Tourist’s guide to Trondheim – the first capital of Norway

Trondheim (Norway) is the third settlement in the country by population. It is located at the mouth of the picturesque Nidelva River, on the coast of a beautiful bay formed by the Sør-Trøndelag fjord. The city is calm, peaceful, located quite secluded – it is connected with the mainland only by the western part. The main attractions can be walked and explored. The climate in the city is quite pleasant – winter temperatures almost never drop below -3 ° C. Due to the fact that the fjord does not freeze, in the vicinity you can find a variety of flora and fauna.

Trondheim city

general information

Multi-colored wooden houses

The city of Trondheim was formed in 997, its area is slightly more than 342 sq. Km., 188 thousand people live here. Trondheim is the first capital of the country, it was here that Olaf Nidaros was killed, at the place of his burial the Nidaros Cathedral was built, recognized as the largest active temple in Northern Europe. Here, for many centuries, the monarchs of Norway have been crowned.

In the history of Trondheim, fires often occurred that destroyed the city completely. One of the strongest occurred in 1681, after the disaster, the city was completely rebuilt. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages was preserved on the eastern bank of the Nidelva River – multi-colored wooden houses seem to carry tourists into the distant past. Previously, this area was inhabited by workers, today it is a residential part of the settlement, where there are a large number of shops and cafes.

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Walk around the city center

The city center is represented by wide streets, planted with trees and built-up brick buildings of the 19th century.

If you go deep into the city, you will find yourself among the wooden houses that reflect the architectural and historical heritage of not only Trondheim, but throughout Norway.

The city’s attractions

1. The Cathedral of Nidaros

The construction of the temple began in the 11th century at the site of the death of St. Olav. The decision to build was made by the monarch Olaf III Haraldsson Mirny, also known as Olaf the Quiet.

Nidaros Cathedral
Nidaros Cathedral Interior

In 1151, the bishopric of Nidaros was created, after which the cathedral expanded. Monarchs were buried and crowned here. In 1814, the ceremony of coronation of kings was officially prescribed in the Constitution of the country. Today, the temple is considered to be the pearl of Trondheim.

You can visit the cathedral from June to August. Working hours:

  • weekdays and Saturdays – from 9-00 to 12-30;
  • Sunday – from 13-00 to 16-00.
2. Old bridge “Gate of happiness”
Old bridge "Gate of happiness"

The list of the main attractions of Trondheim necessarily includes the old drawbridge “Gate of Happiness.” There is a belief – if you make a wish, standing at the gate of the bridge, it will come true in the shortest possible time. The length of the bridge is 82 meters. Translated from the Norwegian language, the bridge is called the “Old City Bridge”, but in reality it is the newest bridge over the Nidelva river.

The Gate of Happiness bridge offers a picturesque view of the fjord, you can admire the bright wooden houses that adorn the marina.

The bridge separates two parts of the city – the new and the old. As many tourists note, the old part of the city is a must-see attraction in the city of Trondheim (Norway).

View from the bridge to the old part of the city

Outwardly, the old part of the city is very reminiscent of a similar area in Bruges – small houses painted in different colors, built, as if from water. The color palette is diverse – red, white, yellow, green, brown shades. Bright colors and unusual architecture of the houses attract visitors to the city; colorful photos of Trondheim (Norway) are often made here.

A special atmosphere reigns here, crossing the bridge, you find yourself in a completely different era, it seems that there is a shooting of a historical film. After a walk, be sure to visit the cafe, there are many of them. Small, cozy cafes are a favorite place for residents of the town, they come here after morning runs to drink a glass of fresh fresh. By the way, the interiors are designed in the style of 18-19 centuries.

3. The observation deck of the radio tower
The rotating tower of Tyholtårnet

In Trondheim, a huge number of attractions – open-air museums, the residence of the monarchs, shipyards, but tourists, are attracted by the unusual, rotating tower of Tyholtårnet. From here you can see Trondheim and its surroundings, in full view. The tower is located outside the city, its height is 120 meters, guests do not have to walk on foot, they are comfortably lifted by an elevator directly to the observation deck. Despite the fact that the tower is located outside the city, it can be seen from anywhere in the village. At first glance, it seems that getting here is quick and easy, but it’s not. A tangled road leads to the tower, which is difficult to overcome.

At the Egon Restaurant in the Tuholt Tower

For climbing to such a height you will be rewarded with the opportunity to eat in the revolving restaurant Egon. Visitors here are treated very carefully, administrators approach, and are interested in whether a table has been booked. If you have not booked a place in advance, you will certainly be offered an alternative or wait until the table is empty. But be prepared that you will have to wait at least an hour. During the time that the restaurant makes one circle, you can make wonderful photos of Thornheim from different angles. The sensations are unbelievable when you sit indoors, eat and watch the world revolve around you. The bar counter moves with the interior of the restaurant, you have to constantly look for it.

The interior shows the features of life beyond the Arctic Circle and the process of fishing. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes, you can eat delicious pizza, potatoes baked in foil, different types of fish. The portions are impressive, they cook deliciously.

4. Hiking

In the vicinity of the town laid a large number of fascinating tourist routes. Here are some of the most fascinating and picturesque.

Walking route Ladestien
  • Ladestien 14 km long, the route runs along the shore of the Trondheim Fjord. Throughout the way, there are places for recreation, restaurants and cafes. When traveling, you can look at the picturesque beaches of Devlebukt and Korsvik.
  • If you want to go fishing, go along the route laid along the banks of the Nidelva River. The trail is called Nidelvstien, its length is 7.5 km. There are a lot of salmon in the river, on the shore there are places equipped for recreation, but fishing is possible only with a license.
  • A real paradise for travelers is Byumark, located west of Trondheim. The total length of the routes is more than 200 km, most of the way passes through the forest, where you can meet deer, badgers, moose. In winter, they ski here.
  • An interesting route is laid to the rolling hills of Estenstadmark. Here you can eat delicious and hearty in the restaurant, which is located at an altitude of 330 meters.
5. Munkholmen Island
Munkholmen Island

The island is located in the vicinity of Trondheim and is notable for the fact that it houses the oldest Norwegian temple, built in 1100. By 1531, the monastery was completely ravaged and destroyed due to severe fires. Nobody was engaged in the reconstruction of the shrine, and the island was used for grazing cattle belonging to the royal court.

In the 17th century, the island was gradually strengthened, the temple was used as a fort. In the middle of the 17th century, a fortress was built here with 18 guns, a central tower, fortified with external walls. There was also a prison where political prisoners were kept. During the Second World War, the Germans settled on the island, who used it as a defense system.

Excursion to the ancient fortress Island Munkholmen

On the island for tourists regularly conduct water sightseeing tours by boat or boat. Tour desks are located in every hotel, so just book a room and purchase an excursion.

In summer, the island becomes crowded – vacationers come here to enjoy the beauties. Here they organize theatrical performances. Thus, today the island is one of the attractions of Trondheim (Norway) and a picturesque recreation area.

Fun and relaxation

Considering that the city is one of the largest cultural centers in Norway, it is not surprising that here every traveler finds something to his liking.

Festival dedicated to St. Olaf
At the festival of St. Olav

First of all, the city hosts a variety of thematic festivals throughout the year. The most memorable is the festival dedicated to St. Olaf. In addition, tourists enjoy visiting festivals:

  • jazz, blues, chamber music;
  • movie;
  • Nidaros
  • blues;
  • chamber music.

In the warm season, plays and theatrical performances are performed on the street.

Ski trip

Well-developed infrastructure for practicing various sports. There are stadiums, football and golf courses, tennis courts and gyms, equipped with ski slopes.

If you just want to enjoy nature, visit the Botanical Garden and Golosen Park, where tame animals walk. Such a walk will undoubtedly cause delight in children.

Tourist Information Center

The center is indispensable for tourists who first came to the city or are planning a trip to Norway. It is impossible not to miss the three-story building, it is as if made of separate brown cubes. The center is decorated with a huge letter “I”, it can be seen tens of meters from the building. Why you need to visit the Center:

Tourist Information Center
  • get a free Trondheim map;
  • purchase souvenir products;
  • get comprehensive information about the city, its environs and the country, this will help plan your future trip;
  • use free wi-fi;
  • wait out the rain.

This information center is recognized as the best in the whole of Norway, here you can collect all the information about the province of Trendelag in particular and the country as a whole.

Souvenir products

The interior of the building is so fascinating and original that many people come here just to admire the escalator, which is completely overgrown with moss, well, along the way, get a detailed bike map or map for traveling on a bike.

The Center has interactive maps on huge screens. In a word – useful and convenient for tourists.

Tourist Information Center Address: Nordre gate 11, Trondheim 7011, Norway.

Weather and climate

The small town is located in a bay formed by the Trondheims fjord, in the place where the Nidelva River flows into it. One of the advantages of the city is its temperate, mild climate, despite the fact that the distance from the Arctic Circle is only 500 km.

Weather in spring

In March and April, it is quite cool here, but already at the end of April the temperature rises. During the day the air warms up to + 8 ° C, at night the air temperature drops to -1 ° C. The lowest night temperature is recorded at + 8 ° C.

Number of rainy days

It often rains, which, of course, is not conducive to walking and sightseeing. Before planning a trip, check the weather forecast so that the rest is not overshadowed by bad weather, and in order to choose the right wardrobe. Spring in Scandinavia is very beautiful, but cool and rainy.

Weather in summer

According to many, the summer is the best time to travel to Trondheim. The temperature during the day rises to quite comfortable + 23 ° C, at night – up to +12. There are, of course, cloudy days, but there is much less rainfall than in spring. Rains, if they happen, then they are short-term. In the summer, there is a gusty westerly wind in the city.

Air temperature in Trondheim

For a trip in the summer it is better to choose comfortable shoes, light clothing and a headdress. If cloudy days occur, a vest, windbreaker, and raincoat are quite suitable. Take an umbrella with you. If you plan to fish, it is completely optional to bring tackle and equipment with you, all this can be rented.

Weather in autumn

The first drop in temperature is already felt in September, the daily rate is not higher than + 12 ° C. In October it gets even colder – during the day no higher than + 5 ° C, at night the temperature drops to -4 ° C.

The main characteristic of the autumn weather in Trondheim is the variability caused by frequent Atlantic cyclones. Southwest winds blow constantly. If you are planning an autumn trip, take a raincoat, raincoat, warm clothes with you.

Weather in winter

Features of winter weather – variability, cloudiness and frequent rainfall. During the day, the air temperature is + 3 ° C, at night it drops to -6 ° C. The minimum temperature is fixed at -12 ° C. Given the high humidity, even a slight drop in temperature feels like a severe frost. In winter, strong westerly winds blow in the city, it snows and rains, often the city is shrouded in fogs. The number of sunny and cloudy days is usually equal.

Central shopping street in Trondheim

To travel to Trondheim in winter, you will need to collect waterproof shoes and outerwear, a sweater, a hat. You can safely take a ski suit with you.

How to get there

Trondheim Warnes Airport
Trondheim Airport

Trondheim accepts direct and transit European flights of 11 airlines all year round. The airport is located 30 km from the city.

It is easiest to get to the city from the airport building by public transport – by bus. The journey takes only 30 minutes. You will have to pay 130 kroons for a ticket. It can also be reached by train in 40 minutes, the ticket costs 75 crowns.

It is important! Given that you cannot directly get to Trondheim from Russia, you first need to fly to Oslo and from there travel by land modes of transport.

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From Oslo to Trondheim can be reached by train. A train leaves the airport several times a day, the journey takes about 6 hours, the ticket costs 850 kroons.

Trondheim Central Station
Railway station in Trondheim

Trains from Bodø also follow Trondheim, trains leave twice a day, the ticket costs 1060 kroons.

It is important! You can visit Trondheim while relaxing in Sweden. Trains follow the Sundsvall-Trondheim line, the trip will cost 73 euros.

Trondheim Cruise Ship

If you are attracted by sea trips, head to Bergen or Kirkenes, cruise ships regularly depart from here. The trip from Bergen takes 37 hours. The cost depends on the class of the cabin – from 370 to 1240 euros. From Kirkenes to sail longer – 3 days and 18 hours, the cost of travel varies from 1135 to 4700 euros.

Another comfortable way to travel around Norway is by car.

  • Trains Rv3 and E6 lead from Oslo to Trondheim.
  • From Bergen, follow the E16 and E6 highways.
  • From Bodø you can get to Trondheim via the E6 highway.

On the way, you will need to pay the toll and, of course, replenish fuel supplies.

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Trondheim (Norway) is a hospitable, welcoming city, but when traveling outside, remember respect for the surrounding nature. Hunting and fishing is allowed only in certain places and only at the allotted time for this.

What winter Trondheim looks like from the air: professional shooting, high-quality picture. Watch necessarily, the video is excellent!

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