Dubrovnik: a guide to the beaches of the popular resort of Croatia

The beaches of Dubrovnik with clear water, natural parks and medieval architectural monuments – that’s why more than 18 million tourists fly to Croatia every year. They can be understood, because who is able to resist the blue Adriatic Sea and its picturesque shores surrounded by dense groves? Such a vacation will not spoil anything … except for the wrong choice of place. How to find a sandy beach in Croatia and avoid a crowd of tourists? Where can I have a good rest with my children, and where to go for the sake of nightly entertainment? All information for those traveling to the sea in Dubrovnik in this article!

Relax on the beach in Dubrovnik


Lapad Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Dubrovnik in Croatia is Lapad, located on the peninsula of the same name. There is a crystal clear and absolutely calm sea, in which small fish swim, umbrellas and sunbeds are installed (30 and 40 kunas per day, respectively), there are toilets, a dressing room and two cafes.

For lovers of swimming! The buoys on Lampad are located almost 250 meters from the coast.

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Conditionally Lapad can be divided into three parts:

Concrete part of the beach
  1. Sandy, near the Kompas hotel. It is best to relax in the morning when tourists are either still sleeping or waiting for a brighter sun. The only place in Lapad where you can relax with children.
  2. Concrete – in the middle of the beach. It heats up very quickly and cools down just as quickly – it is better to rest here early in the morning or after 18:00. The bottom is covered with large pebbles.
  3. Stone. Suitable only for those who can swim well, as there are huge stones at the bottom. Paid inflatable slides with pools are often installed in this area of ​​the beach. Entering the water is uncomfortable.

Caution! Do not step on large stones in the water, so that from a possible meeting with small sea urchins you only have good impressions.

Relative cleanliness can be distinguished from the shortcomings of the beach, since small garbage is rarely cleaned during the season, and a large number of people during periods when the water is heated to a sufficient level.


Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik is located in the northern part of the city, on the same Lapad Peninsula. It is popular for unusual landscapes, a pleasant pebble coating and a sandy bottom, clear turquoise water.

Copacabana Beach, Dubrovnik

There are a lot of interesting entertainments on Copacaban: volleyball, water skiing, catamarans, bananas, inflatable slides with a descent into the sea, jet skis, parasailing and kayaking. After 20:00, the typical Croatian atmosphere of the night comes to life on the beach, music is turned on in the cafe, refreshments are served and incendiary dances begin. In the daytime, two restaurants are open.

Important! Copacabana is a great place to relax with children, as the sea here is quite shallow with a gradual sunset.

Among the other amenities on the beach are umbrellas (200 kunas) and sun loungers (250 HRK), in the right part there are all the necessary facilities for people with disabilities. Of the minuses, relatively small beach sizes and high prices for food, entertainment, and amenities can be distinguished.

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Sveti Yakov

Sveti Yakov Beach

In the south-east of the city is another pebble beach of Croatia with clean water. Due to its remoteness, it is less popular among tourists, but despite this, the infrastructure is very well developed here: there are water skis, boats and catamarans in the rental area, the restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and the cafe bar offers a wide selection drinks.

View of Sveti Yakov Beach

Sveti Yakov is located in the bay, surrounded by rocks, an old church and a dense grove, and the sea here, due to the difference in depth, seems to be divided into several parts of different colors. Of all the beaches located in Dubrovnik, it is better to take a photo on this.

Since Sveti Yakov is located in the elite, albeit not a tourist part of Dubrovnik, rest here costs a little more than on other beaches. For the rental of sun loungers you need to pay 50 HRK, umbrellas – 35 HRK. For those who come by car, there is a secure asphalt parking for 40 HRK per hour.

Note! The water on Sveti Jacob is colder than in other places in Croatia, as the sea is deeper and warms up longer. In windy weather, waves can rise on the beach.


Famous Banje Beach

If the phrase “Relaxing is like that with music” fully describes your preferences, then Banje Beach is an ideal option. It is divided into two parts – paid, allocated for a restaurant and a night club, and free – a small plot with a rental zone. Unfortunately or fortunately, the music of this section of the territory does not recognize.

In the paid area for tourists, all the delights of a chic vacation open – the opportunity to hide from the sun in a large bed with a roof (300 kunas), sunbathe on a separate platform for 400 HRK, drink delicious cocktails from the bar (about 60-80 HRK each) and at that time enjoy the view of the old town. At 19:00 a night club opens and fiery dances are added to all entertainments.

Entrance to Banje Beach in Dubrovnik

On the free part, everything is more and more peaceful. Here, on a marbled white pebble near warm, clear water, travelers peacefully sip drinks purchased in advance at the store. True, this does not last long – before lunch, because with the final exit of the sun, too many tourists come to the beach. Here you can rent a sunbed for 100 HRK and an umbrella for 80 HRK, ride a banana, rent a boat or pedalo.


The most unusual beach and the promenade of Dubrovnik, some photos of which at the same time amaze you. We note right away that children, elderly or injured people, travelers for whom sea recreation is impossible without sun loungers and umbrellas should not go here. Buža is a unique place in Croatia, a rocky beach that is ideal for lovers of romance and extreme sports.

Buja Beach

Buzha is hidden from the eyes of a simple passerby. To reach the picturesque cliffs from which you can dive into the clear sea, you need to go around the main Dubrovnik Cathedral on the left side and enter the inconspicuous door of St. Stephen, located in the southern wall of the Old Town. Through it you will go not only to the beach, but also to the cafe of the same name with low prices and delicious drinks.

Important information! The sea on Buga is very deep and surrounded by cliffs, so don’t risk your life if you don’t know how to swim well – enjoy the views from the shore.

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Kupari Beach

The Phantom Beach was one of the most famous resorts in Yugoslavia in the second half of the 20th century. Unfortunately, all that remains of him today is the ruins of old hotels, a small cafe with several dishes on the menu, sun loungers, umbrellas and a toilet with a dressing room. But even despite the lack of infrastructure and the location is not very convenient (7 km from Dubrovnik), the beach remains attractive for tourists in Croatia today.

Kupari has a clear calm sea, a clean coast covered with pebbles, ample free parking, almost no waves and few travelers, so we can safely say that this is a great place for families with children. With the beach season of 2018, the Croatian government begins implementing a plan to revive the resort.

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Stykovitsa beach

If you want to stay in a hotel in Dubrovnik with its own beach, most of the options will be offered to you precisely in Stykovice, since there are 3 hotels of different classes. Due to its remoteness from the city center (more than 15 km), Stykovitsa is not very popular among tourists, therefore it is distinguished by exceptional cleanliness and a relaxed atmosphere. The infrastructure on the beach is at an average level of development – here you can rent umbrellas (12 HRK) and sun loungers (18 HRK), play water soccer, enjoy the aroma of coniferous grove.

Advice! Travelers who have visited Stykovice advise swimming here only in special shoes, as there is a great chance to meet with sea urchins.

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A small beach surrounded by cliffs is located in a closed bay, just 1.5 km from the center of Dubrovnik. Bellevue is one of the few sandy beaches in Croatia, so it is in high demand among vacationers.

Bellevue Beach

About 80% of this coast belongs to the hotel of the same name, for the inhabitants of which free sunbeds and umbrellas are installed. The remaining 20% ​​is collected by the rest of the travelers who can use the changing cabins, the toilet and visit the hotel restaurant. The sea on Bellevue is shallow and clear, there are practically no waves, the approach is convenient and gradual. In the evening and at night, locals can gather at two piers of the beach, and water polo training is held here several times a week. Nice place to stay with kids.

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The beaches of Dubrovnik are a real attraction of Croatia. Come and see! Have a nice trip!

What the city of Dubrovnik and its environs looks like – watch high-quality video with air shots.

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