What to bring from Belgium – gift and souvenir ideas

A trip cannot be called fully complete unless souvenirs have been brought from it. Overseas wonders, and simply original things will preserve the memory of your trip and become an unforgettable gift for your loved ones. Each country has its own unique items. And what to bring from Belgium? If you are puzzled by this question, then you have opened the right page. By the end of this article you will have an idea about all possible souvenirs that can be purchased from Belgium

Souvenirs from Belgium

Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolate is not inferior to its Swiss friend. It was in Belgium that pralines were invented – an almond filling for sweets, and today the annual production of chocolate products in the country is more than 220 thousand tons. The Belgians themselves can not imagine their lives without this delicacy, and in order to express their love for chocolate, they even opened a real chocolate museum in Brussels.

Belgian chocolate

In any city in Belgium you will find many chocolate shops where you can buy both classic chocolates with pralines and sweets with unusual additives. The price depends on the brand and the number of candies in the box. Chocolate boxes canc be purchased starting from 17-25 €, while more elite brands can cost 40-50 €. The highest quality brands are:

Showcase at Pierre Marcolini Store
  • Neuhaus
  • Pierre marcolini
  • Godiva
  • Leonidas

Many boxes are decorated with Belgian landscapes, and some sweets are made in the form of intricate shapes. Such a souvenir is a must have from your trip to Belgium.

The most delicious waffles in the world

If you visited Belgium but didn’t try the local waffles, consider that you were not there. This confectionery creation is served not only with fruit, chocolate, berry fillers, but also with a filling of cheese and fish. And if you are still stuck thinking about what to bring from Belgium as a gift, then the unequivocal answer is waffles.

Belgian waffles

Especially for tourists, this delicacy is packaged in beautiful boxes that are convenient to carry in your luggage. But it’s worth remembering that waffles have a short shelf life, so it’s best to buy them on the eve of departure. The price of this product starts from 2.5 €.

Cheese abundance

When it comes to quality cheese, many of us recall the Netherlands with countless cheese factories across the country. However, Belgium is in no way inferior to its Dutch neighbor. Belgian cheese varieties such as Orval, Remudo and Limburger have long won gourmet love due to their unique taste. “Brugge Oud” brand enjoys special authority among tourists, and it is often decided to bring friends as a gift.

Cheese “Brugge Oud”

And in order to buy this original product, you don’t have to go to the cheese factory: after all, most large Belgian supermarkets abound in varieties of cheese for every taste. The cost of cheese products, of course, depends on the variety and weight. So, inexpensive cheese in a package of 200 g will cost 2-4 €, but better brands will cost many times more.

Belgian foam

If you are tormented by the question of what you can bring from Belgium as a gift to friends, then, without hesitation, buy beer! Belgians simply adore the foamy drink and know a lot about its preparation. In this country, more than 800 varieties of beer are prepared, the annual consumption of which is 150 liters per person!

Belgian beer

Over there one can find fruit beer made on the basis of strawberries, blackcurrants and cherries, as well as more tart varieties with an unexpected aftertaste. At the same time, Belgium is sure that in order to feel the true taste of the drink, you need to drink it from a company glass. The cost of a bottle of Belgian foam ranges from 0.8-1.5 €. If you want to bring beer as a gift, complete it with a branded mug.

Genever and Antwerp Elixir

Genever is a local alcoholic drink of a high degree. It is considered the ancestor of the British gin: because it, like the British favorite, is made on the basis of juniper berries, barley malt and wheat grains with herbs and spices. Such a drink will be an unusual gift, especially for men. The cost of Genevera on average is 15-20 € per bottle (700 g).

Genever – Local Alcoholic Beverage
Antwerp liquor

From Belgium you can bring another national drink – Antwerp liquor. The herbal elixir first appeared in the country in the 19th century and to this day enjoys considerable popularity both among local residents and among tourists. You can buy it in any Belgian supermarket and in shops with gifts. The price for a small bottle is 5-6 €.

Flemish lace

Lace from Manufacture Belge de Dent

Belgian lace was once an attribute of aristocrats, but today any traveler can buy it as a gift. The center of lace production is the city of Bruges, but the work of the masters is also available in specialized Brussels stores.

As a souvenir, you can bring tablecloths, bedding, pyjamas and even whole dresses decorated with lace. Keep in mind that delicate manual work is not cheap: for example, a napkin 30X30 in size will cost you at least 100 €.

Souvenir attractions

Beer mugs

There are a number of standard souvenirs from Belgium that you can bring as a gift. These are products depicting the main attractions. A list of such items is given below:

  • Magnets
  • T-shirts
  • Circles
  • Figurines
  • National dolls
Figurines of a pissing boy

The famous Brussels-style pissing boy in miniature uniform is a major hit. The statuette in the form of the Atomium, the second visiting card of Brussels, is also in great demand. The cost of such souvenirs will not hit your wallet: prices will vary between 1-10 €.

Jewelry and Diamonds

Jewelry from Belgium

Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium, which can rightfully be called the world capital of diamonds. Over 80% of diamonds from around the world are processed annually in it. The reason for this was the highly developed infrastructure for cutting and manufacturing of diamond products. That is why Belgium is famous for its exclusive jewelry, for which women from all over the world go there.

The diamond quarter in Antwerp has become a real paradise for admirers of fine jewelry. Prices for jewelry are very diverse. So, a plain silver ring without precious stones will cost about 20-30 €, but products with diamonds – from 200-300 € and to infinity.

Cosmetics & Perfumes

Guy Delforge perfume shop, located in the historic city of Namur, became famous throughout the world for its unique aromas. And if you are a fan of unusual smells, then these perfumes must be present on your list of what to buy in Belgium. Moreover, their price is low and starts from 20 €. Bringing such a souvenir to a woman is an ideal solution.

Guy Delforge perfume shop

Unfortunately, Belgium does not have its own exclusive cosmetic brands, but it offers a wide range of branded products that are difficult to find in some countries. So, in pharmacies and stores you can buy cosmetics brand Darphin and Avene.

Gourmet porcelain

Vintage Belgian Vase

One of the oldest cities in Belgium, Tournai keeps the secret of making elaborate porcelain, which today amazes with its filigree. Original vases, dishes, porcelain dolls painted with delicate floral patterns can be a great souvenir for women.

The cost of Belgian porcelain depends on the size of the object and the degree of difficulty in its execution. For example, a small milk jug can be bought for 10 €, and a medium-sized hand-painted vase for 150-200 €. Antique prices are measured in three-digit and four-digit figures.

Tapestry paradise

Belgian tapestry

Fine art, embodied in life on a loom, captured Belgium in the 14th century and today has reached a large scale. Tapestries with medieval motifs will be a worthy souvenir. In addition to luxurious expensive paintings, travelers have the opportunity to buy useful accessories with tapestry inserts: wallets, bags, pillows and much more. The price of such products starts from 8 €.


Any, even the most insignificant souvenirs keep the memory of our trips and delight loved ones. We hope that after reading this article you will definitely decide what to bring from Belgium. Of course even if there’s nothing you want to buy, a couple of miniature figurines will remind you of unforgettable minutes of travel for a long time.



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