Dubai’s most popular beaches – which one to choose for your vacation

Dubai is recognized as one of the most comfortable places on Earth for relaxing by the sea: the gentle sun shines all year round, the sand is fluffy and soft, the water is very clean, and the entry into the sea is shallow and gentle.

The beaches of Dubai – and there are a lot of them – are divided into free city and private hotels.

Dubai's most popular beaches

Many public beaches have special “women’s days” when men do not have the right to rest there – in most cases, such days are Wednesday or Saturday. When resting on the public beaches of Dubai, it is necessary to observe certain rules adopted by the local municipality – otherwise, a fine cannot be avoided. So, it is forbidden: to drink alcohol (including beer), smoke hookah, litter and sunbathe topless. And if there is also an announcement on the beach that taking photos is prohibited – do not ignore!

If you really want to have a photo in a bathing suit against the background of the sea in Dubai, go to free beaches and take pictures there. And you don’t have to pay for entering free beaches, there are no “women’s days”, and there are no buoys for which you can’t swim.

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Dubai Hotel with Private Beach

Private hotels have any beachfront hotel . Vacationers staying in a city hotel can choose: free or city public beach.

And now, some important information about the most popular paid and free beaches in Dubai. To make it easier for you to navigate and organize your vacation, we marked these beaches on a map of Dubai and placed it on the same page.

Free beaches

Kite Beach

Kite Beach – a free, round-the-clock open beach, which is ideal for lovers of active entertainment on the seashore.

Kite beach

The beach is sandy, clean and spacious, with a good entry into the water, but does not have developed infrastructure and special amenities. There are no changing cabins, but there is a clean toilet (by the way, you can change clothes in it, although this is forbidden) and a free shower on the street. There is a Wi-fi zone where you can also charge the phone. Rent a sunbed and towels for the dear – 110 dirhams, there is practically no shadow and there is nowhere to hide from the scorching sun. Along the perimeter of the beach there are several rather modest eateries and cafes. A wooden promenade stretches along the promenade – a great place for hiking and jogging.

Often kitesurfers gather on the beach

This beach is famous for the constant and strongest winds in Dubai. Thanks to the winds, kite surfers often gather here, as well as parents with children to fly kites. In the area of ​​the beach there is a surf club and a diving school, where you can learn many of the wisdom of scuba diving. Kite Beach is the only beach in Dubai where you can rent a kite. Everything you need for kitesurfing can be rented for 150-200 dirhams, and you can rent a surfboard for 100 dirhams.

A small number of holidaymakers on Kite Beach

One of the most important advantages of this beach is a small number of vacationers, especially on weekdays.

Kite Beach Free Beach Location: Jumeirah 3, Dubai. It is most convenient to go to him by bus number 81, departure from the metro stations “Dubai Mall” or “Mall of the Emirates”. It is easy to determine the stop: you need to get out as soon as the hotel Burj al-Arab is visible from the bus window – only 5 minutes will be left to the sea.

Marina (Marina beach)

Dubai Beach Marina is located in the marina area of ​​Dubai Marina – a prestigious area with many skyscrapers and skyscrapers. You need to visit Marina beach at least for familiarization, especially since it is one of the free beaches in Dubai.

Dubai Beach Marina

Marina Beach is equipped with free changing cabins and toilets, a shower can be mistaken for 5 dirhams. When leaving the beach, special washbasins are installed so that you can wash the sand off your feet. Umbrellas and deckchairs are expensive – their rent will cost 110 dirhams.

Outdoor gym

On the beach there is an outdoor gym, conditions for playing beach soccer (200 dirham / hour) are created. There are rental points where they rent:

  • kayaks (for 30 minutes – single – 70 dirhams, for two – 100 dirhams),
  • bicycles (half an hour – 20 dirhams, then 10 dirhams for every 30 minutes),
  • standboards (in 30 minutes 70 dirhams).
Marina beach has a playground

Marina beach has a beautiful children’s playground with slides overlooking the sea. There is also a water park for children, ticket prices:

  • 65 dirhams per hour
  • 95 dirhams for the whole day.

Children from 6 years old can be left alone in this water park, and young children are allowed only with their parents.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the free Marina Beach, then there is always a very large number of people, especially on weekends (Thursday and Friday). The sand is warm and clean enough, but sometimes it still comes across cigarette butts. Near the beach, construction work is underway and pipes go into the sea – it is better to stay away from them. As far as possible, it is advisable to settle down from the entrance, since the water there is muddy and dirty, with obscure and very unpleasant spots.

Always a very large number of people

Dubai’s public beach Marina beach operates around the clock, with the onset of darkness, lights are lit on the waterfront. Along the whole beach there are many stalls with souvenirs, ice cream, food, but the prices are very high. There are cafes and restaurants with different cuisines of the world, some are open around the clock, most close at 23:00, and on weekends at midnight.

Jumeirah Public Beach

Jumeirah is the name of the area that stretches for many kilometers along the coast of the emirate of Dubai. Part of the beach, known as Jumeirah Open beach (Jumeirah open beach), is located directly opposite the world famous hotel “Bourge-Al-Arab” (“Sail”). The open beach of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai does not occupy a very large territory – its length is only 800 m. This place is very popular among Russian tourists, for which he was given another name: “Russian Beach”.

Outdoor Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Open beach is a free beach, but it is always very clean and safe here – you can easily leave things unattended and go swimming. The water is very warm, waves are rare, you can swim far.

There is a cafe and fast food restaurants on site.

The infrastructure of Jumeirah’s open beach is limited to one toilet and several litter bins. You need to pay a lot for renting an umbrella and sunbed – 60 dirhams. There is no entertainment here, but on the contrary there is a modest park with excellent playgrounds.

There is a café and fast food restaurants on site. Vacationers are allowed to take food to the beach, but alcohol is prohibited.

Mondays on Jumeirah Beach are women’s days.

Jumeirah Beach Schedule

You can come to Dubai Jumeirah Beach in almost any bus, and direct flights are provided from the airport (the journey takes 20 minutes). Those who come in a rented car can park it for free along the line of the beach, there are no problems with places.

You will find more information about Jumeirah Palm in this article .

Umm suqeim

Public beach Umm Suqeim is a free beach in Dubai. It offers views of the surroundings and one of the most unusual architectural structures in Dubai – “Bourge-Al-Arab . ” There are always enough people on this beach: it is popular with lovers of beach holidays, it is also included in a sightseeing tour of Dubai and tourists are brought here to take pictures on the background of the “Sail”.

Public beach Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim beach can be attributed to the best beaches in Dubai: clean white sand, beautiful large shells, clear water, a convenient gentle entrance to the very buoys. There are rescuers who strictly monitor the order and control so that no one swims for the buoys. Of the basic amenities available to holidaymakers are free showers and changing cabins, and a toilet. From food only fast food is offered. Opposite the beach there is a children’s park, in which are equipped playgrounds for games and sports, there are good cafes. Umbrellas and deck chairs can be rented for 50 dirhs.

There are fast foods on the beach.

There are a lot of taxis along the beach area, there are no problems with transport. Those who come by car can use paid parking.

Sufuh (Al Sufouh beach)

The free Sufuh Beach (also called Sunset) is located in the Al Sufouh Road area. Like other beaches in Dubai, its location you can see on the map located at the end of the page.

Free Sufuh Beach

This beach is a real find for those who travel around Dubai by car. Here, a huge free parking and a very convenient entrance, but it is impossible to confuse, since only this one exit from the road is not blocked by a barrier.

You can also get to Sufuh Beach by public transport, for example, by metro you need to go to the Internet City station. From the metro station on foot to the beach to go 25-30 minutes, you can quickly go by bus number 88 for 3 dirhams.

The beach is clean – this applies to both water and sand. Very good entry into the water. If the days are windy, then excellent conditions for windsurfing are created.

Clean Al Sufouh beach

As for infrastructure, it is completely absent. There is nothing: locker rooms, showers, cafes, deck chairs and umbrellas for hire, lifeguards and even a toilet.

On weekdays, Al Sufouh beach is deserted, you can relax in complete silence. And on weekends, usually on Friday, quite crowded, trailers / camping come.

Paid beaches

La Mer

On a map of Dubai, you can see that La Mer Beach is located in the coastal area of ​​Jumeirah. Perhaps this is the newest place for a beach holiday in Dubai: La Mer South and La Mer North zones were opened in the fall of 2017, and at the beginning of 2018 the last part of the beach, called The Wharf. La Mer is a free beach, so anyone can relax here.

La Mer beach

The beach is very well maintained and clean, with white sand and clear water. The entry into the water is comfortable.

This is how showers look

There are many free toilets, locker rooms and showers on the territory – they are all equipped in the original multi-colored houses and are regularly cleaned. You can sit in a hammock right on the sea, you can rent sun loungers with umbrellas, or you can lie in the sand and hide from the sun under one of the many palm trees. There are many shops, cafes and fast food vans on the beach. Guards observe the order on land, lifeguards watch the people floating in the sea from the shore.

La Mer Beach in Dubai is a creative, positive area with lots of fun. Those who like to actively relax, have the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports, can rent a boat. There is a new beautiful water park with attractions for adults and children – entrance for an adult is 199 dirhams, for a child – 99 dirhams. There are special play areas for children.

On the territory of La Mer there are also such “details” as cells for storing personal property, ATMs, a Wi-fi zone and places for recharging mobile gadgets. For cars equipped with ample parking.

It is advisable to come to La Mer Beach in Dubai in the morning, when it is easier to find a good “place in the sun” for yourself and a convenient place to park your car. By the way, it is better to settle down on the left side of the beach strip, there are even fewer people there even on weekends, with a large number of vacationers.

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Al Mamzar beach park

Al Mamzar Public Beach Park is located on a peninsula between Dubai and Sharjah.

Al Mamzar Public Beach Park

Getting to it is more difficult than to all other beaches in Dubai. Buses depart from the Golden Bazaar and from the Union metro station at half an hour intervals. You can also take a taxi.

Al Mamzar Park spreads over an area of ​​7.5 hectares. It is very beautiful, with lush green vegetation. A nice train runs on its territory – riding on it, you can see playgrounds for children, comfortable recreation areas. The park has 28 barbecue areas with barbecue facilities and benches.

Al Mamzar Park

Near the entrance to the park there is a large summer arena – if you go through it, you can go to the 1st and 2nd beaches. They are almost always quite a lot of people, so it makes sense to go further. For example, heading along the alley to the right of the main entrance, you can go to the 3rd beach, almost always deserted. In total, there are 5 beaches in Al Mamzar – they occupy 1,700 m of 3,600 m of the entire coastal strip of the park.

All the beaches of Al Mamzar in Dubai are almost identical: clear water, a well-groomed wide strip with white sand, a convenient gentle entry into the water. On each beach there are fungi with a circular bench and showers, as well as showers and toilets are in separate buildings. For an additional fee, you can take sun loungers and parasols.

The “chip” of the beach area is a large indoor pool and air-conditioned beach bungalows (it is better to reserve them in advance). On weekdays, there are few people in Al Mamzar Park, and on weekends the influx of holidaymakers is quite large.

The entrance ticket to the park-beach costs 5 dirhams – this is a nominal fee, given the gardeners work there all the time, the cleaners vacuum the stone paths and water the lawns, and the sand on the beaches is sifted with a special machine (but there is still enough small garbage). For the use of the pool, the payment is 10 dirhams, rent a sunbed – 10 dirhams.

Mamzar Park Beach Schedule

Mamzar Public Beach Park is open from 8:00 to 22:00 from Sunday to Wednesday, and from Thursday to Saturday it works an hour longer. But on Wednesday, only women with children under 8 years old are allowed on the beaches.

RIVA beach club

RIVA is the first autonomous beach club in Dubai (i.e., does not belong to the hotel). RIVA is a paid beach in Dubai where you can swim not only in the sea, but also in the pool. The beach is clean with a very gentle and comfortable entry into the sea, and the pools (large for adults and children) are located in the shade of trees and look like a paradise.

RIVA - Dubai's first autonomous beach club

The club has locker rooms, showers with shampoos and shower gel, toilets. It offers visitors more than 200 sun loungers, including double ones.

RIVA beach club has a bar and restaurant

There is a bar and restaurant, which operates on an a-la carte system. To eat and drink, you have to spend at least $ 300 a day!

Entrance ticket: Sunday-Wednesday 100 dirhams per person, on Friday and Saturday, 150 dirhams.

Prices on the page are for August 2018.

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When to go for a beach vacation in Dubai

Having learned from our article about the most famous beaches of Dubai, you only need to decide where exactly your vacation will be held with maximum comfort. All these beaches with names are on the map of Dubai – study it and plan your vacation.

Although Dubai’s beaches are suitable for swimming and sunbathing throughout the year, the best time to relax is from September to May. At this time, the air warms up to a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C.

An overview of Dubai’s public beaches with pricing and tips in this video.

The beaches and main attractions of Dubai are marked on the map in Russian.

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