Tourist’s guide to Kuching – the cat city in Malaysia

If you want to visit a modern Asian city surrounded by a tropical jungle, then it’s time to go to the city of Kuching, Malaysia. Located on the banks of a picturesque river, the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak is a peculiar combination of the latest architectural buildings and structures of the colonial era, parks and vibrant markets, historic temples and luxury hotels.

Kuching City, Malaysia

It is often difficult for tourists to decide which city is best to stay in Kuching or Kota Kinabalu. And many of them still make the choice in favor of the first option. After all, the city of Kuching with its many nightclubs and shopping centers, a variety of cultural attractions and unique reserves is an unexpected find for most travelers.

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General information

Borneo Island on the map
Island of borneo

Geographically, Malaysia is divided into two parts: the peninsular, located next to Thailand, and the island, adjacent to Indonesia and Brunei. It was on the island site of the country (Borneo island) that the city of Kuching grew up. Located 32 km from the South China Sea, it is the fourth largest city in Malaysia, and its population is 325 thousand people. Most of the residents of the capital of Sarawak profess Islam, but here you can often meet representatives of Buddhism and Christianity. The population of the city is a mixture of Malays, Chinese, Dayaks and Indians.

The main cat of the city - Great Cat of Kuching

Kuching in translation from Malay means “cat”, which is why it is often called a cat city. Moreover, the local population really loves cats and expresses their respect to them in the form of various symbols: in the vicinity you can find many stone sculptures and graffiti depicting this animal. Kuching even has a Cat Museum. Such love for these creatures is explained by the beliefs of local residents who believe that the cat brings happiness and harmony to life.

The state of Sarawak is quite isolated from the peninsular part of Malaysia. Upon arrival here you will put an additional stamp in your passport. Here, even the language is slightly different from the generally accepted: locals speak a special dialect of Malay. In general, Kuching is quite lively and at the same time a clean city, from which you can begin your journey through Malaysia.

The price of accommodation and meals

Kuching in Malaysia can be praised for the high level of development of its tourism infrastructure. Hotels, restaurants and night clubs for every taste and pocket await tourists at almost every step.

Hostel Haus Backpacker Kuching
Haus backpacker kuching

Along with luxury hotels in the city there are inexpensive hostels and guesthouses, in which prices for a night in a double room range from $ 11-15. In Kuching, there are many three-star hotels that set the cost of living in the range of $ 20-50 for a day for two. However, some concepts include free breakfast in the indicated prices.

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Stew "Sarawak-Lux"
Sarawak laksa

In the capital of Sarawak, you will find many cafes and restaurants serving both local cuisine and Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Indian dishes. At the same time, Malay treats in this city are slightly different from the foods generally accepted in Malaysia. Only here you will be able to try the real “Sarawak-Luxa” stew – a dish made from a mixture of seafood, vegetables and fruits, generously seasoned with hot sauce.

Special attention should be paid to the curious umay salad of chilled fish with onions and chili peppers, poured with lime juice. And, of course, in Kuching, as in any other Asian city, lunch is not complete without noodles: in the local version it is supplemented with meatballs and meat slices.

Without a doubt, in urban areas you can find restaurants with the usual European cuisine, as well as a variety of pizzerias and fast foods. In order to taste delicious tasty dishes, we recommend visiting the following places:

Indah Cafe Art & Event Space
Indah Cafe Art & Event Space
  • Indah Cafe Art & Event Space
  • Lepau restaurant
  • Munch cafe
  • Zinc restaurant and bar
  • Top spot food court
  • My little kitchen
  • Balkanico pizza

A snack in an inexpensive cafe will be $ 2 per person, and for a lunch of two three-course meals in a mid-range restaurant, you will have to pay $ 12. Here you can eat in fast food for $ 3. Prices for drinks in the cafe:

  • Local beer (0.5) – $ 2.5
  • Imported beer (0.33) – $ 2.4
  • A cup of cappuccino – $ 2.3
  • Pepsi (0, 33) – $ 0.5
  • Water (0, 33) – $ 0.3

Attractions and entertainment

If you happen to visit Kuching, then you definitely will not be bored: the city is rich in sights and offers a lot of entertainment events that will become a pleasant decoration of your vacation. What cultural and historical sites are worth visiting in the first place?


Kuching Embankment
City embankment
  1. City embankment. Kuching’s business card is located in the heart of the city. The place is suitable for leisurely walks and offers views of the city landscapes. Here you can ride a boat (for $ 0.5) or a boat (for $ 7.5).
  2. Chinese Temple Tua Pek Kong (Tua Pek Kong). Built by the first Chinese colonists, a valuable cultural monument is located right in the center near the city embankment. The hospitable staff of the temple will help you perform a traditional ritual – ignite incense and thereby attract financial fortune.
  3. Kuching Mosque in the city center
    Kuching Mosque
  4. Kuching Mosque. A beautiful pink mosque looks especially attractive in night light. Located in the center, a five-minute walk from the promenade.
  5. Carpenter Street A secluded historic place with a rich selection of bars and restaurants. The street is quite calm, so it is good for hiking.
  6. The main cat monument in Kuching
    The main monument to cats
  7. The main monument to cats. Also located in the heart of the promenade near the Margarita Hotel. Especially beautiful shots on the background of the monument can be shot during sunset.
  8. Building of the Sarawak Government Assembly in Malaysia. The ultra-modern construction stands out against the general architectural background. The building is especially beautiful in the evening hours when its golden illumination turns on. You can get here by boat, crossing the opposite shore from the central promenade.


Bako National Park
Entrance to Bako National Park

This is one of the most unique places in Malaysia, where everyone can explore the nature of the jungle and get acquainted with their inhabitants. The reserve offers tourists more than a dozen routes of different lengths and complexity. It organizes both day and night excursions (the park is open around the clock), during which travelers can meet wild boars, nosaschi, macaques, crocodiles, snakes and spiders.

Signposts at Bako National Park

The park is 38 km from Kuching, and getting there is pretty easy. We find a bus in the parking lot to the village of Bako (runs every hour), which drops passengers off at the pier, and then we transfer to a boat ready to deliver tourists to the designated point for $ 7-9.

The entrance fee to the reserve is $ 7.5 for adults and $ 2.5 for children from 6 to 18 years old (up to 6 years old is free).

Semenggoh Wildlife Center
Semengoh Wildlife Center

This reserve, which contains more than 1000 species of mammals that are endangered. But the park got the most fame thanks to its program for the rehabilitation of orangutans, for the sake of meeting with which tourists come here. The center is 24 km from Kuching, and you can get here by bus for $ 1 (6, 6A, 6B, 6C) from Chin Lian Long station.

  • The park is open in the morning from 8:00 to 10:00 and in the afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00.
  • Entrance fee is $ 2.5.
Crocodile Farm (Jong’s Crocodile Farm & Zoo)
Crocodile Farm (Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo)

It is a full-fledged zoo, where different species of crocodiles, birds and fish live, as well as the smallest Malay bear in the world. The main attraction of the farm is a show with feeding crocodiles, which takes place twice a day – at 11:00 and 15:00. The park is located 20 km southeast of the city.

  • Ticket price for an adult is $ 5.5, for a child – $ 3.
  • Opening hours: 9.00-17.00.
Sarawak Cultural Village
Sarawak Cultural Village

This is a picturesque area with rivers and ponds, where visitors can get acquainted with the way of life of the Malays. There are 8 houses with typical interiors on the territory, where women bake, spin and play national instruments. This is a kind of living installation museum, where a dance performance is also held twice a day (at 11:00 and 16:00). Here you can shoot archery and play the local spinning top game. The village is located about 30 km north of Kuching, and it is most convenient to get here by taxi.

  • Ticket price – $ 15.
  • Opening hours: 9.00-17.00.
Fairy Caves
Fairy Caves

The huge grotto formed in the limestone mountain is located at an altitude of 20 meters above ground level. A very beautiful and majestic cave in Malaysia is a must visit. The facility is located outside the village of Bau 30 km from Kuching. You can get here by taxi or by rented transport.

  • Entrance fee is $ 1.2.
  • Opening hours: 8.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Although Kuching itself is not washed by sea waters, its close proximity to the South China Sea provides tourists with the opportunity to relax on the beautiful beaches, some of the best in Malaysia.

Damai Beach

Opens Kuching’s top beaches in Malaysia. In the midst of the season, hundreds of tourists from all over the world are resting here. Located about 30 km north of the city. On the periphery of the beach there are three luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes where you can always have a snack after swimming and sunbathing. In the rainy season there are big waves and a cluster of jellyfish.

Beach Damai Beach

But with the end of bad weather the beach blooms and appears before tourists in all its glory. Its pure white sand, clear blue waters, framed by tropical palm trees, create a heavenly atmosphere for vacationers. This is a very beautiful and convenient beach for holidays, but due to its popularity it is quite crowded.

Santubong Beach
Beach Santubong Beach

Less well known among the beaches of Kuching, it is located 25 km north of the city and 6 km south of Damai Beach. Santubong’s small popularity is explained by the meager choice of accommodation on its territory: there are no hotels here, but there are a couple of guesthouses. Near the beach you will not find chic restaurants, but there are several cafes that will not let you stay hungry. Light sand, beautiful turquoise water, tranquility and the absence of crowds of tourists – this is what really makes this place valuable.

Talang Talang Islands
Pulau Satang Besar Beach

The sandy beaches of Palau Talan Besar and Palau Talang Kesil, located 30 minutes from the coast of Sematan in the south-west of Sarawak, amaze not only with clear waters, but also with their rich underwater world. This is a real paradise for divers and divers, as well as for hotel lovers. The islands have become a haven for green turtles, listed in the Red Book. The developed tourist infrastructure of this area allows you to comfortably enjoy an exotic vacation.

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Weather and climate

Kuching rainy season

Since Kuching is located in the southern latitudes, its climate has a mild equatorial character. Throughout the year, the temperature in the city remains at about one point. The average daytime temperatures range from 30-33 ° C, and the nighttime temperatures are around 23-24 ° C. However, the period from November to February is considered the rainy season. Therefore, the period from March to October is considered more suitable for visiting the city of Kuching, Malaysia.

Month Daytime average temperature Average temperature at night Water temperature Number of sunny days Daylength Number of rainy days
January 30.4 ° C 23.8 ° C 28.5 ° C 3 12 6
February 30 ° C 23.5 ° C 28.1 ° C 3 12.1 7
March 31 ° C 23.7 ° C 28.8 ° C 7 12.1 6
April 32 ° C 24 ° C 29.5 ° C 7 12.1 7
May 32.7 ° C 24.5 ° C 30.1 ° C eleven 12,2 6
June 33 ° C 24.3 ° C 30.2 ° C eleven 12,2 4
July 33 ° C 24 ° C 30 ° C 14 12,2 3
August 33 ° C 24.5 ° C 29.8 ° C 10 12.1 7
September 33 ° C 24.6 ° C 29.4 ° C 10 12.1 8
October 32.7 ° C 24.4 ° C 29.5 ° C nine 12.1 10
November 31.6 ° C 24.2 ° C 29.6 ° C 4 12 14
December 31 ° C 24 ° C 29 ° C 4 12 eleven

Video: A view of Kuching from above.

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