Tourist’s guide to Malacca, Malaysia: a detailed overview

Malacca (Malaysia) is the southern city of the Malay Peninsula on the shores of the Strait of Malacca. Founded at the beginning of the 15th century, it survived the colonization of the Portuguese, Dutch, French and British, while being in close proximity to China and India. The consequence of this location and historical past was a mix of not only peoples, languages ​​and cultures, but also entire civilizations, which was reflected both in the half-million population of the city and its architecture, local traditions and characteristics.

Malacca, Malaysia

Today, Malacca and its attractions are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are the most beautiful temples of Asia, ancient fortresses, Protestant and Catholic churches. In Malacca you can go diving, cruise along the river, enjoy the picturesque views or delicious national cuisine – every traveler will find in it such a feature that you want to fall in love with.

What unusual is hidden in the mysterious Malacca, whether it is suitable for a beach holiday and what sights are worth visiting in the first place – we will tell you about everything you need to know before traveling, in this article.

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About water and weather: why don’t they go to Malacca to sunbathe on the beach?

A'Famosa Fortress in Malacca
A’Famosa Fortress

Despite the fact that the water temperature is kept at + 30 ° C all year round, Malacca is not the most popular place among beach lovers. The fact is that there is no sea in the city, but only a small river in which you can’t swim due to the constant movement of ferries. In the vicinity of Malacca (Malaysia) there are also no beaches that can attract the attention of travelers, since most of them, once known for their cleanliness and unusual landscapes (Tanjung Kling, Pantai Klebang, etc.), were privatized for the construction of hotels and residential buildings.

But do not rush to pack your bags and hand over tickets – there are many attractions in Malacca that are worth visiting for. This city is a time machine and only here you can look at the world through the eyes of a person of 16-20 centuries.

Attractions Malacca

One of the main features of Malaysia is a mixture of cultures, nationalities and, as a consequence, religions. The official religion of the country is Islam, but since the constitution gives citizens the right to choose a religion, there are Buddhists, Christians and followers of Confucianism among the population. That is why in Malacca there are so many religious monuments of architecture, including mosques, churches and cathedrals.

Masjid Selat

The floating mosque, built on an artificial shore in 2006, is the main symbol of the city of Malacca. In addition to the large prayer hall, the building has an educational center, a library and a spacious terrace overlooking the strait.

Floating Mosque Masjid Selat

Admission is free for everyone, subject to the established rules. Women can visit the mosque only in hijabs, and men – in bathrobes (all this is given free of charge), while shoes must be left in front of the stairs near the main hall.

It is near Masjid Selat, on Jalan Pulau Melaka Street 8, that the most beautiful sunset photos of Malacca are taken. The mosque closes with the sunset.

Church of St. Francis Xavier
Church of St. Francis Xavier

This Catholic temple was built by the French in the mid-19th century. Unremarkable from the outside, within its walls it hides unique bends, an ancient organ and several dozens of religious sculptures.

  • The cathedral is open for visitors from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30, on Saturday – from 9:00, on Sunday – 8 am to 19:30.
  • Located at Jalan Banda Kaba 12.
Chen Hong Ten

The Temple of the Evergreen Clouds is Malaysia’s oldest Chinese temple. It was built in 1646 in honor of the goddess of mercy Guan Yin from materials imported from China. All the decorations, statues and idols in the building are arranged strictly according to the rules of Feng Shui, and the main hall is divided into three parts – for those who profess Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.

Chen Hong Ten Temple
  • The attraction is located in the old center of Malacca at Jalan To’kong 25.
  • Schedule: daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Church of christ

It was built in 1753 in honor of the centenary of the capture of Malacca. One of the few Protestant churches in Malaysia, it is still open for visitors from 9 am to 5 pm.

Church of Christ in Malacca

Services in English are held at 8:30, 10:30, 16:30 and 17:00.


On the map of Malacca, museums are highlighted as a separate category of attractions, which is not surprising, since there are more than 25 in the city. It is here that houses the house of the largest international family of Malaysia, a museum of Chinese culture, toys, the navy and kites. Each of them is worthy of your attention, but if you have only a few days to look at all the attractions of Malacca, you should first visit the following.

Bab Nyonya Heritage Museum

This museum tells the story of 7 generations of a mixed family of Chinese and Malaysians. Baba Nyonha is not just the name of a tribe of immigrants who came to the country in the 19th century, but the whole culture inherent in the entire western coast of Malaysia and Malacca in particular.

Bab Nyonya Heritage Museum

The house museum looks luxurious and elegant both outside and inside. Its main features are unusual architecture, antique furniture, ancient paintings and other decorative elements made in different parts of the earth and assembled by the Baba Nyonya family in one place. Among all the exhibits, national costumes and kitchen utensils of the 18-20 centuries stand out.

  • You can visit the attraction from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 16:30 (break from 12:30 to 14:00), the entrance fee is 16 ringgit.
  • Don’t be upset if you do not have time to arrive on time – the 1511 cafe is open in the house around the clock, serving delicious traditional dishes of Babanonian cuisine.
  • Complex address: Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock 50.
Red Square and Stadhuis Town Hall
Stadhuis Town Hall on Red Square

The legacy of Holland, this square is a complex of ancient buildings that have been used as the administration of the colonial government since 1650. The Stadhuis Town Hall, located in the center of this complex, is the oldest colonial building in all of Malaysia. Since the beginning of the 2000s, a museum of history and ethnography with a thousand unique exhibits has been operating in it.

  • A visit to the town hall will cost you 10 ringgit.
  • It is open every day from 9 to 17:30.
  • Located in the Bandar Hilir area.
Palace of the Sultans of Malacca

The house of the Sultan of Mansour Shah today is a museum with several hundred ancient exhibits. Here are samples of weapons of the 15-16 centuries, national costumes, ancient musical instruments and traditional jewelry. The building is surrounded by a small park.

Palace of the Sultans of Malacca
  • Schedule: from 9 am to 5 pm every day except Monday.
  • Entrance price – 5 ringgit.
  • Located in the Bandar Hilir area.

A fact from history! At the end of the 15th century, the palace burned down after a severe lightning strike and was completely restored only in 1985. Due to lack of resources, its size was reduced (the original building was 18 times larger than the modern one), and the walls and roof were not decorated with precious metals.

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In the open air

Walking around Melaka is a tour of different countries and times.

Jonker Street
Malacca Yonker Street in the evening

Long established by the Chinese, it is the main artery of the city. Here you can enjoy delicious food in one of the cafes, look at temples and mosques, buy old antiques or taste durian cookies, cooked before your eyes. The street starts from the central bridge over the river and has a total duration of about 500 meters.

Important! Jonker Street is not a pedestrian zone; cars and motorbikes constantly drive here. The safest time for a walk is Friday or Saturday evening, when the traffic stops due to the night market.

China Town

Historic Chinatown with many cafes and unusual shops. Here you can taste delicious street food, buy a unique souvenir (for example, a secret potion or shark fin), visit the temple.

Chinatown in Malacca

You can not deprive the attention of the city embankment, year-round drowning in flowers and greenery. Here you can take great photos, sit in a restaurant, ride a pleasure boat or see unusual graffiti that have recently taken their place among the sights of the city.

Malacca River Embankment, Malaysia

For little travelers

Malacca is a unique city in which there is entertainment even for kids.

Oceanarium Coral Wonderland Melaka
At the Coral Wonderland Melaka Aquarium

Located in the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall shopping center, the oceanarium offers dozens of swimming pools with exotic marine inhabitants: sharks, corals, seahorses and various fish. Entrance fee – 40 ringgit for an adult, 30 – for children.


Space lovers should visit the Planetarium Adventure Science Center with a modern model of the solar system, spacecraft and satellites. Every hour 3D movies about innovative inventions in the space sphere and the history of the Universe are shown in it. The center is open from 9 to 18 every day, a ticket costs 10 ringgit for adults and 8 for kids.

Planetarium Adventure Science Center

Important! Many tourists who have visited Malaysia talk about the huge Eye on Malaysia sightseeing wheel. Please note that, although it was moved from the country’s capital to Malacca, it does not currently work. This design was dismantled in 2010.

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Malacca (Malaysia) is a unique city for lovers of eventful relaxation. Visit it to plunge into the culture of Malaysia and find out what this country has been like over the past five centuries. Have a nice trip!

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