Tourist’s guide to Troll Road – Norway’s Most Famous Route

Troll Road (Norway) is one of the many natural attractions of the country. Due to its history and unique landscape, the trail is considered the most popular Norwegian tourist route. The harsh landscapes of Scandinavia, steep descents and climbs – this is exactly what tourists come from all over the world in the summertime.

Photo: Trollstigen

What is the Troll Trail famous for?

The track, known to the whole world as the Troll Ladder in Norway, is actually part of the Norwegian County Road 63. The area of ​​interest to us connects Oldansnes and Walldal. Cities are located in two different valleys that have been separated for centuries by gorges and mountain rivers.

Troll Trail in Norway

The residents of Norway themselves call the troll staircase Trollstigen (Trollstigen). The road is located in the southwest of the country in the Westland region. The route stretches for 106 kilometers and is a narrow serpentine highway with 11 sharp turns. Roadsides are fenced with small fences made of natural stone. The track is so narrow that in some places its width reaches 3.3 meters. Driving along such a road is not a test for the faint of heart. But the locals quite calmly overcome even the coolest turns, though slowly.

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But tourists are interested not only in the trail itself. Having passed through it, you can appreciate all the charms of the wildlife of Norway. Picturesque views of the hills and fjords, park areas and sharp cliffs – few will be left indifferent. The troll trail can be safely called the harmony of nature with architecture. Although the route was created by man, it incredibly organically fits into local landscapes.

History of the creation of the Troll Road

The construction of a road that would connect the cities and settlements of Norway between the gorges and allow comfortable movement between them was thought back to the 19th century. The need arose because of the difficulties of moving between Valldahl and Romsdalen, where the region’s largest fair was regularly held.

The width of the road on the Troll route

The first project was released in 1894. But he did not receive any embodiment because of the complexity of the landscape and the confidence of local authorities in the impossibility of building such a difficult path. Only at the turn of the century the road began to be built, and was completed in the 30s of the twentieth century, during the reign of Haakon VII.

Now the track is notable for its perfectly even surface, however, like most roads in Norway. The popularity of Troll Stairs among travelers necessitated the construction of a tourist center, observation deck, cafeteria and souvenir shops near the trail. These structures were erected at the top of the rise.

Interesting facts about the Troll Trail

  1. In some sections, the slope of the road reaches 9%.
  2. Due to the narrowness of the greater part of the route, vehicles are forbidden to travel on it whose length exceeds 12.4 m.
  3. The staircase is open for tourists from late May or early June to late autumn. Specific dates depend on weather conditions. In other months, the road is closed, as the government found it too dangerous to travel in winter.
  4. The staircase is called the road because of the steep serpentine, each turn of which resembles a staircase.
  5. Mountain serpentine rises to a height of 858 meters, where the observation deck is located.
  6. In the summer, there are about 2,000 cars on the observation deck, which is approximately equal to one car every 10 seconds.

What to look for when traveling on the road?

In addition to the uniqueness of the road itself and the incredible views that open from it, it is worth visiting two places that are located just along the route of the trail. About halfway along the road, there is a parking area with shops, a restaurant and souvenir shops. It is from here that you can get to the main attractions of the Troll Stairs.

Observation deck
Observation deck

It offers views of the serpentine road, only from here you can see its incredible bends and how organically it looks among the Norwegian hills. It is from this observation deck that most of the photos of Troll Roads in Norway, of which there are so many on the Internet, are taken. But the place loses its attractiveness in bad weather, because of the high nebula from the observation deck you can not see anything. Therefore, exceptionally clear days should be chosen for traveling on the Troll Road.

Stigfossen Waterfall
Bus near the waterfall

Not far from the observation deck is a bridge from where tourists enjoy views of a large mountain full-flowing waterfall. Its height is 180 meters.

For lovers of hiking from the waterfall, you can go down the hiking trail. Stigfossen becomes the most full-flowing in the spring.

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How to get to the Troll Stairs?

Given that, in fact, the Troll Trail is, albeit not quite an ordinary, but asphalt road, it is best to go here by car.


Traveling by car will allow you to slowly enjoy all the beauties that open from the road. Cars can be rented in one of the major cities. But an independent trip has its drawbacks. Firstly, the danger of the trail for an unprepared driver. Secondly, the high cost of renting a car.

If you drive from the north, then before reaching Ondalsnes about 5 km, you need to turn onto the highway fv. 63, which will lead you to the desired mountain route. If your journey starts from Oslo, then take the E4 or E6 motorway to Lillehammer. From there, go along the E6 to Dumbos, where you need to turn onto the E136 highway, and in the same way, before reaching Ondalsnes, go to fv. 63.

The car route to the sights and places mentioned in the text are marked on the map:

Tourist bus

The second option for a trip along the Troll Trail in Norway is a bus. Tourist bus services on this route run from the Ondalsnes bus station. As a rule, the trip is accompanied by the addition of a guide and on the viewing platform the bus makes a stop in 25 minutes so that travelers can see the views and calmly photograph the Troll Staircase from favorable angles.

You can also get to the nearest cities by train, and from there take the bus or car along the Troll Staircase. But still, most passenger and tourist buses come from Ondalsnes. The cost of such a trip will cost from NOK 1,000 (for the 2019 season).

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Troll Road (Norway) is one of the most successful projects carried out jointly by man and nature. The result came out so organic that despite the fact that the road is man-made, it seems as if it has been there for centuries. Tourists from all over the world go to see the crazy bends of the serpentine. We remind you once again that you can see all the charms of the Troll Trails only in the summer months, because the road is closed most of the year due to the complexity of the site.

In conclusion, watch the video – not for the faint of heart, but you can consider the beauty of the area.

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