Best places to eat cheaply in Nha Trang – top budget restaurants

Nha Trang restaurants fully reflect the multinationality of this city. Russians, Europeans, and, of course, Asians live here. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in the city with different cuisines – Vietnamese, German, Italian, Greek, French. We hope that our article will help you figure out where to eat in Nha Trang and choose your favorite restaurant.

Nha Trang Restaurants

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1. Alpaca Homestyle Cafe

Restaurant Alpaca Homestyle Cafe

If Asian cuisine does not impress you, visit the Alpaca Café, which serves European dishes. It is this restaurant that opens our rating of the best restaurants in Nha Trang. A small, cozy cafe with 7-8 tables, decorated in a home style. The menu is dominated by Mediterranean cuisine, as well as many vegetarian dishes with herbs and spices. Cafe chefs are constantly experimenting, trying to make Alpaca guests enjoy the atmosphere, food and drinks.

European serving of dishes is captivating, they work on each of them, put skill and soul. An ordinary cup of tea is served with a small cupcake, which is undoubtedly pleasant. Small, but very cute handmade interior decorations give the restaurant special sophistication. It’s nice to be here, eat deliciously and just relax.

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Interior Alpaca Homestyle Cafe

The owners of the restaurant are a Russian couple who care for their business with great love. Children receive special attention – they always receive small gifts in the form of stickers, etc.

Be sure to try the latte and chocolate pancakes. The most delicious salads are Nicoise, Greek and, of course, there is great seafood that you can order fresh.

An incredibly tasty dish is bread with tomatoes and olives in a sauce, the recipe of which is kept secret.

Breakfast at Alpaca Homestyle Cafe

But finding this eatery is not so simple. As a guide, you can use Lotus or the Night Market. To get inside, you need to climb the stairs.

  • Eating in a cafe on average will cost 500,000 VND or ($20) for two.
  • Alpaca works daily (except Sunday) from 8-00 to 21-00.
  • Address: 10 / 1B Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang.

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2. Kiwami

At Kiwami Cafe

Kiwami Cafe serves authentic Japanese rolls prepared according to the classic recipe. The most delicious and original rolls are prepared here, as the owner of the restaurant is Japanese. Dreaming of being in an oasis of peace and quiet, the Kiwami Cafe is waiting for you. By the way, here you can observe the work of the master and see how the Japanese prepare the dish. True, for this you need to get into the cafe when there are few visitors, but it is not so simple.

To be guaranteed to get into Kiwami, book a table in advance. And remember that the portion of rolls here is huge, so do not rush to order a lot at once. Rice is almost not felt, but the taste of the fish is incredibly tasty and fresh. Any order, regardless of quantity and complexity, is served quickly. A nice bonus – green tea is served in unlimited quantities and completely free.

Sushi at Kiwami Cafe

If you plan to order Philadelphia, be prepared for the fact that the manner of preparation and ingredients are slightly different from those used in our country. The inner filling is raw fish, the rice layer is on top, and the noria seaweed is on top, the rolls are additionally fried in batter. Shrimp Slayer rolls are also very tasty, but can be slightly islet.

  • The average check in a restaurant is $ 15-22.
  • The cafe is open daily (except Wednesday) from 17-00 to 22-00 and from 23-30 to 13-30.
  • Address: 136 Bach Dang St., Nha Trang.

3. German restaurant Haus Bremen

Typical German restaurant German Restaurant Haus Bremen

It’s a little strange to see a typical German restaurant in the middle of a Vietnamese city. At first glance, the prices in the restaurant seem overpriced, but the portion can be safely divided into two. Considering the peculiarities of German cuisine, meat dishes prevail in the menu and here they can cook. Especially the chefs manage to shank, meatballs, sausages and this is in one dish. Garnish with mashed potatoes, pickled cabbage and real, homemade bread. The perfect complement to the main course is a sparing mustard. Unfiltered German beer will be a pleasant addition, it is served in bottles, glasses will have to be requested additionally.

Knuckle, cutlets, sausages and side dish

The owner of the establishment is from Bremen, personally meets guests and controls the quality of the prepared dishes. If it happens that you can’t eat the whole portion (and this is quite likely), you can always take the food with you, the cafe staff will pack it in boxes.

What else can you eat in the restaurant – breaded chicken, Bavarian sausages, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers under a special, branded seasoning. Delicious cocktails will be prepared for children.

  • Eating in a restaurant will cost an average of $ 20 to $ 25 for two with drinks.
  • The restaurant is open daily (except Wednesday) from 12-00 to 23-00.
  • Address: 24 / 9C Hung Vuong, Nha Trang.

4. BBQ Un In

Restaurant BBQ Un In

We continue to study the question – where to eat in Nha Trang. Restaurant BBQ Un In is very atmospheric and colorful, composed of empty sea containers. It is quite spacious, with a picturesque view of the river. On the opposite shore there are many boats and schooners.

The menu in the restaurant is varied, there are many individual offers, but there are also complex ones. American cuisine prevails, but no burgers. A pleasant atmosphere reigns here, smiling waiters who speak excellent English work. Be sure to try pork ribs or grilled nipples. Pay attention to special offers that are constantly operating in the institution – when ordering several main dishes you are offered a free side dish (french fries, fried beans or salad) to choose from. The complex offers include ribs, chicken, seafood, fish and 3 liters of beer. A hearty three of us can eat at a cafe for 500-600 thousand dong.

Hearty Lunch at BBQ Un In

If you are wondering where to eat inexpensive seafood in Nha Trang, come to BBQ Un In. Experienced tourists are strongly advised to try grilled oysters, seafood salad and grilled fish.

The only thing to be foreseen is that the road to the restaurant is rather unpleasant, because it passes through the slums, the restaurant is far from the city center. The best and safest way to get there is to take a taxi.

  • A tasty meal in this Nha Trang restaurant will cost $ 15-20.
  • The cafe is open daily from 11-30 to 22-30.
  • Address: 206/66 Xom Con Street, Nha Trang.

5. TakiDa

TakiDa Restaurant Inside

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Nha Trang? TakiDa Restaurant serves Russian and Pan-Asian cuisine. The menu contains traditional meat dishes, salads and soups, fish and seafood, pancakes and desserts.
Visitors note the attentive and friendly Russian-speaking staff. The thoughtful interior of the establishment with many interesting details and tropical plants also makes a positive impression. Unlike the numerous “eateries” of Nha Trang, TakiDa is suitable for celebrations and romantic evenings.

Fish platter at TakiDa

Of the dishes, first of all, it is worth trying cabbage rolls with sour cream, Bali salad, hot smoked ocean fish, mussels in garlic or cream sauce.

It will be useful for parents to know that the restaurant has a children’s corner. And hookah lovers can smoke it in a special lying area with soft pillows.

  • The average cost of meat dishes is $ 4.5-6, salads – $ 4-6, seafood – $ 7-10.
  • The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 11-00 to 00-00.
  • Address: 26 Trần Quang Khải, Lộc Thọ, Thành phố Nha Trang.

6. MIX restaurant

In the restaurant MIX restaurant

We continue to study the question of where to eat cheaply in Nha Trang. Mix restaurant is one of the most popular in Nha Trang, probably all tourists come here to eat, regardless of nationality. The interior of the establishment is simple, the menu is more focused on Greek cuisine, there are a lot of meat dishes. The decor was created for the sole purpose of diverting the attention of visitors from the interior and focusing on food. As a gift, each guest receives a small surprise – dessert.

To get to the restaurant, you need to book a table in advance. The service staff works in Russian and in English.

Dinner at the MIX restaurant

Quite a rare occurrence for Nha Trang – the restaurant has highchairs, you can come here with the kids and not worry about their comfort.

I would also like to mention the staff – responsive, friendly girls, serve quickly and professionally. You can get a discount on a card of the Russian Information Center if you present it before asking for a general check.

On the menu, pay attention to eggplant with potatoes, chicken, spaghetti, moussaka and Caesar salad. The portions are large, satisfying. It turns out quite satisfying, budgetary and, importantly, tasty.

  • The price level in the restaurant is average. 450 thousand dong will be enough for one family to eat.
  • Address: 77 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang.

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7. Greek Restaurant Pita Gr

Restaurant Pita Gr restaurant in Nha Trang

Another popular and most visited restaurant in Nha Trang. The institution positions itself as a Greek restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. Great for lovers of vegetarian cuisine.

Of the nice little things I would like to note:

  • large portions;
  • friendly and quick service;
  • A compliment from the establishment is a small dessert.

The popularity of the restaurant is so great that a table needs to be booked in advance. In the evenings, all seats in the restaurant are occupied.

Dinner at the Pita Gr restaurant in Nha Trang

The menu is served in Russian, the hostess of the restaurant is a Russian woman who hospitably welcomes guests and is always ready to tell what choice is best to make.

Be sure to try the exclusive Pita Special cocktail. The recipe, of course, will not be told to you, this is the secret of the restaurant. Also delicious juices and seafood dishes. You are unlikely to master the incredibly tasty salad with tuna, so feel free to take what you don’t eat home. Among meat dishes, you need to highlight cutlets, sausages. They are ordered with french fries (it is served generously, with a mountain). Of course, you can’t go to a restaurant called Pita and not eat pita. The dish is tasty, with an original sauce and is inexpensive.

In the evenings, live music is played here – a guitarist from America. If you have a card, you can get a discount.

  • The price level is lower than the average in the city, eating for two will cost $ 10-15 (cheaper than in the Mix restaurant).
  • The restaurant is open daily from 8-00 to 23-00.
  • Address: 7G / 3 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang.

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8. Story Beach Club & Restaurant

Lunch at Story Beach Club & Restarant

Among all the cafes and restaurants of Nha Trang (Vietnam), the restaurant located at the club stands out in a special way.

Tourists note delicious dishes, a large selection on the menu, which is more focused on tourists from Russia. The waiters are professionals, perfectly understand the guests and fulfill any request with lightning speed. The restaurant has a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, live music in the evenings. On weekends, animators work to entertain the kids while their parents enjoy delicious meals.

Russian me Story Beach Club & Restarant

The restaurant has a swimming pool, so you can not only eat delicious food here, but also fully relax. The institution is rightfully considered one of the best in Nha Trang, at the European level, it is clean and well maintained. If you have a Russian Information Center card, you will be given a discount. The restaurant often hosts show programs.

Pool at Story Beach Club & Restarant

If you plan to visit this restaurant, keep in mind that on the second floor it can be a little stuffy, unfortunately, there is no separate hall for non-smokers. Any dish can be prepared independently. After ordering, the waiter will be sure to take an interest – bring the finished order or you want to cook it yourself. A huge advantage of the restaurant is that you can safely feed your child.

  • Eating in a restaurant on average will cost from $ 12 to $ 17, one dish of sea food costs $ 3-7, a delicious hot pot with seafood (for 2-3 people) – $ 13.
  • The restaurant is open from 7-00 to 00-00.
  • Address: B4 Tran Phu Street | Phu Dong Park. Between Evason Ana Mandara and Louisiane Brewhouse, Nha Trang.

9. Café des amis

Update! In 2019, the cafe closed down!

Cafe Café des amis

If you are interested in the question – where to eat seafood in Nha Trang? Pay attention to this small cafe (only 10 tables), it serves the most delicious and largest shrimp. By the way, delicious here are not only seafood, but all dishes. Everything is served here, the menu even has an ostrich and a crocodile. The atmosphere in the restaurant was created unique, in many respects it is the merit of the owner of the cafe – a very nice and friendly woman.

Why is it worth visiting this cafe? First of all, for the sake of a varied tasty menu. This is especially important if you are relaxing with children and need a children’s menu.

First of all, we recommend you to try here pho bo soup and oysters with cheese. When ordering any dish, the visitor receives as a gift a drink of his choice – tea, beer or Coca-Cola.

Cheese oysters at Café des amis

Little is known about this cafe in Nha Trang, because a married couple – the owners – do not advertise their establishment. However, there are enough visitors in the hall, since the taste of the dishes and the friendly atmosphere are the best advertising.

  • You can eat at a cafe inexpensively, on average $ 5-7 per person, along with drinks.
  • Address: 132A Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang 0000, Vietnam.

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10. Same Same But Different Cafe

Cafe Same Same But Defferent Cafe

At first glance, the cafe seems completely ordinary and does not stand out among other similar institutions. But it’s worth going inside, and you understand how much everything is thought out and done here with soul and love. In hot weather, guests are served a watermelon shake – it is incredibly cool and refreshing.

The room is tastefully and beautifully decorated. I would also like to say about the menu – it is printed on high-quality, good paper, there are no errors in the text, the design is nice. The cafe sounds background, unobtrusive music. Everywhere is clean, cleaned, perfect cleanliness even in the restroom.

Breakfast at Same Same Defferent Cafe

The owner of the cafe is called Lan, a very welcoming woman, she is happy to introduce each dish, and recommends a choice. The taste, quality and design of the dishes are respectful and surprising. Serving sizes are decent. In this cafe you can relax, retire and step back from the bustle of Asian streets. It’s cool and pleasant here, believe me, you won’t want to leave here for a very long time.

The menu includes dishes of Vietnamese, Italian, Thai cuisines. By the way, Thai dishes are prepared excellently. Pay special attention to papaya salad and tomato soup (it is very spicy, but you can always ask to add less pepper to the dish). Be sure to order a signature fruit shake. Two soups you should definitely try are Tom Yam and Tom Ka Kai. It is very interesting to cook squid in banana leaves, and rice is served for each dish. The quality of the dishes is exclusively restaurant.

  • Here you can eat tightly for one person for $ 7-10.
  • Address: 111 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang.

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As you can see, the cafes and restaurants of Nha Trang are diverse and authentic, as is the city itself. European and Asian cuisines are widely represented here, you can find an institution for any wallet. Relax and enjoy the richness of taste and culinary delights.

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