Tourist’s guide to Koper, a beach holiday town of Slovenia

Koper (Slovenia) – a resort located on the Istrian peninsula, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The city is not only the largest port in the country, but also a popular holiday destination for local residents.

Koper city, Slovenia

Photo: Koper, Slovenia.

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general information

The city of Koper is located in the south-west of the country. It adorns the Koper Bay, formed by the Istrian Peninsula, with its appearance and sights. The resort is the largest on the entire Slovenian coast. The city is popular among fans of choral singing and music festivals.

The population of the town is about 25 thousand people, many speak two languages ​​- Slovenian and Italian. This language feature is due to the geographical location of Koper – next to the Italian border. The resort is also connected by road with Ljubljana and Istria in Croatia.

Resort Features

Riviera Cruise Ship at Koper Port
  1. Despite the fact that there is a railway station in Koper, maritime and road communications are more actively used.
  2. The only port in the country is located in Koper.
  3. The hotel infrastructure is not developed as in the well-known European resorts.

Interesting fact! Until the 19th century, the resort was an island, but then it was connected by a dam with the continental part. Gradually, the island completely connected with the continent.


Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady

The main attraction of the city of Koper in Slovenia is the cathedral. The construction looks magnificent and ancient. Construction work began in the 12th century, and by the end of the century, a Romanesque-style building appeared in the city. Later, at the end of the 14th century, a tower and a bell tower were added to the temple. The bell, cast by a craftsman from Venice, is the oldest in the country.

Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady

In the past, the tower was used as a viewing platform for observing the city. Today, tourists come up here to enjoy the magnificent view of the bay.

Good to know! In 1460 there was a fire, and the tower was restored. The result is a unique combination of two styles – Gothic and Renaissance. In the 18th century, the interior of the temple was decorated in the Baroque style.

In the halls of the temple presents a large collection of paintings by artists from Venice of the early Renaissance. The main attraction of the cathedral is the sarcophagus of St. Nazaria.

Praetorian Palace
Praetorian Palace

Another attraction of Koper in Slovenia is located opposite the Loggia building. This is an amazing Praetorian palace of the 15th century. The construction is a magical mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Venetian style. Today within the walls of the castle are located:

  • travel agency where you can take a map of the city;
  • City Hall
  • ancient pharmacy;
  • a museum with exhibits on the history of the city;
  • hall where wedding ceremonies are held.

The castle began to be built in the middle of the 13th century; over such a long period, the construction changed dramatically several times and changed its appearance.

Interesting to know! The term “praetor” in translation from the Roman language means – the leader. Thus, the castle got its Roman name during the heyday of the Republic of Venice.

Entrance to the palace costs 3 €.

Winery and Vinakoper Store
Winery and shop

The attraction is next to the highway. Tourists are offered a tour of the factory cellars, a store and, of course, wine tasting. Here you can buy wine of different varieties, the cost of a bottle varies from 1.5 to 60 €.

Good to know! The traditions of cooking wine have been honored here for six decades. The drink is stored in special cellars made of sandstone.

At the Vinakoper liquor store

Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant, which serves amazing wines along with traditional, local dishes. In addition, the company holds interesting events dedicated to the presentation of new products and the celebration of young wine.

The most popular wines: Muscat, Refoshk, Grgania. Wine Malvasia is best tasted with cheese.

Address: Smarska cesta 1, Koper.

Titov Square Trading
Titov Square Trading

The unique square, which is famous just like the Italian square in Piran, is decorated in the Venetian style. Acquaintance with the city begins precisely from here. In addition to the Praetorian Palace and the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, there is a Loggia. The construction was built in the middle of the 15th century; Stendhal admired its beauty and sophistication. Externally, the structure resembles the Doge’s Venetian castle. Today, there is an art gallery and cafe.

Good to know! The building is decorated with a statue of the Madonna. The sculpture was erected in memory of the plague, which raged in the middle of the 16th century.

Foresteria and Armeria on Titov Square bargaining

Also, the attention of tourists is attracted by Foresteria and Armeria. Today it is a single architectural ensemble, but before it was a separate building. The buildings were built in the 15th century. The first was used to receive and locate distinguished visitors, and the second – to store weapons.

Where better to stay

The main advantage of the resort is its chamberness and small area. Wherever you stay, all the sights can be bypassed without renting a transport.

Useful information! Koper is one of the most peaceful and secure cities in the world. You can walk here day and night.

The resort area is usually divided into two parts:

  • Koper old town – this part used to be an island;
  • the surrounding areas located on the hills – Markovets, Semedela and Joustern.

Depending on your personal preferences and budget, you can choose housing in three price categories:

View Ina Jure Apartments
Ina jure apartments
  • hotels and hotels;
  • apartments;
  • hostels.

The cost of living depends on several criteria – remoteness from the sea and from local attractions, seasonality, availability of additional conditions. A hotel room will cost an average of about 60 €, renting an apartment costs from 50 to 100 € per day.

Useful information! In the city you can find apartments owned by Russians.

Hostel Secret Hostel Garden
Hostel Secret Garden

Hostels are a great option for young tourists who come to Slovenia to get acquainted with the sights and do not pay attention to comfort. The cost of living in a hostel located in the center will cost 30 €. If you choose a hostel further from the center, you will have to pay about 15 € per room.

When choosing a home, focus on your own preferences. If you want all the sights to be within walking distance, book a room in the historical part of Koper. If you want to live in silence and enjoy the scenery from the window, book your accommodation in remote areas.

Useful information! The most remote area is 3 km from the center of Koper.

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How much will the vacation cost

Along with coffee, water and cookies are required.

According to the reviews of many tourists, rest in Koper will cost inexpensively. In cafes and restaurants you can eat hearty, tasty and at a very affordable price. Espresso in Koper costs 1 €, a cappuccino will cost a little more. Along with a fragrant drink, water and cookies are sure to be served.

It is important! In any cafe you can ask for water, it will be served in a glass or decanter completely free of charge. Local wine costs less than juice – 1 € per 100 ml.

You don’t have to take a taxi in Koper, you can walk to any attraction, but if such a need arises, the trip will cost about 5 €.

In Koper, tourists are offered sightseeing tours. A trip to Verona from Slovenia will cost 35 €.


Koper Beach, Slovenia

Of course, there are beaches in Koper, but they can hardly be called an ideal holiday destination. Spoiled tourists will not find the usual infrastructure here. All that the city offers its guests is a small beach with a concrete entrance to the water, without any frills.

The beach season begins in June, but preparatory work ends on June 1. By this time:

  • limited bathing area;
  • rafts prepared for diving;
  • lifeguards appear on the beach;
  • cafes open;
  • playgrounds work.

Useful information! There is a library near the beach where you can borrow a book in Russian.

Koper Central Beach

Beach season ends in the second half of September, but tourists swim in the sea for a few more weeks.

In this matter, you need to understand that all the beaches in Koper are equipped, first of all, for local residents. Of course, the coastline is clean, well-groomed, for children there is a small corner.

Koper beaches in Slovenia:

  • central, located in the city;
  • Устusterna – is 1 km from the city center.

A quite comfortable road along the coastline is laid to the Justerna beach. This recreation area is more comfortable, there is a parking lot, a place for bathing children is equipped.

It is important! All beaches in the country are pebble, with the exception of the coastline in Portoroz. Beautiful beaches in Izla and Strunjan are neighboring cities with Koper.

Weather and climate when it is better to go

Koper is always beautiful, regardless of the season and weather outside. Local residents have arranged their lives in such a way that it is always interesting and exciting. Summer begins in the second half of June, autumn – in the middle of September, winter – at the end of December.

Useful Tips
Air temperature in Koper

During the holidays, residents of Koper leave for the coast, so it is better not to buy a ticket at this time. Holidays in schools are at the end of October, for the Christmas holidays (from December 25 to January 1). Also, there are holidays in the spring – from April 27 to May 2. The first of May is a public holiday. Summer holidays for schoolchildren begin on June 25.

The hot season begins in the second half of July and lasts until the fall. At this time, the resort is visited by tourists from Italy.

Cuban Salsa Festival

It is not advisable to go to Koper in the summer, because it is quite hot to explore local attractions. However, in the summer months, various festivals are held on the streets of the city, music is played. The temperature varies from +27 to +30 degrees.

Autumn is the perfect time to travel to Koper. The average temperature here varies from +23 in September to +18 in October and +13 in November. It rains infrequently. In addition, from the second half of September, housing prices have been significantly reduced.

Number of rainy days

The spring months are considered the windiest, especially February and March. Temperatures range from +12 in March to +21 in May. At the end of April, the town comes to life, filled with tourists, cyclists and visitors appear in local cafes. In May, guests are treated to asparagus, ripe juicy cherries. In the spring months, the city has low prices for accommodation and you can go to tourist centers without any fuss.

In winter, Koper is especially beautiful. Everywhere Christmas music sounds, houses are festively decorated, the atmosphere of a miracle reigns. A festive bazaar with treats, gifts and a huge Christmas tree takes place on the square. In winter, sales begin in stores.

Winter Koper, Slovenia

Another reason to visit Koper in winter is skiing. In addition to Slovenian ski resorts, you can visit Italy and Austria. The air temperature at this time of year is +8 degrees.

How to get from Ljubljana and Venice

From the capital, Koper can be reached in several ways
On a rented car
  1. By car. The most comfortable way, you can rent a transport at the airport of Ljubljana.
  2. By train. In this case, you first need to take the shuttle from the airport to the train station. Trains run from here to Kopra every 2.5 hours. Ticket price is about 9 €.
  3. By bus. There is a bus station near the train station. The journey takes about 1.5 hours, the ticket costs 11 €.
  4. Taxi. If you prefer comfort, take a taxi, you can order a car at the airport. The trip will cost 120 €.

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There are several ways to get from Venice to Koper.
It looks like a vignette for a week
  1. By car. Transport can be rented at the airport. This is the most convenient way, since you have to overcome a great distance and get under your own power for a long time. Trails in Italy are paid, the road to Koper will cost 10 €.
  2. In Slovenia, to pay for travel on local routes, you need to purchase a vignette and install it on the windshield. Its cost is 15 € per week and 30 € per month.

  3. By train. From Marco Polo Airport you need to get to the station. Near the terminal there is a bus stop, ticket price is 8 €. The bus arrives directly to the train station. Then by train you need to get to Trieste station. The ticket will cost from 13 to 30 €. From Trieste to Koper, you can take a taxi for 30 €.
  4. Taxi. A taxi ride from the airport in Venice to Koper will cost you 160 €. The journey takes about 2 hours.

Prices in the article are for February 2018.

Koper (Slovenia) gives an incredible feeling that you arrived in the Italian town – narrow streets, linen that dries right on the street, a Venetian-style tower. The resort is a unique place where two completely different cultures intertwine.

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