TOP 13 beaches in Croatia

The architecture and beaches of Croatia are the two main attractions of this country. And if the first “good” in Europe is enough, then rest with the sea often has problems. While in France it is expensive, and in Spain far, the blue sea of ​​Croatia annually falls in love with more and more tourists. Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for beach holidays, both among European tourists and travelers from the CIS.

Holidays on Lapad Beach in Croatia

The best time to relax on the Adriatic coast of Croatia is the period from mid-June to September. At this time, the sea heats up to + 24 ° C, there is practically no rain, the water is calm and clear. Are there sandy beaches in Croatia and where are they? Where to go for a vacation with children and what do experienced tourists advise? Find out the answers in our top of the best beaches in Croatia.

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Sandy beaches

It is immediately worth noting that there are not so many sandy beaches in Croatia and they are located mainly on the islands. But to find them, nevertheless, is possible.

1. Saharun
Saharun Beach

The sandy beach of Croatia is located on the picturesque island of Dugi Otok. Here the same crystal clear water and pleasant sand, gradual sunset and beautiful landscapes, umbrellas and deck chairs. But he also has a distinctive feature – this beach is considered the best place for snorkeling and diving. If you also want to see a lot of fish, admire the sandy sea bottom or even meet dolphins, grab the necessary equipment with you.
Due to the color of the sea, some compare this place with the Caribbean.

Sand on Saharun Beach

Saharun is also suitable for families with children. But keep in mind:

  • Firstly, from 8 o’clock in the local cafes begin discos, which last until the morning;
  • Secondly, Saharun is not very actively looked after, in some places there is garbage and algae.

Sakharun’s shortcomings include its popularity – there is nowhere for the apple to fall during the high season, if you don’t get to the beach early in the morning, the chance to hide in the shade closer to dinner approaches zero. Although, this feature is observed in the vast majority of resorts in Croatia.

2. Bieca in Medulin (Bijeca)

In the ranking of 10 best beaches in Croatia, compiled by the national newspaper Večernji list, Biece was given an honorable ninth place. It is located in the southernmost city of Istria, Medulin, and stretches along the Adriatic coast for more than 1 km.

Bijeca Beach

Bieca is an excellent sandy beach for families with children, as there is a calm and clear sea with a convenient approach, a shallow depth. It is densely planted with tall trees that create a natural shadow, but in order to hide from the sun near the coast, you have to rent an umbrella. On the beach there are several cafes and a small water park.

3. Paradise beach on about. Slave (Rajska Plaza)
Paradise beach on about.  Slave

The name of this place speaks for itself. Almost two kilometers of the cleanest coast, surrounded by a grove of coniferous trees, a clean and warm sea marked with the Blue Flag, a shallow depth and convenient entry into the water – this sandy beach is a suitable place for travelers with children in Croatia.

The beach has sun loungers and parasols.

The beach is on the island of Rab, in the beautiful town of Lopar. On its territory there is a sports complex, restaurants and cafes, there are sun loungers and umbrellas. The safety of tourists is monitored around the clock by rescuers, along with doctors of the first-aid post.

Travelers who wish to have fun are offered to rent a catamaran or a boat, and there are many attractions for small children.

Advice! Do not dive or snorkel on Paradise Beach. Here, in shallow water, almost no fish and other marine animals are found, and algae or stones can be seen in clear water without special equipment.

4. Ninska Laguna (Ninska Laguna)

Nin is a Croatian seaside resort with sandy beaches, the largest of which is Ninska Laguna or, as it is also called, the Royal Beach. Its unique feature is healing mud, which is so scarce in this country, golden sand and strong warm winds that attract windsurfers.

Ninska Laguna Beach

Ninska Laguna is one of the best beaches in Croatia for families with children. The entry into the sea here is gradual, the water is very warm (up to + 29 ° C) and transparent, the sand is clean. The only drawback is the lack of infrastructure, because all that is on the beach is a food tray and a toilet. Be sure to bring a tent or umbrella with you, as there are no trees here that can protect you from the sun. Nearby is the camping site of the same name, where you can stay for the night.

5. Great

Concluding our list of the best sandy beaches of Croatia, a holiday destination located on the south coast of Ston. Surrounded by the forest of the same name, the beach with a sandy sunset and a clean coast attracts many tourists and families with children.

Praprath Beach

At Prapratno everyone will find rest to their liking: little travelers can play in the sand, young people can jump from low rocks or cool off at the bar, and active tourists can ride a catamaran, play tennis, football, volleyball or basketball.

A distinctive feature of Prapratno is the availability of all amenities for a comfortable stay. 10 minutes from the water there is a large supermarket with affordable prices and several cafes, there is also a toilet and a dressing room on the beach, and camping is located nearby. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented for a fee.

Pebble-sandy beaches

1. The Golden Horn

Talk about the most beautiful beach in Croatia is constantly conducted among lovers of lazy relaxation. Located on the popular island of Brac, it has long been a visiting card of the country and, thanks to its unusual shape and impressive size (more than 600 meters in length), is most popular with tourists.

Golden Horn Beach

Throughout the spit is very clear clear water. Although the Golden Horn is not one of the sandy beaches of Croatia, its small, pleasant pebbles do not cause discomfort. Sunset at sea is uniform, because of the remoteness from large cities, even during the season it is not crowded. If you do not go to the left side of the sandy beach (nudist territory), then the Golden Horn can be considered a good place to relax with children, albeit a little boring. We advise you to take a walk along the dense grove surrounding Zlatni Rat.

Interesting fact! The Golden Horn is also the most “lively” beach in Croatia, because it is constantly changing its shape due to fluctuations in water level and climatic conditions.

2. Zrce (Zrce Beach)
Evening at Zrce Beach

“It is difficult to pronounce, but it is impossible to forget,” this is exactly what travelers who have been here say about one of the best pebble and sand beaches in Croatia. This place is a dream for young people. When the sun sets over the sea horizon, cafes and clubs open, loud music is turned on and skillful bartenders start preparing invigorating drinks. At this time, the whole island of Pag comes to life and turns into one continuous dance floor.

Beach Zrce Beach

Zrce is suitable for families with children, but only in the morning. It has umbrellas and sun loungers, toilets, locker rooms and a 24-hour café, uniform entry into the sea, cover – small pebbles mixed with sand. On the beach there is something to do without music – to slide on a water slide, play volleyball, rent a boat, catamaran or try your hand at water skiing.

Save wisely! In clubs in Croatia, alcohol prices leave much to be desired. We advise you to buy soft drinks in advance and save more than a dozen kunas.

3. Raduča
Beach Raduča

Raduca, located in Primosten Bay, is in the TOP-10 of the best beaches in Croatia. It is not surprising – which of the travelers would not like to swim in the clear blue water, sunbathe on the clean sand with small pebbles, have a nice cocktail in the bar, play tennis, volleyball or badminton. The infrastructure in Raduch is well developed and, in addition to the sports complex and restaurants, there is an asphalt parking, cafe and grocery store. The beach is surrounded by a dense grove and low cliffs, from which you can dive into the warm Adriatic Sea.

Interesting fact! More than a thousand islands belong to Croatia, but only 47 of them are inhabited by people.

4. Slanica

One of Croatia’s most popular beaches is located in the center of Muter Island. A dense pine grove, perfectly clear water, small pebbles (partially mixed with sand) and many different amenities – what else does an ordinary traveler need.

Slanica Beach
In a cafe on the beach of Slanica beach

Slanika is conditionally divided into two parts – on one, people bathe and sunbathe, and on the second – they have fun. Almost half of the coastal strip is allocated for infrastructure: restaurants, a children’s entertainment complex, souvenir shops and a concreted promenade. Slanika can also please fans of active entertainment – in a campsite located nearby there is a rental of boats, catamarans and water skis.

Slanica is not the right place to relax with children. There are a lot of people here, uneven entry into the water with flat stones, sea urchins in places.

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Pebble beaches in Croatia

1. Stiniva
Stiniva Beach

Even if you have never been here, you definitely saw a photo of this beach in Croatia. Located on the remote southern island of Vis near the village of Zhuzhets, it is the best place for a relaxing and secluded vacation. The infrastructure here is absolutely not developed, but perfectly clear transparent water, an excellent sunset, fine white pebbles and picturesque views more than compensate for this drawback.

You can rent a boat

Stiniva is perfect for families with children. It will be interesting here for adults who love fishing or traveling on water – you can rent the necessary equipment and a boat from local residents.

Important! It was Stiniva that became the best European beach in 2016 according to Europe’s Best Destinations.

2. Velika Duba

A small pebble beach is located in the town of огоivogosce. Uncrowded, clean, with almost no infrastructure, it is suitable for travelers who want to enjoy the calm blue Adriatic Sea.

Velika Duba Beach

Velika Oak is equipped with toilets, changing rooms and a shower, but there are no cafes or restaurants, shops or organized entertainment. Next to Velika Duba are private villas and several hotels where you can rent a boat. The entry into the water is convenient, the sea is clean – Velika Duba is also suitable for families with children. Before the trip, do not forget to take an awning or an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

3. Sveti Ivan

This place is for those who love adventure and a relaxing holiday. To get to the best beach of the island of Cres, travelers need to take a 45-minute walk along the picturesque paths of the city of Lubenice, since you can only get to it on foot.

Sveti Ivan Beach

Sveti Ivan is a secluded place away from civilization. From the noise of coniferous groves, the beauty of the surrounding rocks and the blue of the Adriatic Sea, only yachts and ships that enter this bay several times a day can distract you. Sveti Ivan is covered with snow-white smooth pebbles, there is a soft descent and a very warm sea, so it is perfect for families with children who can master a 1.5-hour drive back to the city. When going here on vacation, do not forget to take water, food and other necessary items, since you can only find signs of developed infrastructure in Lubenitsa.

4. Lapad in Dubrovnik
Lapad Beach in Dubrovnik

A pebble beach located in Dubrovnik attracts travelers with a developed infrastructure. There are not only sunbeds, changing rooms and showers, but also many cafes, a playground, shops. The water is turquoise and calm, and if there are not many people, you can notice small fish near the shore.

Sunset at sea is quite convenient. According to tourists, broken glasses occasionally come across in the sand, and in the water you can come across a sea urchin, so you can not call Lapad the best place to relax with children.

View of Lapad beach in Dubrovnik

In the fall of 2017, the complete reconstruction of Lapada was completed: newly planted palms give a natural shadow, milky pebbles were covered with even more sand, and for tourists with their own transport they made an asphalt access to the beach and parking. Of the active entertainment in Lapad, parachuting, several slides and catamarans are presented.

The disadvantages of the place include its high popularity and modest size. At the peak of the season, due to the number of people, it may not be very comfortable.

Where else to sunbathe in Dubrovnik, see here .

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The beaches of Croatia are places where tourists relax who like to combine sightseeing with historical sights and seascapes. Take inspiration from photos of the Adriatic Sea, choose the beach that suits you and set off to meet the warm waves. Have a nice trip!

More details about the beaches of Croatia – in this video.

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