Tourist’s guide to Sharjah city beaches and hotels with private beach

Holidays in Sharjah are an opportunity to plunge into the cultural world of the Emirates, spend time actively, sunbathe on the sea coast. Sharjah beaches have a developed infrastructure, an abundance of entertainment, soft white sand and a picturesque coastline. All Sharjah beaches are accessible to tourists – many of them are free, but all are clean and well maintained.

Holidays in Sharjah

Features of rest in Sharjah

To rest in the UAE was comfortable, you must follow certain rules. Sharjah Resort is a place where you really feel like you are in an Arab country. It is not a matter of prohibition or prohibition of discos, but local customs, which are respected and protected here.

Sharjah - the cultural capital of the Middle East

Sharjah is the ancient cultural capital of the Middle East, the cradle of national eastern culture. It is the third largest emirate located along the Persian Gulf. It is a mixture of culture, history, art and entertainment. This amazing combination of new and old fascinates tourists. In Sharjah, all conditions for family leisure are created.

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The country has pretty strict rules of conduct: here you will not find alcohol, do not smoke a hookah, and you should be careful with the choice of clothes. There are no bars even in hotels. Traditional oriental bazaars rich in various goods and amusement parks act as entertainments. Sharjah is the strictest emirate. Here, a restrained style of clothing is welcomed: closed shoulders, shorts and dresses covering her knees. But candid models with a deep neckline and miniskirts should be avoided. Regarding beaches and pools – walking in swimsuits is possible, but again, not too frank. You will have to forget about topless.

Prohibited the use of alcohol

As for behavior, usually local rules and regulations do not apply to tourists, but it’s also not worth it to become impudent and defiant. You need to be especially restrained in Ramadan. During this period, all noisy entertainment, hookah and alcohol are prohibited. Tourists these days are better off visiting special restaurants for foreigners or eating at a hotel. Shooting in Sharjah is significantly limited: you can’t take pictures in the palaces of sheikhs, at military or government facilities. It is forbidden to take photos of local people on the beaches of Sharjah, especially women. Men – it is possible only if they do not mind.

The pristine beaches of Sharjah are equally good. Fine sand, a smooth entry into the water, friendly and safe waves – this is what a tourist expects on any of them. Everyone can choose what they like. There are options with a high level of service and a variety of entertainments, where there are often a lot of people, and calm, sparsely populated “islands” of the coast, where you can relax and forget about the city bustle for a while.

How to behave on the beach

How to behave on the beach

It is necessary to show respect for the local religion, to behave in accordance with the rules of etiquette adopted in the UAE. Firstly, no alcohol, and secondly, no physical manifestation of tenderness, and thirdly, an appropriate swimsuit. These simple rules must be followed. The UAE has a strict system of fines.

Important! Monday in the Emirates “Women’s Day”. Men are not allowed access to many beaches.

The best beaches of Sharjah

There is a large selection of beaches – they all have a fairly developed infrastructure, clean and tidy, with a flat bottom, yellow (local) and white (imported) sand. In addition to urban, there are own hotel beaches, which are designed only for those living in the hotel, and for those who wish, entry is paid.

Lou’Lou’a Beach Resort

The first-class private beach belongs to the hotel. Offers a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. Smooth entry into the water, white sand and small waves make rest on the sea coast as comfortable as possible. The beach is almost never crowded. Entrance fee – 50 dirhams. Umbrellas and sun loungers are included in the price, but you will have to buy drinks and food at the hotel. So do not forget to take water with you and have something to eat. The beach occupies a relatively small area, but there is enough free space for everyone.

Beach Lou'Lou'a Beach Resort

On the right side of the hotel is a free beach, where the locals mostly relax. Rest conditions there are completely different – no infrastructure, but everywhere cleanliness and order.

Al cornish
Rune Club Coral Beach
Coral beach

The city beach, located near the center of Sharjah, is almost always crowded with people. Palm trees along the sand line separate the rest area from the bustling city. Here you can spend a wonderful day with children in the shade of lush palm trees. A long beach stretches from the Women’s Club to Coral Beach. Soft clean sand, emerald water and a smooth entry into the water make the beach very popular. Occasionally, underwater currents occur near the coast, but tourists must be informed about this with warning signs. This is probably the only minus of Al Cornish beach.

Al Cornish Beach

It has a well-developed infrastructure. You can rent a sun lounger, shops and cafes work, there are showers and toilets, parking is provided near the shore. But, most likely, you will not be able to sunbathe here in an open bathing suit. Free beaches are mostly populated by locals. So, you have to follow the rules of etiquette. Given the characteristics of this country, it is better to choose hotels with their own beaches for a holiday in Sharjah.

Al Cornish Beach can be reached by car or taxi. Certain hotels transport their visitors free of charge by bus.

Al khan

The beach is located near the Maritime Museum and the aquarium, between the emirates of Sharjah and Dubai. Part of the territory is free, and the fenced areas are the hotel’s own beaches. Entrance fee is 5 dirhams. This is a relatively small amount. Children under six years pass without a ticket.

Al Khan Beach

This place will appeal to lovers of active water recreation. It is quite crowded, so you need to come in advance. A great option for those who want to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sea, an ideal place for playing beach tennis, volleyball, as well as water skiing. It provides changing cabins, toilets and showers. The beach is equipped with a free playground.

Great option for riding on water modes of transport

Note! On the beach you can not appear to girls in revealing bikinis and men in tight swimming trunks. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine.

Al Muntazah
Al Muntazah Beach

The long and wide coastline of Al Cornish with a number of beautiful palm trees imperceptibly passes into Al Muntazah. It is located in a zone remote from the city center, which is a bit inconvenient. You can get here only by car or taxi. There are no outlets or restaurants nearby. This is a place where tourists enjoy nature, the sun and the clear sea.

The best Sharjah hotels with private beaches

4 star hotels in Sharjah with their own beach are in great demand among tourists. The resort of Sharjah is very close to Dubai, and accommodation here is much cheaper. The attractiveness of hotels in Sharjah is an adequate price, proximity to the sea and royal service.

Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa
  • The rating of this hotel complex on is 8.2.
  • The minimum price for a double room is about 78 dollars.
Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa Hotel

The hotel invites its guests to apartments with excellent living conditions and high quality service. This place is wonderful for families. By the way, the staff speaks Russian. Near the hotel complex there are shops, Sharjah attractions, hotels with their own beach 1 line – all this guarantee visitors a comfortable stay in terms of a sense of freedom of action. This does not mean that you can forget about the rules and regulations of the UAE, but you don’t have to worry about an open swimsuit. On the beach owned by the hotel, you can sunbathe and swim freely.

The hotel has a swimming pool

The length of the beach is 100 meters. The hotel provides vacationers on their own beach with everything they need. Umbrellas, sun loungers and towels are at their disposal. The complex has swimming pools for children and adults, a terrace, free private parking. Guests have the opportunity to use the spa, play table tennis and billiards.

If you do not live in this hotel, but want to soak up a comfortable beach, then the entrance fee will be 100 dirhams (or 24 dollars).

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Copthorne hotel sharjah
  • The average hotel rating for reviews is 8.2.
  • Prices for accommodation start from $ 50.
Hotel Copthorne Hotel Sharjah
Hotel room Copthorne Hotel Sharjah

In the heart of Sharjah, near the Khalid lagoon, is the beautiful Copthorne Hotel Sharjah. Magnificent views of the lagoon open from the windows of most rooms. Walking along the promenade near the hotel will give fabulous impressions to Sharjah guests, and photos of the city and the beach will remind you of the days spent in the Middle East.

The hotel has 255 spacious and beautiful rooms. There are 2 restaurants, free parking and a small rooftop pool. You can walk to your own private beach in 15 minutes, take a taxi or a free shuttle from the hotel.

The act hotel
  • Hotel rating on – 8.4
  • The cost of an overnight stay is from $ 62.
Pool at The Act Hotel

The hotel is located in the city center. Clean rooms, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a hot tub, excellent service, a free shuttle service to the hotel’s own beach or city beach – all this the hotel offers its visitors. The rooms offer wonderful views of the Khalid lagoon.

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Sahara Beach Resort & Spa
  • Hotel rating on service is 8.0.
  • The minimum price for a double room is $ 74.
Beach at Sahara Beach Resort & Spa

Luxury hotel with a private beach, located on the bay. It offers large comfortable rooms, a hot tub and a fitness room. Responsible and friendly staff will always monitor the cleanliness of the rooms. The beach is equipped with an outdoor pool, small slides for children. There are enough umbrellas under which vacationers can hide from the sultry sun. All comers get sun loungers.

Preparing for a trip to Sharjah, we recommend that you carefully study the information about the emirate, choose the right time to travel, find out which beaches of Sharjah deserve attention, and even better – choose a hotel with its own beach. Then your vacation will be comfortable, without unpleasant surprises.

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