Is weather in the UAE in November the best time for a vacation in Dubai

Resorts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a prestigious holiday destination, where not only Russians and immigrants from the CIS seek to visit, but also people from all over the world. They attract with beautiful sandy beaches, high level of service, excellent shopping. To feel as comfortable as possible here, it is important to choose the right time for your trip. Due to the hot summer, the beach season in the United Arab Emirates lasts from October to April. And November is considered the most favorable month for a vacation at sea. The weather in the UAE in November pleases with moderately hot days, refreshingly cool nights, warm sea water.

Weather in the UAE in November

Features of the climate in the UAE

The climate in the UAE can be judged even by the fact that most of the territory of this state is occupied by the Rub al-Khali desert – the largest sand-covered zone on our planet. The proximity of the sea slightly softens the tropical desert climate – in the resort area of ​​the UAE, although there is a contrast of day and night temperatures, it is not as sharp as in the continental deserts.

Rub Al Khali Desert
Rub al Khali

Sea breezes are a little refreshing in the heat, but in summer, when the temperature in the shade reaches 45-50 ° C, a hot breeze brings little relief. Due to the scorching heat from April to September, tourist life in the Emirates becomes much less active. The mass arrival of holidaymakers in the United Arab Emirates begins in late October and early November, when the weather improves, respectively, and accommodation prices increase during this period.

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Air conditioned stop

During the hot summer months, even the local population tries to appear on the hot streets and beaches to a minimum, preferring air-conditioned rooms. Air conditioning is everywhere – even at bus stops. So if you decide to visit Dubai in the summer, then, despite the hot weather, you will need things with a long sleeve. Indeed, it is cool in air-conditioned rooms and vehicles, and you can freeze in light clothing.

Winters in the Arab country are not hot. Daytime temperatures on the coast at this time stay at around + 21 … + 26 ° C, and in combination with the breeze for sunbathing are not very suitable.

The peak of beach holidays in the UAE falls on the off-season – October-November and March-April. Perhaps the most comfortable weather for swimming in the Emirates is in the month of November, when the exhausting summer heat subsides, and the night temperature of air and sea water do not fall below comfortable values.

Comfortable weather for swimming in the Emirates

There is not much rainfall here – only 100 mm / year, basically, it rains during the period November-April no more than 1-2 times a month. Sometimes sandstorms occur, which weather services are notified in advance. They usually last no longer than a day. This time will not be deleted from the program of rest, because in comfortable hotels in Dubai and other cities of the UAE there is a lot of entertainment.

Weather in Dubai and the Gulf Coast

On Dubai Beach

In most regions of Russia, November is perhaps the most unpleasant month. Gloomy skies, cold weather plus a long winter ahead of anyone can drive into depression. And it’s so wonderful to break out of this dull reality and end up on the sunny beaches of Dubai or another Persian Gulf resort. Consider in detail what the weather in the Emirates in November expects tourists on this coast.

Arriving in Dubai in November, you will be in real summer. At noon, the thermometer in the shade rises to 30-31 ° C, but this heat, small for the United Arab Emirates, is easily tolerated due to the relatively high dry air, fresh sea breeze and the widespread use of air conditioners.


The daylight in November at the latitude of Dubai is a little over 11 hours. The sun does not rise very high above the horizon, oblique rays of the sun are not as dangerous to the skin as direct ones, so the danger of sunburn is much lower than in the summer months. However, with a long stay on the beach, sunscreen should not be neglected.

Water temperature

The water on the beaches of Dubai and nearby resorts still does not have time to cool after a hot summer, its temperature is comfortable for swimming – about 27-28 ° С. Therefore, the weather in Dubai in November is more favorable than in the spring, when at the same air temperature the water after winter is much less warmed up.

The waters of the Persian Gulf are mostly calm, there are practically no big waves, like on the ocean, here. Jellyfish invasions are more typical for the summer months, in November, as a rule, this problem does not bother vacationers.

Nights in the UAE

November nights in the UAE are cool and well refreshing after a hot day. On average, the night air temperature in Dubai and its environs is + 20-22 ° С, but occasionally it happens that the thermometer column drops to + 17 ° С. So lovers of night walks may need warm clothes.

Rains in November on the Persian Gulf coast, on average, occur with a frequency of 1 time per month. Usually they do not drag out for a long time, so they can not interfere with a spa holiday. After all, the problem of this region is more likely in the lack of rain than in their abundance. For this reason, the air humidity in Dubai is low, so that the heat is much easier to tolerate than in a humid climate.

Air temperature

Answering the question: what is the weather in Dubai in November, it should be noted that at the beginning and the end of this month the weather is quite different. In early November, the weather in Dubai is closer to October, the heat can reach 34 ° C, and the night temperature can reach + 24 ° C. At the end of November, at noon, the thermometer usually shows + 27-28 ° C during the day and + 18-19 ° C at night.

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Weather on the coast of the Gulf of Oman

If you want to know what the weather is in November in the UAE, you should keep in mind that the eastern resorts of the UAE, located on the shores of the Ottoman Gulf, have slightly different climatic conditions than Dubai and the rest of the Persian Gulf coast.

Al Ahdar mountain system
El ahdar

This is due to the fact that the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates is separated from the desert by the ridge of the Al-Akhdar mountain system. Thanks to the protection of the mountains from dry and hot air currents from the west of the country, the climate on the east coast of the UAE is milder.

Therefore, the weather in November in the UAE at the resorts of the Gulf of Oman does not have sharp daily temperature differences. During the day, the air warms up to an average of 28 ° C, and at night the thermometer stops at a comfortable 23-24 ° C. Thanks to the mountain barrier, there are no dry winds and sand storms, slightly higher air humidity, more rich vegetation.

Fujairah Beach, UAE

The water temperature on the east coast in November does not differ from that of the coast of the Persian Gulf – 27-28 ° С. Under the protection of the mountains there are no strong winds and big waves. The calm waters combined with the rich underwater world make the beaches of Fujairah and other eastern resorts of the UAE a great place for diving.

There is also not a bit of rain in November – no more than 1-2 rainfall per month. The hot sun and round-the-clock temperature comfort make Fujairah one of the best resorts in the United Arab Emirates.

Sunset in dubai

Fans of natural beauty will find it useful to know that excellent sea sunsets can be observed in Dubai and the nearby Gulf resorts, while picturesque sea sunrises should be sent to the beaches of Fujairah and other cities of the East Coast.

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Holidays in the UAE

The weather in the United Arab Emirates in November is the best of the year for a beach holiday in these places. In fact, this is the velvet season. Therefore, the influx of tourists to Dubai this month is especially large. Accordingly, the cost of living in hotels for this period increases.

And although you can’t call a vacation in the UAE a budget one, nevertheless, the fascinating urban landscapes of Dubai, sandy beaches, competing in its beauty with views of the Maldives, an abundance of exotic fruits, excellent shopping and a high level of service are worth exploring this amazing country.

Having visited the resorts of the United Arab Emirates once, you will certainly want to return here again. This desire will be especially strong in the dank Russian autumn, because the weather in the UAE in November returns on warm summer days and gives all the joys of a beach holiday.

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