Tourist’s guide to Troll’s tongue, one of the most beautiful places in Norway

Norway is rightfully considered a fabulous country with many legends associated with it. It attracts tourists with its amazing nature, the beauty of the fjords, the freshness of the air, crystal clear water. One of the reasons to visit the country is the Troll Tongue rock (Norway). This is a unique and dangerous rocky ledge, … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Lofoten Islands – the pearl of northern Norway

Lofoten Islands (Norway) for many centuries attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. The nature here is so picturesque and possesses such magical power that novels were written about the islands, poems, music were dedicated, paintings were painted and sculptures sculpted. It is unlikely that there is a place in the world … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Tromso – the northern city of Norway

The city of Tromsø (Norway), spreading beyond the Arctic Circle, is often called the “gateway to the Arctic.” This city with a population of more than 72,000 people is also a large-scale port, and the University of Tromsø makes it also an important educational and scientific center of Norway. Tromsø’s location has always been ideal … Read more

TOP 10 most interesting museums in Oslo

Museums in Oslo will surely please history buffs and art lovers. It is very difficult to get around all the museums in the city, so plan a route before you go by choosing some of the most interesting sights. For example, the National Gallery has a large collection of works of art, many exhibits devoted … Read more

Oslo Sculpture Park – a grandiose creation by Gustav Vigeland

Norway is a cold country with enchanting views and Scandinavian flavor. A country of fjords and trolls, mountains and waterfalls. Tourists from all over the world come here for landscapes, fresh air and, of course, impressions. Most tourists begin acquaintance with the capital – Oslo. It is there that the most ambiguous attraction of all … Read more

Tourist’s guide to what to eat in Norway – national dishes

Norway was once considered a provincial country and, to some extent, envied other countries that could afford a variety of culinary experiments. Norwegian cuisine is quite distinctive and unique, as it was formed in the conditions of the country’s inaccessibility and harsh climatic conditions. Let’s see what interesting Norwegian cuisine is, what dishes are worth … Read more

Guide to the main national holidays of Norway

Holidays in Norway are a good time to travel. Usually a strict and calm “peak of Europe” completely changes its appearance for Easter in April. Family in December, solemn in May and traditional in February – choose the most interesting period for you and discover this northern state from a new perspective. In this article … Read more