Tourist’s guide to Bohinj – the largest lake in Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is the largest lake in Slovenia, many travelers call this place the most sincere and calm. Not all tourists reach here, limiting themselves to visiting a more hyped place – Lake Bled. However, Bohinj is worth it to overcome 26 km and find yourself at the largest lake in Slovenia in the territory of Triglav Park.

Bohinj Lake

Photo: Lake Bohinj (Slovenia).

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general information

Lake Bohinj - the largest lake in Slovenia

Bohinj – a unique lake that emerged from the glacier. The attraction is located in the Julian Alps at an altitude of 525 m. The lake has an elongated shape, on three sides it is surrounded by mountains, and on the fourth side the road approaches it.

The region is part of the national park. Here is the highest point in the country – the peak of Triglav (almost 2900 meters). The area of ​​the lake is 3.18 sq. Km, and the depth reaches 45 meters. Three times during the year, the water in the lake is updated.

Interesting fact! A century ago, Bohinj was the largest metallurgical center of the country. Thanks to the efforts of Baron Sigismund Tsois, the region has become a resort and today attracts thousands of tourists.

Come here for a walk through the picturesque area and try the delicious Bohinj cheese.

Where to stay and what to do

Transport from the capital of Slovenia arrives in the eastern part of Lake Bohinj (Slovenia), there are two villages here: Rybchev Laz and Stara Fužina. A little to the west is the village of Ukants.

Bohinj Lake Map

Interesting to know! The length of the lake is 4.5 km, the largest width is 1.5 km. It takes 2.5 hours to get around the lakes.

If you travel by car, choose any settlement that you like for your stay. Fans of peace and tranquility will approach the villages of Stara Fuzhina and Ukants. Rybchev Laz is a rather noisy place, most of the attractions are concentrated here.

Rybchev Laz
In the village of Rybchev Laz

This village can be called the center of public life in the area of ​​Lake Bohinj. There is a tourist office, a supermarket with all necessary goods, cafes and small shops. The village is very beautiful. Here you can visit a church built in the 11th century, stroll along winding paths, rent bicycles, canoes or kayaks. Tourist ships depart from the pier in the village.

It’s important to know! All transport from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, comes to the lake in Rybczew Laz. Many buses leave for Ukants, some buses turn right and follow to Old Fuzhina.

Accommodation in Rybchev Laz is rented first, so if you want to live here, book a hotel room or apartment in advance.

Stara Fuzhina
The village of Stara Fuzhina

Fuzhina translated from the local language means – mine. Previously, miners lived in the village, today it is an incredibly beautiful place decorated with flowers. There is a supermarket and tourist office. They are located next to the bus stop.

The village has an atmosphere of calm and conciliation. Many travelers come here to feel harmony with nature and just to contemplate the beautiful landscapes of the mountainous Slovenia.

Museum in Stara Fuzhina

When booking accommodation in this village on Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, consider the distance to the tourist infrastructure and attractions. You will have to walk about 2 km on foot. You can, of course, rent a bike.

In the settlement there is a cafe – Mikhovch, next to it is a museum where old photographs and household items from different historical eras are collected. It also shows the process of making local cheeses.

Useful information! The main advantage of living in Fuzhin – here begins the ascent to the summit of Triglav.

In the village of Ukants

The most remote village and the last stop of transport that follows from Ljubljana. There are a lot of houses near the stop, but it’s worth going west and you find yourself among the spacious apartments, a mountain river flows nearby. Many tourists call this village the most beautiful, but housing here is quite expensive.

Useful information! A tourist route passes through the village to the Savitsa waterfall, there are corresponding signs installed from the stop and further along the route.

Accommodation prices

The cost of living depends on the type of housing, its location and amenities in the room. Estimated housing prices are as follows.

Camping in the southwestern part of Lake Bohinj in front of Ukants
  • Hotel room 3 * – from 55 € per day;
  • Country estate – from 65 €;
  • Separate rooms in the homes of local residents – from 40 €;
  • Accommodation in apartments will cost from 75 € per night.

You can also book a room at the camp site, its cost is from 50 € per day.

The cheapest accommodation is offered by campsites – 30-40 €.

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What to do on Lake Bohinj

First of all, you need to purchase a tourist card, which is of two types:

  • for car owners (parking is provided), costs 15 euros;
  • for tourists without a car, costs 10 euros.
Tourism Office

The card is valid for the entire period of rest on the lake and gives the right to preferential visits to attractions and rental equipment for sports. Together with the card, a person receives a transportation schedule, location and description of all working shops and cafes. You can get a card at the tourist office.

After buying a card, you can begin to explore the surroundings. The pond is easy to walk around or rent a bike. For vacationers, several routes of different difficulty levels have been developed.

Savitsa waterfall

From the lake flows the Savica river, on which the Savica waterfall is located. Entrance here is paid. From the waterfall flows the shortest river in Slovenia – Jezernica. There is also a lift to the top of Mount Vogel.

Savitsa waterfall
Fishing and active sports
Fishing on Bohinj Lake

Another popular attraction on the lake is fishing. It is allowed to fish not only in the lake, but also in the river. To do this, you need to purchase equipment and a license. If you don’t want to spend time on the riverbank, just order a dish of local fish in the restaurant.

You can swim in the lake, of course, if you are not afraid of water whose temperature is not higher than +15 and only in the summer months it warms up to +24 degrees. The bottom of the lake is strewn with small stones, so for swimming it is better to have slippers for coral with you.

Alpinsport rental building

During the holidays, people here are happy to engage in various sports – yachting, paragliding, kayaking. For lovers of comfort, a boat is provided.

Church of St. John the Baptist

Visitors must visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, which is recognized as a historical cultural monument. Inside the church are stored unique murals that date back to the 14th century.

Useful information! There are not so many places where you can eat on the beach. Some cafes operate exclusively in the daytime, in the evening many of them close and you can stay without dinner.

Church of St. John the Baptist

There is a white chamois monument on the shore of the lake. In Slovenia, there is a legend about a chamois with golden horns; she lived in a treasure garden located on top of a mountain. Once a gold hunter shot a chamois, but a miracle happened and the animal came to life.

There is another legend according to which Bohinj is the land donated by God himself to people who patiently waited their turn at the time when God divided the land. Translated from the local language, Bohinj means – the place of God, which belongs to people.

Weather and climate when it is better to go

The warmest month in Bohinj is July. At night, the air temperature is +12 ° C, and during the day +23 ° C. In the middle of summer, the water in the lake warms up to +24 ° C. The least precipitation falls in December, and most often it rains in June.

Air temperature in Bohinj

The weather in Bohinj is conducive to relaxation throughout the year. In summer, you can go to the mountains to the waterfall, ride bicycles, swim in the river and lake. This lake in Slovenia is perfect for lovers of a relaxing holiday and contemplation of nature. However, fans of outdoor activities will also find here a lot of interesting things – the opportunity to conquer a mountain peak. Fortunately, for this it is not necessary to be a climber, the routes are thought out and laid in such a way that everyone can climb the mountain.

In winter, Bohinj is a ski resort in Slovenia, skiers with different levels of training come here. You can ski from December to April. If there is not enough snow on the slopes, snow cannons are used.

How to get to the lake

The most convenient way to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj (Slovenia) is by bus. Flights depart every hour from the central bus station in Ljubljana.

Bus station Ljubljana
  • The distance is only 86 km and tourist buses pass it in 2 hours.
  • The first flight leaves at 6-00, and the last at 21-00.
  • Tickets cost 8.3 euros.

You can view the current schedule and book a ticket on the Alpetour carrier website –

You can also take the train, but this route is not very convenient, since you will have to overcome another 8 km from the railway station – by bus or taxi.

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Lake Bled is called the living room of the Julian Alps, and Bohinj is called the heart of the mountains. People come here for a few days to fully experience the leisurelyness of life, to enjoy the solemn beauty of nature.

Lake Bohinj attracts with its chamberness, untouched nature and, of course, a high level of service. It is incredibly sincere. Going to Bohinj, remember that all parking lots are paid, but this is unlikely to spoil the rest.

What else you need to know about Lake Bohinj – details in the video.

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