Tourist’s guide to where to stay overnight in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia, which is about one and a half thousand years old. It is from here that most tourists begin their exploration of the country. A large number of museums, attractions that tell about the culture and history of the state, a myriad of cafes and restaurants are just a small part of what attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year. The districts of Tbilisi are distinguished by their uniqueness: each of them has its own raisin and gives a unique atmosphere. The developed transport network of the capital and the abundance of accommodation options allow tourists to organize a comfortable rest here and fully enjoy the Georgian flavor.

Tbilisi city

Old city

Tbilisi Map - Slololaki and Old Town Regions

If you look at the areas of Tbilisi on the map, you will see a small area in the southwest of the capital. It is here that the famous Old Town is located – the center of concentration of most metropolitan attractions. This area marks the borders of ancient Tbilisi, which was fenced off from the outside world by fortress walls until 1795, when the Iranians attacked the capital and incinerated it to the ground.

Today in the Old Town you can observe only those cultural values ​​of antiquity that were restored after decades of restoration work.

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Old Town District in Tbilisi

It is best to get here by metro: after landing at the Avlabari station, walk along Europe Square to the Kure River. When strolling around the area, be sure to visit the following attractions:

  1. The fortress of Narikala. The ancient building offers an incredible panoramic view of the Old Town on one side and the botanical garden on the other. You can get here on foot or by cable car, which allows you to view all the splendor of the capital from a bird’s eye view.
  2. Anchiskhati Temple in Tbilisi
    Anchiskhati Temple
  3. Anchiskhati Temple. The oldest temple in Tbilisi, whose arches and arches are skillfully painted with frescoes, creates a mystical atmosphere. We advise you to stay here for a few minutes and enjoy its mystery.
  4. Sioni Cathedral. A modest structure with strict facades, the main value of which is the cross of St. Nino. Nearby is the National Museum of the History of Tbilisi.
  5. Sulfur baths. Decorated in a curious architectural design with stone domes, the baths are unique in that the water enters them from the warm serial waters.

In addition, amazing Armenian churches, a mosque and three synagogues, reflecting the bright religious contrast of the capital, are concentrated in this area. If you are in doubt in which area of ​​Tbilisi it is better for a tourist to stay, we suggest you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the Old City.


Cafe in Old Town
  • Many attractions
  • Large selection of hotels where you can stay
  • An abundance of cafes and restaurants
  • Beautiful views
  • The very center of the capital
  • Near the airport (18.5 km)


  • A lot of tourists, noisy and crowded
  • High prices
  • There are many steep climbs on the streets


Map of Avlabar

Avlabar – a district of Tbilisi, located on the left bank of the Kura River behind the majestic Metekhi rocks, for a long time existed as a separate entity. That is why this ancient area has its own history and differs from its neighbors in its originality. Today Avlabar, located just 16 km from Tbilisi Airport, attracts tourists with its old buildings and modern buildings, among which it is best to visit:

View of Sameba Temple in Avlabar
  1. Temple of Metekhi. This is the most popular Orthodox church in Tbilisi, a kind of symbol of the capital, which can be seen from any central point of the city.
  2. Metekhi Temple in Tbilisi
    Metekhi Temple
  3. Sameba Cathedral (Trinity Cathedral). The highest temple of Georgia (101 meters), the country’s largest cathedral, majestically rises on the hill of St. Elijah.
  4. Presidential palace. A modern building, reminiscent of the German Reichstag in architecture, within the walls of which a free tour is provided for everyone.
  5. Temple of Nor Etchmiadzin. Built in the beginning of the 19th century by Armenian immigrants, it has three entrances to the main building and is a functioning Armenian church.
  6. Palace of Queen Darejan. A small but interesting building with a blue balcony serving as an observation deck with a magnificent view of Rike Park and the Old Town.
  7. Updated Rike Park. Built in hi-tech style, it has many alleys and green areas, and also contains a considerable number of art objects, large chess, the famous Peace Bridge and some other attractions .

The Avlabari district in Tbilisi is in no way inferior to the Old City in its beauty and the number of valuable architectural objects. But is it worth staying here? Let’s look at the pros and cons of this area.


Avlabari Metro Station in Tbilisi
Avlabari metro station
  • Proximity to the metro (Avlabari station)
  • Near the airport
  • Many attractions
  • A wide selection of hotels 3 *
  • Lots of cafes


  • Dilapidated buildings
  • Heavy traffic
  • Overpriced in some surroundings

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The Vera district in Tbilisi is considered relatively young, since it began to be built up only in the middle of the 19th century. For a long time it was a resort area, and today it has become one of the favorite tourist corners in Tbilisi. Vera is 18 km from the airport and offers many options for staying at hotels and apartments at affordable prices. There are a lot of interesting places here, which are best visited from the Rustaveli metro station. What to see in this area of ​​Tbilisi?

Museum of the artist Elena Akhvlediani
Museum of Elena Akhvlediani
  1. House-Museum of Elena Akhvlediani. The works of the famous Georgian artist, whose canvases captured the landscapes of Georgia in the mid-20th century, are demonstrated here.
  2. Church of St. Apostle John the Evangelist in Tbilisi
    Church of St. John the Evangelist
  3. Church of St. John the Evangelist. The white cathedral with silver domes, decorated in the Suzdal architectural style, is an active temple.
  4. Temple of St. Andrew. The ancient monastery, inside decorated with numerous frescoes, is located next to the church of St. John the Evangelist.
  5. Philharmonic of Tbilisi. The round glass building is located in the very center of Vera, with famous artists and musicians performing within its walls.

If you do not know where it is better to stay in Tbilisi, then the Vera region can be a worthy option. Consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Map Vera


  • Many mid-range hotels
  • Calmly
  • Close to metro
  • Reasonable prices


  • Few attractions
  • Small selection of restaurants
  • May seem boring and uninteresting


If you plan to stay in the center of Tbilisi, but don’t know which area is better to choose, we advise you to consider Mtatsminda. This is the most presentable part of the capital, where the most expensive hotels and the best restaurants of the city are concentrated . The area is located 18 km from Tbilisi International Airport, and it is best to start traveling around it from the Freedom Square metro station. First of all it is worth visiting:

Shota Rustaveli Theater in Mtatsminda
Shota Rustaveli Theater
  1. Theaters Mtatsminda. This is the most theatrical district of Tbilisi, so it is better to begin its study with theaters: Griboedov Theater, Tamamshev Theater and Rustaveli Theater.
  2. Rustaveli Street. It is the main avenue of the district where most of the historical monuments are concentrated: the national museum, the Vorontsov Palace, the Kashveti temple, as well as the parliament building.
  3. Former Noble Bank. An architecturally interesting building, within the walls of which today is the parliamentary library.
  4. Pantheon in Tbilisi in the Mtatsminda area
  5. Pantheon. One of the most important cultural and religious heritage of Georgia is located on Mount Mtatsminda. It is here that famous Georgian figures of science and art are buried and many monuments are concentrated.

To understand where it is better to stay in Tbilisi, it is important to compare the advantages and disadvantages of its areas. What is the area of ​​Mtatsminda good for?


Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi
Rustaveli Avenue
  • Proximity to Rustaveli Avenue
  • Proximity to the subway
  • The choice of hotels and restaurants is better than in neighboring areas
  • There are interesting places nearby
  • Center


  • Noisy and crowded
  • Heavy traffic
  • High prices


If you still have not decided where to stay in Tbilisi, then we suggest that you consider the Chugureti region, where you can stay inexpensively and comfortably. This is a calm area, remote from the center, vividly reflecting the cultural and spiritual diversity of the capital. The area is located 20 km from the international airport, the metro circulates here (Mardzhanishvili station), and recently restored central streets lure tourists with their architectural solutions. What is the best place to go to Chugureti?

David Agmashenebeli Avenue in the Chugureti region
Avenue of David Agmashenebeli
  1. Marjanishvili Square. Named after the famous Georgian playwright, the square was finally reconstructed in 2011 and today pleases tourists with its grandeur.
  2. Avenue Agmashenebeli. A 2 km long street with presentable architecture of a new generation is simply created for leisurely tourist walks.
  3. The famous Deserter Market in Tbilisi . Here you can always buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and Georgian cheeses.
  4. Shop “Wine Gallery”. Recommended for visiting all lovers of Georgian wine: in the store you can buy both bottled and draft wine of various varieties.
Shop "Wine Gallery"
Wine Gallery

Chugureti is the district of Tbilisi where tourists can be tired of noise and bustle. What other benefits does Chugureti demonstrate?

Chugureti district on the map


  • Proximity to the subway
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good selection of cafes
  • Variety of hotels where you can stay


  • Distance from the center
  • Few attractions
  • Far from the airport

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Sololaki is a small district in Tbilisi, located west of the Old City. It is located 20 km from the airport, and the Freedom Square became the nearest metro station. Although there are few places of interest in the area, it is valuable for its ancient architecture, which reveals authentic Tbilisi to tourists in the best possible way. To immerse yourself in its atmosphere, we recommend taking a walk along Lermontov and Georgy Leonidze Street, drop in a local restaurant and enjoy the delights of Georgian cuisine .

Sololaki District in Tbilisi

If you still doubt in which area in Tbilisi to stay for a vacation, we suggest you consider the advantages and disadvantages of Sololaki.


  • Large selection of restaurants and cafes
  • Cheap prices
  • Proximity to the Old Town and Mtatsminda
  • Few tourists


  • A selection of hotels where you can stay
  • No attractions
  • Decrepit buildings in Sololaki
  • Dilapidated buildings

We hope that after reading our article you will definitely understand where it is better for a tourist to stay in Tbilisi. After all, the choice of options is large enough and can satisfy the needs of even the most experienced traveler. The districts of Tbilisi, like small towns, differ from each other in their culture and history, prices and tourist services, but each of them bears a special value and mystery, which a tourist who has come to see here will have to solve.

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