Tourist’s guide to Tioman – a picturesque island of Malaysia with a coral reef

Tioman Island (Malaysia) is located at a distance of 60 km from the mainland. It is part of Pahang National Park in Malaysia. Tioman can be safely considered one of the most picturesque islands in the territory of Southeast Asia, his amazing nature is shown in the musical “South Passifik”. The main attraction of the island – beaches with clear turquoise water, white sand and exotic nature.

Tioman Island, Malaysia

Photo: views of the island of Tioman.

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general information

Tioman Island has a length of 20 km and a width of 12 km, there are about a thousand inhabitants in eight settlements, many of them are descendants of pirates and fishermen. Some villages resemble villages in Indonesia.

The highest point of Mount Gunung Kajang
Gunung kajang

The center of the island is densely covered with forest, some plants are unique. The highest point is the top of Mount Gunung Kajang, height 1038 m.

Interesting fact! The streets are very clean, and river water can be drunk without prior boiling. However, it is not worth checking this fact in practice; it is better to buy purified water in stores.

People surrounded the island of Tioman in Malaysia with various legends. One of them tells about the Chinese princess, who, going to the groom, was fascinated by nature and decided to stay here forever, turning into a pearl of Tioman.

The underwater world of Tioman Island

To get to this part of Malaysia is recommended to everyone who seeks solitude, dreams of a comfortable beach vacation, exotic nature. In addition, here is a real paradise for diving enthusiasts, because the underwater world is as colorful as the animal and plant world of Tioman.


The main attraction is a comfortable coastline, nature and wildlife. Unique animals and plants live here. The popular village of the island is Juara, here the cleanest sand on the island is a reserve of sea turtles, where animals can be fed and stroked.

Juara Beach in Juara Village
Juara Beach

On Tioman there are two mountains covered with thick jungle – “Donkey’s Ears” and “Dragon Horns”. It is noteworthy that only a few people were able to get to the top of the “Dragon Horn”.

Mount "Dragon Horns"
Dragon Horns

Another interesting place to visit is the village of Tekek, here you can visit the marine park Marine Park, which contains unique types of corals – soft, hard.


The island is a duty free zone, however, shopping here is unlikely to be profitable. Most of the outlets are located in the village of Tekek. Here you can buy food, drinks, cigarettes, sweets.

Good to know! If the purchased goods must be transported to Singapore, a fee should be paid.

Traditional wooden clogs

There are a lot of souvenirs in the settlement – T-shirts with interesting patterns, pumpkin-shaped dishes, jewelry in the traditional Malaysian power, wooden clogs.

In the resort areas there are small shops where you can buy personal hygiene items, insect protection, and other necessary goods.

It is important! It is forbidden to break off and take out corals from the island; you can purchase a branch in a souvenir shop.


Mersey ferry to Tioman

There are practically no high-quality asphalt highways on Tioman Island in Malaysia, the only road leads to the village of Tekek, and then to the resort of Berjaya. The fastest and most comfortable way of communication between the settlements is the ferry, following from Mersing to Tioman. The fare varies from 3 to 5 $. You can get to the resort by private boat, it will cost $ 16.

Also on the island there are SUVs – an analogue of a taxi. The cost of travel:

  • $ 24 per passenger;
  • $ 38 for two;
  • $ 11 if there are four passengers.


Good mobile communications in the south of Tioman

The best mobile communications in the south of the island. The Internet is almost everywhere. Most Internet cafes in Tekek and Air Batang. The cost of one session, as a rule, is $ 3. The hotels have wireless internet.

Calling is better from hotels, as most telephones are broken. Wherever there is Internet, you can contact the subscriber via Skype.


Tioman Island Infrastructure

Hotels on an island in Malaysia are completely unlike traditional European modern buildings. Most often these are compact chalets with 7-9 rooms, decorated in national, Malaysian style. Natural wood predominates in the interior.

The largest village on the island is Tekek, nearby is the local airport, there are grocery stores, an Internet cafe, you can rent a transport. Ferries from the continental part of Malaysia moor near the settlement of Tekek, they immediately work: a police department, currency exchange points and customs.

Genting is an entertainment center with a night club, a restaurant (Chinese cuisine prevails in the menu), and a disco.

Genting - entertainment center

If you want to get into the jungle, it is best to go to the village of Paya, from here excursions go deep into the tropics, tourists are always accompanied by funny monkeys who strive to get to the personal belongings of vacationers.

The village of Nipa attracts lovers of romance, there are many deserted beaches and almost no vacationers.

Good to know! The widest coastline is located near the hotel Berjaya and belongs to him. On many beaches, there is an influx of Singaporeans at the weekend. This is due to the fact that Tioman is a center for diving and spa services and golf.


Lodges Aguna Resort
Aguna resort

Tioman has accommodation for every taste and budget, most hotels are located in the western part of the island. Here are presented luxury hotels, affordable hotels, as well as individual houses and chalets. Most hotels are villas decorated in the traditional Malaysian style.

Many inexpensive hotels and chalets are concentrated in the village of Tekek. Accommodation in a simple chalet with a minimum set of amenities will cost $ 12-13, in a slightly more comfortable hotel costs from $ 30 to $ 60. In expensive hotels a room costs an average of about $ 100. One of the most prestigious resorts on the island of Tioman – Berjaya. The hotel has a swimming pool, spa, wi-fi zone, private beach. The hotel also owns a huge picturesque territory of the island.

Good to know! With a budget of 200 ringit (about $ 50), you can find good housing in any part of the island. The cost of living is determined by the season – from January to March, prices are 50% less than in the high season – from July to August.

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Breakfast in a cafe on Tioman Island

Local restaurants and cafes serve national and European dishes. Here you can taste traditional Malay dishes, as well as traditional European cuisine. It is better to have an inexpensive snack in eateries, most of them in the villages of Tekek and Juar.

Interesting fact! Be sure to try the nashi rice, served as a side dish, also cooked in coconut milk. Interesting and unusual taste meat prepared according to local recipes. Indulge in the pleasure of tasting seafood. It is better to buy alcoholic beverages in duty-free stores.

Compared to other Malaysian resorts, food on Tioman is quite expensive. Local dishes cost from 3 to 10 ringgit. European dishes are more expensive – up to 15 ringgit. Three meals a day in the hotel restaurant will cost from 30 to 40 ringgit.


The main feature of the locals is their friendliness, which is why crimes on the island are extremely rare. However, even with such external calmness and serenity, one cannot forget about precautionary measures. Women should dress more modestly, especially when planning a walk to local villages.

Vaccination of adults against hepatitis A and B and from malaria

Before the trip, it is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B and against malaria. Tourists are advised to use mosquito nets, insect repellents, sunscreen and headwear. If you plan to snorkel, be sure to specify which underwater inhabitants are poisonous and can be dangerous.

TOP 8 beaches of Tioman Island
1. Tulay
Beach on the island of Tulay

This is a small islet, which is located 4 km from the island of Tioman. The coast is covered with exotic vegetation, white sand, and the water is perfectly clear. It is here that there are more places for diving and snorkeling. The seabed is sandy.

2. Monkey Beach

This is a wild, secluded place located in the northwestern part of the island. The beach got its name because of the large number of monkeys that live here. The seabed is covered with sand and stones.

Monkey Beach on Tioman

PHOTO: Tioman Island

3. Juara

Great place in the eastern part of the island. Many turtles live here. The coast is not crowded because it is difficult to get here. The seabed is covered with sand.

4. Salang

A popular holiday destination in the north of Tioman. There are many palm trees on the shore, clean, white sand, clear water. Lovers of nightlife come here, as this is the only place on Tioman where there are night bars and discos. To do snorkeling, you need to get to the southern part. The seabed is covered with sand and stones. Here you can go diving, well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Salang Beach

A resting place in the west of the island, the coast is covered with palm trees, which give a pleasant shadow. The descent into the water is comfortable, and in the northern part a convenient place for snorkeling.

6. Genting
Genting beach

A picturesque beach in the western part of the island, it is here where you can find picturesque landscapes, beautiful bays, but the sea bottom is covered with stones. The beach has a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

7. Air Batang

A beach in the western part of the island, also known as ABC. The coastline is 1 km long, the seabed is mostly rocky, and some places are suitable for snorkeling. Sufficiently developed infrastructure.

8. Tekek.
Tekek Beach on Tioman Island

The main village on the island, ferries arrive here, and the beach is located north and south of the port. Compared to the beaches in other villages, this resting place is inferior, but in general you can sunbathe on the seashore.

Weather and climate

Tioman Island in Malaysia is located in the equatorial climate zone. It is hot here throughout the year – about + 30-32 degrees. The sea temperature is almost unchanged all year – +29 degrees.

Air temperature on Tioman Island

In Malaysia, there are two seasons: rainy and dry. The rainy season begins in November and ends in March, at this time it is difficult to get to the island and the weather does not have a rest – a gale is blowing, and the sea is stormy. Not all hotels accept tourists at this time of the year.

The best weather on Tioman in Malaysia is set in May and lasts until September. The maximum number of tourists arrives from June to August.

Diving and snorkeling
Snorkeling on Tioman Island

For fans of diving, Tioman in Malaysia is a real paradise. Transparent, warm water, a variety of aquatic inhabitants and bright corals create ideal conditions for sea diving. Diving centers operate in every village and in all resort areas. The cost of one dive is 150 ringgit.

The best places on Tioman for snorkeling and diving:

  • Chebeh Island – located a quarter of an hour from the village of Salang, depth up to 27 meters, features – numerous tunnels and caves under water, many corals, you can meet stingrays;
  • Malang Rock – Located north of the island in Malaysia, at a distance of 20 minutes from the village of Salang. In addition to diving, there are excellent conditions for snorkeling – in shallow water there are many corals, sponges, at great depths you can meet stingrays, barracudas and even sharks;
  • Diving at Salang Bay
    Salang bay
  • Salang Bay – located in front of the village of Salang, depth up to 15 meters, reefs are easily accessible, beginner divers come here to admire corals, anemones, turtles and parrot fish;
  • next to the office of the Marine Park – located between the villages of Tekek and Air Batang, depth up to 30 meters, in addition to diving, this is a great place for snorkeling, as the fish are fed here, there are several sunken ships nearby;
  • Renggis Island – located near the village of Tekek, depth up to 15 meters, this is one of the most popular places for diving and snorkeling, you can find parts of sunken ships.

Snorkelling equipment can be rented for the whole day, the service is provided on each beach:

  • Vest and flippers – 10 ringgit each;
  • mask and tube – 15 ringgit.

Some hotels and guesthouses offer half or full day snorkelling excursions. Cost from 60 to 150 ringgit.

How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman
1. How to get to Tioman by plane

The runway is located near the village of Tekek, there is also a customs office and a marina where ferries moor.

Berjaya Air

Air carrier – Berjaya Air, small planes with a capacity of only 48 people depart from Subang Airport. The duration of the flight is 60 minutes. The frequency of flights depends on the season – in high season planes leave daily, in the rainy season – two to three times a week. The weight limit for luggage is 10 kg. To get to Tioman, first visit the airline’s website and check the flight schedule.

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2. How to get to Tioman island by bus and ferry

The route involves a transfer in the city of Mersing. The route is as follows:

  • from Kuala Lumpur Airport you need to get to Pudu Central, the journey takes 60 minutes, the ticket costs 12 ringgit;
  • at a distance of 100 meters there is a bus stop number 690, which goes to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, the journey takes 20 minutes, the ticket costs about 2 ringgit;
  • Bus ticket offices Terminal Bersepadu Selatan
  • at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan you need to buy a ticket to Mersing, the ticket costs about 38 ringgit, the journey takes 5 hours.

In the city of Mersing will have to spend the night and get to the pier by 6-00. Here you can buy tickets to Tioman round trip, cost 79 ringgit. In addition, you need to pay 20 ringgit for visiting the island in Malaysia and 5 ringgit for garbage collection. On the way, the ferry stops at the beaches of the island.

Now you know how to get to Tioman in Malaysia, which beach to relax on and how to organize leisure. Be sure to visit this corner in Malaysia and experience the exotic color of the resort.

Prices on the page are for February 2018.

Watch a video of what Tioman Island looks like from the air.

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