Where to go in Tbilisi – Tourist’s guide to Tbilisi’s attractions

There are many cities that everyone should definitely visit. And the main Georgian city is also among them! Mysterious, interesting, beautiful, hospitable – Tbilisi can charm literally at first sight. Local residents joke that even two days are not enough here to drink, have a snack and just talk. And it’s not enough for two weeks to visit all the capital’s sights! But where to go to Tbilisi, if time is running out? Here is a list of the most beautiful memorable places. Going to the press tour !?

Tbilisi, Georgia

Sulfur baths Abanotubani

Sulfur hot spring baths located underground are the hallmark of the city and one of its most striking sights. At one time, A.S. himself bathed in them. Pushkin, who considered this place the best of all that he had been to.

Sulfur baths Abanotubani

The baths, reminiscent of the scenery for the film about Central Asia, are assembled in a single place and covered with a huge dome. The most popular are the Royal Baths and Orbeliani – on occasion, go not only to look at them, but to take a steam bath.

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A visit to the bathhouse for 4 people for 2 hours will cost 180 GEL.


Mosque in Tbilisi

A little farther than the sulfur baths is the only mosque in the city. It was built by the Ottomans in the early 18th century. Like most city buildings, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Locals claim that representatives of two different Islamic directions (Sunnis and Shiites) offer prayers here together, which is extremely rare.

Note! The blue building with ornament is a bathhouse, and the building of the mosque is made of red brick with a minaret.

Address: 32 Botanical St, Abanatumani, Tbilisi.

Narikala Fortress

Perhaps this is the oldest historical monument not only of the city, but of the whole country. Locals call him “heart and soul and Tbilisi.” Narikala fortress rises on the town of Mtatsminda, from where a magnificent panorama of the city streets and natural landscapes opens. The citadel was built at the end of the 4th century. Over its centuries-old history, it has survived numerous natural disasters and wars, because little has been preserved in it to this day.

Narikala Fortress, Tbilisi
Church of St. George
Church of St. George

The fortress has never been restored – now it is in its original form. On the territory of the monument is the church of St. George, renovated in 2004. Its walls are decorated with preserved frescoes. Near the fortress lies the botanical garden of Tbilisi.

Most tourists climb to the sights for the sake of the observation deck, which offers a good view of Tbilisi.

  • You can climb to the fortress either by cable car for 2 GEL, or on foot.
  • View the interior of the temple is free.

Turtle Lake

Want to enjoy beautiful landscapes and spend time with good use? Then go to Turtle Lake! This small pond is located near the town of Mtatsminda. Previously, a large number of turtles lived in the lake, which explains its name.

Turtle Lake, Tbilisi

Now there is a cozy pebble beach equipped here – a favorite vacation spot for locals and tourists. Mountain streams flow into Turtle Lake, so the water here is incredibly clear. You can even consider the inhabitants of the reservoir, floating along the bottom.

  • On the lake you can ride a catamaran. Cost – 15 GEL / 30 minutes.
  • You can get to the sights by bus from the city center, and then transfer to the funicular from Waki ​​Park, paying 1 GEL.

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral

Tsminda Sameba

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity or Tsmind Sameba Cathedral, which is a huge temple complex. This symbol of modern Georgia is visible from all over the city. The construction of the Cathedral lasted for 9 years and ended in 2004. After the consecration, it became one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world and the largest in Georgia. Its area is more than 5 thousand square meters. m., height – 98 m, and the capacity of parishioners – 15 thousand people!

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral Park

The surrounding landscape is a garden with beautiful flowers, pheasants freely walking along the paths, a clean pond with swans – this is an obligatory place where you need to go to Tbilisi! On the territory of the temple is a monastery, bell towers, theological seminaries, chapels and academies. The main pride of Tsmind Sameba Cathedral is the handwritten Bible, preserved from ancient times. Now in the temple is the residence of the Georgian patriarch.

  • Open attraction from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Located on the hill of St. Elijah, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Old city

Old City, Tbilisi

The history of this area dates back more than one century, and therefore causes genuine interest among tourists around the world. As you can see in the photo of the Old Town of Tbilisi, the streets of this place have preserved their medieval look to this day. Like many years ago, they still loop around clay and brick buildings, and 2-story houses are decorated with the same terraces, wrought-iron staircases and carved loggias twined with vine.

Time has stopped here! The old city is saturated with a special atmosphere, because it preserved a lot of old houses and religious shrines. You just have to visit here!

By the way, tourists often stop in this area of ​​Tbilisi, and whether this is the best choice or whether it is worth settling elsewhere, read here .

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Sioni Church

Sioni Cathedral

Another temple located in the historical part of the Georgian capital. Sioni Temple was erected in the 6-7 centuries, but during this time it was destroyed many times and rebuilt again. What remains to our times is the construction of the 13th century. The church is interesting not only for its architecture, but also for the relics that are stored in it. The most important of them can be called the cross of St. Nina, which existed even during the baptism of Georgia.

Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square

Shota Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, the main street of this city, stretches from Freedom Square to the metro station of the same name. It is in this vibrant and incredibly beautiful place that the heart of the capital’s life beats. Museums, cinemas, theaters, wineries, shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes – you will definitely not be bored! Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle – take a walk under the shadow of spreading plane trees or just sit in the pedestrian zone.

Shota Rustaveli Avenue

Tourists also like this avenue because from here you can get to any area without crowding in a stuffy subway. Fans of art have also chosen it.

Freedom Square

The avenue ends with Freedom Square. As in all the cities of the former Union, a monument to Ilyich once stood on this square. Now it is decorated with a column with St. George, who kills a snake. Also on the Freedom Square are administrative offices and the Marriott Hotel. Since ancient times, various gatherings and celebrations have been held at this place.

Vorontsov Palace

Vorontsov Palace, Tbilisi

If you carefully look at the photo of Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, surrounded by gardens you can easily notice a wonderful palace – the oldest local attraction. The palace building is impressive in size – it has a large number of rooms and halls. They not only lived in a very noble family, but also held balls, formal meetings, social events, ceremonies and negotiations. Each room of the Thieves’ Palace has a finish corresponding to its purpose – a luxurious design for festivities and a strict one for work.

Memorial “History of Georgia”

Memorial "History of Georgia"

This grand ensemble was erected in 2003. The memorial project “History of Georgia” was created by Zurab Tsereteli, a talented Georgian architect. The monument consists of 16 huge columns, decorated with important historical events and portraits of people who left a significant mark in the history of Georgia. Also here you can see the figures of famous historical characters. The memorial is located on a certain elevation – it offers a wonderful view of the sea and the city.

Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge in Tbilisi

Peace Bridge in Tbilisi, created by the joint efforts of the French illuminator and Italian architect, is located near the central park. Futuristic structure connects the modern and ancient part of the city. It is incredibly beautiful at night. Illuminated by thousands of colorful lights, the bridge shines on the whole city and seems to hang over the waters of Mtkvari. And considering that it is almost all glass, the spectacle promises to be really impressive!

Presidential palace

From the Bridge of Peace offers a wonderful view of the Presidential Palace. The palace building, built during President Mikheil Saakashvili, is located in the historic district of Tbilisi. It is best to admire this object at dusk when the illumination of the glass dome turns on. Interestingly, it could not have been, if not for the work of the Italian architect, who completed the construction of the palace.

Presidential palace

To get into the glass dome, you must first leave a request on the official website. If your candidacy is approved, you will fall into the holy of holies. Can you imagine what kind of view opens from there ?!

Monument to Mother Kartli

Mother of Georgia or Mother Kartli in Tbilisi is another important symbol of the Georgian capital, located on Sololaki Hill. The monument, erected for the 1500th anniversary of the city, was first wooden. Then it was replaced with an aluminum copy, to which later modern decorative elements were added.

Kartli's mother in Tbilisi

The height of the statue is 20 meters, so it can be seen from all points of the city. The composition perfectly symbolizes the mentality of the Georgians. In one hand, Kartli, ready to defend her people from enemies, holds a huge sword. In the other, he holds a cup filled with wine to greet friends. In the evening, the monument turns on the backlight. A path from the Narikala fortress leads to the statue, so it will be convenient to go see both sights.

Puppet Theater Rezo Gabriadze
Puppet Theater Rezo Gabriadze

You could learn about the Georgian director Rezo Gabriadze from the films “Mimino” and “Kin-dza-dza”. He also created a theater in which puppet dolls play roles. This pearl of Tbilisi, made in the form of an unusual house with a clock tower, is located in the heart of the capital. Unfortunately, the capacity of the theater is quite small, but there are an incredible amount of people who want to attend its performances, so tickets must be bought in advance.

Attraction address: 26 Shavteli St., Tbilisi.

Funicular in Tbilisi

The funicular in Tbilisi is one of the oldest – its age is about two hundred years! After the accident, he stayed for a long time under reconstruction, and in 2013 he reopened for guests and local residents. There is only one stop on the way to the funicular – near the church of St. David. Here is another cult place – the Pantheon or the cemetery of writers, where famous poets, writers and other cultural figures are buried.

Writers Cemetery

If you want to know the Pantheon better, walk to it on foot, and only then transfer to the funicular and follow to the main destination – Mtatsminda Amusement Park.

  • The funicular runs until 2 a.m.
  • To visit it, you will need a special plastic card, which costs 2 GEL and you need to replenish it by 2.5 GEL for traveling in one direction. The card itself can be used indefinitely and for any number of people.
Mtatsminda Park
Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi

The list of the main attractions of Tbilisi could not do without this legendary place. This most visited tourist attraction is at the same time the highest observation deck, and the largest park with many attractions, several restaurants and cafes. Perhaps, it is from here that the best view of the capital of Georgia opens.

Wheel of review

Most of the swings in the park are for children. Adults will surely enjoy the Ferris wheel. With the onset of twilight, it becomes even more beautiful thanks to the successful illumination both in the park itself and in the city, spread out below. Experienced tourists recommend visiting Mtatsminda in the afternoon, in order to have time to enjoy the sunset.

FUNICULAR Restaurant in Mtatsminda Park

On the observation deck is a two-story restaurant. The ground floor serves Georgian cuisine. The prices here are quite acceptable, but too crowded, and on weekends there are practically no empty seats. The second floor is reserved for high and expensive European cuisine. This restaurant is rightly considered one of the best in Tbilisi.

You can find the attraction on Chonkadze Street. You can climb here on the funicular, which was discussed earlier.

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Anchiskhati Church

Anchiskhati Church in Tbilisi, located in the Old Town, is considered the most ancient of the remaining shrines. It was built in honor of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary at the beginning of the 6th century. For two hundred years, the legendary icon of the Savior from Anchi was kept here, which is now on display at the Museum of Art. By the way, the church owes her name to her.

Anchiskhati Church

The temple is a beautiful rectangular building, made in the best traditions of Palestinian architecture. Its doors are decorated with a cross made by the hands of St. Nino, and a stone medallion, preserved from 522, is carved on the western facade. The arches and upper parts of the temple were reconstructed in the 17th-19th centuries. Anchiskhati is still active. Now in it you can listen to the singing of the best Georgian choristers.

  • Address: Loane Shavteli, Tbilisi.
  • If you want to get into the service, come to 16:00.
Flea Market Dry Bridge

What to see and where to go in Tbilisi? Do not ignore the flea market known throughout the country – you can find it near the Dry Bridge. Here you can buy almost everything! True, there are no vintage items here. The main assortment is represented by Soviet or slightly earlier goods.

Flea Market Dry Bridge

The history of this place is surprising in its simplicity. When the difficult period came after Georgia left the USSR, the locals began selling everything they could. Over the years, life in Tbilisi has improved, but tradition has remained.

You can read more about the Dry Bridge and other Tbilisi markets in this article .

Concert Hall in Rike Park

The original structure, made in the form of two jugs, is comfortably located in the territory of Rike Park. The theater building, designed by Massimiliso Fuchsas, is made of metal and glass.

Rike Park

The opinion of local residents about this attraction is ambiguous. Some consider it very beautiful and organically fit into the landscape. Others do not like this design at all. Be that as it may, it is worth admiring this miracle of architectural thought.


The following photos describing the sights of Tbilisi demonstrate Metekhi – the ancient district of the city. Translated from the dialect, this word means “the vicinity of the palace”, because earlier this settlement surrounded the residence of Georgian kings. Scientists claim that it was on this place that the first settlements of people were located. The region itself is shrouded in mystery – according to legend, some saint died here with a martyrdom.

Metekhi Temple and the monument to Vakhtang Gorgasali

Until our time, several churches and castles remained in Metekhi, the oldest of which is the temple of Our Lady of Sorrows. The shrine, built in the 12th century, survived more than one destruction, but each time rose from the ashes. Now we can see the latest reconstruction dating back to the 17th century. The holy relics of Georgian great martyrs are stored on the territory of this temple, therefore it is included in the list of cultural objects that are under state protection.

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Birtvisi Canyons

This is a real miracle of nature, towering over the surroundings of the Georgian capital. The most beautiful natural zone combines majestic cliffs and diverse subtropical vegetation. There are several historical monuments in Birtvisi, the main place among which is occupied by the ruins of an ancient fortress. Built on impassable cliffs, this fortress was an important defense point. Its walls remained impregnable even during the Mongol raids.

Birtvisi Canyons

The attraction is not in the city itself, but 80 km southwest of Tbilisi. Getting here on your own is not easy: first you need to take a minibus to the village of Partskhisi, and from there go 2 km along the road and 3.5 along the hiking trail. It will be more rational to go and see this place with a guided tour.

Prices on the page are for April 2018.

Now you know where to go in Tbilisi. Do not waste time in vain – go to this amazing city and fully enjoy its heritage!

All Tbilisi sights described in the article are marked on the map in Russian.

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