Tourist’s guide to Flam in Norway

The cozy small town of Flom (Norway) is located off the coast of a tributary of the deepest fjord – Sogne Fjord. This place has been a tourist dream for many years. The rocky mountains, bays and the lonely mountain town, among the riot of Norwegian nature – this is the place where you should start a trip to Norway in order to feel this country.

Flom town

About city

The city of Flam itself is very small and often not of much interest to tourists. Its population is only about 400 people, but every year thousands of visitors come to the city to enjoy the local beauties. Despite its small size, the infrastructure of the city is quite developed. There are cafes with restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels ready to shelter tourists. There is even a museum of the Flåm Railway, which is always open to visitors.

View of the town of Flam

Flam is located in a cozy bay with the same name. For many visitors, this bay is the first transshipment point on a trip to the Neroy Fjord, Norway’s narrowest and longest fjord. Neryoi-fjord and is popular just because of its “narrowness”. Indeed, most of the fjords in Norway are quite wide and it is impossible to see both banks at once. But the Neroy fjord is completely different. The narrow mouth and mountain slopes on both banks are complemented by huge waterfalls and fresh air – that’s why tourists from all over the world go to Flam.

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Flåm Railway

Drive along the Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway is one of the main attractions of the city. Despite the fact that its length is only 20, 2 km, it is one of the most picturesque railway routes in the world. The biggest feature of this road is that the climb that the train passes is very steep. The train rises in steep turns, passing by waterfalls, rocks and green valleys.

History of construction

The history of the Flåm Railway in Norway begins in 1871. It was then that the first plans for the construction of the Oslo and Bergen posts arose. The immediate decision to lay a single track on the Flåm section of the track dates back to 1893. But the process dragged on and the technical specifications of the project were approved only by 1923.

Railway builders to Flåm

Since 1924, construction began. The mountainous terrain with difficult terrain and the proximity of the fjords made this process quite difficult. The greatest difficulties were with the construction of tunnels. 18 tunnels were laid by hand, this is about 6 km. Each kilometer took at least a month of work. Despite all the difficulties, already in 1939 the first flight began to run along the route.

Flomskaya railway now

Today the road has 10 stations. Starting point is Flom station, end is Myrdal station. The height difference between the points is 863 meters, in connection with this, more than 75% of the total distance of the train rises by a meter for every 18 meters traveled. Now there are 20 tunnels on the route through which the train passes. Due to the complexity of the track, the speed of the train does not exceed 40 km / h.

Scheme of the Flåm Railway

About 600 thousand tourists pass by the Flåm Railway annually. This is the most popular railway route in the world. The ticket price is about 60 euros for round-trip.

What to visit in the city of Flam?

Once in Flåm, of course, I want to see other places in the city itself and the surrounding area besides the railway. We highlighted several of the main Flom sights in Norway that are worth visiting for every tourist.

Flåm Railway Museum
Flåm Railway Museum

The museum is located in the building of the old station near the existing railway station. Inside, you can find photos of the Flåm Railway at all stages of construction: the tools of the excavators and builders that were used in the construction and a huge collection of models of trains that had ever run along the famous road. Entrance to the attraction is free for everyone.

Kjossfossen Waterfall
Kjossfossen Waterfall

The waterfall is located just on the way from Flåm to Myrdal. Especially for tourists, after the Noli tunnel, a stop is made at the observation deck near it. Kyosfossen amazes with his incredible power and strength. The spray from the waterfall reaches even the train’s composition. The waterfall falls in a zigzag, its total height is 225 m. It is better to visit the attraction during the months of flood (in spring and summer).

Stegastein Observation Deck
Stegastein Observation Deck

The site is located a few kilometers from Flåm. It offers amazing panoramic views of the Aurlandfjord. The place rises above the fjord for 600 m. Entrance to the Stegastein is free.

Rallarwegen Road

Rallarwegen or the Digger Road is a popular Norwegian cycling route. The distance from the beginning to the end of the journey is about 55 km. Therefore, this entertainment is not for everyone.

Rallarwegen Road

The road begins in Haugastöl and ends in Flåm. Because of the mountain roads, it is recommended to start the path from Haugastel. The road is open for tourists all year round, but for a trip it is better to choose the most “bicycle” summer months. You can drive on the road yourself and completely free of charge, you only have to pay for renting a bicycle.

Neroy fjord
Photos Neroy Fjord

You can not visit the city of Flam and not go on a boat trip along the fjord. Its length is 18 km, and the width in some sections is only 250 m. The Neroy Fjord is already notable for being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Traveling on it is carried out at any time of the year. Check the cost of excursions additionally on the spot.

When to go to Flam?

As a rule, visits to other countries are planned in advance. When traveling to Norway, you should definitely take into account the time of year and weather conditions, since the country’s climate is quite severe and sometimes unpredictable. The most comfortable weather for southerners in Flåm and Norway as a whole falls on the summer months. In the central part of the country where Flom is located, the climate is mostly continental, prone to sudden changes in temperature.

Air temperature in Flåm

Visiting time depends on the goals that you pursue. If you are interested in winter sports, then from November to March, Norway is waiting for you. If the priority is excursions and sightseeing, then June and July are the best. In August, the rainy season begins, so it is better to catch up to it. Autumn in Norway is unpredictable, today the temperature can reach 20 ° C, and tomorrow it will snow. Therefore, going on a trip to Norway in the fall, it is worth taking warm clothes.

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How to get to Flom?

Flom’s communication with other cities in Norway is well established. There are several ways to get to the town.


The most popular, inexpensive and convenient option is the train. Unfortunately, from Oslo, where most international planes fly, there is no direct train to Flåm. The best route from Oslo to Myrdal – Flam. You should not expect a regular train ride. Norway is a country of amazing landscapes and every second you will have magical views from the train window.

At the train station Myrdal

Trains from Oslo to Myrdal begin to run in the morning. The trip takes from 4.5 hours. Sent trains in this direction only from Oslo Central Station. The railway station of the airport will not work, the required flight is not provided there.

Trains run from Myrdal to Flom at intervals of 60 minutes. The road will take about an hour. As a result, the train journey from Oslo to Flåm will take about 6 hours. The fare will cost approximately 80 euros per person.


An alternative to the train is a bus ride. There is no direct message from Oslo to Flam either. The best way to get there is with a change in Fagernes. Such a trip will take about 7.5 hours and will cost somewhere in 60 euros.

Car rental

You can also get to Flåm by car. Car rental is widespread in Norway. The distance from Oslo to Flåm is 354 km. It is worth paying attention that some roads are paid, but there is also something to pay for. If you use the navigator and do not make long stops, you can get to your destination in 5-6 hours.

Other types of transport
By express boat from Bergen

There are extremely alternative ways to get to the city, for example, by express boat from Bergen or Balestrand. But this option is much longer, more complicated and more expensive. Therefore, a boat trip is best done on any other day of vacation, and not on the way to Flåm.

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If you are planning to visit Norway, be sure to include Flom in your itinerary. This is a beautiful picturesque town where you can see the real beauty of the Norwegian region. Flom (Norway) is a great place to relax both with your family and on your own. There is something to see and where to go. There will be entertainment for lovers of outdoor activities, and for those who like a more relaxing pastime. Be sure that you will remember the local landscapes for more than one year.

Stunning views of Norway can be seen on a fjord cruise from Flåm. What awaits you can be understood by watching the video.

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