Tourist’s guide to Piran Slovenia – all you need to know

Piran (Slovenia) – a small town located on the Adriatic coast, it is washed by the Gulf of Piran. The city occupies 30 km of the coast and is close to Croatia and Italy. On a small territory of the city, a whole placer of historical cultural and architectural monuments was perfectly preserved.

Piran city, Slovenia

general information

Aesthetic pleasure embraces tourists on the way to Piran. The road goes around a rock with a beautiful view of the city – white yachts, azure water and bright roofs of houses.

The settlement is located on the Istrian peninsula, the atmosphere of Venice and Italy is everywhere.

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Interesting to know! The outlines of the city on the map resemble a frog.

The city of Piran in Slovenia has an interesting geographical location: the distance to the border with Croatia is 7 km, to the border with Italy – 23 km. From the resort town you can drive to the city of Trieste, the city of Istria (Croatia), as well as explore the Slovenian coast.

Cape Piran, Slovenia

The name of the city has Greek roots and means fire. The peninsula extends deep into the sea and in the past lights were lit here that served as a guide for the ships.

Today, the resort has rightfully earned the title of a museum city, since it preserved unique examples of architecture left by the Illyrians, Celts, Goths, Byzantines, Romans and Slavs in different historical eras. Venetian architecture predominates in the city, since for some time the town was part of the Venetian Republic. Locals call Piran Venice in miniature.

It’s important to know! It is quite difficult to find a parking place in the city, almost all parking spaces are paid – 3 € per hour. The best option is to leave the car in a parking lot located outside the city limits and walk along Piran on foot.

What to see

Tartini Square

The main attraction of Piran in Slovenia is the central square of an ideal round shape, named after the Italian violinist Tartini. A monument to the musician is erected on the square.

Tartini Square

Unlike many European attractions, it is quite calm and quiet here. The center of Piran is not far from the promenade, there are many restaurants and cafes, music plays in the evening, and the buildings are beautifully illuminated. Nearby is the Church of St. George, so vacationers in the square every hour enjoy the beautiful bell ringing.

Many tourists note that this place makes an impression of a stay in Italy. First of all, this is due to the fact that noble Venetian families built houses here.

Interesting fact! The area has a round shape and there is an explanation for this. It used to be a backwater, the water in it did not circulate and stagnate. The city authorities decided to close the lagoon by organizing a square in its place. A fortress wall was built around the lagoon; in the future it was not demolished, but the arches were cut and apartments were built. Many locals still live in these apartments.

Fortress wall
Fortress wall

It is enough to walk 7-8 minutes up from the previous attraction and you will have an amazing view of the city and the sea. The highest point of the city is located a little higher. Entrance to the walls of the fortress is paid – 2 €, but the opening landscapes are worth the money spent. Vacationers pass through a spinner, so it is advisable to have metal coins with you.

The road to the top is quite steep, leading through narrow streets that are intertwined, like a serpentine. To preserve the memory of the city, stop on the streets and capture a picture in front of your eyes on the photo. Believe me, your album will not have two identical photos.

Important! There is parking near the walls of the fortress, but it is intended exclusively for local residents. There are no machines for payment, if tourists leave their cars, they will certainly be sentenced to a fine.

The car can be parked in the tourist parking, which is located half a kilometer from the fortress.

Church of St. George
Church of St. George

Another unique attraction of Piran is the ancient temple, the bell tower of which was built by analogy with the magnificent Venetian bell tower of San Marco. Of course, the building was reconstructed and thanks to this it was preserved. Today, everyone can climb up here and see the views.

The rise to the temple is quite frightening, you will first have to go through narrow, cobbled streets, and then overcome the old, wooden steps that suspiciously creak under your feet.

A few recommendations:

  • Climbing the bell tower is better on a sunny day, in this case you can see the shores of neighboring countries with Slovenia;
  • be sure to stock up on comfortable shoes;
  • it is best to try to climb to the top by the end of the hour, without one minute of every hour the bells ring;
  • the most beautiful photos from the bell tower are obtained at sunset;
  • entrance to the attraction is paid – 2 €.
Private Tours
Piran Walking Tour, Slovenia

If you want to hear the fascinating history of the city from the mouth of a wonderful guide, get a tour of Piran. You can order two tours:

  • morning;
  • evening – in addition to exploring the city, the tour includes wine and dinner in one of the restaurants overlooking the sunset.

Such a private tour is perfect for tourists who want to explore the city in one day. In this case, the guide will offer the best and most interesting route. Walking tours are designed for small groups.

Useful information! A private tour can be purchased on the first day of your stay in Piran, get detailed information about the city and then go for fun.

City Library

It contains a large collection of books and periodicals, but almost all of them are in Slovenian and Italian. You can use free wi-fi. Guests are greeted by attentive staff and comfortable indoor conditions.

Holidays in Piran

Hostel Val Hostel Piran

In Piran, you can find accommodation for vacations of different levels. Luxury rooms in high season in hotels will cost an average of 250 €. Accommodation in a hotel on the second line is cheaper – an average of 100-180 €.

The city has relatively budget housing – hostels and guesthouses, private apartments. Room will cost from 55 to 130 €.

Cafe on Tartini Square in Piran

The cost of living depends on several factors:

  • district of the city;
  • comfort level;
  • Are any meals included;
  • seasonality;
  • availability of additional services
  • Lunch in an inexpensive cafe – 6-10 € per dish.
  • Lunch in an expensive restaurant for two – 35-50 €.
  • Fast Food – 4 €.

For a cup of cappuccino you will have to pay 1-1.5 €, and for a bottle of beer – 1.5 €.

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Beach in Piran, Slovenia

Most of the beaches in Slovenia, and Piran is no exception, stony and pebble. The main feature is rather inconvenient descent into the water – concrete platforms and stairs. Relaxing on such a beach with children is uncomfortable and dangerous. However, the relaxation area is equipped with toilets and showers.

Useful information! If you plan to relax on the beach and swim in the sea, be sure to bring special shoes with you, since standing on the seabed covered with pebbles is uncomfortable and unpleasant.

On a note! In the vicinity of Piran there are wild beaches, there are few vacationers here, the water is clean, but slippers for swimming are definitely needed.

Weather and climate

Weather in Piran

The city of Piran is characterized by a humid subtropical climate of the Mediterranean type. The summer months are comfortable, warm, and the winters are cool, with plenty of rainfall. The city is located on the latitude of the Crimean peninsula, in summer the temperature varies from +23 to + 29 ° C. In winter, the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees. There is practically no snow here, for the winter months rain is more characteristic.

Useful information! Many tourists prefer to relax in Piran in early October. At this time, the velvet season begins in the city. Swimming in the sea, of course, is cold, but the hotels specially heat the sea water in the pools.

Best months
Piran Sea Water Temperature

The best period for a trip is summer. Comfortable temperature is from +26 to +30 ° C, precipitation falls no more than 4 days a month. Water in the sea warms up to +25 ° C.

The beach season in Piran lasts four months – it starts in June and ends only by October.

We do not recommend going to Piran for a beach holiday in September and November: at this time the city has the most rainfall.

How to get to Piran

To Piran from Trieste

The Italian Trieste and the Slovenian city of Piran are only 37 km away, so getting to the latter is not difficult. To the border you must follow the SS202 highway. Then you need to go along the H5 highway, which goes into the H6 highway.

Good to know! Slovenian tracks are paid, to travel on them you need to buy a vignette. The cost depends on the number of days.

It is most convenient to rent a car in advance. However, experienced tourists do not recommend driving to Piran, as it is difficult to find a parking place in the city.

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By bus

It is much easier to get from Trieste to Piran by bus. The trip takes 1.5 hours, but not many flights are provided. More flights to Piran come from the small town of Koper (located between Trieste and Piran).

Bus to Piran

In Trieste, transport makes several stops, so if you wish, you can not go to the bus station, but go to any of them.

A bus ticket costs about 6 €. You can buy a ticket at the box office or from the driver before departure. It is advisable to have small money with you, as passengers are not always given change.

There is a ferry service between Italy and Slovenia, but it is seasonal. Ferries run only in the summer.

The journey takes about two hours, it is better to learn about the flights in advance at the seaport. Ferry ticket will cost you 8 €. You can buy it at the cash desk of the port.

To Piran from Ljubljana
AlpeTour Bus to Piran
  • By bus. The journey takes about 2.5 hours, the ticket costs 13 €. Carrier AlpeTour.
  • By car. The distance between cities is 119.4 km, the road takes 2 hours. For the purchase of gasoline will require about 20 €.

If you are interested in the resort in the usual sense of the word, feel free to go to Portoroz. Piran is calm and quiet, history and culture. The city does not have a large number of shops and markets, but museums, theaters, galleries are abundant, and music sounds right on the street. Piran (Slovenia) offers leisurely walks and visits to local attractions.

Video: a walk in Piran.

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