Guide to Tivoli Amusement Park in Denmark – Copenhagen’s best entertainment

Tivoli Park is one of the oldest parks in Europe and the fourth largest. Its area is 82 thousand m2. Only Disneyland (France), Europa-Park (Germany) and Efteling (Netherlands) occupy a large territory. Despite the huge influx of people, there is always a feeling of spaciousness, ease and freedom. Copenhagen Ancient Park, famous for its waterfalls and picturesque landscapes, receives more than 4.5 million people annually and according to statistics, the number of visitors is increasing from year to year.

Tivoli Amusement Park

general information

Tivoli Park in Denmark is a real oasis located in the very center of the capital – opposite the city Hall and the monument to Hans Christian Andersen.

The first guests visited the landmark in Copenhagen in 1843 and for 175 years in Copenhagen it has been difficult to find a more interesting and fabulous place to stay with children.

Good to know! There are 26 attractions in Tivoli, and during the Christmas holidays and Halloween their number increases to 29. Every year, the park is visited by 4 to 7 million people from different parts of the world. The attraction has been operating for 5 months a year.

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Boutique Hotel Nimb

The most popular among tourists is the Roller Coaster roller coaster, opened in 1914. The Nimb Boutique Hotel, outwardly resembling the luxurious Tadd Mahal, also attracts guests.

Portrait of Georg Garstensen
Georg Garstensen

The founder of Tivoli Park in the Danish capital is Georg Garstensen. The famous journalist, whose parents were diplomats, had sufficient influence and the necessary amount of money, but he did not succeed in implementing the project the first time. The enterprising young man achieved an audience with the king and was able to convince him of the need for such a project. According to one version, the Danish monarch agreed to exempt Garstensen from paying taxes in the first years of construction after the phrase: “Your Majesty! People don’t think about politics when they are having fun. ”The king considered the argument weighty, but he issued a building permit with one condition – there should be nothing reprehensible and shameful in the park. The military put forward yet another condition for George Garstensen – park structures should be quickly and easily disassembled if necessary, to install guns in their place. Probably, for this reason, little is known about the ancient park of Copenhagen from the time of Andersen.

Interesting fact! Tivoli in the capital of Denmark contributed to the democratization of society. The fact is that after buying a ticket, all visitors to the park received equal opportunities and rights, regardless of class.

The origin of the name of the park

Tivoli is an old town located 20 km from the Italian capital, where the most memorable attraction was the gardens of miracles. They were considered the model of the development of gardens and parks throughout Europe.

Interesting fact! If you read the name of the park from right to left, you get a phrase that resembles “I love it”, but this is a coincidence. Tivoli Park in Copenhagen was the first such vacation spot, followed by the same parks appeared in Japan, Slovenia, Estonia.

What is the secret of the park’s popularity
Mulled wine in the park

First of all, in the fact that every guest will find here relaxation and entertainment to their own taste. At the same time, the territory in the Danish capital is equipped in such a way that guests feel freedom and, if possible, do not interfere with each other.

While the children frolic in the play area, parents can spend time in one of the restaurants, enjoy the picturesque landscapes and enjoy the freshest beer or mulled wine, which are prepared right in the park.

The organizers thought about admirers of art – a concert hall and a pantomime theater are waiting for guests, and in the evening you can visit the colorful light and music show of the fountains.

Interesting fact! The modern design of the park has kept the coziness and originality of an ancient landmark. That is why locals call it the old garden. It is believed that Walt Disney came up with the legendary Disneyland after a visit to the Tivoli Gardens Park in Copenhagen.


The founder of the park, Georg Karstensen, said that Tivoli would never be completed. And indeed it is. Only the lake remains unchanged, and around it the park is being developed and expanded. The construction process does not end – new buildings and entertainments are constantly appearing.

Lake in Tivoli Park

Already at the time of the opening of the park there were many places of recreation and gaming areas – the railway, flower gardens, carousels, theaters. For a long time Karstenen lived in the Middle East. Inspired by the culture and traditions of the East, he created most of the park activities in Copenhagen.

Interesting fact! The introduction of a modern access control system, which provides for face scanning, is actively discussed.

There are almost three dozen entertainments in the park, among them there are games for the smallest and for older guests. The greatest excitement is observed near the roller coaster. There are four such attractions in the park. The first slides built in 1914 today travel at a speed of only 50 km / h. The cars are antique-styled and ride guests around the mountain.

Modern Roller Coaster "Demon"

A modern roller coaster called “Demon” appeared in 2004. Cars have a speed of up to 77 km / h. Thrill-seekers are guaranteed an adrenaline rush when they have to drive through a loping or spiral.

Attraction "Vertigo"

If you want to feel the freedom of flight, visit Vertigo. Entertainment is a tower 40 meters high, around which two planes revolve, capable of speeds of up to 100 km / h. And in 2009, another similar attraction was opened – two pendulums are fixed to the huge axis, at the edges of which cabs are fixed, their rotation speed reaches 100 km / h. Are you ready to check your endurance and tickle your nerves? Then head to the Golden Tower, where guests can feel free fall.

From anywhere in the park in Denmark you can see the largest chain carousel in the world – Star Flayer. This is not just a carousel, but also an observation tower, because its height is 80 meters. Seat rotation speed – 70 km / h.

Carousel Star Flayer
Star flayer

The whole family can go on a journey through the caves, where you will meet a dragon or arrange races on radio cars. If you want to demonstrate your strength, try lifting yourself to the top of the tower.

3 in 1 Entertainment – Mirage. Below are small cars for children over 5 years old. Above the cars are double gondolas decorated in the form of wild animals. The cabins slowly rotate around the axis, allowing you to look around and view all the corners of the park. The most extreme part is the cabin ring, which rotates around the axis at high speed. Before visiting, it is recommended not to eat.

Tivoli Pirate Ship

The smallest will surely enjoy the journey to the pirate ship, which is bravely protected by Captain Soro and his crew.

If you want to return to childhood, to remember the good and instructive tales, you will find “Andersen’s Country of Tales”. Guests descend into a multi-level cave, and along the way they meet characters from a Danish author.

Pantomime Theater and Concert Hall

The building of the pantomime theater is decorated in Chinese style, and seats for spectators are set up in the open. The repertoire has more than 16 colorful performances. Also, there are performances with the participation of artists of various genres – acrobats, clowns, illusionists. During the summer holidays, various master classes are held in the theater building, a ballet school is organized – for a week, different teachers teach children.

Pantomime Theater, Tivoli

The concert hall is located in the center of the park, here you can listen to music of different styles – classical, jazz, ethno, lyrics. Famous theater and ballet artists from around the world regularly come to Tivoli Park in Copenhagen. Be sure to check out the official site of the sights and study the events poster. The cost of tickets for concerts of world celebrities varies from 200 to 400 crowns.

It is important! A visit to the theater and a concert in the hall are included in the price of the ticket to the park.

In the evenings, in the park you can see the detachment of the Tivoli Guards, which consists of one hundred boys at the age of 12 years. They are dressed in bright, red camisoles, marching along the alleys, performing various marches.


Dessert at Woodhouse Restaurant

The park has more than four dozen cafes, restaurants and coffee houses. In the Tivoli coffee shop you will find a cozy terrace in the fresh air and aromatic ground coffee.

You can enjoy Danish culinary specialties in the Nimb’s restaurant. The Woodhouse restaurant serves delicious burgers, coffee, and the lounge bar serves cocktails prepared according to original recipes, exclusive beers and wines. The menu of each cafe presents delicious desserts and ice cream.

Sweet factory "Bolchekogeriet"

An amazing place that the whole family should definitely go to is the sweet factory Bolchekogeriet. All treats here are prepared by hand, according to old recipes and traditions. Sugar-free desserts are also on the menu.

Tea Room Chaplons

Tea lovers will enjoy visiting the Chaplons Tea Room. Here they prepare a traditional drink from tea leaves collected in Sri Lanka, and you can also try unique tea from exclusive varieties and blends, with the addition of fruit.

If you have not tried liquorice, visit the shop of the famous pastry chef from Denmark, Johan Bülow. Believe me, your receptors have not tried such an explosion of tastes.

Fireworks Show and Singing Fountain Show

In 2018, from May to September, a unique fireworks show is held in Tivoli Park. The best pyrotechnic masters from Copenhagen worked on its creation. We are pleased to present guests an amazing combination of fire, fireworks and music. You can admire the action every Saturday from May 5 to September 22 at 23-45.

Fireworks show

Useful information! The best place to watch is near the Great Fountain, where they also hold a light show with musical design.

The shops

There are many shops in the park where you can buy various souvenir products – balloons, figurines for decorating the garden, handmade summer bags, soft toys, glass souvenirs, jewelry, pens, magnets, T-shirts and t-shirts, dishes.

Shop-workshop "Build-A-Bear"

The Build-A-Bear Workshop offers guests to make a funny bear with their own hands, which will be a pleasant reminder of such an unforgettable trip to Denmark.

Useful Tips

  1. The minimum time for visiting the Tivoli amusement park in Denmark is 5-6 hours.
  2. Prices in the park are quite high, so be prepared to leave a considerable amount here.
  3. It is best to visit the park in the afternoon, because in the evening there are unusually beautifully highlighted paths, a garden, buildings and interesting events are held.
  4. One ticket allows you to enter and leave the park several times within one day.
  5. In the park live peacocks, which you can feed bread.

Practical information

Tickets at the entrance to Tivoli Park

Tickets are sold at the entrance to the park. Guests can purchase a regular admission ticket and then pay each ride separately or purchase a comprehensive ticket that applies to all park activities. The second option is much more convenient and economical, because parents do not have to spend time paying for a certain attraction. In addition, selective purchase of tickets will cost more.

Good to know! Children are allowed on some attractions not by age, but by height.

Cost of tickets to the park in Copenhagen:
  • for persons over 8 years old – 110 kroons;
  • for children from 3 to 7 years – 50 kroons;
  • two-day entrance to the park for people over 8 years old – 200 CZK;
  • two-day entrance to the park for children from 3 to 7 years – 75 kroons.

You can also purchase annual cards from 350 to 900 kroons or cards for certain types of attractions.

Amusement park opening hours:
  • from March 24 to September 23;
  • from October 12 to November 4 – Halloween;
  • from November 17 to December 31 – Christmas.
Tivoli Amusement Park, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens Park welcomes guests from Sunday to Thursday from 11-00 to 23-00, and on Friday and Saturday from 11-00 to 24-00.

For vacationers’ cars, parking is available near the entrance to the park.

Prices on the page are for the season 2018.

It is important! Before visiting the park, be sure to read the rules that apply to all guests. The memo is on the official website:

Tivoli Park is a fabulous place where every corner seems magical. Here you will find amazing impressions, vivid emotions and simply enjoying the picturesque nature and original park design.

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