Tourist’s guide to Tromso – the northern city of Norway

The city of Tromsø (Norway), spreading beyond the Arctic Circle, is often called the “gateway to the Arctic.” This city with a population of more than 72,000 people is also a large-scale port, and the University of Tromsø makes it also an important educational and scientific center of Norway.

Tromso city

Tromsø’s location has always been ideal for conducting business with the north, so back in the Middle Ages this settlement was the most important trading point in Norway. From Tromsø, Amundsen, Nobile, Nansen set off on their Arctic expeditions. During the Second World War, the residence of the Norwegian government was moved here.

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Tourist Center Services in Tromso

Tourist centre

Tourists can receive various assistance from the staff of the Tourism Center, which is located at: Kirkegata 2. It works according to the following schedule:

  • from May 19 to August 31: Saturday and Sunday – from 10:00 to 17:00, Monday-Friday – from 9:00 to 19:00;
  • the rest of the year: Sunday is a day off, Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00, Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 16:00.

Phones of the Tourist Center: +47 77 61 00 00, +47 77 61 00 10.

Employees of the organization offer excursions to Tromsø to the sights, issue cards, sell city bus tickets, sell souvenirs. Of course, all this can be purchased in other places, and services can be negotiated directly with those who provide them.

The property accepts credit cards as well as free Wi-Fi.

What to do and what to see in Tromsø

Most of the streets of this city are located on the island of Tromsay, several streets are on the island of Kvalay and on the mainland of Norway.

What deserves the most attention in Tromsø? What to see from the sights and what to do?

Arctic Cathedral

From the central square of Stortorget you can see the harbor, as well as the Arctic Cathedral, which stands behind the strait.

Arctic Cathedral

This cathedral is the most recognizable landmark in Troms (Norway), it is interesting for its unique architecture, which causes associations with snow and icebergs. This triangular structure is decorated with unusual glass stained-glass windows.

The cathedral hosts concerts of organ music, and to visit them you need to buy tickets in addition to sightseeing.

The Arctic Cathedral operates from 16:00 to 18:00 all days except Sunday.

For the visit you need to pay 40 NOK (≈ 5 $).

Attraction address: Hans Nilsens vei 41 9020 Tromsdalen.

University and University Museum

University of Tromso

The museum complex “University of Tromso” (Norway) includes:

  1. Museum
  2. Polar Museum “Polaria”.
  3. Arctic Alpine Botanical Park.

The Museum of the University of Tromsø is located at Lars Thøringsvei 10. The exhibits showcase the history of the city and the traditions of the population. Here you can visit the Gallery of Art. The construction of the building differs in some monumentality: having an entrance with 2 rectangular porches, a rotunda with a conical roof, and a 4-coal tower with a pyramidal roof.

The Polar Museum at Hjalmar Johansens gate 12

The attraction works according to the schedule: from 10:00 to 19:00 from August 31 to May 16, and from 12:00 to 17:00 all other time of the year.

Tromso Botanical Garden

Entrance to the university museum costs 125 crowns (≈ $ 15) for adults and 60 crowns for children , for students – 70. If you buy a family ticket , it will cost 280 crowns.

The Arctic alpine botanical garden is open around the clock, admission is free. This is the most northern botanical park on our planet was created in 1994. Here you can see alpine plants imported from different parts of the Earth – they are collected in groups by climatic zones of the continents.

The garden is surrounded by the equipped path “Geologist’s Route”, and from the pedestrian bridge to which it leads, a part of the botanical park on the side of the mountain opens.


View from Stursteinen Mountain

If you are looking for incredible panoramic views to take original photos of Tromsø – here you are. The funicular lifts to the Stursteinen mountain (420 m), from where a view of Tromsø and nearby mountains and islands opens. If you wish, you can go to a cozy restaurant and try delicious dishes.

Starting point of the cable car: Sollivegen 12, 9020 Tromsdalen.

It works like this: from May 20 to August 19 – from 10:00 to 01:00, and from August 20 to September 1 – from 10:00 to 22:00.

A one-way ticket costs 90 NOK, if you pay for a two-way trip, the price will be 150 NOK.

Polar zoo

Musk ox in Tromso Zoo

In Tromsø is the northernmost zoo on Earth. The attraction operates throughout the year. Bear, musk ox, elk, reindeer – these and many other animals live in the Polar Zoo. And here you can watch them in their natural habitat.

Whale watching

Whale watching excursions take place with true North Norwegian charm. Such trips are recommended for those who want to enjoy an amazing sight: whales on the high seas. They will be interesting to those who want to make photos in Tromsø (Norway) not just interesting, but exclusive.

Such excursions are organized by teams of sailors with many years of experience at sea. All crew members have the appropriate education and the necessary licenses to carry out such activities.

Whale watching

The cost of the tour is from 1200 NOK (≈ $ 145) and above. It is formed depending on many factors: on the number of people in the group (from 3 to 40), on the duration of the excursion (3 – 6 hours), and also on what the trip to the sea is planned on (from classic wooden boats to hybrid electric schooners )

As a rule, to observe whales they go to those places where their appearance has been most often recorded recently.

And, of course, each excursion is planned taking into account weather conditions. You need to dress very warmly, although almost all the organizers of such trips provide tourists with warm jackets for the duration of the trip.

Aurora Borealis Tours

Travel agencies work in the city, organizing trips to observe the northern lights. There are single guides who, for a reasonable price, agree to take them to the most suitable places, from where an overview of this wonderful natural phenomenon opens.

Northern Lights

Such tours are held from September 1 to mid-April.

As a rule, groups of up to 14 people are recruited to observe the aurora; the excursion time can be 1 or 2 days. A two-day trip will cost approximately 3100 NOK, and this price includes:

  • rental of warm winter clothes (suit, mittens, socks, hat) and special winter shoes (adults only);
  • rent a headlamp;
  • photographs taken and then sent to tourists;
  • transfer;
  • hot drinks.

If you are going on a tour to observe the northern lights, you need to prepare accordingly: wear woolen underwear (cotton is undesirable), a thick woolen sweater or a small down jacket, warm socks and shoes.

Dog sledding

Dog sledding is another attraction available for tourists in Tromsø. Such a trip through the boundless expanses of Lyngen Alps will help you to get in touch with the real spirit of the Arctic.

Dog sledding

You can manage the team yourself. This is not too difficult, you just need to get the hang of the brake in a timely manner, because the husky is very playful. But it is not necessary to independently manage the team: you can comfortably accommodate in a sleigh, entrusting their management to the instructor. If the weather conditions are completely unfavorable, then the instructor will definitely manage the sled.

The cost remains the same regardless of whether it is just skiing or a trip with control. The price includes a transfer from Tromsø (25-30 minutes one way), rental of outdoor clothing, horse-drawn cart riding (approximately 11 km) and lunch.

The thermal suits provided by the instructor should not be discarded. Firstly, they will serve as excellent protection against the cold. Secondly, they will be able to protect from a completely natural, but very strong dog smell.

Before riding, instructors give valuable advice and tell you what you need in order to become a good musher. And if you can do without previous experience, then a good physical form is necessary.

Husky is very fond of people! They are so affectionate and friendly that not only adults, but also children can communicate with them.

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Climate in Tromso

The climate in Norway, in the city of Tromso is much milder than in other parts of the world at the same latitude – this is due to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. From the cold sea winds and winds from Lapland, this city is protected by mountains.

Winters are mild (average temperature -3 ° С), summers are moderate and rather cool (+ 15 ° С). The coolest months are January and February (-4 ° C), and the warmest July and August (+ 15 ° C).

Tromso is known as a city with a lot of rainfall. October is considered the wettest, and May and June (50 mm of precipitation) are the driest.

How to get to Tromso

Of all the cities that are located beyond the Arctic Circle, it is easiest to get to the city of Tromso. Therefore, it is better to start a trip through Northern Norway from it.

Train norway

Although there is no train connection with Tromsø, from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim you can take a train to Fauske, and from there take a bus to Tromsø.


Between Tromso and such settlements as Alta, Narvik, Bodø and Fauske, buses run throughout the year. If you plan to visit the Lofoten Islands, you can arrange a transplant in Narvik.


There is a 1,600 km long highway between Tromsø and Oslo, which is open throughout the year. The road will take 30-40 hours, since the average speed in Norway is 50 km / h, there are many automatic cameras to track the speed.

The roads are in good condition, in winter the roads are constantly cleaned and rolled off with graders. Cases when roads are closed for a while are very rare – this happens during heavy snowfalls.

Tromso Airport

There is an airport in Tromsø where planes from Russia land (charters from Murmansk and Moscow) and other countries. About 10 flights a day are in Tromso from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim (via Bude).

The distance from the airport to Tromso is 5 km. The Flybussen bus runs here: the first flight to the airport at 5:40, the last to the city at 00:00. Travel time is 14 minutes, ticket prices are 90 and 45 NOK for adults and children, respectively.

There are also flights No. 40, 42 between the city center and the airport from 6:25 to 23:50. Travel for adults – 50 NOK, for children – 25, travel time – 15-20 minutes.

A taxi ride from the airport to Tromsø will cost 150-180 NOK, in time it will take about 10 minutes.

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Troms cruise ship

Airliners arrive at the port of Tromsø 2 times a day, which go to Bergen and Kirkenes.

Local transport

Buses run through Tromsø from 6:00 to 24:00 on weekdays, and on weekends from 7:00 to 24:00. On Friday and Saturday night buses run (No. 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and 66). Absolutely all buses you can take the avenue with the schedule.

A ticket to Tromsø (Norway) can be bought directly from the driver for cash. The price for an adult is 50 CZK, but if you take it in advance, the cost will be less – 36 NOK. For a day pass you need to pay 110 kroons, it is valid for all city routes.

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