Tourist’s guide to Yas Waterworld Waterpark in Abu Dhabi

One of the most ambitious buildings of the Abu Dhabi Water Park Yas Waterworld is located in the UAE. $ 245 million was allocated for its construction, so all the entertainment complexes here are considered the best in the country.

Waterpark Yas Waterworld

On 15 hectares of land is an exciting world of 40 water activities, of which 5 are so unique that you will not find analogues anywhere on the planet. The Yas WaterWorld waterpark is located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, near the Formula 1 highway, opposite Ferrari World Park .

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Fun activities at the Abu Dhabi Water Park

At the entrance to the water park there is a divers’ game village where, amid enthusiastic fun and waves, you can take part in an exciting search for jewelry in the interactive virtual game Pearlmasters. Guns, ship barrels, compasses, treasure chests and bags of coins were installed throughout the territory.

Pool for professional surfers

In the water park of Abu Dhabi, vacationers are happy to ride the waves in the pools. In a simple pool, you can even ride for children. In the second pond, the waves are small, created to imitate the surf and relaxation. But the third pool is suitable only for professional surfers, as the waves here reach 3 m in height.

The organizers of the Yas WaterWorld water park realized a great idea – so that children of different ages do not interfere with each other, the Tot’s Playground and Yehal slides were divided. Older children have fun in Marah Fortress, where there are water cannons dousing little fidgets.

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Frequently visited and interesting slopes include:

Dawwama Tunnel
  1. Dawwama tunnel for group descent. Visitors are attracted by the sensations of flying and the huge funnel where they fall.
  2. Falcon’s Falaj. For descent along this long winding hill up to 6 people can be accommodated on a large cheesecake.
  3. 6 Slither’s Slides slides with funnel. Originally decorated with awesome snake mouths, from which happy vacationers fly out.
  4. Jebel Drop - Free Fall Attraction
    Jebel drop
  5. Hamlool’s Humps and Jebel Drop. The attraction with free fall is unimaginably high – the audience below is completely invisible.
  6. Hydraulic descent Tornado. The only water attraction in the world with a length of 238 meters, designed for 6 people.
  7. Liwa Loop. Closed in a capsule people feel fear and delight, especially after the bottom opens and you fall into a long funnel.
  8. “Lazy rivers” with two small rivers – quiet, smooth and stormy, with rapids and waves.

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Unique entertainment

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi has unique attractions that you will not find in other UAE water parks. For example, diving for pearls. Experienced instructors will teach you how to dive, hold your breath, while looking at the bottom of the shell and open the clams.

The Pearl Diving Experience
The pearl diving experience

A novice catcher at the bottom of the pool independently takes out a sink with real jewelry from which you can make an original jewelry. The Pearl Diving Experience is charged separately.

Bandit bomber
"Gangster bomber"
Bandit bomber

The “Bandit Bomber” has the most terrible descent of 550 m long, which scares visitors, although the speed of the trip is not the highest. Extreme Bandit Bomber 4 seats and is popular, the line is almost always long on it. Next to it is the Jabha Zone, where you can shoot geysers with water at those who ride the Bandit Bomber.

Cafes and shops
You can have a meal in the cafe

In addition to the attractions in the Yas WaterWorld water park, you can visit the large souvenir shops and relax in the cafe, where you can enjoy delicious set lunches. The restaurants offer Indian and Asian cuisine.

Gahwat Nasser has plenty of delicious delicacies. Here you can buy Arabic coffee, fresh dates and even camel milk chocolate as a souvenir or as a gift to friends.

Cafe Dana's Diner
Dana’s diner

Delicious Turkish ice cream can be enjoyed at Farah Flavors Patisserie. A large selection of ice cream with a variety of topping types can also be found at Dhabi’s Ice Cream Cafe. For a bite to eat, check out Dana’s Diner Café, which serves grilled dishes, barbecue wings and salads.

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Ticket price

Cash desk at Yas WaterWorld

The prices are as follows:

  • Adult ticket – 250 AED;
  • Children (below 1 m 10 cm) – 210 AED.
  • When you purchase a ticket for a specific date for 3-14 days, you will receive a 10% discount.
  • If you purchase a ticket for 15 days or more, a 15% discount is provided.
  • Out of turn rides must be paid 150 AED.
  • Towel rental will cost you 40 dirhams.
  • Using a wardrobe for clothes – 45 dirhams.
Yas WaterWorld Waterpark Tickets

The color of the ticket gives or does not give the right to go out of turn. By purchasing a gold ticket, you can always go without a queue to any slide, plus you will receive a gift – a beach towel and a bag. Silver pass document gives the right to go out of turn three times. On a bronze pass you will always have to spend time in line.

Vacationers are given bracelets, they can be used as a card, paying for other services, food or drinks. Also, a waterproof bracelet is the key to a closet for storing personal items. Funds are credited to it, unused money is returned to vacationers when leaving the park.


When buying tickets, you can get a significant discount if you do this on the website Here you will see all prices and special offers. You can also save on promotions that are constantly arranged by the Yas WaterWorld water park.

Family Pass for family

For a family, a great way to save money is to buy a Family Pass for AED 740 for four. You can add children to it by paying 187.5 dirhams for each, which is also more economical. For example, buying 4 tickets at the box office (2 adults and 2 children), you will pay 920 dirhams. The advantage of Fast Pass is that the family is given the right to visit attractions without waiting in line.

On the official website of the Abu Dhabi Yas water park there is information that not only children under 3 years old can attend, but also their nannies. You must know that for this the nanny must have a visa and work in the Emirates.

Useful information

Half a day is enough for you to ride on all the slides and participate in all events. If you and your children want to ride several times from your favorite slides, then plan to spend the whole day at Yas WaterWorld.

For 600 AED, you can rent a small bungalow with air conditioning, a bed and a TV. Usually they use it to relax after the rapid rides.

Map of Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

You are not allowed to bring your water to the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi entertainment complex, but you should not worry about it, because free fountains with drinking water are everywhere.

What else is forbidden to do:

  1. You are not allowed to go wild and indecent on a roller coaster.
  2. Do not bring glass objects, food and drinks with you. Exceptions are water for children in factory containers.
  3. To be drunk. In Abu Dhabi, this is strictly forbidden in other public places.
  4. Smoking is prohibited on the territory of the water park; several special zones have been allocated for these purposes.
  5. Pets are also prohibited.

How to get there

For tourists, the easiest and most convenient way to visit the water park Yas WaterWorld will be the order of an organized excursion. From Abu Dhabi, the journey takes 30 minutes, from Dubai you can drive in 50 minutes. The cost of the trip is $ 100-120.

"Yas Island shuttle"

If you stay in a hotel on the island itself, it is better to use the “Yas Island shuttle”, this bus will take you to your place for free. Transport constantly travels around the island to bring visitors to the water park Yas WaterWorld. On it you can get to other interesting places: Yas Mall or Ferrari Park. You can take a taxi from Abu Dhabi, the cost of the trip is 70-80 dirhams.

You can get to the center of the island, take the bus number 190 and get off at the Ferrari World park, then you have to walk. The advantage of visiting the Abu Dhabi water park is free parking for visitors to the entertainment complex.

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Opening hours

Yas WaterWorld Waterpark is open every day from 10 a.m. Closing time depends on the time of year. So, from November to March and during Ramadan, he works until 18-00, in the fall and in April – until 19-00, and all summer until 20-00.

Yas WaterWorld Water Park in Abu Dhabi

On Thursdays, the entertainment complex is closed at 17-00, to then open it from 18-00 to 23-00, where only women are allowed. Female staff, including operators, remain at work. Ladies Night is not held during Ramadan.



They were afraid for the first time with children, in the end they were just thrilled! It turned out to be very profitable in price, as the tickets were sold in two complexes – to the water park in Abu Dhabi Yas Waterworld and the Ferrari World park. We got on the bus, there goes No. 170, 178, 180 and 190, from the bus station the fare is only 4 dirhams. We advise you to take a towel, as you have to buy it there.

Those who do not often relax in such water parks will find all the entertainment superextreme. The slides are steep, ride on almost all the rides, and on the most liked more than once. They didn’t beat off anything when you move out, you don’t feel any seams at all. The presence of workers, who were always on duty and did not allow people to be injured accidentally, was calming. Also, Russian-speaking rescuers were pleased.


They spent a whole day with their family in the Abu Dhabi water park. It was a weekday in April, there were almost no queues, our children were satisfied with everything. The good cool rides of the Yas WaterWorld booklet were highlighted in red. The Dead Loop was simply breathtaking.

Throughout the day, animation worked for children with cartoon characters, there were a variety of contests, music and dancing. It’s definitely impossible to get bored here! I liked that you can always contact in Russian and get an answer, since we speak English at a low level.


Never regretted that they chose this place on their holidays. Children managed to ride on all absolutely slides. Most of all I liked the relaxation in the large pool on the circles and the artificial wave. On the Lazy River, we advise you to roll after 16-00 in the heat, since there is always a shadow and water splashes, even a little froze with the child.

The lines were not very large. The slides were in the shade, all the stairs were covered with awnings, the legs did not burn, and no one was bored with their heads. True, we forgot to take towels with us, and we had to buy them at the entrance for 50 dirhams. Also, Abu Dhabi water park impressed with its gift shops with an interesting assortment of original items.

Video: descent on rides through the eyes of a visitor to the water park in Abu Dhabi.

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