clothes. But a souvenir with a picture of a deer is commonplace. Looking at various products made of deer skin, the answer to the question – what to buy for tourists in Norway – is obvious.

    Advice! It is preferable to buy fur in a specialized store, since goods from the market quickly peel off.

    They make blankets, shoes, rugs, cloaks, handmade souvenirs from deer skins. These gifts are universal, they can be brought to adults, children, relatives and friends.


    A worthy alternative to deer fur is sheep’s skin, it is placed in a pram and walks with the baby in any weather, without fear of hypothermia. The cost of sheep’s fur is about 300 kroons; deer skin is more expensive.

    Deer horns will be a wonderful gift, but such a gift would be appropriate for owners of a country house. Excellent deer knives are made from deer horn and stainless steel. If we are talking about a souvenir, you can order an exclusive engraving on the handle.

    Fishing tackle

    Fishing gear

    What to bring from Norway as a gift to a fisherman? Norway is famous for its large selection of fishing tackle and this is not surprising, because fishing is the main industrial sector. It is better to buy equipment in specialized stores or at a fishing base, where tourists come to fish in the ocean. Here is a large assortment of fishing rods and the necessary fishing gear.

    In the kit, a real fishing fan can bring a fisherman’s hat. Norwegian hats are made of special rubberized material in bright colors. They protect well from sunlight and rain.

    Interesting fact! The Queen of Norway puts on such a hat during bad weather.

    An endless topic for thought – souvenirs from Norway – what to bring for relatives, friends, colleagues. In the article we made a selection of the best presents for every taste.

    Product prices in Norway – video review.

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