Where to eat cheaply in Patong – 8 best budget cafes and restaurants

Phuket is not only a beach holiday, it is also a search for new experiences, tastes, combinations, and simply places that you have not visited. And for lunch or dinner, hospitable cafes, restaurants and more reputable establishments are located very close by.

To determine where to eat delicious and inexpensive on Patong, we have made for you a separate selection of establishments – the most high-quality, interesting and recommended by users.

Lunch at a cafe in Patong

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Naughty Nuri’s

From Patong restaurants, he is advised as a cozy place to eat inexpensively. For dinner in the average price range for two, about 500TNV (~ $ 15.6) will be required. Fast service, high-quality cocktails, creative presentation, animation and live musical accompaniment give it its surroundings. The main direction of service here is to provide guests with first-class services in the best conditions.

Naugti Nuri's signature dish

Naugti Nuri’s specialty is grilled pork ribs. They are unusually tender and juicy, with a pleasant smoky smell, and a special sauce gives the meat a fabulous taste. According to experienced tourists, at times ribs can be received as a compliment or for tasting for free.

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Restaurant Menu

Little children will not be left without attention – they will be given pencils for drawing and will generally entertain in every way throughout the evening. The staff is responsive, portions are large, sufficient for two. There is a menu in Russian, tips are included in the bill. Those ribs will cost 450TNV (~ $ 14) per serving, side dishes salad, rice, from sweet potato – 70-80TNV (~ 2.2-2.5 $), vegan salad “From the Chef” – 200TNV (~ 6.3 $).

  • Address: 122 Rat-U-Thid 200 Ri Road, Patong
  • Opening hours: from 12 to 01 hours.

Climax on Bangla

Of the best restaurants in Patong, this establishment is offered as a sample of local cuisine. Visitors praise him for the exquisite taste of dishes, aroma, aesthetic appearance, beautiful presentation, although the menu is not as diverse as in the institutions in the neighborhood. Bread, rolls, sweets – free of charge as a sign of greeting. Wet towels, pleasantly scented, are served after meals. The service is polite, the staff is well-trained. Modern interior, new furniture, unobtrusive illumination, pool view, music. You can take baby chairs for feeding.

Restaurant Climax on Bangla

The restaurant is located on the roof of the hotel, but you can not count on the sophistication of the views. It is more suitable for a relaxing family dinner or a romantic date. Pork dishes, chicken with curry sauce, smoked salmon and great burgers are in special demand. There is an option of healthy recipes and suggestions for vegetarians to eat inexpensively. The service is very fast, regular promotions are held, for example, two for the price of one or alcohol as a gift.

Lunch at the restaurant

The price tag is above average. So, for 280TNV (~ $ 8.8) you can order homemade chicken liver pate and pancettas or stuffed mushrooms; for 290TNV (~ $ 9) – home-made pork Van Thon; for 190ТНВ (~ $ 6) – tomato soup from the chef; for 340ТНВ (~ 10.6) – lasagna with eggplant.

  • Address: 68/1 Soi Bangla, 5F of Absolute Bangla Suites Hotel, Patong. Located in Bangla Road Lane, hotel entrance.
  • Hours: daily from 7 am to 24 hours.

Le Brooklyn Patong

Looking for where to eat on Patong is tasty and relatively inexpensive, you will definitely be shown this restaurant. It prepares mainly French cuisine. Le Brooklyn is famous for its amazing burgers, sweet potatoes and Caesar salad. Visitors note the good taste of the served dishes, the large size and variety of burgers, so that not everyone can handle them to finish.

Snack at Le Brooklyn Patong Cafe

Many consider the prices here to be too high. For burgers you have to pay 250-350TNV (~ $ 7.8-11), salads at 300TNV (~ $ 9.4). There is no beer or alcohol in the menu, possibly because the owners and staff are Muslims. And you can’t pay with a card. The staff is very polite and helpful. The decor is simple, well-groomed, treated to homemade cookies.

Cafe Le Brooklyn Patong
  • Address: Prachanukroh Rd, Patong Beach
  • Opening hours: from 17 to 24 hours

New international cafe

This cafe in Patong is known for its bar atmosphere. Here you can have a good meal with amazing pizza, chopped steak and sandwich. Food can be taken away or just sit with a minimum order of coffee and pizza, as in a cafe. There is even a pet – a poodle, which is unanimously called the soul of the institution. Tourists respect the Australian owner for hospitality, hospitality, good cuisine, large portions, in particular pizza – for the unprecedented size of the fillings.

Cafe New International Cafe

The atmosphere is calm, the atmosphere is pleasant, the food is always fresh and tasty, fast service. The owner himself prepares signature cocktails and fries. Guests receive a compliment from the chef – banana-vodka, something like liquor, apparently for tasting, appetite or creating a mood. Prices are not above average, you can eat cheaply: Ribeye steak from Australian beef costs 590TNV (~ $ 18.5), tourists who visited the restaurant advise to order carbonara, which is very tasty and juicy, which will cost about the same price.

Plate with breakfast in a cafe

Breakfast is served all day. You can use high chairs for feeding.

  • Address: 143 / 20-21 Rat-U-Thit 200 Ri Road, Patong
  • Opening hours: from 9 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

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Sultan’s Grill Authentic Turkish & Indian Cuisine

The restaurant, where you can eat deliciously in Patong, has gained popularity for a pleasant pastime in interesting, sophisticated interiors. Clean, comfortable, air conditioning, the place is considered affordable and high quality in the Turkish segment of service. You can choose a table outdoors or indoors. Fast cooking, professional service, staff are polite and pleasant. They are well spoken in Russian.

Sultan's Grill Authentic Turkish & Indian Cuisine
Dinner at the restaurant

Servings of large sizes, tea and tortillas are free refreshments, they are offered to try them all. As well as hummus, kebab, desserts – baklava, as well as Turkish chicken “pizza”, juicy lamb and coffee made here. Tourists respond very warmly to the director as a welcoming person, call him by name, and thank him. There is a private parking. You can use high chairs for feeding.

Overall, the place is not cheap. The average bill for a dinner for two with an order of roast, salads, alcohol with several repetitions, tea and water will cost 2300-2400TNV (~ 72-75 $). However, one main dish here costs, like the Patong average, about 300TNV (~ $ 9.4) – this is without a side dish.

  • Address: 162-162 / 1-2 Tawivong Road, Araya Beach Resort Hotel, Patong
  • Opening hours: from 12 to 23 hours

Tandoori flames

This is a cheap place to eat in Patong. The food is spicy but tasty and juicy. It is here that they recommend starting their first acquaintance with Indian cuisine. Guests celebrate an attentive and caring owner. Excellent service, fast and quality cooking, a large selection of inexpensive dishes. Although beer, according to reviews, does not make an impression, but the cocktails are very tasty mango shake. There are delivery and take-away food, parking, highchairs.

Tandoori Flames Restaurant
Lunch at Tandoori Flames Restaurant

The price tag is considered within the average. The cost of the main dish is 300-400ТНВ (~ 9.4-12.5 $). It is advised to take rice, flat cakes, various vegetable delicacies and other snack trivia. In general, the restaurant is good as a worthy change after already tried Thai cuisine. The general prices here are not very affordable and start at 200-300TNV (~ $ 6.3-9.4). If the dish turns out to be too spicy, they will offer to remake it in a less spicy version for free.

  • Address: 114/3, Soi Patong Tower, Taivong Road, Patong. Conveniently located near the beach.
  • Opening hours: from 12 to 24 hours

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Two Chefs Patong

Among the hints of tourists about cheap cafes in Patong, they will call you anyway, maybe not such an inexpensive, but very peculiar restaurant with the name in the literal translation “Two Patong Chefs”. It is located in the center of vibrant nightlife, fashionable culture, next to the popular beach. Live music every evening, starting at 8 p.m., is played by the own vocal and instrumental group Tu Chefs.

At Two Chefs Patong Restaurant

The institution has its own history, it is really opened by two hardworking chefs who previously studied craftsmanship in Sweden, and then in Patong. By the way, this is not their only institution with a similar brand. To be closer to customers, buffet events are organized right on the nearby beach and a variety of theme parties in the restaurant itself.

Dinner at Two Chefs Patong Restaurant

Prices in the menu:

  • tartar with tuna – 225ТНВ (~ 7 $),
  • cream soup with lobsters – 250ТНВ (~ $ 7.8),
  • Greek salad – 275TNV (~ $ 8.6),
  • Caesar – 295TNV (~ $ 9.2),
  • spaghetti carbonara – 245TNV (~ $ 7.7),
  • assorted grill for about 400TNV (~ $ 12.5),
  • steaks – 650-700ТНВ (~ $ 20.3-22) and higher.

Address: 212 Rat-U-Thit 200 Ri Road, Patong. Walk 5 minutes from the beach.
Opening hours: from 15 to 24 hours

Euro Thai Restaurant

The restaurant attracts with quality service, delicious local cuisine, we are actively visited by Thais who know best where to eat cheap in Patong. Here it is recommended to try fried rice, vegetables, tom yam, noodles with various additives. The interiors are in European style, the price tag is average, the portions are large, so when ordering one for two, it’s cheap to eat. The menu abounds with seafood. Soybeans are presented in the assortment, mainly a variety of balls.

At EuroThai Restaurant

And judging by the constant presence of diners, it was possible to reconcile Thai and European cultures, deliciously combining them under one roof. To overcome the language barrier in the multilingual menu, opposite the meat positions, a cow, chicken or pig, as well as shrimp are drawn. You can order takeaway food and use high chairs for feeding.

The prices are within average: chicken on skewers – 150ТНВ (~ $ 4.7), vegetarian rolls – 120ТНВ (~ $ 3.8), traditional Thai Som Tam salad – 130ТНВ (~ $ 4).

Restaurant menu
  • Address: Soi Dr Wattana, Tawiwong Road 80/10, Patong.
  • Opening hours: from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

All prices, addresses and working hours on the page are indicated for February 2019.

Among the many places where it is tasty and inexpensive to eat in Patong, it is easy to find the right one, where you will like the interiors, you will like the service and dishes, and where you will definitely want to return.



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