Overview of the areas of Berlin where to stay as a tourist

The main feature of the German capital is that the districts of Berlin are not alike, while it’s rather difficult to distinguish the tourist, party, and central ones. We tried to summarize information about the most popular areas among tourists. During the last administrative reform in Berlin, 12 districts were formed, each of them is divided into districts. For statistics, administrative units are indicated by four digits – the first two indicate the district number, and the second two indicate the serial number of the district.

Area Map

Berlin areas on the map

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The capital of Germany is unique to many, and especially because there is no definite answer to the question – which district is the center of Berlin? In addition, local residents often do not even leave the borders of the region, since this is simply not necessary – all the necessary infrastructure is available.

Mitte District
Tiergarten Park

In this area, first of all, the history of the city is concentrated. The main attractions are within walking distance:

  • Brandenburg Gate;
  • Museum Island
  • Alexanderplatz square;
  • Tiergarten Park;
  • Friedrichstrasse;
  • Karayan Circus.

It is noteworthy that a tourist can plan a visit to all the attractions and not spend a dime on transport.

Good to know! Strolling through historic Berlin, be sure to climb the Reichstag dome.

If you are distracted for a moment from contemplating the sights, then surely pay attention to a wide selection of shops, boutiques, and souvenir shops. Accordingly, Mitte is the place where it is better to stay in Berlin for shopping.

Rosenthaler Platz
Rosenthaler Platz

Local residents say that shopping must go to the Weinmeisterstr metro. But the party place in Mitte is the Rosenthaler Platz square. Wander along the winding streets – through and dead-end courtyards will not leave you indifferent, there are thematic workshops, cozy cafes, playgrounds for children.

Good to know! Numerous information centers operate in Mitte, where tourists will be told fascinating facts from the recent history of Germany.

On the whole, Mitte is a calm area where life is measured, therefore families with children traditionally stay here.

Map of Mitte


  • attractions are close;
  • You can not spend money on public transport;
  • good shopping;
  • The area is suitable for families with children.


  • a large influx of tourists;
  • frequent cases of theft;
  • there are disadvantaged microdistricts and quarters in the area where there are many migrants.

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Prenzlauer Berg

One of the largest areas of Berlin, before the period of the unification of the capitals, this part of the city seemed gray, gloomy, but after the reunification the situation changed dramatically – life and energy burst here. Since housing in Prenzlauer Berg was inexpensive, students and representatives of bohemia settled here. Tourists love to stop and relax in noisy bars, night clubs, restaurants.

Prenzlauer Berg

Modern Prenzlauer Berg is a restored, respectable district of Berlin, almost all real estate is owned by local residents, by the way, according to statistics, here the largest percentage of the population prefer eco-friendly products, drink coffee with soy milk, and are vegetarian.

The area looks cozy, the most pleasant thing is walking along the streets, you will be surprised at a large number of playgrounds, pastry shops, shops, bakeries and restaurants.

Advice! Interesting places to stay near Prenzlauer Berg are Kolwitzplatz, Helmholplatz, Wasserturm park, Zionskirche observation deck, Mauerpark flea market. And the area has a huge selection of cafes and restaurants.

The area is adjacent to Pankov and, according to statistics, is considered one of the best in Europe. After the unification of Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg turned into a fashionable, attractive place where young families traditionally choose housing. The area is filled with galleries, boutiques, cafes, bars, there are also many park areas.

The nightlife of the area is concentrated on Kolwitzplatz and the surrounding streets. Castiennale has a large selection of antique shops, selling old books, vinyl disks, and lace here. In the center is a brewery built in the 19th century, and today it is a complex of exhibition halls and shops.

Interesting fact! In Prenzlauer Berg there are 300 buildings that are architectural monuments.

Prenzlauer Berg on the map


  • beautiful and comfortable;
  • the best place to stay with children;
  • Good transport links to the center of Berlin.


  • high prices, because here representatives of the elite and politicians like to buy real estate.

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Soviet architecture in Friedrichshain
Frankfurter Thor

So, immediately limit for yourself that part of the Berlin area where you really have something to see and what to spend time on. Friedrichshain, located above the Karl-Marx-Allee, is of no tourist interest. Attention deserves the part of the district located between the banks of the Spree River and Karl-Marx-Allee Street. If you move from Alexanderplatz, you will find Straussberger Platz on your way, and Frankfurter Thor right behind it. The rich heritage of the Soviet Union has been preserved here, many structures here are architectural monuments. Between the two districts across the river Spree, the original Oberbaumbrue Bridge was laid.

Advice! Visit the museum-gallery on the street, where a part of the destroyed Berlin Wall is preserved, today this building is painted by artists from different countries.

After the walk, the tourist will be pleased to spend several hours in the beer garden Birhof Rüdersdorf. There are plenty of nightclubs in Friedrichshain, but many are located in an industrial area, where it is better not to go alone at night. Bars and cafes on the streets of Grünbergerstrasse, Boxhagenerstrasse, next to the Boxhagener Platz square deserve tourists’ attention.

Good to know! In this part of Berlin, the best night stalls in the city, or as they are called, shpets.

Friedrichshain Map


  • inexpensive bars, souvenir shops, stock stores;
  • If you are looking for a cheap place to stay in Berlin, Friedrichshain is the best place.


  • do not rest with children;
  • too many migrants.

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The district was divided into such parts:

  • Bergmann-Kitz – adjacent to Victoria Park, surrounds Bergmann’s face;
  • Wrangler-Kitz – occupies the area between Cottbusser Tor street, Schlesises Tor underground station.
Kreuzberg District

Bergman-Kitz makes tourists feel like a clean, calm area with a touch of French and a wide selection of food outlets. Attracts tourists with green, comfortable parks. It is nice to walk in the quiet courtyards.

Advice! Near Victoria Park there is Mount Kreuzberg, to conquer the summit is a fascinating adventure. Here the most romantic observation deck is built.

Another route to follow is along the canal, all the way to the Admiralbrücke bridge. Here Kreuzberg is adjacent to another district – Neukölln.

Wrangler Kitz will appeal primarily to those who want to explore the nightclubs of Berlin, relax in the bars. The architecture is mixed – the buildings of the post-war period are mixed with buildings of the beginning of the 20th century. There are not many attractions here, it is much more interesting to enjoy the rebellious spirit, a mixture of cultures and nationalities.

Schlesische Strasse is the place where night clubs lovers should stay in Berlin. Many institutions offer a huge selection of dishes of national cuisines of the world, most work around the clock.

Kreuzberg district on the map


  • the best night parties are held here;
  • low-cost housing;
  • many interesting shops.


  • almost no attractions;
  • It is not recommended to relax with children;
  • many migrants.

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This is the border area of ​​Berlin, which today is considered one of the most interesting. It stretches along the Landver Canal, Reuterstrasse, Cottbusser Damme and Panirstrasse Streets. A food fair is regularly held here (twice a week).

Cottbusser Damm
Cottbusser Damm

The atmosphere here is calm and measured, the variety manifests itself in the rich variety of cafes and bars. Mostly expats and students live here. Be sure to visit the wine shops, bakeries, pastry shops, pubs.

The advantage of the district lies in its convenient location – from here you can easily reach any of Berlin’s sights. If during the day it is an unhurried, calm area, and in the evening it goes into a nightly, entertaining mode. It is pleasant to spend the evening with your loved one in one of the cafes, overlooking the canal.

Kreuzköln District


  • quite calm area, but with an interesting atmosphere;
  • good transport links to central Berlin;
  • noisy parties are held at night.


  • the region borders on eastern Kreuzberg, so there are many migrants;
  • from a tourist point of view, the area is attractive, respectively, prices are higher than the average for Berlin.

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It is believed that Neukölln is the most criminal district of Berlin, but this is not so, although staying with children here will be a risky decision. Local residents say that Neukölln is not for the faint of heart tourists, it is harsh, but at the same time distinctive and provocative. In addition, you should not choose a hotel here for those who want to appreciate the architecture of Berlin. But if you are looking for adventure, Neukölln is waiting for you.

Neukölln District

The district begins on the Hermannplatz square, three main streets depart from it – Hermannstrasse, Karl-Marx-Strasse, as well as the Solar Alley. It is here that two absolutely different worlds and cultures coexist absolutely miraculously – Arabian shops, oriental restaurants and hipster bars. You can also visit vegetarian cafes, the Neukölln opera.

Advice! There is a bar with the best view of the capital of Germany, it is located on the roof of the shopping center.

The other side of the Neukölln district is history. Here the settlements of Protestants from Bohemia have been preserved – these are squat houses with massive roofs. Feel the special atmosphere while relaxing in Kernepark. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is 7 meters below the level of neighboring streets. It is also not difficult to get to the settlement of Podkova or relax in the most comfortable Berlin airport – Tempelhofer Feld.

Good to know! In the Neukölln district, tourists stop by in Berlin and do not want to choose accommodation far from Schönefeld Airport.

Neukölln Map


  • intriguing atmosphere;
  • excellent transport links, easy access to all interesting places in Berlin;
  • on the border with Kreuzberg you can visit the best night parties.


  • many migrants;
  • a fairly high crime rate (in comparison with other areas);
  • given the large number of tourists, there is more garbage and dirt than in other areas of the capital.

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Despite the fact that many people call this area provincial, in fact this is not entirely true. In the years when Berlin was divided by a wall, the municipal center of the western part was located here, and near the Town Hall Kennedy uttered the famous phrase: “I am a Berliner!” The area covers the area from Kurfürstenstrasse southbound to Charlottenburg, Tempelhof and Kreuzberg.

Schöneberg Town Hall
Schöneberg Town Hall

When planning a walk, be sure to consider visiting such attractions:

  • Schöneberg Town Hall (a restaurant is currently operating here);
  • Dorfkirche Church, subsidized by the second half of the 18th century;
  • Kleistpark park, which was founded in the middle of the 17th century;
  • Wilmesdorf-Schöneberg park, its locals call it national;
  • Victoria Louise Square.

Schöneberg is also known for its large concentration of cemeteries, where tranquility and tranquility reigns. The most famous is St. Matthew’s Cemetery, where the famous Grimm brothers are buried.

For many years, the area around Nollendorfplatz Square has been the center of the LGBT community, many cafes, hostels, clubs and shops are thematic. But Goltsstrasse street is considered the most comfortable in the area. Here you can taste delicious hot chocolate, as well as visit numerous children’s and bookstores. Goltsstrasse smoothly turns into another cozy and homely calm street – Krellstrasse.

Schöneberg District

Separately, you need to stop at grocery markets where you can buy homemade cheese, pastries, olives.


  • safe area;
  • You can relax with children, there is an excellent zoo.


  • too calm, even boring;
  • discomfort may appear in the area.

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Berlin area Charlottenburg

This area is rightfully considered the heart of West Berlin, where traditions and history are preserved and revered. Locals claim that this is the only place in the capital, which did not affect the reunification of the two parts of the city. This is an aristocratic, unhurried, calm area, old buildings with large windows, stucco molding and marble decor prevail here. The streets here are spacious and wide, at night young people often arrange races.

Charlottenburg Palace
Charlottenburg Palace

Interesting fact! According to statistics from 1913, 120 millionaires lived on Kurfürstendamm Boulevard. Now the financial situation has deteriorated somewhat, but the region has remained rich culturally.

Famous sights:

  • Savigny Square
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Temple;
  • Charlottenburg Castle;
  • two operas located one block apart.

The area has a wide selection of clubs where you can listen to jazz, and there is also a large concentration of ancient hotels and restaurants.

An interesting shopping center operates in Charlottenburg, which should be visited regardless of the love of shopping. The area is adjacent to the green island, where the beautiful Tiergarten Park is located.

There are no nightclubs and entertainment venues, so if you prefer nightlife and have fun until the morning, you will be bored in Charlottenburg. Restaurants and bars are designed primarily for wealthy tourists. The area will undoubtedly appeal to those who love the measured and well-trained service.

Berlin area Charlottenburg


  • the area is calm, ethnic Germans live here;
  • rich cultural heritage;
  • A wide selection of comfortable apartments with high ceilings.


  • high prices and too pathos atmosphere;
  • no parties, no bars and nightclubs.

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Berlin Pankov District

A beautiful and calm area that was previously a small village founded by settlers in the 14th century. Pankov occupies the territory from the center of Berlin to the border of the capital with Brandenburg. The leaders of the country lived in this area, and today wealthy ethnic Germans live here.

Synagogue on Raikestrasse
Synagogue on Raikestrasse

Sights of the Pankov area:

  • synagogue on Raikestrasse (the largest in Germany);
  • the castle and the adjacent Schönhausen park;
  • Town Hall, built at the beginning of the 20th century;
  • Weissensee Lake;
  • Prenzlauer Berg water tower.

The northern part of the district gives the impression of a rural area, but as you approach the center, the situation changes dramatically – there are modern facilities, primarily medical and research centers.

Interesting fact! Pankov is the most densely populated area of ​​Berlin; more than 360 thousand people live here.

Berlin Pankov District


  • no migrants;
  • the atmosphere is rather pompous, but not oppressive;
  • calmly, you can relax with the children;
  • many establishments where they cook deliciously.


  • there is a feeling that all the inhabitants of the district are literally ecstatic.

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Berlin is generally a safe city, even in areas filled with migrants, the biggest danger is the abundance of garbage. Residents of the capital of Germany are well aware of what the local police are and prefer not to mess with them.

Berlin Center

If we talk about the crime rate, the highest in the Mitte region, since there are most tourists here, respectively, frequent thefts. If you are interested in cultural attractions, choose accommodation in central Berlin. Night parties are most clearly represented in the western part of the capital, but in the eastern – the areas of Berlin are mostly bohemian and respectable.

Features of rental housing in Berlin:

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