December in the UAE – what weather to expect

The weather in the UAE in December is characterized by comfortable climatic conditions and the temperature regime of water and air that is optimal for a given area. The sea is perfectly warm and most suitable for a beach holiday. The sun’s rays are extremely gentle, which ensures an even, beautiful and safe tan, as evidenced by photos and reviews of vacationers.

Weather in the UAE in December

December is the most popular month for visiting the United Arab Emirates. It is thanks to the unique combination of climatic conditions and readiness to accept the maximum tourist flow at this time, when you visit the Emirates, opportunities for pleasant price offers and selective service open up. December weather in the UAE, according to reviews, is the most generous time for impressions, new emotions and pleasant shopping!

Not always during the year the weather is able to please visitors to the resort. In certain seasons, extreme temperatures rage here, sandstorms occur, and precipitation is so rare that one involuntarily recalls the state’s belonging to the tropical desert climate.

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Climate seasonality in the UAE

Most days in the Emirates are sunny and dry. Summer and winter are equally filled with sun and heat, and in certain months – heat. In the summer, the air temperature warms up to +40 and above, and decreases slightly at night (to +30). At this time, precipitation is practically not observed, life freezes even in the shade, and sea water in places warms up to +37. The burning desert wind and the merciless sun heat any surface in a matter of minutes.

The swimming season in the UAE

The swimming season in the UAE begins with the advent of autumn, namely, in October. At this time, the weather in the UAE is not the same as in December, and the water temperature is kept at +30, which already allows you to open the holiday season. With its beginning, there has been a jump in prices. According to reviews, in October the cost of travel services on average increases by 15-25%, especially in the most popular resort areas – Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The lowest price level at this time should be expected in the remote small emirates, less known to travelers, for example, Umm al-Quwain or Al-Ain.

Emirate of Umm Al Quwain
Umm Al Quwain

With the onset of winter, the average indicators of the thermometer creep down:

  • in November, the conditions are approaching optimal: +31 – air, +28 – water;
  • Holidays in December in the UAE
  • in December, the weather in the Emirates is the most comfortable: the air warms up to +26, water – up to +25;
  • January in the UAE is distinguished by a decrease in air temperature to +24, water – to +23, cool windy days occur, as well as precipitation of various intensities;
  • February keeps daily values ​​within +25, but the sea loses its heat due to the ongoing winter, although it is short in these latitudes;
  • in March, the UAE still has relatively moderate hot days – during the day, on average +28, the sea +23, but a gradual increase in temperature by the end of the month reminds us of the approaching hot summer off-season.

In the process of changing seasons, the UAE’s price attractiveness undergoes similar changes. By the end of the year, seasonal offers are gaining momentum, and due to the most favorable weather in December, prices in the UAE are, according to reviews, the lowest and most relaxing.

Towards the end of April – May, the swimming season ends, although the abundance of the sun and the warmed sea are still interesting for lovers of hot leisure options.

December in Dubai and the Persian Gulf: time to enjoy your vacation

Weather in Dubai

Weather in the United Arab Emirates in December is a convenient combination of climatic conditions conducive to various types of leisure. Temperature during the day + 25 … + 26, at night it drops to cool + 14 … + 15. Winter in Dubai also makes itself felt by reducing the number of hours of sunshine per day – to 9.5-8, which allows the sea coast to be moderately saturated with heat during the day and even out the temperature balance during the night.

Marine Convents

The warm sea is almost inferior in comfort to the air masses – the water temperature in the Emirates in December reaches + 24 … + 25. The waters of the Persian Gulf come to life at this time, many marine inhabitants become accessible for visual observation, and the water is transparent and clean.

The December weather in Dubai is not particularly generous with rainfall, although rains at this time fall much more often than in any other month – their value in December reaches 14 mm. This means that there are only a few cloudy days for the whole month. There are also short showers, but from year to year the average rainfall indicators change, so there is no reason to say that they will fall exactly in December.

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Wind, waves, humidity and almost heat – we meet the winter in the United Arab Emirates

Winter weather on the Gulf coast is more windy than during the hot summer off-season. This is due to the relative variability of the atmospheric masses due to the climatic winter. The wind and its accompanying waves diversify the seascape. The beach potential of the resort does not lose it at all – the sea is still warm, the conditions for diving (according to reviews) are excellent, besides, the opportunities to enjoy surfing are added.

Surfing in the UAE

The weather in December in the United Arab Emirates is characterized by high humidity, along the entire coastline in Dubai, indicators remain in the range of 50-60%. Together with a comfortable winter temperature, the climate feels much milder, there is no summer heat with July 90% humidity and a 50-degree mark. The atmosphere and the marine environment feel like warm and moderately hot our summer (as tourists write in their reviews), which is quite familiar to the body.

To find out what the weather is like in December in the UAE, it’s enough to imagine June-July of central Russia. At the beginning of the Arabian December, the air warms up to +28, but every day the average values ​​will fall to acceptable +25 in the middle of the month and no less comfortable +23 – at the end. Rainfall in December is so irregular that it is impossible to predict in which part of the month it may rain, which in any case is very short-lived.

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Persian Gulf or Omani: what is the difference

Fujairah Coast

The Emirate of Fujairah, in contrast to other territories of the UAE, goes coast exclusively to the Gulf of Oman, that is, it is practically the coast of the Indian Ocean. This leaves its mark on the climatic changes of the resort. In particular, water in December warms up significantly less than in Dubai – up to +20 degrees, which does not reduce the overall attractiveness of the beach season.

Weather in Fujairah

The night temperature in Fujairah in December also reaches +20, which feels cooler than at the same time on the Persian coast. The sea is also accessible for swimming, but not as long as in warmer areas. By December, the climate is softening in all the emirates, however, the conditions in Dubai will be more suitable for swimming. Otherwise, both coasts do not differ much from each other in the degree of weather variability, which is confirmed by the reviews of vacationers in different areas.

Thus, the weather in the UAE in December demonstrates the predominant opportunities for a beach holiday – bathing water is perfect, and the air, although hot, allows you to get a beautiful tan. Among the shortcomings can be called a hot climate, which dictates the proximity of the Arabian desert. And also very rare, but still occurring sandstorms. However, sea air flows from the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean simultaneously make the Arabian climate favorable and conducive to active leisure activities. How comfortable is this time for a vacation, you can read in the reviews of experienced travelers.

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