Tourist’s guide to Herning, Denmark: what to see and how to reach

Herning (Denmark) is a small city that has gained worldwide fame thanks to the frequent European and World Championships in various sports. In 2018, Herning will host the World Hockey Championship.

Herning City

Herning is also widely known for the largest exhibition center in Scandinavia, where exhibitions and fairs of both local and European scale are constantly held. But this city is interesting not only for exhibitions and sports, there are very interesting sights here, which are worth getting acquainted with for everyone who comes to Denmark.

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General information

To find out where Herning is located, mentally draw a line from Copenhagen westward on a map of Denmark. You will find this city in the heart of the Jutland Peninsula, 230 km from Copenhagen, with which it has a railway connection.

Herning was founded at the beginning of the 19th century. Previously, it was a small trading settlement, where local farmers brought their products for sale. From these times, the city has preserved several ancient buildings, the oldest of which is the palace, built in the mid-18th century.

Weaving looms at the Herning Textile Museum

Herning owes its urban status to the development of weaving and the weaving factory built here, which at one time attracted many residents. The textile industry is still the leader in the economy of this city; it is considered the center of the Danish textile industry.

Herning’s population is about 45.5 thousand people. The lack of nearby sea is compensated by the large Sunds Lake, on the sandy beaches of which you can sunbathe and go fishing.


Messecenter Herning Exhibition Center
Messecenter herning

Herning’s main attraction is the Messecenter Herning Exhibition Center. It annually hosts more than 500 events – fairs, exhibitions, contests, sporting events.

Constantly held large-scale events attract many guests to Herning, so its tourist infrastructure is well developed. There are numerous hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers.

You can have a good time in the entertainment center of Babun City, where more than 200 attractions for children and adults work, in the sculpture park, in geometric gardens, in the city zoo. Curious tourists will be pleased with the numerous museums available here.

Despite the relatively young age of the city of Herning (Denmark), its sights are not inferior in importance to other monuments of the country.

City Hall
Herning City Hall

The architecture of the historical part of Herning is low brick and stone houses in a restrained, laconic style. Among them, the elegant building of the city hall attracts attention.

The two-story red brick house is decorated with lancet windows with delicate white bindings. The tiled roof is lined with ornaments, decorative elements and dormers are located along the cornice, the ridge is crowned with a pointed pedestal. The old town hall is a real decoration of the city.

Address: Bredgade 26, 7400 Herning, Denmark.

Sculpture Elya

Near the highway at the entrance to the city of Herning, a grandiose structure remotely resembles a landing alien ship. The monument is a black dome with a diameter of 60 m, growing from the ground by more than 10 meters. The structure is crowned by 4 black columns, rushing to a height of 32 m.

Sculpture Elya, Herning

On four sides of the dome there are stairs leading to its top, which offers a spacious view of the surroundings. From time to time, flames burst from the columns, which looks especially impressive in the evening and at night.

The author of the sculpture Elia is the Swedish-Danish sculptor Ingvar Kronhammar. The opening of the monument took place in September 2001, 23 million kroons were allocated for its construction from the Danish treasury.

Address of this attraction: Birk Centerpark 15, Herning 7400, Denmark.

Modern Art Museum

A couple of kilometers east of the historical center of Herning is the Museum of Modern Art, housed in a low light building of complex configuration, which is an interesting object of modern architecture.

Herning Museum of Modern Art

The original exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts was located in the old building of a textile factory. In 2009, he moved to a new building and was renamed the Museum of Modern Art.

In the halls there are numerous works of famous artists of Denmark. A large exhibition is dedicated to the work of Karl Henning Pedersen, an original Danish expressionist artist.

At the Herning Museum of Modern Art

Among the many paintings, special attention is drawn to the paintings of Asger Jorn, who is considered the founder of abstract expressionism and Richard Mortensen, who works in the genre of surrealism-expressionism. The Swedish-Danish sculptor Ingvar Kronhammar, the author of the well-known Elijah monument, is also represented here.

Many exhibits are devoted to the development of Herning’s textile industry. Here you can see samples of textiles produced in the past, and antique clothing sewn from these fabrics. When moving from the old weaving mill, the most interesting decoration and interior details were preserved and became part of the exhibition.

Museum Paintings

Working hours:

  • From 10 to 16.
  • Day off: Monday.

Ticket Price:

  • Adults DKK75
  • Senior Citizens and Students DKK60
  • Up to 18 years old – for free.

Address: Birk Centerpark 8, Herning 7400, Denmark.

Karl Henning Pedersen and Elsa Alfelt Museum

Renowned Danish artist Karl Henning Pedersen and his wife Elsa Alfelt, also an artist, are not Herning natives and have never lived here. Nevertheless, in this city of Denmark a museum is opened in memory of these artists, which stores more than 4000 of their works.

Karl Henning Pedersen and Elsa Alfelt Museum

In the 70s of the last century, Karl Henning Pedersen, recognized as one of the best artists in Denmark, decided to donate more than 3000 of his works to Copenhagen. However, the authorities of the capital refused the gift, citing the lack of space for this gift.

And then the small city of Herning (Denmark) proposed to build a gallery for the Pedersen couple at their own expense. So near the city appeared an original attraction that stores works of art that are the property of the whole country.

Paintings at the Karl Henning Pedersen and Elsa Alfelt Museum

Working hours:

  • 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Monday is the day off.

Ticket Price:

  • Adults: DKK100.
  • Senior Citizens and Groups: DKK 85.

Address: Birk Centerpark 1, Herning 7400, Denmark.

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How to get to Herning from Copenhagen

By train from Copenhagen

Herning is 230 km from Copenhagen. By rail, from Copenhagen to Herning can be reached without a change by train Copenhagen-Struer, which runs in the daytime with an interval of 2 hours. Travel time is 3 hours 20 minutes.

With a change at Vejle station you will have to travel a little longer. Trains from Copenhagen to Vejle depart every 3 hours during the day, and from Vejle to Herning every hour. The price of train tickets is DKK358-572.

The current train schedule and ticket prices can be found on the Danish railway website –

From Copenhagen Bus Station, buses to Herning leave 7 times between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Travel time is about 4 hours. Ticket price – DKK115-192.

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In Herning (Denmark), most tourists come to championships, fairs and conferences. But this city is interesting for guests not only with these events, but also with its many attractions.

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