A detailed description of Batumi beaches and which one to choose

If you decide to travel to the Black Sea in Georgia, then you must  explore its resorts and decide which one suits you best. Of course, one of the most popular tourist cities in the country today is Batumi. A wide selection of accommodation and restaurants, attractions for every taste, numerous recreational activities – all these things have made the resort incredibly popular. Beaches in Batumi  are distinguished by a developed infrastructure, offering everything one needs for a comfortable stay. It is noteworthy that the entrance to the beach areas of the city is free, and you only need to pay to use their amenities. In this article, we will describe in detail the most famous beaches of Batumi and give you some useful recommendations for visiting them.

Batumi beach

Central beach

Among the best beaches in Batumi is the Central beach, which stretches for a distance of about 7 km. For the most part, the coast there is quite spacious, its width is on average 30-50 m. In this area there are about a dozen different beaches, which are combined into one central beach. All of them are covered with large pebbles. Conventionally, the main coast of Batumi can be divided into 4 zones:

1. Suburban area

The Suburban area of the beach is located near the Opera House, and its main visitors are locals and vacationers who have rented houses nearby. There is no infrastructure on the shore. In addition, the roadway stretches parallel to the coast. You will not find a wide selection of cafes there. This is one of the narrowest parts of the central beach, the width of which is no more than 20 m.

Suburban Beach

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2. Central zone

Shower and dressing room

The Central zone is most popular part of the beach and is characterized by cleanliness and grooming. The coast is quite long and wide (about 40 m), therefore, despite the large flow of tourists, there is enough space for everyone. On the beach one can relax on a towel or rent a sunbed with an umbrella. Rental price varies from 2 to 4 GEL. Restrooms are installed along the entire coastline. There are showers on the territory (the price of which is 1 GEL), and changing rooms (0.50 GEL).

Central beach area

The central zone is ideal for families with children, because the entrance to the sea is gentle and the water is clear. There are practically no waves in the summer season. Along the coast, restaurants and cafes can be seen in abundance, numerous shops also operate there. A clear minus of the beach is the lack of culture of holidaymakers themselves. In the morning, the central zone looks like a paradise, perfectly clean and tidy. But after lunch, the coast is littered with cigarette butts and bottles. Nevertheless, the beach can be called one of the best in Batumi.

3. New boulevard area

The beach is located in the new part of Batumi and begins at the point where Rustaveli Avenue goes into Khimshiashvili Street. The area is somewhat remote from the center, so it is not very popular with travelers. The coast there is quite spacious, with a width of about 30 m. But here the entrance to the sea is steep in places, so one must walk around this beach carefully. The infrastructure there is inferior to the infrastructure of the central zone, but the main amenities are still provided: rental of sun loungers (2-4 GEL), changing cabins (0.5 GEL), shower (1 GEL).

Near the New Boulevard Area there is a water park and the famous singing fountains. In between beach vacations, one can stroll along the boulevard, decorated with fountains and statues. Several cafes are located nearby. However, the beach has one significant drawback: there are river currents, which often carry garbage, which makes the water in the sea dirty and muddy.

Walk along the boulevard
Walk along the boulevard

4. Wild Area

The beach is located near the airport of the city of Batumi, in a sparsely populated area, so it is almost always empty. It will suit tourists who put peace and solitude above all else. The coastline is about 30 m wide. There is no infrastructure there; you will not find restaurants nearby. The water in the sea is unclear, and the entry into it is uneven. All these factors make the beach one of the less popular beaches in Batumi.

Wild zone

Green cape

While looking at the photos of this beach in Butami, one will be struck by the picturesque landscape, literally drowning in greenery. The coast stretches almost 14 km northeast of the city of Batumi in the area of ​​the Botanical Garden. The length of the pebble coast is about 1.5 km, and the width reaches 30 m. Beautiful views of the city and picturesque sea views open from the beach. In the water on the blocks from the breakwater, mussels live, which are actively collected by tourists and fried at the stake.

Green cape

Cape Verde or Green cape offers all the necessary amenities. Hire of sunbeds with umbrellas there will cost 5 GEL. There is a cafe on the territory, there is a shop with drinks and snacks. There is also an old bridge from where one can dive into the water. It is noteworthy that another miniature beach hid behind the cliffs, no more than 300 m long can also be seen there. In general, there are few vacationers on the Cape Verde, the water in the sea is clean with a greenish tint, and the surrounding nature harmoniously complements the spa scene. To diversify your vacation, you can combine your visit to Green cape with a trip to the Botanical Garden. Many tourists claim that Cape Verde is one of the best beaches in the city of Batumi.

Botanical Garden


The village of Gonio, located 12 km from the city, is a frequently visited resort. An ancient fortress and a neat beach stretch can be seen there. Its length is about 2 km. The southern part is more crowded and equipped, and the northern is a wilderness, where tourists do not recommend going. The coastal cover, as almost everywhere in Batumi, consists of large pebbles; it is generally comfortable to enter the sea. On the equipped territory, tourists can rent an umbrella (3 lari) and a deck chair (2 lari).

Gonio Beach

The southern part of Gonio Beach is clean, safe and has a clear sea. Hotels stretch along the coast, there are cafes and restaurants aswell. Due to its remoteness from the city of Batumi, it is quite uninhabited and calm, and some find it completely dull and deserted. You will not find any entertainment here. Gonio is more suitable for a secluded family vacation.


Photos of the beach and the city of Batumi in Georgia are unlikely to give you a complete picture of all the coastal corners of the resort. Many tourists simply lose sight of one of the most picturesque and comfortable beaches called Kvariati. It is located in the village of the same name, 15 km south-west of the city. The pebbled coast stretches for a distance of 1000 m. Kvariati is located at the foot of the mountains, the slopes of which are dotted with eucalyptus trees and the area is famous for its rich underwater world, due to which diving is very popular in the village.

Kvariati Beach

Kvariati offers a developed infrastructure, including a number of cafeterias and restaurants. On the beach you will find the necessary amenities – toilets and changing rooms. One can also rent sun loungers with umbrellas. The area is characterized by cleanliness and well-groomed. There are no river currents, so the water in the sea is clear, without debris. One of the advantages of the beach is its distance from the highway: due to this, the place is quiet and calm. Only its northern tip comes close to the roadway, so you should not rest there. And all lovers of secluded beach vacations are advised to find an island for themselves at the foot of local cliffs, where it is usually deserted.

Hotels on Kvariati Beach


This is another famous Batumi beach in Georgia, located on the Turkish-Georgian border. It is located 25 km from the city in the village of Sarpi, famous for its church of St. Andrew the First-Called and a waterfall. The coastline stretches for 600 m, and its width in some sections reaches 40 m. The entire territory of the beach is covered with pebbles, the bottom is uneven, the depth grows quite sharply. But the water in the sea is very clean, because most mountain rivers flow closer to the city of Batumi. On Sarpi beach, you can often see large waves, so the place is not suitable for relaxing with small children.

Sarpi Beach
Sarpi Beach

On the territory of Sarpi one can find toilets, paid showers and changing rooms. At the box office you can rent a sunbed for an hour (1 lari) or for a whole day (3-5 lari). In summer, the beach has a bar, but many establishments are located across the road. Diving enthusiasts will definitely appreciate this place: after all, there are two cliffs 2 meters and 5 meters high, which are actively used by vacationers as a springboard. The main disadvantage of the area is its proximity to customs, which creates an endless rush of transport on the roadway. So it’s definitely not possible to relax in silence. But in general, Sarpi is one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches not only in the city of Batumi, but throughout Georgia.

Springboard for jumping

Useful Tips

If you liked the photos of the beach and the city of Batumi, and you are almost ready to go to the resort, then the advice of tourists who have already visited the place will definitely come in handy.

Georgian alphabet tower
Alphabet Tower
    1. Many travelers claim that the cleanest and most comfortable piece of the central beach of Batumi is located opposite the tower with the Georgian alphabet. It is best to go there in the morning, when not many people have gathered, and cleanliness and comfort reigns around.
    2. All the beaches of the city can be reached by public transport (buses and minibuses). Numerous taxis also work for tourists, the cost of travel is very affordable. The cheapest way is to call a taxi through special applications.
    3. If the main purpose of your trip to the city of Batumi is a beach vacation, then it is best to go on a trip from July to September. At this time you will catch the warmest sea, and you will hardly see rains.
    4. Do not look for hotels and apartments on the first line in Batumi, there simply aren’t any.
Silicone slippers

5. If you would like to save on rental housing in the city, we recommend that you look for options in the area of ​​New Boulevard. Firstly, the beach is very close, and secondly, the area is located close to the center and the main attractions.

6. Since most of the beaches in the city and the environs of Batumi are pebble, it is not very convenient to move around the stones here. So we advise you to purchase special silicone slippers in advance.

7. Do not be afraid to buy goods from merchants on the beaches of Batumi. Often they offer products at the same price that they can be purchased at neighboring stores and shops.


The beaches of Batumi are diverse, have their pros and cons, but every tourist will definitely find a place to their liking. Well, you can relax both on the central coast of the city and in the surrounding areas. You just have to correctly prioritize and choose the best option for yourself.

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