Where to eat delicious food in Batumi – an overview of the best restaurants


Batumi boasts a large number of cafes and restaurants. Visitors are showered with love and impeccable culinary skill. Dishes of national, European or Asian cuisine can be easily found here. The restaurants in Batumi prepare delicious khachapuri, aromatic khinkali and serve homemade, tart wine. There are many establishments with different cuisines and different price categories in the city. There are luxurious restaurants, cafes with affordable prices, snack bars and khinkal restaurants where you can eat cheap and tasty food. Tourists note that in most restaurants, the ratio of cost and quality is optimal.

Georgian Restaurant

The article provides an overview of cafes and restaurants where to eat in Batumi, based on reviews from tourists.

Where to eat in Batumi:

1. Cafe Radio

Cafe-bar Radio

Cafe-bar Radio is a cozy inexpensive cafe located in the old part of Batumi. The owners are a young, married couple namely Alina and Boris who moved from the city of Naberezhnye Chelny to Batumi several years ago. The owners meet all guests personally, thanks to this hospitable tradition, the cafe has become incredibly popular among locals and vacationers.

The cafe serves European cuisine. Guests are offered several pasta options, juicy burgers and steaks.

Steak at Radio Cafe Bar

Particular attention should be paid to seasonal dishes, for example, in the fall, be sure to order pumpkin soup puree.

For vegetarians, there is a separate section in the menu, where there is falafel, hummus, vegetarian pasta.

The wine list is mainly European – German beer, Italian wines.

Cafe-bar Radio is located at: Shota Rustaveli Street, 11 and receives guests daily from 15-00 to 23-45.

2. Chocolatte coffee-room

Chocolatte coffee-room menu

Quite often, tourists wonder where in Batumi it is inexpensive and tasty to eat sweets and drink a cup of coffee. Chocolatte Confectionery Coffee Shop is a restaurant with a special, sweet atmosphere, located in the heart of the old town. The coffee shop opens daily at 08:00, by this time guests are already waiting for delicious breakfasts – poached eggs, cheesecakes with raisins, pancakes with different fillings. Charlotte, home-made cakes and quiches are served as desserts for Chocolatte.

Interesting fact! The coffee house’s signature treat is oatmeal cookies with chocolate pieces. Its cost is about 0.7GEL.

Breakfast at the Chocolatte coffee-room

Over there one can order handmade cupcakes decorated with original decor. The cost of one piece is 3GEL.

As for drinks: in addition to traditional coffee and tea, a variety of fresh juices and hot chocolate are prepared here. Fresh juice costs 4.5GEL per 200 ml.

Chocolatte coffee-room

Useful information! In the cafe, guests are offered board games, interesting books, you can see the works of the famous photographer from Batumi, Iyako Kunchulia. If you want to visit the confectionery, take the original cup with you as a gift to the owners of the restaurant – Ira and Arthur collect them.

The coffee shop is open from 08:00 to 16:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00 (except Friday). 

Address: Street M. Abashidze, 13.

3. Art cafe Heart Batumi

Art cafe Batumi Heart

Heart of Batumi undoubtedly is among the best restaurants in Batumi. One can find delicious and inexpensive food there. The institution differs from most cafes in style and taste. The cafe is decorated in the style of Art and decorated with handicrafts, which creates a special, cute, bright atmosphere in the room.

The second feature of the cafe is the preparation of traditional, Georgian dishes in a European manner. The treats are less fatty and spicy, the portions are not so large and each is beautifully decorated.

 Important! The main principle of the cafe chef is that it’s better to cook a little and qualitatively than others. If there is no specific ingredient in the kitchen for cooking, it will not be replaced by another, but will be bought at a nearby store and a dish prepared according to the original recipe.

Offer from Chef Pleasure

A chef personally talks with each visitor, takes an interest in culinary preferences and advises on the best dishes from the menu. Even in expensive restaurants, visitors are not always given such attention. If you decide to visit the Heart of Batumi, be sure to try pork skewers, khachapuri, vegetable salad with special nut sauce, eggplant rolls.

Note! The institution is popular, so there are often no free places here.

Speciality of The Heart

As for the prices, a full lunch for 2 including 2 glasses of wine, fried meat with potatoes, khachapuri, baked eggplant and Georgian salad will cost 54 GEL.

Address: 11. Mazniashvili Street.

Opening hours: from 11-00 to 23-00.

4. Bar Chacha Time

Bar Chacha Time

Chacha Time bar is a must-see restaurant in Batumi. The exclusivity of the institution lies in the theme dedicated to the national Georgian drink – chacha. The bar is located in the most picturesque part of the city – on Mazniashvili Street, where tourists are greeted by small houses twined with wild grapes, in the evening the street is lit with elegant lanterns.

In the warm season, cafe tables are set outside, and in cold weather, guests gather on two floors where tale stories are heard. Tourists are offered a tasting set, in which you can try five varieties of the drink made from different grapes. Such an excursion with a fascinating story about the production of chachi will cost 15 GEL. If you just want to try chacha, the drink starts from 4 GEL per 50 ml. In addition to chacha, the bar prepares more than a dozen cocktails starting from 6 GEL.

Signature Burger

In addition to drinks, the bar serves impressive burgers. These burgers are made of traditional meat, fish and there are burgers even for vegetarians. The menu includes first courses, salads, snacks and several hot dishes.

The bar dedicated to Chach is open daily from 11-00 in the warm season and from 14-00 in the winter, closes at 01-00 at night. You can visit the institution at the address: Mazniashvili street, 5/16.

There are several Batumi sights in the district that are worth seeing , so a visit to the bar can be conveniently combined with a cultural program.

5. Khachapurnaya Laguna

Khachapuri in Khachapurnoy Lagoon

 To visit Batumi and not try khachapuri is an unforgiveable mistake. The best khachapuri, according to tourists, is offerred at the Khachapurnoy Lagoon. Air dough is prepared for the dish, khachapuri is rightfully a favorite among visitors. According to statistics, up to 400 servings per day of a special dish – Adjarian khachapuri with the secret ingredient – smoked cheese, are served there.

Menu at Khachapurnoy Lagoon

Interesting fact! Be sure to try the Imereti khachapuri and a puff pastry envelope and foam cheese filling in the cafe.

The interior of the cafe is typically Georgian – heavy wooden furniture, the room is in the twilight, forged benches. Among the features of the interior are walls decorated with pebbles and marine-themed items. Children like to come here and enjoy live fish in aquariums.

The institution is often called “a place for their own”, it is located at: Gorgiladze street, 18.

6. Gastrobar Guests

Gastrobar Guests

The institution has a fairly new, unusual format for Georgia. The owners of Gastrobar are a married couple from St. Petersburg Elena and Alexander, who moved to Batumi. The bar is simple in design, there is always a cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Visitors come here for a good time and pleasant memories. Despite the fact that the interior design is quite simple, guests are happy to consider photographs of local artists, as well as decor from antiques. For children, there are always colored pencils and coloring books.

Gastrobar serves delicious signature dishes. Over there one can try pasta inexpensively (7GEL), rice cooked in Asian style (9.5GEL). Spaghetti and rice toppings change daily.

Interesting fact! Late breakfast is served here – from 10-00 to 13-00, it includes scrambled eggs (4.5GEL), porridge of your choice or pancakes with different fillings (6GEL).

Breakfast at Gastrobar Guests

If you want to freshen up, order ayran with spicy herbs, green tea or home-made compote. The drinks menu includes wines, whiskeys, beer.

Gastrobar is located next to Chacha Time at the address: 16/5 Melashvili Street.

7. Restaurant Adjara

Restaurant Adjara

Depending on the time of day, there will certainly be a dish on the menu that will delight you with a harmonious taste at Restaurant Adjara. Kharcho soup is especially tasty here, according to visitors, there is always a lot of meat in portions. Among the hot dishes one can choose a loin of prunes and try khachapuri on a skewer. The restaurant’s peculiarity is that they don’t heat the barbecue here, but it is prepared individually for each visitor. Fans of fish dishes will surely enjoy trout in pomegranate sauce.

Dish at Adjara Restaurant

The restaurant’s waiters are attentive, but be prepared for the fact that the attendants often work slowly. This is not a specific Adjara problem, but all the cafes and restaurants of Georgia – they do not eat in a hurry here, the dish should give pleasure, which is customary to stretch and enjoy the taste. If you encounter any difficulties while studying the menu, the waiters will always help you make a choice.

Important! The toilet always has clean, white towels.

Prices in the restaurant Ajara for the main dishes.

Prices in the restaurant Adjara in Batumi

Tasty and satisfying threesome meals in the restaurant Adjara will cost 60-75 GEL. The institution is located at: Kutaisi street, 11.


8. Restaurant Ukrainochka

Red borsch

 Ukrainochka restaurant serves the best traditional Ukrainian cuisine in Batumi. Everything reminds of Ukrain here – the entourage of the institution, the design and, of course, the dishes traditional for Ukrainian cuisine on the menu. The positive impression of the restaurant is complemented by attentive service.

 Important! Near the restaurant there is free parking, tables are provided in the hall and on a cozy balcony with a picturesque view of the sea.

This is what the menu looks like.

Every client here is treated like a dear, respectable guest. That is why in Ukrainochka you can not only eat tasty and inexpensive food, but also relax your soul.

As for the menu, you can safely choose any dish – it is guaranteed to be prepared deliciously, in compliance with the national, original recipe. The menu includes cabbage rolls, dumplings, okroshka, dumplings and pancakes with different fillings, cutlets. In addition, there are dishes of European and Georgian cuisine.

Interesting fact! If necessary, meals will be prepared and packaged if you want to take them with you.

Tasty and satisfying meal together in a restaurant will cost about 30-40 GEL.

Address: Tamar Mele Street.

9. Kiziki Restaurant

Kiziki Restaurant

The rating of the best restaurants in Batumi undoubtedly includes the Kiziki restaurant. Delicious khinkali are prepared here, which have no analogues in the world. The menu features khinkali with various fillings – with meat, cheese, mushrooms. Many visitors note a surprisingly thin dough, which literally melts in your mouth, a large amount of filling, which is saturated with fragrant broth. In addition to the best khinkali in Batumi, in the restaurant you can try vegetable salads with various sauces and order homemade wine. Among the first courses you should definitely try the chakapuli soup seasoned with fragrant tarragon.

The interior of the establishment deserves special attention – the restaurant abandoned the usual placement of tables, and divided the room into several booths, which accommodate 4, 6 or 8 people. This is very convenient because it creates a feeling of solitude and tranquility.

It is important! The institution is located far from tourist areas, so locals prefer to eat here. When there are a lot of visitors in the restaurant and the sounds of a merry feast come from each booth, it becomes quite noisy.

Khinkali in Kiziki

You can enjoy khinkali and eat delicious food in this Batumi three-person restaurant for 65-75GEL.

Address: Melikishvili street, 24.

10. Old Boulevard Restaurant

The restaurant is opposite the main entrance to the Sheraton hotel. Of course, the restaurant is well known to other tourists. First of all, I would like to note the attentive attitude towards visitors and impeccable service. All the waiters patiently explain the composition of the dishes, help determine the choice. The refined interior and deliciously prepared dishes will leave an extremely pleasant impression of visiting the restaurant.

Inside Old Boulevard

Travelers note that the “Old Boulevard” is located in the center of Batumi and the cost of food here is quite high. However, the time and money spent on the road will more than pay off with the fireworks of taste emotions and good mood.

Fish Dish at Old Boulevard

Among the dishes, you should definitely try kebab, but it does not matter from which meat it will be prepared – pork or beef. Guests are offered free fruit, and they are laid out on a beautifully decorated table. The portions in the restaurant are large, satisfying. If desired, you can comfortably sit on the terrace with sea views. Live music always sounds.

Interesting fact! Musicians play music, focusing on the mood of the hall. If there are more couples among guests, lyrical, calm melodies sound. If the evening is fun, incendiary songs support the atmosphere.

Eating in a restaurant will cost an average of 25-30GEL per person. Address: 23A Ninoshvili street.

If you prefer fish dishes and love seafood, visit the fish restaurant in Batumi Fish Point, which is located at 21 May 26 Street.

Prices on the page are for October 2018.

Now you know where to eat in Batumi and fully feel the special, culinary atmosphere of the capital of Adjara.

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