Tourist’s guide to Oludeniz: the main attractions

Oludeniz is a small fast-growing resort village in southwestern Turkey. It is famous for its clear sea, well-maintained beaches and natural sites. Oludeniz, whose attractions are not as diverse as in other popular resorts in the country, is still ready to offer several iconic places that can cause genuine interest among tourists. Here you can … Read more

Tourist’s guide to beaches in and around Oludeniz: Blue Lagoon, Belchekiz

Oludeniz is a miniature resort village in the south-west of Turkey, located 12.5 km southeast of Fethiye. This is a fairly lively tourist area, which is famous for its picturesque landscapes and turquoise sea waters. The season lasts from May to October, and the water temperature in the summer months ranges from 24-28 ° C. … Read more