Tourist’s guide to Portoroz, Slovenia – the main attractions

Portoroz (Slovenia) is one of the largest resort cities in the country. It is located on the sea coast in the western part of Slovenia, just 130 km from Ljubljana. Translated from Italian, the name of the city means “Port of Roses”, which is confirmed by the numerous rose bushes planted along each street.

Portoroz, Slovenia

The population of the city reaches 2.5 thousand people, the bulk of which are Slovenes and Italians. Portoroz resort in Slovenia is famous for its thermal springs, which are unparalleled throughout Europe.

In addition to lovers of the beaches of the Adriatic Sea, people with respiratory diseases, overweight and skin diseases come here for treatment. If you decide to go on vacation to Portoroz, be sure to visit the comprehensive courses of wellness treatments.

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How to get to Portoroz (Slovenia)?

Ljubljana Airport

It will be rather problematic to fly to a resort town for residents of Russia and Ukraine. Although Portoroz has an airport, it does not accept airplanes from Moscow or Kiev.

If you prefer to use the services of airlines, you will have to make at least one change. The most convenient cities for this are Ljubljana (the distance from the airport to Portoroz is 137 km), Trieste (37 km) and Venice (198 km).

Way from Ljubljana
Bus station in Ljubljana
  1. By bus. Buses run from Ljubljana Central Bus Station to Portoroz 10 times a day (during the beach season). Travel time 2 h 06 min. – 2 h 45 min. The cost of an adult ticket is 12 €, for a child – 6 €.
  2. Attention: the last flight leaves at 15:00. The timetable, ticket price and travel time can be found on the official website of the bus station of the capital of Slovenia

  3. Taxi. Travel time is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, the cost is about 100 euros.

Detailed information about the city of Ljubljana can be found at this link .

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From trieste
From Trieste a bus to Koper

The distance between cities by land is only 34 km, border crossing is a simple process, as both countries belong to the Schengen zone. You can get to Portoroz by plane, bus or taxi.

  1. Direct trains can be reached only at 7:00 and at 12:30 on the minibus of the Arriva transport company. Almost every hour buses leave from Trieste to Koper, from where you can get to Portoroz in a short time. All information on timetables and prices on the website of the carrier
  2. The cost of a taxi is 90 euros, travel time is 40 minutes.
From venice
Train station Venice's Santa Lucia

This option is convenient only for those who have Venice is a must travel destination.

  1. By regional train (ticket costs 13-20 €) you need to get from Venezia Santa Lucia station to Trieste Centrale. Then overcome the short route by bus from Trieste. Trains run every 30-40 minutes, the schedule and fare on the website
  2. Taxi. For 2.5 hours on the road you need to pay about 210 €. It is better to book a car in advance.


Room at Remisens Hotel Lucija

The city has approximately the same price level for apartments and hotels. So, for 80-100 euros / day, you can rent a double room in a three-star hotel with free parking and Wi-Fi, breakfast and in-room amenities. All this, besides food, is also offered by private owners, from whom you can rent an apartment with two beds for the same price. For housing near the sea you have to pay at least one and a half times more.

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Supermarket Mercator

Food prices in Portoroz are about 20% lower than in other European resorts in neighboring countries. One of the cheapest and most common supermarkets is Mercator, the cost of products here is even lower than in the market.

Portoroz has many cafes and restaurants of various price categories. Here you can enjoy both unusual seafood and magnificent pastries. The best places, according to tourists, are:

Kavarna cacao
Desserts at Kavarna Cacao Cafe

Fast service, pleasant atmosphere and sea view – delicious desserts are added to all the delights of this cafe. It serves dozens of ice creams, a variety of cakes, diet smoothies and a huge number of cocktails (including alcoholic ones). All this for reasonable money.

Trattoria del pescatore
At Trattoria del Pescatore Restaurant

The most popular restaurant in the city with Italian and seafood dishes. Here, a free table is a rather rare occurrence, because the restaurant has everything that customers need: delicious food, a large selection of dishes, reasonable prices and excellent service.


A simple institution with a simple interior will prove to you that all fish is tasty, the main thing is to cook it correctly. In addition to various seafood, it serves traditional European dishes. The acceptable cost of food and a good location (at the station) are another advantage of the restaurant.

The summer playground of Fritolin

Wellness at the resort

Portoroz is the owner of unique springs with healing mud and thermal waters. These natural factors allow you to get rid of:

  1. Diseases of the respiratory system and musculoskeletal system;
  2. Stress and overwork;
  3. Skin problems;
  4. Neurological disorders, etc.

In addition, thermal and sea waters with a high content of sulfates help rejuvenate the skin and the body as a whole.

LifeClass Hotels & Spa in Portoroz

In the city there are several dozen beauty salons and rehabilitation centers. The ideal time for recovery in Portoroz is autumn-winter, when the flow of tourists decreases and the cost of all spa treatments is significantly reduced.

Before you book a room in a hotel during your vacation, check, perhaps this institution has a beauty salon where the cost of services will be lower than in ordinary city institutions.

Climate Portorož: is it worth going on vacation not in summer?

In this part of Slovenia, comfortable weather reigns all year round – in the high season you will not have to burn under too bright sunshine, and winter and autumn will not make you wear down jackets.

Air temperature in Portoroz

The average summer temperature is 27-29 ° C, the warmest month is August. The Adriatic Sea during this period heats up to 26 ° C, rains practically do not go. The weather in the second half of summer is most favorable for relaxing on the beach, but there are most tourists in the city at this time.

The coldest period of the year is December-January, when the air temperature drops to + 5 … + 8 ° C. In both summer and autumn, rains in Portoroz are not frequent guests.

Portoroz beaches in Slovenia

Unlike the nearest resorts in Slovenia, Portoroz is a city with sandy beaches. The main one is municipal; many hotels are located within walking distance from it. Here for 12 euros per day you can rent an umbrella and a deck chair.

Beach in Portoroz

The sea in Portoroz is warm, so at the bottom it is covered with algae. They enter the water along established wooden paths, lifeguards watch people without interruption. There are many cafes, a toilet and a shower. The only drawback is that the beach is paid; for free you can only sit on concrete parapets near the water.

What to do on vacation?

Portoroz is a beautiful city with unusual landscapes and non-standard entertainment. There are interesting places for groovy youth, as well as for families with children. According to travelers, the best attractions in Portoroz are the following.

Park Saline di Sicciole
Park Saline di Sicciole

A large area with unusual plants and neat bridges, salt production before your eyes and many rare birds – this park is a must-see. Here you may be interested in medical cosmetics, salt chocolate or spa treatments. Entrance to the attractions is paid – 8 euros, discounts for children. You can rent a bike.

Casino Grand Casino Portorož
Casino Grand Casino Portorož

Fans of excitement will appreciate one of the largest and oldest casinos in Slovenia. Entertainment for every taste: roulette, poker, slot machines and much more. The main visitors are Italians, try your luck in confrontation with burning European machos.

Bicycle tours Parenzana
Bicycle tours Parenzana

A bicycle tour for the whole family on the site of the old railway. Smooth surfaces for skiing, various plants and trees along the curb, tunnels and a journey along the sea coast – feel the charm of local air and landscapes. Here they make the most beautiful photos in Portoroz.

The Fonda Fish Farm
Foundation Fish Farm

The fish farm is the work of many generations of the Foundation’s family, which collects all the living creatures of the sea coast. This Portorož attraction is especially interesting for children. They are curiously looking at numerous pools with fish and shellfish.

When you find out everything about the history of the farm and its inhabitants, you will be offered seafood cooking workshops or ready-made meals will be served in accordance with any of your wishes. You can buy raw fish at relatively low prices.


No wonder the city is located near Italy, a country where they produce high-quality clothes and shoes. Shopping in Portoroz is not only pleasant, but also profitable entertainment. But not all goods in the city are cheap, some things are imported far from abroad, so buying them here is extremely expensive.

Designer clothing

Rich (but economical) tourists come to this city of Slovenia year-round, so most of the shops here keep prices above average. In part, this is due to high quality and a huge selection of products. In Portoroz you can buy:

  • Reliable shoes;
  • Designer clothes;
  • Accessories of famous brands;
  • Jewelry for every taste;
  • Antique antiques;
  • Paintings;
  • Alcohol;
  • Products from crystal and ceramics;
  • Handmade goods;
  • Makeup
Cosmetics Lepa Vida

The most expensive are clothes and shoes, jewelry, antiques. You can also buy hand-made goods and cosmetics. In addition, all creams, scrubs, soaps, and other salt products are useful and rare products that can only be bought in the city of Portoroz.

It is worth paying attention to the strong drinks made in Slovenia. Antique wines, pear vodka, liquor, blueberry tincture and other locally produced alcohol – this is a souvenir that all your friends will enjoy.

Portoroz (Slovenia) is a city that will suit all tourists. Only here you can swim in the warm sea, recover with the help of unique thermal waters and enjoy delicious Slovenian dishes. Have a nice rest!

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