Tourist’s guide to thermal spa Terme Čatež in Slovenia

A hundred kilometers from the capital of Slovenia, the city of Ljubljana, there is a very small town, Čatež ob Savi. It is widely known thanks to the resort Terme Čatež (Slovenia) – one of the largest in the state and popular in Europe.

The main source of health in Terme Čatež is thermal spring water that rises from a depth of 300-600 meters and has a temperature of +42 – + 63 ° C. The composition of this healing water includes iron, sodium, chloride, hydrogen carbonate, potassium.

Large-scale thermal complex

On the territory of Terme Čatež, a large-scale thermal complex is equipped, the area of ​​which exceeds 12 300 m². A territory of 10,000 m² was occupied by outdoor pools filled with mineral water – this is the Summer Riviera. The remaining 2,300 m² houses the Winter Riviera, where indoor pools are equipped. The complex in the city of Catez ob Savi includes hotels, a medical center, beauty salons, gyms, relaxation areas.

Winter riviera

Terme Čatež in Slovenia, as seen in the photo, is a very attractive place to restore health. The resort, surrounded by the Goryantsy forest, is located on the banks of the Sava River, in the place of its association with the Krka River. Climatic conditions in the local area are subalpine, so they can receive visitors here year-round.

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How to treat in Чатatež ob Savi

Diagnosis and treatment procedures in Terme Čatež are carried out in a medical center with the latest equipment. Experienced doctors of various specialties work in this center.

Diagnosis and treatment procedures

Specialists of the medical center provide the most effective treatment of diseases in Slovenia and restoration of the organs of the musculoskeletal system after injuries and operations. Based on the results obtained during the examination, patients are compiled an individual treatment or recovery program.

The programs are designed in such a way that recovery occurs gradually and at the least stress, in order to reduce the likelihood of subsequent relapses of the disease.

The treatment is carried out using classical and modern methods of balneotherapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy. Physical culture instructors and kinesiologists, professional masters of massage deal with patients.

Recovery procedures

The medical center in Čatež ob Savi in ​​Slovenia specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with rheumatological diseases:

  • degenerative and inflammatory arthrosis,
  • rheumatism
  • rheumatoid and metabolic arthritis,
  • ankylosing spondylitis,
  • juvenile arthritis.

The treatment course aimed at restoring the health of people with rheumatological diseases provides for individual classes in physiotherapy exercises, magnetic and ultrasound therapy procedures, balneotherapy in pools, paraffin wrap, manual and hydromassage sessions, and occupational therapy. To achieve a positive result and consolidate it, the course should last at least a month.

On a massage session

Terme Čatež is one of the best Slovenian resorts where they effectively treat patients with neurological diseases, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis who have had a stroke. The rehabilitation course includes classes of active and passive physical education, undergoing procedures for the restoration of muscle tone (massages, electro and Bobat therapy), hydrotherapy procedures.


The spa in Catez ob Savi provides ideal conditions for the recovery of patients undergoing breast surgery. The treatment program uses hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, massages, lymphatic drainage – these techniques allow you to develop and make more mobile shoulder joints, to prevent the prevention of lymphedema. The goal of an active treatment course is not only physical recovery, but also the improvement of the mental state of patients.

Cost of treatment
Kinesitherapy session

As for the cost of stay and treatment at the Terme Čatež spa in Čatež ob Savi in ​​Slovenia, it differs significantly in different types of procedures. For example:

  • kinesiotherapy prices range from 10 € to 50 €;
  • hydrotherapy manipulations will cost more – from 11 € to 34 €;
  • the cheapest will be the procedures for electro and thermotherapy: from 7 € to 25 €.

More profitable financially are standard health-improving courses, the cost of which starts from 150 €.

You can study the prices of services offered at the medical center on the website

Hotels Terme Čatež

There are 3 hotels in Terme Čatež in Čatež ob Savi: Terme, Toplice and Čatež.

Hotel Terme

The best hotel in the city of ob Savi is the 4-star Terme, located in the heart of the resort area. The cost of accommodation in it ranges from 89 € to 113 € per day. For this money, breakfast, swimming in the pool, relaxation in the sauna, gym classes, 2 daily entrances to the Summer or Winter Riviera are guaranteed.

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Hotel Toplice

The comfortable 4-star Hotel Toplice is located near the Summer and Winter Riviera. For a day stay in “Toplice” you need to pay from 82 € to 104 €. This amount includes half board, a visit to the gym, 2 daily entrances to the Summer or Winter Riviera.

Hotel Чатatež

Чатatež is a 3-star hotel, built taking into account the capabilities of people who have problems with the organs of the musculoskeletal system. A day in a hotel will cost from 77 € to 99 €. This amount includes half board, swimming in the pool, 1 entrance to the Winter Palace or 2 entries to the Summer Riviera. For more information about all the services offered at Catez ob Savi hotels and their prices, please visit

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What to do at your leisure

In Slovenia, in particular, in the city of Čatež ob Savi, in the spa Terme Čatež, they go both for treatment and for an interesting pastime.

Can go golf

On the territory of the resort complex, vacationers receive many opportunities to spend time with benefit and pleasure. There is an artificial lake where you can swim, go boating, and go fishing. Guests of the resort can spend time in amusement parks, indoor skating rinks, a variety of water attractions, they can also engage in cycling, tennis and table tennis, and golf. They can go to the Thermopolis club, where they regularly organize dance evenings and hold concert programs.

Campaign in the sauna

“Sauna Park” deserves special attention, in which there is everything for true connoisseurs of bath relaxation. The park has an aroma sauna, Finnish and Indian saunas, and there is a sauna with infrared lighting. A true exclusive is a crystal sauna, in which the body is effectively enriched with negative ions.

In the Terme Čatež zone (Slovenia), intended for a spa stay, there is a Mokrice castle with a rich wine cellar, a Barbara conference room, a golf course, a 200-year-old parkland and a cozy terrace above it.

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