The 10 best Langkawi beaches in Malaysia

In the north-west of Malaysia there is a fairly extensive island of Langkawi – more or less large beaches here are about twenty, and many more are small. This article describes the beaches of Langkawi that deserve priority attention. An article is also attached to the article, which will help to find all this beauty of Malaysia in real space.

Langkawi Beach in Malaysia

“Beach” in the language of the Malaysians is written “pantai” and sounds like “pantai”, respectively, the beaches are called, for example, Pantai Chenang.

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Chenai (Pantai Cenang)

Where are the best beaches in Langkawi? One of them is located at a distance of 5 km from the airport. The beach strip has a length of 2 km, it stretches along the central street of the same name. The central road does not affect the quality of rest at all, since it is located at some distance and is also separated by a number of hotels. The main infrastructure is concentrated on the main street: numerous restaurants are open, there is the best shopping and entertainment center in the resort and duty-free shops, travel agencies work. On the same street, very close to the beach, there is a kartodrome and the best underwater world in Malaysia, “The Underwater World of Langkawi”.

Pantai Cenang Beach

Chenang cannot be called ideal, but he is the best in the area – that’s for sure. Here, light, fine and incredibly soft sand. Entry into the water is gentle, waves are very rare. The beach is clean, and although sometimes the waves drive ashore in waves, it is quickly cleaned even in the early morning. There are very few people, perhaps due to the fact that the beach strip is wide and long, and everyone can disperse and not interfere with each other.

Crab at Pantai Cenang Beach

Making a description of this beach in Langkawi, it is necessary to say about the “living” coast: many small fish swim, crabs run on the sand, water carries many starfish and shells.

At Chenang for 10 rhinitis, you can rent a sunbed under an umbrella. There are various water rides and entertainments, many boats with parachutes and jet skis, but they behave neatly and do not interfere with swimming.

Housing in the vicinity of Chenang is mostly budget, you can settle not only in a hotel room, but also rent the best house in the area for a long time. It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially on vacations from November to March.

On Chenang Beach in Langkawi there are several best options for settlement, for example:

Villa La Villa Langkawi
La villa langkawi
  1. Modern villa La Villa Langkawi . There is 1 chic bedroom, there is a private pool. You can walk to the beach in 15 minutes, and reach Langkawi International Airport in 10.
  2. Complex Panji Panji Tropical Wooden Home with comfortable villas. This is the best option in the Chenang area: only 6 minutes to the sea, the airport is 3 km away.
  3. Hotel 5 * Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort. This is the best option if you are planning a vacation in Malaysia with children.
  4. Hotel 4 * Casa Del Mar Hotel. The hotel is also good for families with children.

Detailed information on hotels and cost of living can be found here .

Tengah (Pantai Tengah)

Another beach on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia – Tengah is considered no worse. It is located south of Chenang and is separated from it by only a small stone cape. It is because of this cape that it is impossible to go from one beach to another, you need to go along the highway to the aquarium and duty-free shopping centers. Like Chenang, the track runs along Tengah, and hotels, restaurants, and shops are operating on both sides of it.

Pantai Tengah Beach

The Tengah beach strip has a length of about 1 km, it is divided into the northern and southern parts. In the south it is not too crowded, mainly visitors to the Holiday Villa Beach Resort hotel and vacationers from several nearby hotels come here. A little more people come to the northern part of this beach, the reason may be that there is the best water attraction in the district: paragliders (they cost 120 rhinitis per person, but if there is no influx of people who wish, you can bargain for 150 rhinitis for two), motorcycles , “Bananas.”

Banana Riding on Pantai Tengah Beach

As for the beach itself, the slope of the bottom and entry into the water here is quite sharp, but at the same time, the influence of low tides is much less than at Chenang. The sand is mostly yellow, although in some places it is black, but in any case it is quite large. The beach is cleaned, but not too hard, in some places there is still garbage.

Tengah is among the beaches with the best hotels in Langkawi. Among the most popular:

Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa in Langkawi
Holiday Villa Beach Resort
  1. Spa Hotel Holiday Villa Beach Resort . Visitors are waiting for 2 pools, a spa, 5 catering establishments. Go to the sea only 8 minutes.
  2. Cottage complex Star Cottage Langkawi. There is a grass garden on the territory of the complex, and a small minimarket is nearby. From the cottages to the beach to go no more than 5 minutes, at the same time you can get to the aquarium, and in 15 minutes – to the airport. This is the best accommodation option on Tengah Beach.
  3. Villa Rumah Jah. The beach is just a 1-minute walk, 1.2 km from the oceanarium and 6 km from the airport.

To view more detailed information about these hotels, go to this page .

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Kok (Pantai Kok)

Kok Beach is located on the eastern side of Langkawi Island, it begins in the secluded bay of Telaga Harbor and stretches for 2 km, now narrowing, now expanding and wriggling like a snake. Nearby is the Oriental Village Park and a cableway leading to Malaysia’s best attractions – the Sky Bridge overhanging the abyss.

Pantai Kok Beach

Part of the beach strip is owned by the Berjaya Langkawi Resort, and part is almost wild. There is no infrastructure in the vicinity of Kok Beach – even sun loungers have nowhere to rent – all life is concentrated on the territory of hotels.

The sand here is incredibly clean, however, like water. But at the bottom there are quite a lot of boulders, which is why you need to go into the water and swim with caution. But secluded bays, with trees creating a fertile shade, are beckoning to spend a romantic date here – as the best advertising, tour operators often show tourists photos of this promenade and beach on Langkawi in Malaysia.

Accommodation for a vacation in the hotels of Kok Beach is not a problem, but you still need to book accommodation in advance. The title of “best hotel” deserve:

Hotel Berjaya Langkawi Resort
Berjaya Langkawi Resort
  1. Hotel 5 * Berjaya Langkawi Resort . There is a private beach in the bay, which can be reached in just 2 minutes.
  2. Hotel The Ritz-Carlton. On its territory there is the best in the area game complex for children, its own beach. The cable car is only 2.9 km, the Seven Wells waterfalls are 3.6 km and the airport is 5 km.
  3. Hotel Danna Langkawi. This is the best option at Pantai Kok. The path to the beach is no more than 1 minute, you can get to the cable car in 5 minutes.

Detailed description and reviews of all hotels on the island, see here .

Black Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)

On the northern coast of the island there is a black beach, marked on all maps of Langkawi as a natural attraction of Malaysia.

Pantai Pasir Hitam Beach

In fact, this exotic place is a small area of ​​dirty yellow sand with black impregnations. Its origin is unique: it is not volcanic ash, as many believe, but coastal cliffs that are so destroyed.

Pantai Pasir Hitam Beach House

A tent with souvenirs, a modest playground for children, a couple of cafes – that’s the whole infrastructure. Swimming and relaxing here is not very comfortable due to the untidy coast and muddy water, so the black sand beach can really be considered only one of the best attractions of Malaysia .

Kuah (Kuah Town)

City Kuah

The city of Kuah is not designed to receive tourists on sea vacations – this is not the best resort city, but a business center located in the south-eastern part of Langkawi, 16 km from the airport.

But in terms of infrastructure, Kuah is better than other cities in Langkawi: there are many shops, a large-scale shopping and entertainment center with a cinema, a large selection of the most comfortable hotels in Malaysia.

The beach at the end of the Legend Park

And all in Kuah there is where to swim: the beach is located at the end of the “Legend” park, not far from the “Eagle” square. It is very small – it stretches to a sparse forest in which you can hide from the hot sun.

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Rekreasi kastam

This is truly the best beach in the northeast of Langkawi.

Rekreasi Kastam Beach

A very picturesque beach, however, a road has been laid nearby. Comfortable bungalows are located on the shore – a great option for a few days.

There are water activities here, because in Malaysia they are everywhere! And sun umbrellas can be rented here.

Tanjung Rhu

Hotel Tanjung Rhu Resort
Tanjung Rhu Resort

Situated on the northeast coast of the resort island of Langkawi in Malaysia, Tanjung Rhu beach is also called Casuarinov. A small cape divides it into a public beach and a private one, owned by the 5 * Tanjung Rhu Resort.

The public beach is the best place in this resort area where you can relax in comfort. Here is a shore with clean, light sand, the water is always turquoise, giving a refreshing cool coniferous grove, mangroves over the beach.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

But due to the fact that in this zone there are mostly expensive “all inclusive” hotels, there are practically no shops and catering places here – only a small restaurant at the entrance to the beach. Any infrastructure beyond the territory of the hotel is completely absent, you even need to change clothes in the bushes.


This beach in the bay on the north side of Langkawi is the best for a sea holiday in Malaysia. But in order to enter its territory, you will have to pay 2 rhinitis per person, because the beach is private.

Tengkorak Beach

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is cozy, calm, with white sand and clear sea water.

Beach at Burau Bay

Burau Bay Beach is located in the bay of the same name on the west coast of Langkawi, a short walk from Pantai Kok.

Burau Bay Beach

It really is included in the list of “best Langkawi beaches”, but it is private, and guests of the 5 * Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort can relax on it. Although you can get to its territory like this:

  • if you go in and order something in a restaurant in a hotel;
  • if you pay for riding on water attractions located on the beach;
  • walk along the path that goes through the nearby forest, however, it is difficult to find it.
Sky bridge
Sky bridge

All life and all the entertainments of vacationers on Burai Bay take place at the hotel, since there is no infrastructure nearby.

Within walking distance of Pantai Burau Bay, there is a cable car that takes you to Malaysia’s best attractions – the Sky Bridge, which overlooks the abyss in an unusual way.

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Datai bai

Dati Bay Beach is located on the north side of Langkawi.

Beach Datai Bay
The Datai Langkawi Hotel
The datai langkawi

It belongs to two 5 * hotels The Datai Langkawi and The Andaman a Luxury Collection Resort, and accordingly, only their guests can rest on its territory. The road leading to the sea and hotels is blocked by barriers, and there are security guards. But there are no other opportunities to get to the beach – everything is overgrown with impenetrable jungle.

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The beaches of Langkawi are so diverse, and there are so many that the resting place can be changed even daily. And when all these places are inspected, you can begin to explore the other numerous beaches of Malaysia.

The beaches of Langkawi in Malaysia are marked on the map in Russian.

Video from the island of Lankawi in Malaysia.

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