Coffee Shops in Amsterdam – best ones to visit, what to try, prices

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are a tourist attraction where you can absolutely try soft drugs. The most popular drug is marijuana. Let’s see – is it really possible to buy weed in the capital of the Netherlands without any problems? Are there any restrictions? Of course, the article is for informational purposes only and does not encourage the use of narcotic substances.

Coffee Shop Bulldog in Amsterdam

Photo: coffee shop Bulldog in Amsterdam.

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Historical reference

The law on the legalization of drugs, also called Opium, was adopted at the beginning of the 20th century. This legislative act approved a list of substances that were related to narcotic drugs, defined measures in relation to persons involved in their storage, use, distribution. The measures were taken quite strict and tough.

Soft drug package

After half a century, certain changes were introduced into the law, according to which narcotic substances were divided into two groups: light and heavy. All hard drugs are prohibited, any interactions with them are punishable by law. Substances from the first group – the lungs – are recognized as those that have minimal effect on the body. They continue to be called drugs, but no punishment is provided for their use and distribution.

This decision was dictated by the desire to protect residents from narcotic drugs with strong action, to eradicate the drug business and reduce the number of crimes. So in the Netherlands appeared the first coffee shops – private establishments that legally engaged in the sale of soft drugs. Since then, the issue of using weed has been considered a medical problem.

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Tips for visitors

The export of drugs outside the country is prohibited
  1. Buy mixtures only in legal coffee shops. It is forbidden to use drugs on the street. However, the visitor has the right to pick up the purchased goods. Also, customs can be more serious problems, since the export of drugs outside the country is prohibited.
  2. In a coffee shop, it is allowed to sell no more than 5 g to one person, and the sale of any alcohol is prohibited.
  3. A tourist will not be allowed into a coffee shop if he does not have a passport with him – the sale of weed is allowed only from the age of 18.
  4. In all such establishments shooting is prohibited.
  5. Residents can grow a maximum of five marijuana bushes for personal use.

It is important! Legalization of grass in the Netherlands, of course, is present, but it can not be called one hundred percent.

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Which coffee shop to visit

Coffee shops are located in any part of Amsterdam, but the best and most popular of them are concentrated in the central part. There are more than two hundred establishments in the city. We have prepared a selection of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam.

De dumpkring

An excellent coffee shop, which, according to tourists, is on the list of the best in Amsterdam. It has been working since 1993, and gained fame after it was in this institution that scenes from the film “Ocean’s 12 Friends” were shot.

Coffee Shop De Dampkring

The interior design resembles hallucinations after the use of narcotic substances, the design used wood. The quality of marijuana here is excellent, the friendly bartenders will advise and be sure to tell you which grade to choose. If you feel hungry, there is an excellent burger next to the coffee shop. Also nearby is a market where, in addition to roses and tulips, you can buy seeds of a narcotic plant, however, serious problems can arise at customs.

What guests say about coffee shop:

Rastaman Cat in De Dampkring
  • atmospheric place where you definitely need to look if you want to relax;
  • the cat gives a special flavor to the institution, which sleeps calmly in puffs of smoke;
  • they offer the best varieties of grass, but the place is crowded, it’s difficult to find a free table.

Practical information:

  • Address: Handboegstraat, 29, 1012 XM;
  • work schedule: from 10-00 to 01-00.
Easy times
Coffee shop Easy Times

One of the best coffee shops that offer excellent quality weed. The interior is designed with maximum comfort for guests – soft, comfortable sofas, relaxing music, partial shade. The coffee shop menu in Amsterdam presents a variety of varieties of weed and hashish, if you are still a beginner and do not understand the intricacies of choosing a “weed”, contact the bartender. You will receive comprehensive information not only about the presented varieties, but also tell you how to properly try unusual treats to feel pleasure, and not fight with unpleasant sensations. The hall has screens where football matches and music videos are broadcast.

All you need to relax

What guests say about coffee shop:

  • pleasant, relaxing atmosphere – windows and tables overlooking the canal;
  • Among the guests there are more local residents, which indicates the excellent quality of the products on the menu;
  • reasonable prices in comparison with other institutions.

Practical information:

  • Address: Prinsengracht 476, 1017 KG;
  • work schedule: from 9-00 to 01-00.

This cult place is located in a secluded alley a few steps from the famous Kalverstraat street, where the best shops are located, and literally a hundred steps from the main Dam square. The facility is located on two floors. The interior is decorated in space style. Initially, the walls and floors of the cafe were painted with graffiti, but today a mosaic of warm colors creates the atmosphere of the hall.

Coffee Shop Abraxas

A coffee shop has been working since 1992 and during this time it has become a cult place not only for local residents, but also for guests of Amsterdam. Here you can buy points, speyshakes or grass by weight. If this is your first time buying cupcakes, be prepared for the fact that the effect can be completely unpredictable.

What visitors say:

  • a large menu with a proposal for every taste for a beginner and more experienced visitors;
  • in the evening it is very crowded, so it is better to come in the afternoon;
  • you will most likely have to share a table with another company;
  • comfortable sofas, tables are made in the form of huge ashtrays;
  • there is free internet;
  • the menu indicates not only the name, but also a detailed description of each product, and the expected effect.
  • There is a gift shop where you can buy a T-shirt, souvenirs of the visit to the cafe.
Prices in the coffee shop Abraxas

Practical information:

  • Address: Jonge Roelensteeg, 12-14; Spuistraat 51;
  • work schedule: from 8-00 to 01-00.
  • main menu from 3.5 euros, desserts from 7 euros.

The bulldog coffeeshop

Coffee Shop Bulldog in Amsterdam is one of the best and oldest, recognizable by the original logo, which depicts an evil bulldog. There are always a lot of visitors. Locals recommend buying a few jint and go to a nearby cafe – calmly smoke and order drinks.

Coffee shop The Bulldog Coffeeshop

Interesting fact! Under the name “Bulldog” in Amsterdam, there are five coffee shops, several restaurants and a hotel.

One of the coffee shops, which is located on Leidseplein Street, occupies the building where the police station used to be. Another establishment is located in the Red Light District.

"Grass" of excellent quality

What guests say:

  • located 15 minutes from the train station;
  • large menu;
  • Excellent quality products, one of the best in Amsterdam.

Practical information:

  • all the addresses of cafes can be found on the official website of the network of institutions or see the map at the bottom of the page;
  • work schedule: from 8-00 to 01-00.
Coffee shop Amnesia

On the map of coffee shops in Amsterdam, the Amnesia institution is considered one of the best with a capital, which is why there are quite high prices. Guests are offered products that have repeatedly won the Canabis Cup. According to customer reviews, the list of the best varieties of marijuana includes “Malana Cream”. Here you can relax in comfort, sitting comfortably on the couch. The name of the institution fully corresponds to the atmosphere prevailing here.

The main feature of the coffee shop is not a tourist place, local residents relax here. That is why the hall has a special atmosphere, always friendly staff, you can order drinks, and tangerines are offered for free.

Amnesia Coffee Shop Menu

The coffee shop is located at : Herengracht 133, 1015 BG, next to the Grachtengordel canal ring.

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Prices in coffee shops Amsterdam

Age limit

Prices in Amsterdam coffee shops are presented in a rather wide range. Of course, the best and most expensive product can be found in the center of the capital. Here you can find an institution for every taste and budget. Remember that the entrance to the coffee shop is allowed only to persons over 18 years old, so be prepared that you will be asked to present your passport.

The spread of prices is from 5 to 35 EUR. Prices in coffee shops are as follows:

  • 1 g dried hemp – from 8 to 15 EUR;
  • hashish – from 7 to 12 EUR;
  • cant (tobacco with the addition of marijuana or hash) – 3-4 EUR;
  • a jamb of pure marijuana – 6-8 EUR.

It is important! The cost of marijuana depends on the quality – 1 gram of the best grade costs from 9 to 12 EUR, this amount is enough for a company of 2-3 people.

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Recommendations for beginners

Considering that the Netherlands has a fairly loyal drug policy, drug trafficking is actively developing here. Lovers of unusual relationships visit Amsterdam, where the largest number of such establishments is concentrated. Here you can safely try what is prohibited in other countries. By the way, even tourists who have never smoked weed, once in the European city, known as the freest, decide to experience new experiences.

You can safely try the weed

Each coffee shop has a huge menu, however, a beginner does not need to understand the confusing terminology, just need to learn a few common names:

  • “Joint” (joint) – a traditional joint that you can immediately smoke;
  • “Space cake” – small cupcakes with the addition of marijuana;
  • “Weed” – dried marijuana powder;
  • “Hashish” is a powder of marijuana resin, sold in pressed form.

By force of action, narcotic substances are divided into several varieties:

  1. “Light” – lungs;
  2. “Medium” – medium;
  3. “Hard” are strong.
The easiest option is to order light joint

Thus, even being an inexperienced novice in the topic of soft drugs, you can quickly navigate the menu. The easiest option is to order a light joint. Do not worry about selling something else in the coffee shop – professionals work everywhere, and nobody needs guests who faint. You can also contact the bartender and ask for a high-effect – an invigorating effect or low-effect – a relaxing effect.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are an authentic, colorful place where you should definitely look if you are in Amsterdam. Our life consists of impressions, and in one of the coffee shops you will surely get emotions that you will remember about for many years.

The location of all the coffee shops mentioned in the article can be viewed on this map.

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