Tourist’s guide to Prekestulen – Norway’s most visited rock

Prekestulen (Norway) – a huge cliff located opposite the Kierag plateau in Norway. The rock is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places not only in Scandinavia, but also in the world.

Photos Prekestulena

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General information

One of the most beautiful cliffs of Scandinavia’s Prekestulen is located 604 meters above one of the deepest fjords in Norway – Luce Fjord. The top of the cliff has a surprisingly regular shape (square) measuring 25 by 25 meters, on which there is a large viewing platform with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Norwegian fjords. The approximate age of the cliff is 10,000 years.

In English, the name is “Preacher’s Pulpit” or “Pulpit Rock”, which means “Chair of the Preacher” or “Rock Chair”. Previously, this place was called Hyvlatonnå at all (from the Swedish word flat, straight).

Tourists on Prekestulen

Today Prekestulen rock is a popular tourist destination. It is here that one of the most famous visual venues is located, as well as many hiking trails. On average, for 4 months this place is visited by 90,000 – 100,000 people. By the way, the peak of attendance was recorded in 2009.

In order to get to Prekestulen, it is necessary to have at least minimal sports training, and be prepared for the fact that the route passes at different heights. The average time it takes to climb is 2 hours.

How to get to Prekestulen Rock

Photos of Stavanger
City Stavanger

Prekestulen is one of the most famous natural attractions of Norway, so it’s not difficult to get to the town adjacent to the cliff.

First you need to get to the nearest major city – Stavanger, 50 km from the cliff. It is not difficult to do this: in Stavanger there is an airport, a port, a railway and a bus station. How to get to the stavanger.

Next, in Stavanger, you need to catch the Fiskepir terminal ferry to the city of Tau, which runs every half hour. Travel time is about 45 minutes. Tickets for the ship must be bought on board or booked online at At the box office they can be purchased only at rush hour.

Cities of Tau

The next stage of the trip is a bus ride. They stand at the pier and are waiting for tourists. You should be careful: if you purchased a ticket for the ferry + bus complex, then your vehicle will be white with the Tide inscription, and if you have 2 separate tickets, then green. The bus ride takes less than an hour, and ends at the Pulpit Camping Camping Center and Camping. There is a toilet and a kiosk with travel brochures. This place is the starting point of the walking route to Prekestulen.

A comprehensive ferry + bus return ticket will cost 350 NOK when booking online and 400 NOK per person when buying on board. If you pay for a bus ticket separately, it will cost 125 NOK (online) or 200 NOK one way (if paid on the spot).

Schedule of transport to Prekestulen

If you arrived or sailed to the town by car, then you don’t have to worry about your vehicle: there is a parking lot at the foot of the Prekestulen cliff (the price is 150 NOK).

Now you can start the climb. As a rule, it takes 2 to 3 hours to climb to the top of the cliff (depending on your age and health). The length of the route is only 4 km, but you need to understand that this road leads to the mountains, so you can’t quickly and easily reach it.

The prices on the page are relevant for the season 2018.

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As for places where you can sign up, and then go on excursions, this is, first of all, Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel, which houses a tourist center and guides.

Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel

However, if you are planning to get to the Department of the Preacher yourself, then you should not be afraid to get lost – there are signs and signs everywhere that show the distance to various cities and villages. Skala is one of Norway’s most beautiful natural attractions, so the authorities do a lot for tourists to know how to get to Prekestulen.

Climbing, way to the cliff

The first 15 minutes, tourists will have to walk along a wide pebble road, which will subsequently be replaced by marshland and a narrow path covered with stones. This can be considered the first part of the climb. After passing it, you can take a break by the lake and gain strength, because the other half is much more difficult.

Prestestulen stone staircase

The second part of the road looks like a staircase made of stones, but it is not so convenient to climb it (the slope is too big, but it is completely dangerous to go down). As a rule, tourists spend most of the time on this part of the way, because it is the most difficult and requires maximum concentration. The final part of the journey is the road along the cliff, which offers an impressive view of the fjords. After passing it, you can relax and take a couple of memorable photos of the Norwegian Prekestulen. Also, many tourists have picnics on top of the cliff.

Remember that at the very top of the cliff you should be extremely cautious. There are no protections, since an accident was recorded on the Prekestulen cliff: in 2013, a Spanish tourist crashed here.

Where to stay

Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel
Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel

If you decide to go up to the pulpit in Norway in the morning, when there aren’t many tourists, it makes sense to stay near it for the night. There are a number of hotels that are located nearby:

Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel

Preikestolhytta Youth is a hostel located at the very foot of the mountain. It is worth staying here for those who do not want to overpay for the service and various amenities in the room. Also, this place will appeal to those who want to make a couple of beautiful photos of Prekestulen.

Photo Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Jørpeland 1
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Jørpeland 1
Three-Bedroom Holiday home in Jørpeland 1

This is a guest house for families with children in the Norwegian town of Jürpelann. Here you can relax from the bustling city and spend time to good use. Nearby attractions include not only Prekestulen rock (8 km) and Lucefjord (7 km), but also the Ryfylkevegen highway, which provides access to Norway’s most famous tourist destinations.

Photos Holiday home Jørpeland Jøssangvegen
Holiday home Jørpeland Jøssangvegen
Holiday home Jørpeland Jøssangvegen

Another hotel located in the picturesque village of Jürpelann, 8 km from Prekestulen rock. This is a great place to relax with the whole family. Among the activities that the hotel can provide, it is worth noting boating, kayaking, biking, as well as organized walking.

Good to know! The cost of housing in the village of Jürpelann starts from 100 € per night!

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When is the best time to go?

Air temperature in Stavanger

The Prekestulen rock is located in the west of Norway, near the city of Stavanger. This place has a mild climate. The average temperature in winter is -3 degrees, and in summer – +17. The best time to travel to the cliff is from early April to late August. During this period of the year, both the temperature is more comfortable and the amount of precipitation is relatively low, which makes the hike to the cliff more comfortable and safe. In addition, ferries and buses run to Prekestulen from April 8 to October 1.

Useful Tips

  1. You can exchange dollars for Norwegian kroner even in Stavanger or Oslo, because banks may not even appear in small cities.
  2. If you plan to get to the top of Prekestulen, then you should not take small children with you – they simply will not be able to walk so much.
  3. After climbing Prekestulen you are sure to get hungry, so you should take something with you.
  4. If you are going to conquer the Prekestulen rock (Norway), then you need to bring only warm and waterproof clothes with you. Rain and fog are typical Norwegian weather. Also, do not forget about convenience, and take only comfortable clothes and shoes on a trip, ideally trekking boots.

If you are in doubt whether to visit Norway, and in particular the Preacher’s Rock, just watch this video!

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