Tourist’s guide to beaches in and around Oludeniz: Blue Lagoon, Belchekiz

Oludeniz is a miniature resort village in the south-west of Turkey, located 12.5 km southeast of Fethiye. This is a fairly lively tourist area, which is famous for its picturesque landscapes and turquoise sea waters. The season lasts from May to October, and the water temperature in the summer months ranges from 24-28 ° C. The beaches of Oludeniz differ in their size and level of amenities. Some of them are crowded and cramped, others are comfortable and calm.

Oludeniz beaches

In total, the resort has three main beaches: the Blue Lagoon, Belchekiz and Kidrak. And in the vicinity of the village you can meet the unique Patara Beach and the picturesque corner of the Valley of the Butterflies. You can learn about the features of each of them from our article.

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Blue Lagoon

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches of Oludeniz in Turkey is the Blue Lagoon, which is considered a protected object. It lies 4 km south-west of the center of the resort village and is a picturesque area surrounded by lush greenery, cedars and pomegranate trees that cover the nearby hills. To get here is quite simple on foot or by public bus.

Top view of the blue lagoon beach

This is a fairly long beach, and its length reaches almost 1000 m. The coastal cover consists of fine pebbles and sand, so the Blue Lagoon can be attributed to sand and pebble beaches.

Blue lagoon in the morning without people

The entrance to the water is gentle and comfortable, the depth begins only after 5-6 meters. This area is not characterized by strong waves, so many families with small children choose this beach. The blue lagoon is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable beach holiday: there are latrines, showers and changing cabins. There are many sun loungers that you can rent for $ 4 if you wish. Entrance to the territory of the Blue Lagoon is also paid and is $ 2 per person. Not far from the coast there are several cafes, so there are no problems with food.

In high season, the beach is overloaded with tourists

The photos of the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz are certainly beautiful and cause a desire to visit this place, but, unfortunately, the beach is not as perfect as it might seem at first glance. In the high season during the daytime, its territory is so overloaded with tourists that sometimes it is not possible to find a free place to relax. Sunbeds and umbrellas are crowded, tightly adjacent to each other, which creates discomfort. In addition, with large crowds, the promised clear turquoise water, which can be observed in the early morning hours, turns into a cloudy green mixture. Therefore, we recommend visiting this beach in low season or early in the morning.

Oludeniz Beach (Belchekiz). Promenade

Belcekiz beach view

The municipal beach, known as Belchekiz, is located 3.7 km south of the center of Oludeniz in Turkey. You can get here by public transport, taxi or on foot. Oludeniz Beach has a length of about 1500 m, and its width is on average 100 m. On the one hand, the coast rests on the rocks, on the other it goes to the Blue Lagoon beach.

At Belcekiz beach

On Belchekiz you will be greeted by a sand and pebble coating, consisting of fine gray pebbles and medium-sized sand. The seabed is lined with pebbles, large stones come across, so it is most convenient to swim in special shoes. The entrance to the water is uneven, the depth grows quickly enough. The area is characterized by waves, and only in the morning hours the sea waters remain serene. So this beach can not be called convenient for families with small children.

Oludeniz Embankment

Admission to Oludeniz Beach is free, but everyone can rent sunbeds with umbrellas for $ 2. The territory is equipped with the necessary infrastructure: there are toilets, showers and changing rooms. Along the coast there is a promenade with several hotels, restaurants and playgrounds. Paragliding is very popular in Oludeniz, which is confirmed by numerous athletes landing on the promenade near Belchekiz.

In high season, it is quite crowded, but since the beach is wide, there is no feeling of crowding. Belchekiz can be a great alternative to the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz in Turkey.

Many tourists who have been here note that the territory, although well-maintained, does not differ in perfect cleanliness. However, the beach has a Blue Flag certificate, which confirms its safety.

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Butterfly Valley

When viewing photos of the beaches and the promenade in Oludeniz in Turkey, you can often see a picture of a secluded picturesque corner, hidden between steep cliffs. This is the Valley of the Butterflies, where many tourists come to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and swim at the local beach.

Butterfly Valley Cove

This place is located 11 km south of the center of Oludeniz, and you can get here in only two ways. In the first case, you can buy an excursion to the Valley of the Butterflies, and in the second, you can go here on your own by a scheduled boat, which sets sail from the pier of the Belchekiz city beach. The cost of a trip in both directions is $ 5, and the travel time takes about 30 minutes.

Butterfly Valley Beach

The beach in Butterfly Valley is a narrow strip of coast, not more than 200 meters long. The coast is covered with pebbles of medium size, in some places there are sections mixed with sand. The bottom here is uneven with large stones, so entering the water cannot be called comfortable. Since the beach is surrounded by cliffs, the waves in the sea are weak, but because of the constantly arriving tourist yachts and ships in the water, oily spots from fuel are often found. There is no infrastructure on the coast, only in the far part there are several sunbeds, which, as a rule, are always busy. Near the coastal zone you can find a couple of cafes and a fish restaurant.

In the daytime the beach is crowded with tourists

The coast in Butterfly Valley is not suitable for families with children, and it will not be very convenient for adults here. In the daytime, the coast is crowded with tourists, tourist ships and boats are constantly sailing to it, so swimming is uncomfortable and unsafe. Going to the Butterfly Valley purposefully for swimming does not make sense, but visiting this beach in Oludeniz as part of an orientation tour and taking a couple of beautiful photos here is a good idea.

Kidrak (Paradise Beach)

Kidrak Beach Signpost

If you are looking for privacy and tranquility, then Kidrak Beach in Oludeniz is ideal for your holiday in Turkey. Paradise Beach is located 6 km from the center of the village in a conservation park, the entrance to which is $ 2.

You can get here on foot from the municipal beach of Belchekiz in 40-50 minutes or on the hourly shuttle dolmushe in the direction of Fethiye-Kabak, landed at the Kidrak stop.

Kidrak Beach (Paradise Beach)

The coastline, stretching over a distance of about 1000 meters, is a picturesque corner, framed by cliffs and pine trees. The beach cover consists of sand and small pebbles, and mainly large stones are found in its southern parts. The water is clear, turquoise, somewhat cooler than on other Oludeniz beaches because of the keys breaking here. Sunset at sea is rough, steep, strong waves are characteristic of the area.

There are barbecue areas

Kidrack has toilets, changing rooms and a shower. But renting sun loungers with umbrellas is problematic: sometimes, even in the high season, they are simply not rented out here. But if you are still lucky, and the loungers will be available, then you will have to pay $ 5 (for 2 pieces) for their rental. On the beach there are barbecue areas, you can rent barbecue equipment at the entrance to the park. There is a cafe near the parking lot where you can eat.

In general, due to its distance from Oludeniz, this beach in Turkey is quite clean, there are no crowds of tourists, there is the necessary infrastructure, but due to the uneven bottom and cold water, Paradise Beach is not at all suitable for families with small children and is more suitable for travelers, seeking serenity and silence.


Among the beaches of Oludeniz in Turkey, photos of which fascinate with their picturesqueness, a place called Patara deserves special attention. Firstly, it is one of the longest beaches in the country, the length of which reaches 20 km. And, secondly, it is one of the few coasts in Turkey with soft light sand.

View of Patara Beach

Patara is located 80 km southeast of Oludeniz. For the most part it is a wild beach, and only a modest zone with a length of 500 meters is equipped for recreation here. The area is characterized by clear water and a clean area with fine sand, the bottom is flat, flat, perfect for families with children.

Beach Patara Beach

Patara is a paid beach, the entrance is $ 2. The area is equipped with all the attendant attributes, including latrines, showers and changing rooms. Optionally, here you can rent sunbeds with umbrellas for $ 3. There is a restaurant on the coast where you can order drinks and snacks.

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If you are resting in Oludeniz in Turkey, it will be easiest to get to Patara by rented transport, following the D 400 highway. You can also get here by regular bus heading from Fethiye to Kas, having asked the driver to drop you off in the village of Ova, from where to beach get by taxi or dolmush. If you do not want to spend your time on the road to Patara, we recommend visiting other Oludeniz beaches.

See also a video review of the beaches of Oludeniz.

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