Tourist’s guide to Isola’s attractions and beaches

The small old town of Izola (Slovenia) is characterized by a calm environment and rich infrastructure. It is ideal for leisure activities. In the daytime, you can enjoy relaxing at sea, and in the evening – hiking and shopping. In addition, many visitors have access to many restaurants with cuisine from different countries, as well as cafes. Izola is a center for yachting and windsurfing, because its location is attractive for fans of this sport.

Isola, Slovenia

City `s history

City of Isola, Slovenia

Slovenia has many small picturesque towns, but each of them has its own characteristics. On the coast of the Gulf of Trieste is the small town of Isola, which is a great place for leisure, flowing in comfort and tranquility. Its attractiveness in the eyes of tourists is provided by a good climate, a clean Adriatic Sea and a well-equipped promenade with many shops, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Regularly appearing photos of Izola Slovenia from the faces of vacationers there testify to its popularity and the ongoing tourist flow.

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Features of the city at the present time

The view from the window of Hotel Marina, on the quay of Izola

Today, the population of this coastal town is about 17 thousand people. Isola has 2-4 star hotels with lower budget rates than Piran or Portoroz. Most of their visitors remain pleasant impressions, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. It is recommended to choose hotels on the territory of Simon Bay or in the city center.

On the town square there are many cafes that are available to visitors both in the afternoon and in the evening. Also in the immediate vicinity is the market, but its prices are higher than in supermarkets.

Walk along the Izola embankment

In Izola, you can enjoy hiking along the promenade, which is 2 km long. You can also go fishing here. In this city, it is possible to rent a bike or boat.

Izola combines Mediterranean, Pannonian and Alpine cultures, which is noticeable not only in architecture, but also in local cuisine. Since this is a sea town, the main dish in many restaurants is seafood. And the local wine, according to experts, is similar to the original Tuscan wines.

Casino Belvedere Casino in Isola
Casino belvedere

After tasting the local cuisine, you can take a walk to the historic city center. In addition, Izola has a viewing platform, and children will enjoy visiting the dolphinarium.

There is a casino for the older population in the city, and for shoppers – shops and souvenir shops. But since this city is located on the seashore, the main form of leisure here is sailing. In Izola, winds blow all year, which made it popular among yachtsmen and windsurfers.


Isola air temperature

In Izola, July is considered the hottest. In this month the average air temperature reaches + 29 ° C during the day and + 18 ° C at night. Also in July, the highest water temperature is observed – 25.5 ° C. The highest rainfall in this town falls in November, and the least in December (47 mm).

Rainfall in Izola

Planning a vacation in Izola is best for the summer months, when the temperature of the air and sea allows you to enjoy the warmth and sun. The average air temperature in June is +23 ° C, but in July and August it increases by several degrees. The temperature in the winter months is significantly reduced and is only + 6 … + 9 ° C. The coldest month is January.


Dinner at Marina Restaurant
Marina Restaurant

Izola has many restaurants and coffee shops open until late in the evening. They are suitable for romantic evenings in solitude, and for celebrations of celebrations in large companies. In addition, guests can enjoy a variety of world cuisines. But still, seafood is the traditional food on the Slovenian coast in Izola.

City attractions

Sights of Izola in Slovenia have historical and architectural value. Previously, the town belonged to the Republic of Venice, which left its mark on its layout, architecture and names of various objects

In the XIV century, the Magistrate, with Gothic elements, was erected on a large area, which is a city historical center. But in the XVII century, the building was rebuilt, changing its architectural style to Baroque.

Church of St. Moor
Church of St. Moor

The Church of St. Moor is considered the most noticeable in this town. It rises on top of the island, giving the area a distinctive look. This object was erected in the middle of the XIV century. Initially, the parameters of the church were less, but then it was twice rebuilt – in the XVI and XX centuries. In one of these reconstructions, a 30-meter high bell tower with a Gothic style was erected from stone, a stone from the church. As a result of these reconstructions, the church acquired its current appearance and dimensions. Today, its architectural style combines Baroque with the Renaissance.

Manzioli Square
Manzioli Palace (white) and Lavisato's house (beige with half-round windows) on Piazza Manzioli

The largest number of city attractions is located on the territory of Manzioli Square. For example, the church of St. Mary, featuring an octagonal composition with a vaulted ceiling in the form of a cross, as well as the palaces of Manzioli and Lavisato. One of them houses a large library of books and manuscripts, as well as a music school. In addition, weddings are sometimes held in the palace.

Attractions in the area
Narrow Gauge Tunnel
Šalet tunnel

On the outskirts of the town are also local attractions – the remains of the old port and a Roman villa. They are located in the archaeological park. There is also a nearby railway tunnel running from Croatia to Italy. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century. However, he did not enjoy great popularity at the time, as he was causing losses. It is currently being renovated and is included in the tourist program of city attractions.

But the greatest comfort is given to the city by ancient narrow streets, paved sidewalks and red tile roofs, which are distinguished by a variety of shapes.

Beach holiday

Water Slides on the Coast of San Simon Bay

The beaches in Izola Slovenia are considered an ideal place for leisure with family and children, as the mild climatic conditions are suitable for a child’s body, and even the most capricious child will like numerous attractions. But, unfortunately, only one beach is equipped in the city, which leads to its frequent workload and lack of free places. But not far from it are also wild beach areas.

There are three pebble beaches in the Isola area.

Central beach
Izola Central Beach, Slovenia

This beach area is located near the historic city center. This is an equipped beach, which is often overloaded with visitors. Near it there are many attractions, recreational areas, children’s and sports grounds.

Beach on the coast of the gulf of San Simon

It is considered the best in the city. It is located within walking distance from the center of Izola. Its advantage is less overloaded by tourists, and, therefore, more free places. There is a park near the beach. This neighborhood allows you to either enjoy the sun on the beach, or relax in the shade of trees with strong sunshine. A photo of the beaches of Izola Slovenia confirms its extraordinary beauty.

Beach on the coast of the gulf of San Simon
Wild Belvedere Beach Area
Wild Belvedere Beach Area

The beach is located at the foot of the hill of the same name. There are no equipped places to relax with umbrellas and sunbeds, but you can enjoy the tranquility and privacy.

All beaches of Slovenia are clean with clear water. Sometimes there you can see dolphins. The coverage of all beach areas is pebble, and the bottom is sandy. Izola (Slovenia) is characterized by a climate of temperate latitudes.

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Transport accessibility

Izola has a sea passenger port, thanks to which the ferry can get to Venice. In addition, the transport connection of this city is provided by shuttle buses running to the nearest cities of Europe. By rail, you can get to Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, but this method is more expensive. It is impossible to get to Izola directly by air, therefore, partially the road to this city passes by bus or train.

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Transport links from Izola to the nearest settlements (Portoroz, Piran and Koper) are provided thanks to regular buses that run every hour. The nearest airport to Isola in Slovenia is in the city ​​of Ljubljana , which is 113 km away. You can get to it, both on personal vehicles and on buses that depart three times a day. Bus schedule can be seen in the table.

Bus schedule Ljubljana Isola

The journey from Ljubljana to Izola takes about 1 hour 40 minutes. The bus fare is 10.3 euros.

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