Tourist’s guide to Rogaska Slatina – thermal spa in Slovenia

The city of Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia) is a balneological health resort. The resort has its possessions in a picturesque corner of the country – at an altitude of 228 meters above sea level. 110 km share the capital of Slovenia from Rogaska Slatina hospitals.

City Rogaska Slatina

The healing properties of water in the resort have long been known. In ancient Greek myths it is said that the celestial – Apollo – ordered that the divine being – Pegasus – drink the hearth precisely from the healing sources of Rogaska Slatina. And today people are happy to come here again and again.

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Unique features of Rogaska Slatina resort

Resort Rogaška Slatina

Rogaska Slatina resort is a unique place that has earned popularity among Europeans. Not only residents of Slovenia come here, but also representatives of various nationalities. Among our compatriots, the thermal resort is only gaining popularity. However, the life-giving power of the healing waters of Donat Mg is already known to many.

Water Donat Mg

Mineral water allows you to improve your health, replenish the supply of macro- and microelements (especially magnesium), and also forget about your ailments. In addition to healthy water, healing air and a mild climate deserve special praise. Come to this resort area of ​​Slovenia for the sake of wellness waters for more than 400 years.

At the thermal resort, it is pleasant to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The secret of the popularity of Rogaška Slatina is very simple – mineral water has no analogues in purity and percentage of magnesium, it is impossible to find such sources in Europe. But it is this mineral that is vital for maintaining and normal functioning of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

Treatment at Rogaska Slatina

Improvement and treatment in Rogaska Slatina

Improvement and treatment in Rogaska Slatina is gaining popularity. The value of such relaxation is known to doctors. They send here people who need to receive treatment related to the following problems and systems of the human body:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • the cardiovascular system;
  • digestion;
  • skin diseases;
  • postoperative rehabilitation;
  • obesity;
  • endocrine system;
  • rehabilitation after degenerative rheumatic diseases.

The treatment in Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia) was especially popular among overweight patients. Magnesium-rich water, as well as a developed diet program, can quickly get rid of extra pounds and diseases of the digestive tract. On average, the course of treatment can last from 7 to 14 days.

Manual procedures

For a day of accommodation with meals and medical, diagnostics, consulting services, you will need to pay about 79-95 euros. It offers spa and manual procedures, massages and body wraps, therapeutic baths and magnetotherapy, gymnastics, etc. The cost of a daily stay at the resort will depend on the intensity of treatment, the features and the number of procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Hotels Rogaska Slatina

Spa treatments

Those who have been here recommend choosing spa hotels and motels for relaxation and treatment in Rogaska Slatina. Some of them offer prevention and recovery according to one program, there are also such hospitals where you can improve the body and get rid of several ailments at once. The benefit of such accommodation is obvious – the guest does not have to look for a place to improve, all the necessary complexes, rooms and doctors are available at the hotel. Using the rating of hotels and resorts, you can decide on the choice of a complex suitable for treatment and accommodation.

In the popular resort of Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia), popular among Europeans, the prices for accommodation / rehabilitation in hotel complexes are set depending on their rank and location, the range of services offered. We recommend that you consider the following accommodation options.

Grand Hotel Donat Superior
Grand Hotel Donat Superior

Located in the heart of the town. The peculiarity of this complex is that it conducts all medical procedures at the Rogashka Slatina Medical Center. It is connected to the Donat Superior Hotel with a 20-meter indoor pavilion. In winter, it is also comfortable to move around here, since the transition is heated.

Relaxation treatments can be taken in the ultramodern wellness center at the hotel. The cost of living in a standard room is 113–119 € per day. The check includes the price for meals and treatment procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Grand hotel sava
Hotel room Grand Hotel Sava

This is a four-star hotel, which has everything necessary for living and full recovery. This is the hotel often chosen by guests of the resort in Slovenia Rogaska Slatina. The own medical and health department is open from 8 to 20 hours, offers spa treatments to all comers. The cost of treatment is included in the general check, however, for the pleasure of visiting the spa you need to pay 20 euros per person for 3 hours. For each additional hour – another 5 euros. For accommodation on average you need to pay 113-125 euros. This cost already includes the amount for treatment, three meals a day.

Spa Hotel Slatina
Such a room at Slatina Spa Hotel

This center has a swimming pool. The complex is located on the main street, offers a doctor’s examination at the Medical Center, and undergo all medical procedures at the hotel. This is an inexpensive option – the cost of treatment and accommodation starts from 73 euros. Guests are offered the Great Magnesium Course Package.

It is these hotels that were especially highlighted by the guests, who were satisfied not only with the level of service, but also with the quality of the wellness procedures.

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What to do in Rogaska Slatina?

The Rogaska Slatina thermal spa in Slovenia has something to do besides treatment. Hotel guests and visitors to medical centers expect other entertainments that will brighten up leisure time. Guests are offered numerous excursion programs that allow you to get acquainted with the history of these places and natural attractions.

Excursion programs
Lake bled

Guests can head to the famous Lake Bled. Here you can have a picnic or just devote your time to a good rest and enjoy the local beauties. Around the Lake Bled there is a promenade. For a comfortable pastime at the resort there is everything: restaurants and cafes, shops, bike rental points, it is possible to rent a boat.

No less interesting are excursions to the resort town of Bovets, which is located right on the borders with Italy. These are real wild places that attract tourists with unyielding rocky ridges, always snowy and therefore even more beautiful.

Doing sports
Play tennis

At Rogaska Slatina, guests will not get bored. Travelers and those who came to Slovenia for health are offered various sports activities. This is especially valuable due to the fact that it is offered to improve your health not only with healing waters, but also through feasible physical exertion. Guests will be able to:

  • Play tennis and minigolf, which is why special facilities are equipped at many hotels.
  • Devote time to fitness. Experienced craftsmen will be engaged with vacationers, who give loads taking into account the physical condition and health of guests.
  • Do yoga. This relaxation is for those who do not mind looking deep into their own “I” and get rid of complexes, and at the same time to tighten muscles, strengthen joints and blood vessels.

In their free time, guests are welcome in beauty salons, which offer a wide range of different procedures – from depilation to haircuts.

How to get there

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At Ljubljana Station

You can get to Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia) by transfer, organized by the hotel complexes themselves. For this, it is necessary to clarify the possibility of ordering a car even during the coordination of the terms of residence and booking rooms. For such a pleasure guests will have to pay 90-100 euros. The price is set by the hotel itself. Guests will be picked up directly from Ljubljana Airport or from the railway station of the capital.


You can get to the city yourself. A train runs from Ljubljana to Rogaska, the cost of tickets will be 8-15 euros. There is a connecting road at Celje Station. To go by train for a little over an hour.

Bus station Ljubljana

You can move around by bus, where the fare will cost 12-17 €. There will also be a change at Celje Station. Travel time is just over two hours.

Train from Zagreb

You can get to the resort of Rogaska Slatina from the Zagreb station. Trains also run from here to Rogatec Station, where a transfer is due. The fare is still the same 8-13 €. Travel time is approximately the same as if the traveler was leaving from the Ljubljana station. There are bus routes from Zagreb, which also include transfers.

The cost of traveling by bus is slightly higher – 20 € per person.

For more details on what and how therapist tells in Rogaška Slatina, see the video.

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