What to bring from Holland – gift and souvenir ideas

A mandatory part of a trip to another country is the choice of gifts for close relatives, friends and colleagues. Each tourist has a personal approach to buying gifts – someone approaches this question seriously and thoughtfully, while someone limits himself to acquiring several magnets. Amsterdam is rightfully included in the list of the best shopping cities. Our material will help you decide the question – what to bring from Holland.

Souvenirs from Amsterdam

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about souvenirs from Holland is cheese and tulips, however, in this country there will be many funny, interesting and even intimate gifts if you want to impress your loved one.

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They learned how to make cheese in Holland in the 1st century BC. The first technologies were borrowed from the masters of ancient Rome. Today, it is safe to say that students excelled their teachers. Here are some varieties of cheese that you definitely need to not only try, but also bring as a souvenir from Amsterdam.

Cheese "Old Amsterdam"
  • “Old Amsterdam” is the most titled Dutch variety, awarded the special royal mark “Koninklijk”. The secret ingredient is a unique sourdough. The product is aged 1.5 years and acquires a mild flavor with a nutty and caramel aftertaste. As a complement – a traditional Dutch sweet mustard. Old Amsterdam can be purchased at a specialized store in the capital, located at Damrak, 62, where all Westland Cheese brand products are presented.
  • Edamer. The birthplace of cheese is the city of Edam. Cow’s milk is used for its production; the product is aged for about two months. Ready to eat Edamer takes the shape of an irregular ball.
  • Gouda Cheese
  • Gouda. There are cheeses with different aging on sale, but Gouda, aged more than a year, is appreciated by true gourmets.
  • Maasdam. It was this type of cheese that conquered the Russian Tsar Peter I. A distinctive feature of the product is the large holes that form under the influence of bacteria and the fermentation process.
  • “The Old Dutchman.” Cheese worthy of attention of the most refined gourmets. The product is aged longer than a year, a bouquet of spices is added. A few years ago, the variety was awarded the title of world champion, and the producer of the “Old Dutchman” – the trademark “Frisland Foods Cheese” was included in the list of 10 best world companies.

Expert Advice! Local residents of Holland prefer cheese Bemster, the product has a pleasant aftertaste of meadow herbs. If you do not know what you can bring from the Netherlands to a true gourmet lover, choose this variety. The soft, sweet taste will surely be appreciated by lovers of the dairy product.

Where to buy cheese in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam:

Supermarket Albert Heijn
  • in the historical center of the capital there are grocery supermarkets “Dirk”, “Albert Heijn” or “Henri Wilig”;
  • there is also a cheese shop located at: De Kaaskamer, Runstraat 7, Canal Ring, the assortment of the store has more than 440 varieties;
  • The Cheese Museum, located at 112 Prinsensрracht, prices in the museum store are much lower than in grocery supermarkets.

Good to know! Choose hard cheese to pack your souvenir in your luggage. Soft grades at customs are classified as liquid, so they may not be missed if the gift is not in the baggage.

What to bring from Amsterdam tasty and interesting
Waffles Stroopwafels
  • Waffles. In Holland, traditional sweets are called Stroopwafels – these are two thin, crunchy layers of dough, between which there is caramel. As a gift from Amsterdam you can bring not only waffles, but also caramel filling with different tastes. You can buy it in pastry shops along with special metal boxes decorated in china in white and blue. At the NEMA supermarket chain, you can purchase a package of 10 wafers for 1.50 euros. The weight of one package is about 400 gr.
  • What to bring sweet tooth from Amsterdam? Of course, sweets. The most popular are licorice sweets. Most likely, the dessert is popular because of its unusual taste, atypical of traditional confectionery. Licorice candy is slightly salty, has a sharp smack and black color. They are eaten with coffee. Another popular sweet in the Netherlands is Donkers marmalade and souffle.

If you ask a seasoned tourist – what can a true gourmet bring from Amsterdam? They will answer you with confidence – herring. In Holland it is called – haring. If earlier this variety of fish was considered the food of the poor, today it is served in many restaurants in Amsterdam and throughout the country.

Herring haring

Interesting fact! In honor of the adventurous fisherman and his culinary discovery, the grand opening of the fishing season, Flag Day, is held annually in Holland. The event is celebrated on the first Saturday of June.

Practical information. Do not buy herring, which is sold in vinegar sauce, packaged in jars. The taste of this fish has nothing to do with a real treat. The most affordable option is to purchase fish in duty-free, here it is sold in special thermo containers.

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What to bring from Amsterdam as a gift to a man

Netherlands Genever

Holland is famous for its original alcoholic drink – juniper vodka “Genever”. Experienced travelers recommend buying a few bottles of the drink, which will be a great souvenir for men. To taste, vodka resembles gin. In large supermarkets, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, but there are always small shops inside the store where they sell alcohol. Also, vodka can be purchased in duty free.

Another drink popular in Holland is beer. To select the best sorts of foamy drinks with original flavors, visit your local brewery. Beer from the supermarket will not convey the taste and aroma of a real Dutch drink prepared according to old recipes.

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Tulip Bulbs

With experienced gardeners and people who are far from growing flowers, Holland is associated with endless fields of tulips. This flower is considered a symbol of the country and is present in the design of many souvenirs and gifts.

Tulip Bulbs

The flowering season begins in mid-March and lasts until the second half of May. To choose the most exotic and beautiful varieties of tulips, you need to come to Holland at this time.

Good to know! The export of fresh flowers abroad in the Netherlands is prohibited, but you can purchase several bulbs and try to grow them in your own garden.

Practical information. The best place to buy tulip bulbs is the Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market), located in the center of Amsterdam, along the Singel Canal. Here you can buy a set of 10 onions at a price of about 3 euros. For comparison – in other places of the capital 2 onions will cost 10 euros.

Flower market

Expert Advice! The flower market is an atmospheric and unusual place in Amsterdam. It is interesting to visit even if you do not need tulip bulbs. The market is located on a floating island and this attracts tourists.

Bulbs purchased at the airport do not need a permit to export them. If you do not plan to buy flower bulbs, pay attention to souvenirs with the image of tulips.

Erotic souvenirs

Erotic souvenirs from Amsterdam

Erotic souvenirs from Amsterdam – what to bring to a loved one? The capital of Holland is considered the most liberated city in the world. Nowhere in the world will you find so many sex shops and even a sex museum . If you want to give your soulmate a spicy gift, take a walk along the Red Light District. It is here that the highest concentration of shops with erotic souvenirs. The choice of products in sex shops will surprise even a sophisticated buyer. The assortment contains everything that the soul and body desire – from traditional and decorative condoms to original, intimate “toys” and seductive underwear.

Condomerie Store, Amsterdam

Interesting fact! Perhaps the most memorable store called Condomerie is located at Warmoesstraat, 141. Here is an impressive selection of condoms. Some can be used for their intended purpose, and some are made in the form of a funny decor.

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Amsterdam – what to bring to lovers of original gifts from there? We are talking about the national shoes that rescued the local population in ancient times, when swamps prevailed in the Netherlands. Today, klomps continue to be worn, but only in remote areas. Be prepared for the fact that the original wooden shoes will cost at least 40 euros. If you want to save money, choose a keychain, an ashtray or a piggy bank in the form of klomps.

Clumps from Amsterdam

With the purchase of wooden shoes in Amsterdam there will be no trouble – they are sold in any souvenir shop and store. If you plan to purchase several pairs, feel free to bargain with the seller.

Expert Advice! An alternative to wooden klumps is slippers made in the form of traditional Dutch shoes.

Delft china

Delft china

In Russia, dishes with such a painting are traditionally called Gzhel, but the famous Delft china appeared a hundred years earlier. From ceramics in the Netherlands produce miniature mills, dishes, decor, magnets. Choose a souvenir for every taste and for any amount. The most luxurious, of course, will be a picture of ceramic tiles in traditional white and blue tones.

Dalphian ceramics is not an original invention of the Dutch. This painting technique appeared in China. At the beginning of the 17th century, merchants from Holland imported ceramic products from the country of the Rising Sun, however, it was white-blue porcelain that became the most popular. Dutch masters mastered the technique of creating ceramics and its painting. It is not surprising that exquisite porcelain products were in great demand and remain relevant today.

Interesting fact! Panels of hand-painted tiles and decorative vases of Dutch masters were stored in castles in India.

Souvenir plate, Dalph ceramics

Today, the Royal Ceramic Manufactory operates in Delft, the company was founded in the mid-17th century. Here and today, earthenware products are produced, painted by hand. Souvenir products can be purchased at any Dutch store. Original Dutch porcelain is quite expensive. For example, a plate with a diameter of about 30 cm will cost from 70 to 460 euros. To verify the authenticity of the product, you need to check the presence of the mark of the Royal manufactory at the bottom of the product.

Souvenirs – what can be brought from Amsterdam as a gift to colleagues

Souvenir magnets from Amsterdam
  1. Rating opens, of course, a magnet. Agree that many will be pleased to replenish their collection with a magnet with a picture of the symbolism of Holland or famous landmarks. Three souvenirs; five small souvenirs can be purchased. The most beautiful and original magnets are presented on the Flower Market. In the souvenir shops of museums you can pick up exclusive gifts.
  2. Amsterdam houses. Many Dutch collect houses by building them on shelves. The average cost of one souvenir is from 10 to 15 euros.
  3. Large assortment of Delft porcelain souvenirs is presented at the Royal Delft store located in the Coin Tower. If you have 5 euros at your disposal, you can easily pick up a small souvenir in white and blue colors – a vase, saucer, spoon, mill.
  4. Souvenir mills
  5. Mills. This is one of the most common Dutch souvenirs. There are a lot of variations on the theme of this souvenir – desktop figures, magnets, jewelry (pendants and earrings).
  6. Souvenirs for home – decorative cutting boards, cheese knives, hot coasters. You will have to spend on the purchase of 12 euros.

Now you know what to bring from the Netherlands as a souvenir of such a bright and impressive journey.

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