10 best restaurants in Tbilisi – a tourist’s guide to eating out in Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia hospitably welcomes guests, showing generosity, and cordially opens the doors of restaurants. Georgian cooks are rightfully recognized as culinary specialists from God, capable of preparing such a delicious dish that they can leave a bright, indelible mark on your memory. The best restaurants in Tbilisi are places where a unique atmosphere reigns – live music, original interior, cultural and entertainment program.

Choosing where to eat in Tbilisi, consider some of the nuances. The price range in most restaurants is the same, exceptions are the category of the most hyped establishments.

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Restaurants to visit in Tbilisi

Good restaurants in Tbilisi are not just Georgian cuisine, but unique culinary masterpieces framed by the original interior styling and complemented by heady, slightly tart wine.

Rating of restaurants in Tbilisi

  1. Funicular (Funicular)
  2. Tsiskvili (Tsiskvili)
  3. Barbarestan (Barbarestan)
  4. Kakhelebi (Kakhelebi)
  5. Georgian House
  6. Tavaduri (Tavaduri)
  7. In the shadow of Metekhi
  8. Shuchman
  9. Organique Josper Bar (Organic Restaurant)
  10. Gabriadze (Gabriadze)

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Funicular Restaurant, Tbilisi

Want to be above the Georgian capital? Visit one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi – Funicular (Funicular). You can get here by funicular and enjoy the excellent taste of dishes of national and European cuisines. The complex has recently been restored and today the institution is rightfully recognized as a symbol of the city. An obvious advantage of the restaurant is the high quality of the cuisine, each dish is prepared expertly and with soul. If you are looking for a place in Georgia where your eyes will enjoy and admire the soul, think about the Funicular restaurant.

The price level is slightly higher than the average in the city, hearty and tasty meal will cost about 50 GEL or $ 20.

The restaurant’s menu will satisfy the culinary needs of the most demanding gourmets. Once here, try khachapuri, lobio, khinkali, mushrooms with suluguni, veal, carpaccio, duck with dogwood sauce, lamb with couscous.

  • Location: the second floor of the Funicular complex, Mtatsminda plateau, Tbilisi.
  • Opening hours – daily from 13-00 to 00-00.

Tsiskvili Restaurant, Tbilisi

The Tsiskvili restaurant occupies a special place on the map of Tbilisi, since the amazing nature and national cuisine of Georgia are intertwined here in an unusual way . The interior is decorated with a natural waterfall with a mill, a picturesque rock and a variety of ancient objects. In the evenings, national live music sounds are performed by professional dancers.

The restaurant complex has several halls, each of which impresses with its luxury and unique atmosphere. Sanadimo Hall is a fusion of modern and ancient architecture. Museum exhibits are presented here; staff works in national costumes. The East Hall allows you to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the East, breathe in the scent of a hookah and enjoy the scenery of the Kura River.

The place is not cheap, good food here will cost 50 GEL or $ 20.

Particularly noteworthy on the menu are kupaty, fried trout, veal skewers, pastries with cheese.

  • Address: Beliashvili street, Right Embankment r. Hens, Tbilisi.
  • The restaurant is open daily from 9-00 to 3-00.

Restaurant Barbarestan, Tbilisi

The list of 10 best restaurants in Tbilisi includes Barbarestan – an institution based on historical heritage. The menu contains recipes for the Georgian Princess Barbara Dzhordzhadze, who was not only an excellent connoisseur of culinary mysteries, but also a poet and publicist. The woman embodied her talent in every dish, and the restaurant owners managed to adapt the culinary preferences of the princess to modern realities.

The room occupies two floors, the first floor captivates with silence and a sense of family warmth, on the second floor there is a more lively atmosphere. The style of the restaurant fully reflects his mood.

The restaurant’s pricing policy is designed for fairly wealthy visitors. Eating here costs an average of 80 GEL or $ 30.

The restaurant’s menu is composed mainly of vegetarian dishes – salads, snacks. However, refreshments are also provided for meat lovers – duck with quince, khinkali.

  • The restaurant is located within walking distance from the Mardzanishvili metro station at the address: 132 David Agmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi, 0112.
  • You can visit the institution daily from 10-00 to 00-00.


After a trip to Tbilisi, many tourists call this place legendary and the best for an atmospheric and tasty dinner. The restaurant is located near the airport. For ten years of existence, high-ranking politicians and famous stars of show business have had lunch and dinner here. The appearance of the building may seem simple and unprepossessing, but just go inside and do not want to leave it.

The probability of finding an empty seat in a restaurant is close to zero, so it is better to book a table in advance. Do not try to study the menu, trust the experience and skill of the waiters. Only a few questions and the waiter will accurately determine which treats may interest and delight you. Wine is selected in accordance with the main dishes. In the kitchen, cooks use products grown on the restaurant’s own farm.

To eat hearty in a restaurant will require an average of 80 GEL or $ 30.

What is better to eat here? Order a restaurant specialty – stewed kid in tomato sauce with khachapuri with three varieties of cheese. Incredibly tasty here they cook pork fillet, veal cutlets. Original jam made from watermelon and walnut peels is served with tea. Children will surely be delighted with churchkhela and honey nuts.

  • Address: Saknavtobi street, 2.
  • Kakhelebi Restaurant in Tbilisi is open daily from 10-00 to 00-00.

Restaurant Georgian House in Tbilisi

The restaurant opened in 2013 in the old city on the left bank of the Kura River. The Georgian house is a place where national traditions are collected, a welcoming atmosphere reigns, pleasant music sounds. Tourists who have been here call it a salon-type restaurant. Here are ideal conditions for a romantic dinner and business meeting. Alilo ensemble acquaints visitors with the unique Georgian folklore and the works of Georgian authors. The cultural and entertainment program consists of songs from movies, fiery dances, and saxophonist performances. Guests are comfortably accommodated in the stylish hall or in the courtyard of the restaurant.

The pricing policy is more than democratic – on average, for a hearty tasty lunch or dinner, you will have to pay 15 GEL or just $ 6.

The best you can try in a Georgian house is lobio, khachapuri, kebab with tkemali sauce, khinkali. If you decide to order strudel, get ready – they will bring you a huge portion, the fragrant dessert is hardly placed in a plate.

  • Restaurant address: Tsabadze St., 2, Tbilisi.
  • Opening hours: from 9-00 to 2-00.


Let it not bother you that there are not many reviews on this place on the Internet. Real connoisseurs of culinary art are well aware of Tavaduri without loud, advertising slogans. Despite the impressive area of ​​the halls, there are no empty seats even on a weekday. You need to book a table in advance. The restaurant is remarkable not only for its colorful, delicious cuisine, but, above all, for its incredibly lively atmosphere. If you like to have fun, feeling the mood of the wedding, Tavaduri is waiting for you. When going to a restaurant, remember that in sneakers and comfortable sportswear you will not be allowed inside.

A delicious dinner in a restaurant will cost you an average of 50 GEL or $ 20.

Be sure to order lamb kebabs, cheese cooked in clay pans, Georgian national bread and lemonade cooked in a secret recipe.

  • Address: left bank of the Kura River, Mayakovsky Street 2/4, Tbilisi. Nearby is the picturesque Mushtaid Park.
  • Tavaduri Restaurant in Tbilisi is open daily from 16-00 to 2-00.

“In the shadow of Metekhi”

This is a unique institution where you can enjoy the incredible landscape of the ancient fortress of Narikala and pamper your taste buds. If you want to escape from everyday hustle and bustle with Georgian flair, come to the restaurant “In the Shade of Metekhi”. It honors national traditions, according to which each guest should not only be fed, but also in a good mood.

In the evenings, the restaurant has an ensemble of national song and dance. You can watch and listen to the speech endlessly, forgetting about problems and fatigue. If you want peace and quiet, choose a table on the veranda, which offers a unique view of the Kura River.

The average cost of a dinner is 80 GEL or $ 30.

You can definitely eat in this place: satsivi, lobio, khachapuri, rich soup and aromatic barbecue will not leave you hungry.

  • “In the Shadow of Metekhi” is located near the Avlabari metro station at the address: 29-A Tsamebuli passage, Tbilisi.
  • The restaurant doors are open from 12-00 to 00-00.

Wine bar restaurant Shuhman

If you want to try real Georgian wine, come to the Shukhman bar-restaurant. Attentive waiters will offer amazing desserts and the best, truly original, dishes to the drinks. Undoubtedly, the “highlight” of the restaurant is a treat with liquid nitrogen.

Own-made wines are presented in Shuhman, an exquisite aroma and a deep bouquet of a national drink await you. If you wish, you can try wine in a restaurant or buy a few bottles to take with you. There are not many tables in the room, so it is better to reserve seats in advance. The atmosphere is complemented by live music – the girl plays the violin or ethno-jazz sounds.

The pricing policy of the institution is quite democratic. Rest here costs an average of 25 GEL or $ 10.

As for the menu, there are no traditional Georgian dishes, European cuisine prevails. The wines are made according to old Georgian recipes.

  • Address: 8 Sioni Street, Tbilisi. Not far from the restaurant is Sioni Church.
  • Here you can eat from 11-00 to 23-30 (restaurant hours).

Shukhman is located in an area where there is something to see in Tbilisi , so his visit can be conveniently combined with sightseeing.

Organic Restaurant

If you want to visit a restaurant where everything is done exactly as you need, visit the Organique Josper Bar, an organic restaurant in Tbilisi. This place is organic in every sense – a tasty and safe menu, the predominance of natural materials in the interior, soft lighting. The first floor of the restaurant seems small, but, rising to the second floor, you find yourself in a spacious hall.

Good food here is expensive, but the service and the level of cuisine fully justify the cost. The average bill is about 80 GEL or $ 30.

The menu contains the best dishes of Georgian and European cuisine. Try steaks, a warm vegetable salad and, of course, dessert. Desserts are prepared here perfectly, boldly choose any – you will not lose.

  • Address: Bambis Riga street, 12. This is a busy area of ​​the city where tourists often choose to stay.
  • Doors for guests are open from 11-00 to 23-00.

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Atmospheric cafe Gabriadze

The rating of the best restaurants of national cuisine in Tbilisi, of course, includes the institution of Gabriadze. This is an incredibly atmospheric place located next to the Gabriadze Theater. The guests are located in three cozy rooms, and at the entrance of visitors they are greeted by the bronze Chizhik Pyzhik. The interior of the cafe is a creation of Rezo Gabriadze himself, everything here was created according to his sketches. Ceramic panels adorn the bar, wine bottles decorated with phrases from the famous films “Mimino”, “Kin-Dza-Dza.”

The prices in the cafe are quite high, one dinner costs on average 50 GEL or $20.

The menu offers traditional Georgian dishes made with the best products. Be sure to try rich soups with fragrant pastries, delicious pickles, enjoy the taste of spring water from the Caucasus mountains.

Cafe address: 12 Shavteli St., Tbilisi. Nearby is the flea market “Dry Bridge” , a visit to which can be combined with a trip to a cafe.

Now you know where to eat in Tbilisi and how to organize a gastronomic tour as interesting and informative as possible.



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