Tourist’s guide to Billund City in Denmark: Legoland and other attractions

Billund (Denmark) is a small town located in the southern part of the country. Its population is only 7,000 people, but despite this, hundreds of thousands of travelers of all ages come here from different parts of the world. What caused this popularity?

Legoland Billund

From 1960 to the present day, it is in Billund that the head office of the world famous toy manufacturer LEGO GROUP is located. After 8 years, the company built the first and largest children’s entertainment park of the designer today, which is the main attraction of the city.

How to get to Billund? Where, besides Legoland, to go with young children and how much will living in southern Denmark cost? The answers to all your questions are in this article.

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Billund Attractions


An amusement park built of 46 million LEGO bricks is the main attraction not only in Billund, but throughout Denmark. In 2018, the largest Legoland in the world, with a total area of ​​100,000 m2, celebrates its 50th anniversary, while it crossed the mark of 50 million visitors 15 years ago.

Legoland Park Map

Interesting fact! Currently, there are only 6 Legolands in the world, two of them are in America, and the rest are in Germany, England, Denmark and Malaysia. Billund Legoland is considered the twin brother of Munich, but they have the same attractions only.

The park is located within walking distance from Billund Airport, but you can also get to it by a free bus to the Legoland or Lalandia (Billund Water Park) stops. Exact address: Nordmarksvej 9.

Visit Prices

Visitors to this attraction are offered three rates to choose from:

  • One day. Price – $ 58 (DKK 359) for children and adults. The ticket, valued at $ 73 (458.5 DKK), includes lunch at the family buffet in Legoland;
  • Two-day – $ 96 (599 DKK). The price includes breakfast on the second day in the buffet and free access to themed rooms;
  • A unique tariff in honor of the birthday of the park, which allows you to enter its territory for free until June 30, 2018. Cost – 58 $ (359 DKK);

Important! By purchasing tickets in advance, you get a discount. Detailed information and reservations on the official website –

Visit time

The park does not have an exact schedule, since it depends on the tourist season, weather, weekends and holidays. Before planning your trip, look at Legoland’s opening hours on this site, listed above.

Note! The park closes an hour or two after the rides stop.

Attractions in Legoland
Hans Christian Anderson

The park consists of many thematic zones, each of which is unique in its own way. Right at the entrance you are greeted by the symbol of all Legolands – a cheerful man in multi-colored clothes, made, like everything here, from a designer. But there are also unique characters, for example, the favorite children’s storyteller from Denmark – Hans Christian Anderson.

In total, there are 10 thematic sites in Legoland:

1. Miniland

The centrally located zone takes the most time and attracts the key attention of visitors. This is the heart of Legoland, the construction of the complex began from here and it was here that the main efforts of the architects were concentrated.

Miniland Tower in London

Miniland – these are pieces of architectural buildings from around the world, embodied in several tens of square meters. These are the main attractions of Denmark, Norway, Europe, the USA and even some Asian countries, these are:

Miniland in Denmark
  • Nyhavn Quarter, Copenhagen;
  • Amalienborg – Royal Palace of Denmark, Copenhagen;
  • Bryggen Embankment, Bergen, Norway;
  • All areas of Amsterdam, Holland;
  • The Statue of Liberty (New York), the Capitol (Washington) and Mount Rushmore with the faces of American presidents carved on it;
  • Buddhist temple of Bangkok;
  • Egyptian pyramids.
LEGO train in Legoland

The main attractions of this area that you should pay attention to are the LEGO train that will take you throughout the park, and the high LEGOTOP observation tower, from where you can take a bird’s eye view of Legoland. The best attraction of Miniland is LEGO Safari, where wild animals act as the main characters.

Interesting fact! The construction of Miniland took more than 20 million cubes.

2. Legosity

LEGO City is a key feature of Danish Legoland, an automated living town with a developed infrastructure and characters as tall as a real person. Here you can see the moving Lego men, ships floating on the water, and even watch the work of the railway made from the designer.

3. Pirate country
Legoland Pirate Country

Many thematic zones are based on a series of toys released by the company. One of them is a pirate country, it is dedicated to water entertainment. Here visitors play real sea robbers: they are divided into teams, swim on ships and spray each other from water guns mounted on board.

Advice! Before boarding the ship, be sure to put on a raincoat if you do not want to wet your clothes.

Also in this area, vacationers can go in search of treasures through mysterious dark caves.

4. Legoredo

A place for fans of the Wild West, presented in the form of Indian villages and cowboy saloons. Here you can eat delicious meat in the Grill House restaurant, test your nerves for strength in a haunted house or get lost in a mirror maze.

Wild West in Legoland
5. Land of adventure

This area is intended for older children and their parents. There are a lot of extreme attractions, among which the most popular are the X-treme Racers races, the competitions between the Falck Fire Brigade and The Temple families – an Egyptian tomb with pharaohs where you can check your accuracy.

Attraction X-treme Racers
X-treme Racers
6. The Kingdom of the Knights
Kingdom of the Knights in Legoland

An amazing place where everyone can feel like a medieval hero, try on armor, compete with the Vikings, defeat the dragon and save the princess. The largest lines are gathered near the majestic Royal Castle.

7. The Arctic Circle

One of the few really lively areas of Legoland. It is dedicated to the LEGO Arctic series of toys and stands out among the rest by the presence of a real penguinarium. It is in this zone that the largest queues gather, since here are the most interesting attractions for adults and children, Polar X-plorer and Ice Pilots School.

8. The world of ninja

The most famous series of Lego toys is dedicated to the zone with attractions that will test your strength, flexibility and speed of thinking. Can you and your children climb up the wall or escape unscathed from the laser maze?

Ninja world

Having proved to yourself and the rest that you are a real ninja, you can visit the only souvenir and toy store in Denmark dedicated only to Ninjago.

9. Hollow Land
Hollow land

Legoland amusement park is designed for the youngest travelers under the age of 6 years. Everything here is made of cubes, the size of which is two times larger than the standard ones: a playground and a driving school for future drivers, where they can even get a license.

10. The world of imagination

An incredible zone with a huge aquarium, where live sharks swim, huge crabs and other marine animals live. Here you can watch a cool movie in a 4-D cinema, take a photo against the background of a dancing fountain and even create your own LEGO toy in a special center.

Other Legoland features and visitor tips
  1. Legoland has many cafes and restaurants, but the food in them is either fast food or grilled steaks that children rarely eat. To ensure that a great experience does not spoil the grumbling in your stomach, take the right food with you from home;
Ninjago Laser Maze
  1. The biggest lines are gathered in the Ninjago laser maze, ghost house and racing. It is better to come here in the first hour and a half after the opening of the park, while other visitors are still examining the surroundings;
  2. Pay attention to the weather forecast, since most of the entertainment in Legoland is outdoors;
  3. After 17 or 18 hours (depending on the season), when the rides are already closed, the entrance to the park is free;
  4. The best age to visit this landmark of Denmark is 5-13 years. Does not apply to LEGO fans;
  5. Do not go to the park on Sunday if you take a one-day ticket – you risk half the free time in queues. The same applies to the period of school holidays, at this time even weekdays do not save;
  6. Billund Legend has the largest LEGO Store in the world with a huge assortment. Prices for all the company’s products are fixed, so the cost of toys here is the same as in other stores in Denmark.
The largest lego store in Billund Legoland
LEGO Store

Video: 10 Legoland rides in 10 minutes.

Sculpture park

Skulpturpark is one more proof that, besides Legoland, among the attractions of Billund there are places worthy of your attention. In fact, by “park” the inhabitants of Denmark mean a small copulation and a small river that crosses it. The human hand almost did not touch this park, so taking a warm evening here is a pleasant pastime.

In Billund Sculpture Park

All sculptures of the park are located on two sides of the asphalt road, which leads to the city center and divides the coppice in half. They are the creations of local contemporary masters and belong to the avant-garde style.

The exact address of the attraction: Billund 7190.


Bindeball Store

If you want to know what the most unusual store in Denmark looks like, then you should visit Bindeballe Kobmandsgaard. This museum is decorated in the style of a farm shop of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, here you can see products that were sold at that time, and various antiques. In addition, Bindeball has a home cafe with low prices and delicious coffee pastries.

Entrance fee: 10 DKK, location: Bindeballevej 100, Randboel.


The huge water park is part of an entertainment complex located on two islands (Billund and Lolland). This is a great entertainment for the whole family, here every traveler will find something to his liking.

Waterpark Lalandia
Water Park Rollercoaster

In Lalandia there are:

  • A few dozen slides;
  • More than 5 pools for adults, 2 for children;
  • Saunas and Jacuzzis;
  • Underwater caves where you can swim surrounded by exotic fish;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Tennis, volleyball, basketball and water soccer courts.

Tickets cost 270 DKK for an adult and 220 DKK for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Read the exact timetable on the water park website (

Video: rides in Lalandia.

Where to stay in Billund

Room at the three-star hotel Refborg Hotel
Refborg hotel

Billund is a small town, only about 10 hotels have been built on its territory. The cheapest option is a three-star hotel for $ 95 per day, the most expensive is the Legoland hotel, from $ 300 per night in a double room. Accommodation in apartments is a bit more expensive than in a hotel – from $ 125 per day.

Is it worth it to settle in Legoland – you decide, but, as many tourists say, this place will make your vacation unforgettable. Themed rooms, striking design, a real museum on the territory of the hotel and plenty of entertainment for children – this and much more, including discounts on visiting the park, offers the hotel to its guests.

All prices on the page are for May 2018.

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How to get from Copenhagen to Billund

Airport Billund
Billund airport

Getting to Billund from anywhere in Denmark, thanks to the airport, is quite simple, and Copenhagen is no exception. But if the cost of such 50-minute flights (from $ 120) is not suitable for you, you can use land transport.

The best way to overcome the 270-kilometer distance between Copenhagen and Billund is to take the Copenhagen-Vejle train to the city center and then transfer to bus number 43 towards the Billund Centret stop. The total cost of such a trip is about $ 45, travel time is almost 4 hours (including transplant).

A detailed train schedule and ticket prices can be found on the official website of the Danish railway (, and the bus departure schedule is on the website of the state carrier (

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Billund (Denmark) is one of the most unusual cities in Europe. Immerse yourself in a fairy tale and again feel like a child. Have a nice trip!

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