Tourist’s guide to the 10 best beaches in Malaysia

For several years now, the white beaches of Malaysia have been attracting millions of tourists to this continental island country. Surrounded by the Strait of Malacca, the Andaman and South China Seas, the state differs from its neighbors in untouched nature, purity and beautiful landscapes. On which islands are the best beaches in Malaysia and when to fly to catch the warmest rays of the sun? Details in this article.

Holidays on the beach of Malaysia

Long Beach, Perhentians

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the Perhentian Archipelago is 19 km from the coast of Malacca. The Perhentian Islands are a protected area densely covered by the jungle and surrounded by rocky plateaus. For beautiful views, tourists and local residents have to pay for refusing fishing, collecting shells and corals, as these activities are prohibited.

Long Beach, Perhentians

The season on the Perhentians begins in April and lasts until the end of September. The average air temperature at this time reaches + 30 ° C, water – + 26 ° C.

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Perhentian Kecil Island

The best beach in the entire archipelago is located on the island of Perhentian Kecil. It has a well-developed infrastructure, clean white sand and a large selection of entertainment. Here you can relax in one of the inexpensive restaurants, rent a boat for a walk on the sea or go diving and snorkelling. There are umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach (for a fee), there are several grocery stores.

On the beach of Long Beach, Perhentian

The depth of the bay near the shore is small, the descent into the water is gentle and convenient, therefore the beach is well suited for families with children. 40 meters from the coast you can see the first fish and corals.

Advice! Most people on the beach in the early morning – at 8 o’clock they are going for snorkeling. If you want to relax in silence, get enough sleep and come to the sea at 9-10 in the morning.

Cons: many boats off the coast, a popular place among sightseeing groups.

Turtle Beach, Perhentian

Little Turtles on Turtle Beach, Perhentian

One of the most unusual beaches in Malaysia is located on the island of Perhentian-Besar. There is clear turquoise water, fine white sand and many palm trees, but its main feature is that it is a “maternity home” for turtles – annually hundreds of small and cute reptiles are born here. It is almost impossible to see these animals on the shore (during egg laying one part of the beach is closed, usually in January and July), but they, like hundreds of small fish, will not mind getting to know you in depth.

Turtle Beach, Perhentian

Malaysia’s Turtle Beach is a great place to take photos, as few people rest here. The period from 12 to 16 days, when the sun makes the sea unusually azure – the best time for those who want to complement the family album with a picture from the Bounty advertisement.

Important! You can get to the beach only by boat for 10 ringgit per person, therefore: 1) do not forget to agree with the owner of the vessel about the time of departure home; 2) note that after 19:00 the tariff doubles.

Disadvantages: isolation of the beach, lack of cafes, shops and other benefits of civilization.

Taaras, about. Redang

Taaras beach, about.  Redang

Lovers of beautiful sunsets, deep sea dives and mysterious reefs come to relax on Redang. It is better to come from the beginning of May to mid-September to avoid meeting with rain clouds and winds.

The best beach of Redanga is adorned by the largest island of the same name of the archipelago, 7 km long and 6 km wide. Soft bottom, pleasant white sand, convenient entry into the water, well-developed infrastructure – not all the advantages of Taaras. Access to the beach is available only to residents of The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, as there are no other hotels or tourist houses in the area.

At the Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

The water level varies throughout the day: before lunch you can dive directly from the shore, and after 15-16 hours you will have to walk about 50 meters before the sea wet your knees (great for those who come to relax with their children). The beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, the hotel has a bar with good drinks and several restaurants. Nearby is a market with cheap fruits and cafes, but, according to travelers, the quality of the dishes there corresponds to the price level.

Cons: inconvenient location.

Simpan, about Redang

Another unusual white sand beach in Malaysia. It is conditionally divided into two parts: one is for turtles, the other for travelers. Simpan is a wild beach, untouched by a human hand. There are no cafes, shops, sunbeds and other things, but there are beautiful coral reefs at the bottom, crystal clear calm sea water and alluring coolness of the dense jungle. The best snorkelling spot in all of Malaysia.

Beach simpan beach

Tip: while relaxing on the beach, do not leave food unattended. Although there are no city thieves or heaps of tourists here, but cute monkeys and other inhabitants of the jungle will always not mind eating something new.

Disadvantages: an isolated beach without infrastructure.

Panuba Beach, Fr. Tioman

Tioman Beach

Tioman is an ideal place for a beach holiday, one of the ten most beautiful corners of the world and the best island of Malaysia with white beaches Tioman is located 56 km from the coast of the country. Only a few hundred indigenous people live here, serving thousands of tourists every month. Tioman is large enough (length 20 km and width 12 km), its entire territory is considered a protected area.

You can relax on Tioman during the dry season – from May to September. The rest of the year it rains almost continuously and a strong wind blows.

Life hack! If you want to buy alcohol or cigarettes at the lowest price in Malaysia, Tioman is the best place for this. Here, unlike the continental part of the country, no duty is imposed on these goods.

The small Panuba beach, only 150 meters long, with crystal clear water and white fine sand belongs to the Panuba Inn Resort of the same name. Due to its slightly remote location, Panuba is not considered very popular, therefore, here you can enjoy a paradise vacation under the cry of birds, and not tourists and annoying sellers.

Small beach of Panuba
Hotel Panuba Inn Resort

On the ground floor of the hotel complex there is a good restaurant where hungry travelers are always welcome. The beach, although in a small number, is equipped with deck chairs, there are no shops or souvenir shops. There are a lot of fish in the water at any depth – Panuba is great for snorkeling.

Important! Compared to other beaches in Malaysia, the coldest water is + 24 ° C with an average temperature of the South China Sea of ​​+ 27 ° C.

Cons: can only be reached by boat for an additional fee, a small beach.

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Juara, about Tioman

Juara Beach

The best place for travelers who dream all day to relax in peace and quiet. Juara is the second largest settlement on the island, but not very famous among holidaymakers. The beach is surrounded by dense jungle and mountains surrounded by greenery. There are many palm trees, stones and exotic animals, at the beginning of winter and summer you can see small turtles. The beach is covered with white sand, but not clean. There are several dozens of sunbeds, ferries sail regularly.

Disadvantages: lack of infrastructure, pollution.

Coral Beach at Pangkor

Coral Beach at Pangkor

Remote at 200 km from the capital of Malaysia, the island of Pangkor with an area of ​​8 km2 often becomes an impossible dream. Perhaps this is why here are the cleanest white beaches of the country, where you can relax away from the daily hustle and bustle. Most of Pangkor is covered by impenetrable jungle, and the only people are several hundred local residents living in fishing villages.

The weather on the island is calm throughout the year. Traditionally, two seasons are distinguished in Pangkor – dry and wet, but in practice, even in the rainy season, the sky is rarely divided by precipitation. The average temperature during the day is + 30 ° C, at night – from + 20 ° C.

In a beachfront cafe on Coral Beach

Coral Beach is one of the best places to relax in Malaysia on the beach. Clear turquoise water, perfectly white sand, a clean coast, free sunbeds, palm trees, a gentle entrance … have you already highlighted it on the map or continue the description of the advantages? On the beach there is a cafe with chic freshly squeezed juices, an interesting monastery with the characters of Disney cartoons, hammocks, swings and other entertainment for travelers of all ages. The best place to discover hornbills.

Advice! If you want to relax on the Coral Beach, come here on weekdays. On weekends, locals gather with children here and tour groups come.

Cons: in some places, the bottom is covered with shells and corals.

Tanjung Roo, about. Langkawi

Langkawi Island, one of the most popular resorts in Malaysia.

Tanjung Roo Beach

The local climate is divided into three parts:

  • High season is the best time for a beach holiday. It lasts from November to March;
  • Medium – April-August. Decline in prices, short-term infrequent rains;
  • Low – September and October. During this period, the gray sky becomes especially generous with various kinds of precipitation.
Sandy beach Tanjung Roux

Two kilometers of the purest white sand on Tanjung Roux, a cool shadow under tall palm trees, clear water and gorgeous views around – what else does an unpretentious tourist need. Tanjung Rou is considered a calm place where you can relax from the noise of the city, as many travelers do not find the strength to get to this beach.

Garbage on Tanjung Roo beach

Tanjung Roux is divided into two parts: on the one hand, guests of the local hotels rest on the other, and the rest of the tourists. Unfortunately, due to this separation, half of the beach remains uncleaned and does not differ in developed infrastructure. Cafes, shops, restaurants and spas are located in the closed part of Tanjung Rou, next to sun loungers and parasols. Not the best place to relax with children.

Disadvantages: several times a month, the underwater current is amplified so that swimming is prohibited; they only take good care of the paid part of the beach.


The first largest beach in Langkawi is very popular among tourists. It is never crowded, but because of this, so many cafes, restaurants and shops have been built on Chenang. The water is very clean and clear, but the beach itself, covered with fine white sand, is often polluted in the high season. The approach to the sea is gentle, there are practically no waves, the depth is increasing gradually – you can safely relax with the children. There are many attractions: diving, parachutes, boat trips.

Chenang Beach

Cons: a large number of people, often cars drive directly along the beach.

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Tengah Beach

A sparsely populated beautiful beach with coarse white sand and one of the few places in Malaysia where you can jump on the waves. In the middle of Tengah there is a small rock with freely walking crabs and turtles. In the mornings and evenings there are strong tides that bring jellyfish and algae, so the most suitable time to relax is from 11 to sunset.

Disadvantages: no infrastructure.

Now you know which beaches of Malaysia are considered the best and where you can relax with young children. Take beautiful swimwear, masks and do not forget sunscreen. Have a nice trip!

The best beaches and the most interesting sights of Malaysia are marked on the map in Russian.

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