Tourist’s guide to Troll’s tongue, one of the most beautiful places in Norway

Norway is rightfully considered a fabulous country with many legends associated with it. It attracts tourists with its amazing nature, the beauty of the fjords, the freshness of the air, crystal clear water. One of the reasons to visit the country is the Troll Tongue rock (Norway). This is a unique and dangerous rocky ledge, from where a bewitching landscape opens. Of course, every traveler’s dream is to take a photo on top of a cliff.

Troll Tongue
PHOTO: Troll Language, Norway

General information

Rock Troll Tongue is a ledge that hangs over the lake with the difficult name Ringedalsvannet. Local people call the rock differently. The original name is Skeggedal, but the name of the Trolltung is more common, it is this word in translation means the Troll Language.

At the tip of the Troll Language

Previously, Skeggedal was part of the Skeggedal rock, but the breakaway rock did not fall to the ground, but froze over the abyss. The sharp, elongated shape of the protrusion resembles a language, which is why the Norwegians gave the rock such a name. The base of the rock is wide enough, but to the edge of the tongue narrows to a few centimeters. Only a few decide to approach the very edge of the cliff. The length of the “tongue” is about 10 meters.

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According to archaeologists, the rock was formed 10 thousand years ago, during the period of glacial glaciation.

Expensive funicular

Climbing to the top can be done from the second half of June to mid-September. The rest of the year, weather conditions do not allow you to climb a mountain, which even in favorable weather poses a serious threat to life. The duration of the tour is approximately 8-10 hours. Earlier it was much easier to get to the sights – the funicular worked, on which it was possible to overcome a significant and difficult part of the distance. Today we have to overcome the rise on foot.

It is important! Some follow right on the abandoned funicular. This is strictly prohibited. The fact is that the steps here are very slippery, you can easily slip and break your knees.

The walking route is laid to the left of the funicular and passes through the coniferous forest. The road passes by the river and a beautiful waterfall, here you can stop, relax and enjoy the picturesque landscape.

Landscapes on the way to the Troll Language

Advice! Take on a hike more memory cards for the camera, the area is unique in that every 100-150 meters the landscape changes beyond recognition and you want to photograph it.

There are several ponds near the rock, the water in them is quite cool, only + 10 degrees, but you can still plunge. Fish are found in the lakes, if you are a fishing fan, take fishing rods with you, but given the complexity of the route, it’s better not to take extra things with you.

Where is

Pointers along the route to Troll Language

The rock fragment is located at an altitude of 300 meters in the northern part of Lake Ringedalsvannet, in the district of Hordaland. Tussedall Village and Odda are approximately 10 km away.

The area where the attraction is located is Hardangervida National Park.

Another attraction of the country, whose name is associated with a mythical creature, is the Troll Staircase – the most popular road in Norway . If possible, be sure to take this route.

How to get there

It is necessary to start preparing for the trip by studying the question – how to get to the Troll Language in Norway. The road ahead is not easy and you need to think it through carefully.

City Odda, Norway

The most convenient route from the city ​​of Bergen . The intermediate transit point will be the city of Odda.

Odda can be reached by different roads:

  • Oslo – Oslo – Voss train and Oslo – Odda bus follow;
  • from Bergen it is most convenient to go by bus No. 930;
  • a bus follows from Stavanger.

Then from Odda you need to get to the small village of Tissedal, which is located 6 km north of the city. There is parking here, from which 12 km long trekking leads to the cherished goal.

It is important! Parking during the day – 15 euros, at night – 28 euros.

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Climbing a rock

Start of ascent

The total height of the Troll Language cliff (Norway) is approximately 1,100 meters, and the treasured ledge, where all travelers seek, is at an altitude of 700 meters. To achieve the goal, you must overcome 11 km in one direction. Depending on weather conditions and physical preparation, this can take from 5 to 10 hours.

Information plate before climbing to Troll Language

The route to the Troll Language begins at the foot of the cliff, where travelers who have already climbed often leave their worn shoes. This is a hint for beginners that it is not worth going on the road in regular sneakers or sandals. The best choice is a trekking pair of shoes.

Expensive on the plateau

There is an information stand near the trail, and behind it there is a funicular. The part of the road that follows the funicular is the hardest, it will require endurance and will. Just know that it will be easier next, and you will certainly reach the intended goal.

Further, the road goes along a plateau, past small houses and power lines. The entire route is clearly marked – do not be afraid to get lost. There is a house on the lake where you can stay for the night. The distance between this transfer point and destination is 6 km.

Lodges and power lines
Rock climbing

At 4.5 km from Troll Language is another picturesque lake Ringedalsvannet. The treasured finish is already close, several descents and ascents and a truly breathtaking view opens in front of you. The landscape that tourists see first hand does not compare with any description and photographs. The thought that you got to the Trolltung causes an extravaganza of emotions and unforgettable sensations. Now you need to take a photo of the Troll Language, landscapes of pristine nature and rush down to catch it before dark.

Lift end point

It is important! Some tourists are in no hurry to go down to the parking lot, but stay overnight next to the Trolltunga. In the evening, in the rays of the setting sun, a special atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility reigns here.

Where to stay

Tyssedal hotel

For greater comfort, you can stay at a hotel in the village of Tissedal, there are also hotels in Odda. However, it should be borne in mind that after a trip to go to the city is tiring, I want to relax. Therefore, it is better to choose Tissedal as a place of residence.

Those who come to the village by bus put up tents and spend the night in them in order to start the ascent early in the morning. There are special places for tents near the parking lot.

It is important! About halfway to the Troll Language there are houses where you can stay in case of bad weather or spend the night.

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When is the best time to visit?

When to Visit Troll Language

The best time to visit the rock of the Troll Language is from mid-summer to mid-autumn. At this time, the weather here is good and the optimal conditions for the rise – there is no rainfall, the sun is shining.

In October, rains begin, during which the road to the top becomes dangerous – slippery and wet.

In winter, the route is covered with snow, and it is almost impossible to reach the destination.

Useful Tips

What to take on the road.
What to take with you on the road
  1. Water. Given that the road ahead is long and difficult, water on the road will be required. But many say that the route runs along lakes and rivers, where you can replenish the supply of drinking water.
  2. Products The road ahead is long, and energy will be required, so a light snack will help restore strength and maintain a good mood.
  3. Camera. Every shot in Norway can be a masterpiece. Be sure to bring along not only a good camera, but also additional memory cards.

It is important! If you plan to stay overnight near Trolltung, you will need a tent. When going camping, carefully consider your luggage, as each item is an extra weight and load.

Clothes and shoes
Trekking shoes

Clothing should be, first of all, comfortable so as not to constrain movements. It is best to wear a sweater and a windbreaker.

Shoes need waterproof and comfortable. The best choice is trekking boots.

Who should not take a trip – people with poor physical fitness. Also, do not take small children with you.


A guy sits on the edge of the Troll Tongue

Due to the special shape of the rock, the probability of accidents in the Troll Language in Norway is quite high. The first victim is a tourist from Melbourne. A woman at the age of 24 crashed to death, tearing herself off a cliff.

The traveler wanted to take some photos, but making her way through a crowd of people, she lost her balance and fell down. Her friends tried to call a rescue team, but the connection in this part of Norway is very poor. A few hours were spent searching for the body.

This fatal case was the first, and a significant number of people received injuries, bruises and fractures, wanting to conquer the Troll Language.

Warning sign

Most likely, the country’s authorities will take security measures, despite the fact that it is quite difficult to install fences on the rock.

Now you know how to get to the Troll Language, how to organize a hike, what to plan for and take with you. Nothing will stop you from making an exciting journey and enjoying the amazing view of the Scandinavian attractions. The Troll language (Norway) is a welcome dream of many tourists, feel free to go to it, overcoming kilometers of the path and yourself.

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