Tourist’s guide to Ureki – Georgia resort with a magnetic sands beach

Ureki (Georgia) is one of the most popular resorts in the country, which is located in the west of the state. The visiting card of Ureki is a beach with unusual black magnetic sand, which, in addition to its interesting appearance, has healing properties. We will talk more about them in the article.

Beach with unusual
Black magnetic sand

General information

On the beach of Magnetti, Ureki

The city of Ureki is located in western Georgia, between two important port centers – Poti and Kobuleti. The main attraction of the village is its beach, nicknamed the Georgians Magnetti (from the word Magnetite).

Despite the fact that Ureki is just a village 50 km from Batumi, the local authorities are developing the infrastructure there at an accelerated pace: over the past decade, new hotels have been built and several large shops have opened. In summer, pop stars go there and organize concerts on the seashore. 

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However, despite all this, Ureki is a large village with cows and lots of mosquitoes. Therefore, before the trip, you must clearly understand where you are going.

The population of Ureki is 1,400 people. Most people work and live off the tourism industry.

Magnetic Sands Ureki

What are these magnetic sands?

Black sand beach

Magnetic sand in Ureki is the main, and perhaps the only attraction of the village. Despite the fact that there are many beaches with black sands in other countries (Costa Rica, Iceland, Bulgaria, the Philippines), only the black sand in Georgia is considered as a healing agent and is used for physiotherapeutic purposes. According to scientists, there are no analogues of Ureki beach anywhere in the world, because there the sand is highly magnetized (70%), and that is why it has healing properties.

What are the benefits of the sand?

 The healing properties of black sand were learned by chance. Previously, prisoners were sent there to work, and afterwards they noticed that even the most hopelessly sick people recovered. After this incident, the Georgian authorities began to advertise the healing properties of sand to develop the tourism industry. People are treated with black sand in special institutions known as Sanatoriums

Sanatorium Colchis

Today in Ureki there is only one sanatorium – Colchis. It treats people who have problems with:

  • heart and blood vessels
  • respiratory organs
  • musculoskeletal system
  • nervous system
  • various injuries.

But for those who suffer from asthma, tuberculosis, and also have malignant tumors and blood diseases, it’s better not to go there, since Ureki’s magnetic sands can only aggravate the disease.

The sanatorium pays attention to children

Particular attention in the sanatorium is given to children: those who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy can be treated there. The healing process takes place not only thanks to the magnetic sands of Ureki, but also thanks to the salty sea air on the Georgian coast and pine trees that grow near the sanatorium.

The great advantage of Ureki’s Georgian magnetic sands is that they do not act on only one single organ, but heal the person as a whole and improve their well-being, strengthen immunity and normalize biological processes.

Ureki Beach

Ureki beach, near a pine forest

Ureki beach is located on the Black Sea coast in Georgia. This is a great place to relax with the whole family: the water in the sea is clean and warm thanks to the wide sand spit near the beach. Photos of the Ureki beach are impressive: a large pine forest grows around the village. The water in the sea is transparent, but the beach cannot be called perfectly clean – there is garbage around which is not cleaned up very often. The most well-groomed sand strip is near the sanatorium.

Water slide on the beach of Ureki

The main feature of the sea near the village of Ureki is the almost complete absence of fish – the unusual properties of medicinal sand are not particularly liked by the inhabitants of the deep sea.

On the Georgian beach you can not only relax, but also have fun there. Like on the Batumi beach, one can ride a water scooter or a water slide. However, this is still a more secluded and calm place, so if your goal is entertainment, go to Batumi.

Weather around Ureki 

The swimming season in Ureki begins in late May (water temperature +18 ° C), and ends only in mid-October (water temperature 20 ° C).

The most favorable months for visiting Ureki are June-July. Daytime air temperature is within 25 to  28 ° C, water temperature is between  22 and 26 ° C, rains are rare, and the number of vacationers allows you to easily find free space on the beach.

Despite this, the largest number of vacationers is observed in mid-August: almost the entire local population is on vacation and does not miss the opportunity to soak up the hot sun. The air warms up to  28-29 ° C, and the sea – up to 27 ° C.

How to get to Ureki

Ureki is one of the stopping stations on the highway leading from Batumi to Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Borjomi. That is why you can get to the village by almost any transport going in this direction. Let’s take a closer look at how to get from Batumi to Ureki.

1. On the minibus

Minibuses at the bus station in Batumi

Minibus taxi is the most popular way of traveling with tourists in Georgia. The only negative is the lack of a schedule. But minibuses go quite often, so you will not be standing at the bus stop for more than 30 minutes. An important plus of fixed-route taxis going towards the Georgian city of Ureki – they stop at the stop you need, you just have to tell the driver where you want to get off. Buses and minibuses in the opposite direction – to Batumi – begin their journey from the central bus station.

A feature of Georgian transport is that along with official minibuses, there are also illegal ones: you can get to the right place very quickly and cheaply, but not always safely (drivers often consider themselves Formula 1 racers). If this does not scare you, then go to the bottom stop of the cable car – this is the favorite place of illegal cabmen (Gogebashvili St, Batumi). Travel time is about one and a half hours. The cost of travel with official carriers is 5 GEL.

2. By train

Railway station Ureki

The only option is to travel by train Batumi-Tbilisi. You can board it at one of the two Batumi stations – on Stary, in Makhinjauri and Novy – in the city center near the Tsaritsa Tamara highway.

The old station is not located in the city itself, so it can be reached by suburban minibus in 10-15 minutes. Departure time to the city of Ureki from Batumi is not the most convenient – 01:15, 07:30 and 18:55. Travel time is about one and a half hours. The issue price is 5 GEL.


We hope that our article on the village of Ureki (Georgia) inspired you to new adventures. Have a nice trip!





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