Tourist’s guide to Oludeniz: the main attractions

Oludeniz is a small fast-growing resort village in southwestern Turkey. It is famous for its clear sea, well-maintained beaches and natural sites. Oludeniz, whose attractions are not as diverse as in other popular resorts in the country, is still ready to offer several iconic places that can cause genuine interest among tourists. Here you can find a lot of entertainment, among which the most popular paragliding. You can find detailed information about all excursion activities at this resort from our article.

Resort Oludeniz


There are no historical sights directly in Oludeniz, but the resort is rich in natural sites:

Kidrak National Park
Kidrak National Park

If you are puzzled by the question of what to see on your own in Oludeniz in Turkey, we recommend that you first pay attention to the Kidrak National Park. The facility is located 6 km south of the resort village. The reserve is a picturesque area, bordered by mountain peaks and pine forests, which is washed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a great place where you can combine a beach holiday and a picnic, because the park has barbecue areas, as well as the opportunity to rent all the necessary equipment for the event.

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Kidrak Beach

Kidrak Beach is famous for its clean coast and clear water, it is not crowded here, so the attraction is ideal for those travelers who seek peace and tranquility surrounded by pristine nature. The water in the sea is colder than on other popular beaches of Oludeniz, as there are several keys in the area. There is a cafe in the park. Tourists who have been here notice unusually beautiful views from the beach during sunset.

Kidrak Natural Park
  • You can see the landmark daily from 9:00 to 20:00.
  • Entrance to the park is paid and is $ 2. Barbecue equipment rental costs $ 5.
  • You can get to Kidrak by traveling dolmushe ($ 1) or by taxi ($ 5-7).
Mount Babadah
Mount Babadag

Speaking of the sights of Oludeniz and its environs, one can not help but mention Mount Babadah. Translated from Turkish, its name means “Mount Father”. The altitude of the main peak is 1969 m, the second largest peak stretches to a height of 1400 m. Many travelers come here to go hiking, conquer the mountain slopes, enjoy the breathtaking panorama, and watch the sunset in the evening. Upstairs you can see quite a variety of landscapes: on the one hand it is a gray, deathly cold terrain, on the other – densely overgrown mountain slopes.

Paragliders in Oludeniz

Babadakh has long been the main launching pad for paragliders. Many tourists vacationing in Oludeniz and its environs come here purposefully for paragliding. Indeed, it is here that the best places in Turkey for safe take-off and landing are located. Currently, at the foot of the mountain, work is underway to build a cable car, so soon the possibilities of this attraction will expand significantly.

  • Babadakh is located 16 km southeast of Oludeniz, and you can get here by traveling dolmushe, which leaves the mountain from the municipal beach twice a day – at 10:00 and 14:00 (back at 12:00 and 16:00) .
  • The fare is $ 1.5. On the way up the mountain you will find a winding mountain serpentine, from where you can see the beautiful landscapes.
  • The final stop of the bus is a point at an altitude of 1700 m, where a small cafe is located.


The resort village of Oludeniz in Turkey is little known to mass tourism, but it is ready to offer travelers a lot of high-quality entertainment, not inferior in level to other resorts in terms of organization. Moreover, their cost will be much lower. Where to go vacationers in Oludeniz?

Water World Waterpark
Water World Waterpark

Water World – a landmark in Oludeniz in Turkey, is a new small water park with well-thought-out infrastructure. The facility is located 3 km north of the resort village. In the water park there are several slides for adults, including the Kamikaze ride, there is a zone for small children. Here you can find pools for visitors of all ages. Sun loungers are located near the pools, there is a cafe where you can order drinks and fast food. The water park has a professional photographer.

  • Water World is open daily from May to October from 10:30 to 18:00.
  • Entrance ticket for one person is $ 10.
  • You can get here from the village by taxi for $ 6-9. Towards evening, a free bus leaves from the water park for Oludeniz and Fethiye, which awaits passengers in the parking lot from 16:00 to 16:30.
Paragliding in Oludeniz

One of the most popular attractions in Oludeniz is paragliding. This is due not only to the presence of Mount Babadakh, which has become the main launching pad for paragliders, but also to a picturesque area, which is definitely worth a bird’s eye view. In Oludeniz in Turkey you can find many travel agencies offering paragliding, and usually such an event takes place according to the standard scenario.

It all starts with the fact that you are picked up from the hotel in a minibus, on which you climb a mountain peak. At the peak, there are many paragliding sites, where you will receive a detailed briefing before the jump. During the tour, tourists must be accompanied by experienced instructors.

Flying from Mount Babadah

The total flight time is 40-50 minutes, during which you can enjoy incredible views of the mountains, the blue lagoon, islands and dense vegetation. At the request of the tourist, the instructor can make the flight more extreme when he starts circling in the air with greater speed next to other paragliders. Landing takes place on a lawn near the coast, where you will be expected by a special employee who provides safety net.

  • During the flight, photos and videos are taken, so after landing you can buy a disc with recording and pictures for $ 30-40.
  • The cost of the paraglider flight varies between $ 60-100, it all depends on which agency you purchase services in.
Paragliding with Hanuman Paragliding

Guides have the highest price tags, so we recommend that you pay attention to companies such as

  • Hanuman Paragliding,
  • Sky Sports
  • Airborne Paragliding.

You can easily find addresses on the Internet. If you still doubt what to see in Oludeniz, then, of course, a bird’s-eye view of the spectacular landscapes should be on your tour list.

Advice! When going for paragliding, be sure to take sneakers, since it is forbidden to fly in other shoes. Upon arrival to the mountain, feel free to leave your things on the bus, because it will not be possible to take them on a flight (not even a telephone).

Boat tours
Butterfly Valley Beach
Butterfly Valley

In Oludeniz, the second most popular pastime after paragliding is a boat ride. During such a trip, tourists have the opportunity to visit several islands nearby to the resort, see natural attractions and swim in the clear sea. As a rule, a boat tour consists of visits to 5-7 islands, including the famous Butterfly Valley. A large stop is made on the largest island, during which you can dine in a restaurant, wander around the surroundings and relax on the beach.

A foam party

An animation team is working on board the ship, entertaining not only children but also adults. Competitions, discos and even foam parties are held here. During a stop at one of the islands, tourists have the opportunity to dive from a cliff. Photographers also work on board, you can take pictures with a parrot and a pirate.

  • The duration of such a boat tour is 7-8 hours (usually from 9:00 to 17:00).
  • Its cost is quite small and equal to $ 13.
Oludeniz Boat Tour with Dragon

This tour will be interesting to travelers of all ages, so if you do not know what to see in Oludeniz in Turkey, then feel free to go sailing on a ship. Among the companies organizing boat tours, it is worth highlighting Dragon Boat and Cherry Tree Boat Tours.

Prices on the page are for the season 2018.

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Oludeniz, whose attractions will allow you to enjoy the pristine nature of Turkey, is developing quite rapidly. Today, a cable car is being built here, tourist infrastructure is being improved, thereby attracting more and more vacationers. And it is quite possible that in the coming years the resort will become one of the most visited in the country.

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