Tourist’s guide to 10 best beaches in Zakynthos Greece

The Ionian Islands are an atmospheric place where a mild climate reigns, picturesque cliffs, a clear azure sea and comfortable beaches for the rest of the family delight the eye. In the midst of all this riot of nature, you can highlight the unique pearl of the Ionian Sea – the island of Zakynthos (or Zakynthos). The beaches of Zakynthos are a delicious tourist destination.

It is enough to go down the plane ladder to feel the stupefying aroma of needles, to see exotic plants. Go to the beach, because it is the coast of Zakynthos that is its main attraction.

In this article, we compiled a selection of the best beach spots on the island. Among them there are both inaccessible wild ones, so well equipped for families with children.

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1. Navagio

Beach and Navagio Bay

The rating of the best beaches in Zakynthos is undoubtedly led by Navagio Beach. This is not even a beach, but a bay, the main attraction of which is the wrecked ship of smugglers “Panagiotis”.

The beach is notable for its solitude and incredibly beautiful landscapes, which are often depicted on postcards and posters. You can get to this bay in Zakynthos exclusively by water, since from all sides it is surrounded by high impregnable cliffs. The best route is water, from the port of Volimes. Directly on the beach, you can take part in a survey trip with an examination of the caves.

Going to rest on the beach of Navagio on the island of Zakynthos in Greece , consider several important points.

  • Excursions until 13-00 are of little interest to tourists, since at that time most of the bay is in the shade, and without that the cold water becomes even colder, and the color of the water in the photo is not as beautiful as we would like.
  • Always give preference to small excursions – a large number of people will somewhat spoil the impression of a trip.
  • When renting a small boat, remember that to beach in this case does not work and you have to get to the Navagio beach by swimming.
  • The best time to visit Navagio Bay is from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. At this time, of course, it is very hot here, but the water takes on a magical shade and there are fewer tourists.

The beach is completely wild, there is no infrastructure, take everything you need for a comfortable stay on the best Zakynthos beach.

2. Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas Beach

The beauties of pristine nature are fully revealed here. The place is hidden among the bays in the western part of Zakynthos. The coastline is rugged, the beach is protected by cliffs, and the water has an incredible azure hue.

Despite the fact that the infrastructure here is up to standard, the beach remains one of the wildest and most secret. You can get here, focusing on the village of Agios Leon, which is located in the western part of Zakynthos. Keep in mind that the road is steep, leads through the mountains and ends with parking. There is a tavern nearby, try delicious fish and wine. From the tavern to the beach only 30 meters. Reviews of Porto Limnionas beach are unanimous – the beauty of the landscape is breathtaking, it comes to the understanding that nature is the perfect master of creation.

The beach is not suitable for swimming with children, since there is no sand here, tourists are located on large stones.

3. Kalamaki

Kalamaki Beach

The beach is located south of the capital of Zakynthos, 8 km from the city. This is the longest beach on the whole island of Zakynthos, it is quite wide and completely sandy. Walking along it, you will find yourself in another place to relax – Laganas beach. Kalamaki is a great option for swimming with children, there is a gentle descent into the water, a serious depth begins about 100 meters from the coast.

The beach belongs to the National Marine Park, therefore, appropriate measures are taken to protect nature. For visitors, the entrance is open from 7 am to 7 pm. Water activities such as motorbikes, paragliders and kayaks are available here. Rent of 2 sunbeds and an umbrella will cost 8 euros per day of use. Part of the beach was chosen by turtles that nest here. After an active rest, you can eat in the restaurant. In addition, the beach regularly offers various treats.

The only distraction is airplanes in the sky, since Zakynthos Airport is located near Kalamaki.

4. Laganas

Beach strip Laganas

The length of this beach, included in the rating of the best in Zakynthos, is 5 km, it is considered one of the busiest regardless of the season. People love this beach for fine soft sand, a gentle slope into the water. Turtle tours are held right on the beach, those who wish to ride a catamaran or a boat with a transparent bottom. If you suddenly decide to swim on your own, you are likely to find turtle eggs at the bottom, in appearance they resemble balls for table tennis.

As for the shortcomings – a large influx of vacationers, annoying sellers who are trying to sell small souvenirs. Near the beach there is the reserved island of Agios Sostis, you can get to it via a foot bridge. Entrance to the island is paid – 4 euros.

5. Gerakas

View of Gerakas Beach

There are no villages in the immediate vicinity of the beach, the nearest 5 km away is the village of Vasilikos. There are hotels here, there are a little more than two dozen of different price categories.

Gerakas is a sandy beach completely surrounded by low cliffs. Some call it the best not only in Zakynthos, but throughout Europe. Gerakas is part of the National Marine Park. Entire colonies of turtles have identified this place as the best for laying eggs, so tourists are asked to be careful not to scare animals. Volunteers carefully monitor that vacationers do not go deep into the water.

This beach is for people who are in love with the sea. Visitors see only a picturesque seascape, lying on comfortable sunbeds under umbrellas. There is no fresh water shower.

Also keep in mind that there are many nudists on the beach. There is no clearly defined place where you can sunbathe naked. Consider this fact if you plan to visit the beach with your children (or wife).

Silence reigns here, as there is no infrastructure, no cars, all kinds of sports are prohibited.

You can get to the place of rest by taxi, cost from 5 to 15 euros. Distance to the airport – 23 km. If you get bored with your monotonous vacation, it’s better to rent a car on Zakynthos and go on a trip to the village of Vasilikos.

6. Porto Zorro

Porto zoro beach

The beach is located in the southern part of the Vasilikos Peninsula. The capital of Zakynthos is at 15 km. This place is hidden by a dense strip of vegetation. Cliffs protruding directly from the sea give an additional flavor to the beach. Here, tourists prefer to swim in masks and admire the seabed and vegetation. There is a diving course for everyone.

If you want to not only relax, but also get better, go a little along the coast, there you will find healing mud.

The beach is sandy, the slope is gentle, serious depth begins about 50 meters from the coast. In one part of the beach there are stones, in the other – the beach is completely sandy. Nearby there are shops selling swimming accessories, cafes. Porto Zoro is a clean, well-kept Zakynthos beach with warm, clear water. This is the best place for families with children. Sun beds are paid – rent will cost 8 euros.

7. Banana

Banana beach

The largest beach on the Vasilikos Peninsula. The length is 5 km, the distance to the city of Zakynthos is 15 km. Not only the beach itself deserves attention, but also the road to it, which passes through a pine forest.

The coastal strip is clean, wide, the water is clear. You can grab a bite to eat in one of the cozy cafes, which overlook the sea surface and the greenery surrounding it. Eyewitnesses, resting on the beach, recommend digging an umbrella more firmly into the sand, a strong wind blows them. Also be prepared for the fact that there are often strong waves at sea. By the way, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas is paid. For 7 euros you get to use a couple of sun loungers and an umbrella. Comfortable hammocks are located near the cafe, but there is one significant drawback – they are always in the sun.

The beach has a developed infrastructure – comfortable clean toilets, spacious showers and cabins where you can change clothes. There is a parking lot, a volleyball court, and places for other beach and water sports.

If you want to have a meal in a local cafe, keep in mind that the portions here are large, one is enough to satisfy two adults. The cost of such a meal will be on average from 15 to 30 euros, depending on the ordered menu.

Least of all people on the beach in June-July, August is considered the peak of attendance. If you want to conveniently park your car, come to the beach in the morning.

8. Porto Roma

Porto Roma Beach

Another wonderful place on the Vasilikos Peninsula. The road to the capital takes 15-20 minutes. The name of the beach was in honor of Alexander Roma, who is known for having held the post of speaker of the Greek parliament, organized and led the liberation movement.

Mixed beach cover – sand, pebbles. There are almost no waves, but the water is cool enough. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, changing rooms on the beach, and the toilet is only in the cafe. By the way, delicious fish and seafood dishes are served here.

Around the beautiful nature – olive groves, exotic plants, forest. It is nice to take a walk here, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the perfection of nature. In the bay you can rent a catamaran or a boat and independently explore the surroundings or dive, as the sea nature is no less picturesque than not on the coast.

Porto Roma Beach is a secluded place on Zakynthos, suitable for a romantic pastime or a vacation with the whole family.

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9. Daphne

Daphne Beach View

A picturesque place on the Vasilikos Peninsula, just 18 km from the capital of Zakynthos. The beach here is soft, sandy, with an incredible view of the bay from the shore. Since the depth is shallow, the water here warms up well, which makes the place a favorite for family vacations. Serious depth begins only 100-150 meters from the coast.

Daphne belongs to the Marine Reserve of Greece, whole colonies of turtles live here, places where animals lay their eggs, are fenced, tourists are not allowed to enter there. The beach has taken measures to protect nature. Travelers here will not find noisy entertainment, even a car park is located at a distance from the beach.

When going to Daphne, consider the complexity of the route – this is a serious test, because you have to go along the serpentine.

On a clear, sunny day, an incredibly picturesque view will open before you.

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10. Tsilivi

The beach is located in the west of the island in a small resort village of the same name – Tsilivi at a distance of 6 km from the city of Zakynthos. For the high level of service and cleanliness Tsilivi was awarded the Blue Flag. This status is obtained by objects that fully comply with European quality standards. Photos of Tsilivi beach on Zakynthos will undoubtedly be the most striking in your album.

The beach is sandy, only in some places there is small pebble. The width of the sand strip reaches 40 meters, and around – olive groves and vineyards. The water is clear azure, the slope is gentle, serious depth begins at a distance of about 100 meters from the coast.

Here you can rent comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas (7 euros for 2 sun loungers and an umbrella). Also presented is a whole range of water activities – jet skis, windsurfing, skiing. There is a diving center directly in the village. Here you can rent the necessary equipment for diving or use the services of an instructor.

Tsilivi has a lively atmosphere; if desired, there is a place for a relaxing holiday. The maximum influx of vacationers is recorded in the afternoon. Tsilivi beach has many discos, restaurants of Italian and Chinese cuisine, karaoke clubs. In general, this is the best option for active youth.

Near the beach there is parking.

All beaches of Zakynthos are unique and picturesque in their own way. Regardless of which vacation spot you choose, you are guaranteed a good mood and a lot of impressions. If you are in love with the sea, feel free to go to the beaches of Zakynthos.

How great you can have time on Zakynthos and what the most beautiful beaches of the island look like, see the video.

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