What to See and do in Batumi

Batumi is an amazing city that meets all visitors not only with warm weather. There are many interesting places, various attractions and beaches the inspection of which is recommended to allocate a few days. If the voyager is just passing through the city, it is important for him to find out where to go and what to see in Batumi in the first place. Experienced tourists have compiled their own rating of attractions, with which everyone is invited to get acquainted. If a guest lingers in an atmospheric city for at least a week, he will be able to visit many places, but everyone else can choose sights for viewing on a city map at his own discretion.

Neptune Fountain on the Theater Square in Batumi

The most popular Batumi sights

1. Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium in Batumi

Deciding what to see in Batumi in the first place, all as one tourists choose the local dolphinarium on the map. This is a unique place, made in the shape of an elongated ellipse and somewhat reminiscent of a “flying saucer”. But the main still remain the participants of the show – dolphins and other marine life. The action taking place in front of visitors is exciting. Both adults and children will be delighted. During the performance, dolphins jump out of the water, play with balls, ride trainers, jump out of the water through rings, etc.

Performance at the dolphinarium in Batumi

Presentation is given twice a day – at 16 and 20 hours. Between seasons, performance can be given once every two to three days, and therefore it is recommended that you first find out the schedule of sessions. You must also worry about purchasing tickets in advance, as they are taken apart quickly. You can buy or reserve tickets on the website or contact the ticket office, which is open from 11 to 17 hours. Adults need to pay 15 GEL for the opportunity to attend the performance, children from 6 years old – 12. There is a unique opportunity to order swimming with dolphins for 60-160 GEL.

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2. Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard

An amazing beautiful place that stretches almost across the city. It is worth going to voyagers who took them to view the sights of Batumi for only a few days. All visitors are greeted by palm trees lined along the alleys and numerous benches for relaxation. Guests can rent bicycles and scooters with separate tracks. Batumi Boulevard has become a real Mecca for vacationers. Along paths and paths are various art objects, restaurants, cafes, snack bars, rental bicycles, scooters, mini-cars, etc.

3. Batumi Botanical Garden

Travel guides and maps suggest what to see in Batumi in 3 days. And necessarily among the attractions of the beautiful city is the Batumi Botanical Garden. This place, located on a hill of the city, is literally drowned in greenery. All visitors are met by entrancing air, silence and calm. To get to the botanical garden, you will need to climb a steep hill, which is not easy for older people, but trains run through the vast territory, because the movement will be comfortable.

Batumi Botanical Garden

This is one of the significant attractions of Batumi, where you need to go to all the guests of the country. The territory of the garden is impressive, which is visible on the map. It is comparable in size to several football fields. Travelers are advised to bring water with them, as stalls where you can buy a soft drink are not always open along the way and in the territory.

Palm trees in the Batumi Botanical Garden

Guests of this Batumi attraction are greeted by various species of conifers. Cypress trees grow here, a lot of citrus fruits, magnolias, eucalyptus trees, rhododendrons. In the spring, travelers will be greeted by a variegated variety of colors – from bright red and purple to delicate white and pink.

4. Monument to Ali and Nino

This is a unique architectural composition that slowly moves towards each other. In reality, the two figures – Ali and Nino – are slightly smaller than they appear in advertising booklets, but the action that unfolded before the visitors is worth the time spent on viewing. This landmark of Batumi is located directly opposite the Ferris wheel.

Monument to Ali and Nino

Initially, their location was different – they stood near the sea, but the elements posed a threat to the two statues, and therefore it was decided to move the sculpture to a safe place. There is a legend about the love of an Azerbaijani youth from a noble family and the Georgian princess, which this monument represents. All the watchers will have to be patient, as the figures move toward them rather slowly.

5. Europe Square (Batumi)

Europe Square

Clean and beautiful square, which seemed to be transferred to the map from the book of oriental tales. If you need to decide what to see in Batumi and the surrounding area after dark, this place is quite suitable for relaxation. In the square, all the buildings are beautifully illuminated. Bright illumination is constantly changing, there are many restaurants where you can dine with your family for only 30-50 GEL, ordering pizza and drinks (coffee, lemonade, beer). Local bands with Georgian dances and songs often perform in the square.

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6. Argo cableway

Argo cable car to Batumi

To view the sights of Batumi from a bird’s eye view, it is not necessary to book a flight over the city. There is a permanent cable car. Its travelers attribute to local attractions for a reason. It allows you to enjoy the beauties and look at the life of the city from a height. The cost of pleasure is low – only 15 GEL per person on both sides. However, you will have to climb the cable car on foot, because it is worth stocking up with a fair amount of patience.

7. Piazza Square (Batumi)

Piazza Square, Batumi

This is a real surprise, which seems to emerge from the old Georgian buildings of Batumi. When deciding with your family what to see and where to go to Batumi, do not miss this place. This is not an old attraction, but a remake, but still worth the attention of guests. Especially highly appreciated by Piazza fans of gourmet cuisine. On the square, one restaurant smoothly flows into another, but everything is very cultural and neat. Gourmets can enjoy a delicious dinner at the restaurant, which serves Italian, Georgian, European cuisine. Some establishments serve factory-made vintage chacha, while others serve great beer.

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May Park in Batumi

8. Park May 6

A well-groomed park is located in close proximity to the embankment (finding it on the map is quite simple). This place will be highly appreciated by visitors with young children, as there are small paths for leisurely walks, a small boat station, as well as a mini zoo, the zoo is also nearby. You can go here in the evening with the children, because the place is quiet, and in its very heart there is an unusual fountain, the stream of which beams as if from the ground and is held at three meters.

Nightly Alphabetic Tower

8. Alphabetic Tower

This is a high tower, it is not in vain for the sights of Batumi that are worth seeing. However, guests are advised to go here in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. The elevators will have to stand in line, for the rise you need to pay 8 GEL per one.

9. Astronomical Clock

Astronomical clock

This is an astronomical clock that shows the exact time and is located on the square of Europe. You can go here for those who want to look at the European Square, marked on the map. The building on which the clock is located is atmospheric. It conveys the European spirit and as if transfers tourists to Europe, and at the same time gives the opportunity to compare your watches.

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10. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Batumi

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Batumi

This is a real attraction of Batumi, which was erected at the beginning of the 20th century with the financing of the Zubalashvili brothers and then mapped. Catholics erected a building on the site of a drained pond. Today it is an Orthodox cathedral, which is made in the Gothic style. This is an unusual architectural building, which is worth the close attention of travelers. The believer will not miss this place, choosing what to see in Batumi and the surrounding area – the sights of the city include other Orthodox churches.

11. Kobuleti Beach

Kobuleti Beach

This is a beautiful beach, which is especially marked on the map of travelers who go to Batumi for sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Absolutely clean water touches the same neat and well-groomed beach, along the entire perimeter of which trestle beds, sunbeds, umbrellas are located. You can rent one such bed for a nominal fee – only 3-4 GEL. Numerous water attractions are offered here, but they do not prevent other vacationers from swimming.

12. Chacha Tower Fountain

Chachi fountain

Within walking distance from the port is the chacha tower. According to locals, earlier here at a certain time it was possible to drink a delicious drink – chacha – for free. As for architecture, this place is much like a building that stands in Izmir.

13. Museum of Fine Arts of Adjara (Batumi)

Museum of Fine Arts of Adjara

The inquisitive guest will certainly put the Museum of Fine Arts into the cognitive program. You can see and evaluate the paintings for only 2 GEL (per person), for a child you need to pay only 0.50 GEL. The building is two-story, you can get around it in half an hour. There are both permanent and temporary exhibitions in the territory. It’s worth going to the museum at least to appreciate the work of Pirosmani and Gudiashvili.

Attractions nearby Batumi

1. Bridge and waterfall Makhuntseti

Mahuntseti Bridge

Guests who travel to Georgia want not only to look at the old buildings, but also to feel the atmosphere of these places, in something wild and independent. That is why the voyagers choose unique natural attractions on the map of Batumi, which only partially ennobled people. To enjoy the natural beauty, you need to take a map with you and go outside the city – to Adjara, where the Makhuntseti Waterfall is located. You can get here by car or spend 2 GEL per person to get by minibus – on the 77 bus of the bus station.

Mahuntseti Waterfall

Many excursion programs include this place in their route, which captures and inspection of the Makhuntseti bridge, which has not been disassembled and has not been restored for hundreds of years. In warm weather, it makes sense to take off your shoes and go into the river, the water here is not cold. Numerous stalls have been deployed along the river and near the waterfall, where tourists can buy souvenirs. There are also small cafes and restaurants that offer local cuisine.

2. Gonio Apsar Fortress

Gonio Apsar Fortress

You can explore the entire fortress, the excavations and the study of which are still underway, in half an hour. That is why this attraction is often included in other tourist routes. Already now you can appreciate the power of this place by the fragments of walls that are revealed to the world. Despite the fact that the place is old, there are no prohibition signs and strict supervision. This gives travelers the opportunity to even climb the walls of the fortress, but this solution is extreme, since there is no railing here. The fortress is permeated with the spirit of History. The cost of visiting is low – 3 GEL per person.

3. Amusement park “Tsitsinatela” (Kobuleti)

Amusement park "Tsitsinatela"

This is a great experience park. People come here when you want to spend active time and explore many of Batumi’s sights along the way. The Ferris wheel works here, which you should go to in the evening to get an opportunity to explore the place when the sun illuminates the city with the last rays of the sun. The park begins to work from 18 hours. Prices are quite reasonable: for an adult, a ride on a merry-go-round will cost 5–10 GEL, for a child –– 1-3 GEL. Slot machines are even cheaper – at 0.50 GEL per game.

The above details about Batumi allow you to create your own route, which can be compressed to three days or extended for a week. The city of Batumi is atmospheric, it is permeated with history, but at the same time it acquires a European look. It has something for everyone.

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