The killing of black dolphins on Faroe Islands – why and how does this happen?

Faroe Islands – a picturesque place to relax on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful wildlife, but not everyone knows that for several days a year the sea water here turns red, and there are screams for kilometers from the coastline. The killing of dolphins in the … Read more

Faroe Islands – A tourist’s guide to the edge of the Earth

The Faroe Islands are a little-known archipelago located in the North Atlantic in the Norwegian Sea, approximately between Iceland and the Scottish Islands. The archipelago includes 18 islands of volcanic origin, the total area of ​​which is 1399 m². The main islands are: Streim, Estura, Sudur, Voar, Sanda, Bordeaux. Officially, the Faroe Islands belong to … Read more