Tourist’s guide to Tbilisi markets – where to buy products, clothes, souvenirs

The capital of Georgia is a city with an oriental flavor, which is characterized by a large concentration of markets. The central market of Tbilisi is Deserter (Borjomi). Each bazaar is unique, has no analogues, here you can meet Tbilisi hospitality in abundance, chat enough. It is necessary to visit such atmospheric attractions in order … Read more

Where to go in Tbilisi – Tourist’s guide to Tbilisi’s attractions

There are many cities that everyone should definitely visit. And the main Georgian city is also among them! Mysterious, interesting, beautiful, hospitable – Tbilisi can charm literally at first sight. Local residents joke that even two days are not enough here to drink, have a snack and just talk. And it’s not enough for two … Read more

10 best restaurants in Tbilisi – a tourist’s guide to eating out in Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia hospitably welcomes guests, showing generosity, and cordially opens the doors of restaurants. Georgian cooks are rightfully recognized as culinary specialists from God, capable of preparing such a delicious dish that they can leave a bright, indelible mark on your memory. The best restaurants in Tbilisi are places where a unique atmosphere … Read more