Best Time to Visit Dubai

It is hard to imagine that even in the last century, Dubai was a modest fishing village, where they earned money by catching pearls. But everything changed dramatically in 1966, when oil deposits were found in its vicinity. And after just 5 decades, this place is no longer recognizable.

Today, Dubai belongs to the league of the most expensive and richest cities in the world. It is considered a world business center and a leading tourist center of the Middle East. In each tourist season, which, incidentally, lasts 365 days a year, at least 8 million people from Europe, Asia and Middle Eastern countries come to visit Dubai.

The best time to visit Dubai is in the months of October to December and March to April, when it is not hot and the prices are not at their peak. From middle of October till about 10 December the air temperatures remain between 33°C to 28°C, whereas the sea is around 25°C. Then from middle of March to end April the temperatures become warm enough again to splash around on Dubai’s beaches. Of course, weather wise the whole of Oct-Apr is very comfortable. But the prices during the festive time in December and the peak season in January and February, which coincides with the Dubai Shopping Festival become prohibitively high.

If you are planning on visiting Dubai, you will want to read the below informative articles too:

High season in Dubai

Dubai is the most visited emirate of the UAE. You can verify this yourself by coming here during the high tourist season, which falls from October to April. At this time, the weather becomes less hot, which means that you can explore Dubai’s attractions in comfortable conditions. And not only cultural and educational attractions, but also the beaches and desert safaris.

Shoppers at the outlet village in Dubai
Shoppers at the outlet village in Dubai

The only negative is the high price level, which reaches a maximum during the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as on days of especially big holidays and festivals. Nevertheless, this does not stop tourists at all. After all, many people want to see how the richest people on the planet live.

Low season in Dubai

The summer months from June to August witness fewer tourists in Dubai. The only reason for this decrease is the hot weather conditions. Harsh sunshine, high humidity and temperature scaling +40°C to + 45°C makes even a 10-minute stay in the open air unbearable.

Fully working air conditioners, which even public transport stops are equipped with, do not have the best effect on the health of a person who is not used to such frequent and dramatic changes in temperature. Therefore, no matter how trite it may sound, the risk of catching a cold in the hot summer of Dubai is very high!

Indoor ski slope in Dubai
Indoor ski slope in Dubai

However, this is not at all frightening to especially “heat-resistant” individuals. There are still many who cannot resist the significant savings and a number of privileges received during summer vacations.

Best time to visit beaches in Dubai

The beaches of Dubai are not bad at all. They have crystal clear aquamarine waters, snow-white sands, a gradual entry into the sea, sun loungers spaced apart at an impressive distance, a myriad of related entertainment and no annoying merchants.

Family under a sun umbrella on a beach in Dubai
Family under a sun umbrella on a beach in Dubai

Due to the hot climate, the swimming season lasts all year round. From June to September, water temperature in the Persian Gulf fluctuates in the range of +27°C to + 32 ° C. But the stifling haze and the incinerating sun are not the best companions of beach holidays.

October sees the opening of the high holiday season as the heat begins to recede, while the water continues to keep its heat: this month the sea water is about +27 ° C. By the end of autumn, it cools to +25 ° C, and after that in winters extended swimming in the sea is not so comfortable. We can say that December is the border month between such sensations received during bathing as “warm” and “cold”. And in January, February and March, a dip in the water can be….invigorating at best. In addition, often there is windy weather with a cloudy sky. Therefore, in winter, beach vacations in Dubai are not recommended.

In the last two months of spring in Dubai, there are a lot of people on the beaches again. The air warms up, and with it the sea water on average, up to +27°C.

Best time for surfing in Dubai

The number of people who want to surf in Dubai is growing every year. And so fast that the city authorities had to impose restrictions according to which you can catch your gust of wind only in specially designated beach areas for this, so as not to interfere with the sunbathing beach-goers.

So, on the “Umm Suqeim Beach”, located south of the sand strip “Jumeirah”, was allocated as much as 900m for surfing. It is also easy to find surfers near the Jebel Ali harbor on Wollongong Beach, where you will also spot kitesurfers.

The best time for surfing in Dubai is from October to April. But in the Wild Wadi water park, excellent conditions have been created artificially for surfing. There you can go regardless of the time of year on the calendar.

Best time for Diving in Dubai

Most of the dive sites are concentrated on the east coast of the UAE due to the active construction in the water area. Nevertheless, diving in Dubai is no less interesting. First of all, there are dozens of shipwrecks and coral reefs, near which colonies of the brightest tropical fish live. Diving with good visibility (about 20 m) is possible not only in the daytime, but also at night. Local diving clubs undertake not only the organization of diving and training, but also going to dive sites in other emirates.

The aquarium in Dubai
The aquarium in Dubai

The most favorable season for exploring the underwater “treasures” of the Persian Gulf is the spring and autumn months. If your trip is planned for the winter season – do not worry. There are also enough calm days at this time too. And, in case of choppy waters, there is an excellent fallback option – the aquarium located in the Dubai Mall. By the way, more recently, a new program has appeared there that teaches underwater photography.

Cruises in Dubai

Dubai’s cruise business is expanding rapidly. Many international companies are trying to join the party. One of the last companies to open an office here was the Italian company Costa Cruises. So there is no shortage in the variety of routes in Dubai.

Every year, the cruise terminal of the city port receives at least 150 passenger liners from around the world. The most frequent guests are ships from Singapore, Nice and Athens. Sea voyages in the gulfs of Persia and Oman, as well as the Indian Ocean are conducted out of here.

The cruise season lasts all year long. During the New Year holidays, the cost of tour packages will be maximum. The lowest prices are set in the summer – approximately 20% -30% lesser than their value in spring or autumn.

Best time for exploring Dubai’s attractions

Dubai is a young, rapidly developing city of high-tech innovations and stunning projects. So there are no historical attractions here, and all excursions are exclusively “urban”. You will see dizzying skyscrapers, with one more beautiful and higher than the rest, mega luxury hotels, man-made palm islands, a Ferrari Theme Park, Dubai World Trade Center, etc.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Burj Khalifa towers above the other skyscrapers in Dubai

There is still a drop of antiquity, albeit in most cases artificially created among “architectural tricks” and egregious luxury: the Dubai National Museum, the ethnographic “Heritage Village”, the main symbol of the Muslim world of the United Arab Emirates, the Jumeirah Mosque and the old quarter Bastakia.

Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai
Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

The best time to walk and explore these places is the second half of autumn, winter and early spring. During this period city attractions can be also interspersed with trips to the beach. However, in January and February, swimming in the 24°C sea may leave behind goosebumps.

Festivals in Dubai

All year round, Dubai hosts grandiose celebrations and festivals, which are quite magnificent in this city. Visiting at least one of them is highly recommended, since the emotions that you will experience will be remembered, if not for life, then for many years.

Dubai attracts shopping lovers from around the world
Dubai attracts shopping lovers from around the world

Try to plan your trip so that it coincides with the date of any holiday. As mentioned above, January-February and June-July are the time of the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises shopping festivals.

Another commercial event in November is the Dubai International Jewelry Week. Also this month, every two years, the international “Dubai Air Show” is held. December is traditionally marked by the Dubai Motor Show (every two years, sometimes the dates are shifted to November).

In January the prestigious Desert Classic golf competition takes place. February has the Dubai Open tennis tournament and the most expensive races in the world, with a prize pool of about $6,000,000. In March, the Bride Show exhibition of bridal goods opens.

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